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Why Hillary Clinton Lost Her Chance To Break American History

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Why Hillary Clinton Lost Her Chance To Break American History

Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON — Wednesday brought a blue tragic morning, and 59 million people share my sorrow. We the women are shell-shocked and gobsmacked. Hillary Clinton even won the popular vote — salt in the cut. If a bright shining leader of her generation came so close to being the first female president, only to lose, what woman will win the White House in our lifetime?

There are two Americas. Women leaned toward Clinton. Black women were her strongest supporters. But men elected Trump — meaning mostly white men, with some help from Latinos. Sex, power and privilege. That’s the deep story of this election. The nation was just about ready for a woman president, after the first black president. It’s a shame President Obama didn’t quite get there for her to make — or break — history, too.

Watching election night returns at the festive National Woman’s Democratic Club, suddenly I had a sense that we had hit an iceberg around 9. The hullabaloo hushed. The world is crumbling around us, a voice at my table said. But polls said Clinton had a comfortable advantage over her rambunctious trash-talking opponent, New York’s gift to humanity, Donald Trump. (Didn’t the Titanic captain say, “God himself could not sink this ship?”)

“If she (Clinton) loses, it’s not her fault,” said Hanna Sherrill, 30, who earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience. “She’s done everything she can. People wanted a reason to distrust her.” Hanna volunteered on the Clinton campaign in two key states, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

With Donald Trump in the center of the public square in 2017 — all of 2016, too — we have lots more public “discoarse” to look forward to: It won’t be pretty, folks. His lieutenants, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, will lead the rabble. If you like Barack Obama, enjoy his eloquence up until Jan. 20. Then darkness at noon.

“How can this be the same country that elected Obama twice?” asked Adrian Bondy, 30, a neuroscience post-doctoral student and a family friend. He and I stayed late at the Club, until the last dog died.

This heartbreaker brings us back to Al Gore in 2000, who also won the popular vote but lost the prize. I remember Clinton declaring then, we need to get rid of the ridiculous frock-coated Electoral College, an 18th-century relic. State by state does not reap fair and square results at the end of the day. Did someone say rigged?

Political obituaries are flying fast through the air. What we hear: The former secretary of state and senator was a “flawed” candidate. Obamacare was a bust. “Less educated” whites are not getting ahead, angry at Washington’s institutions. Clinton’s private email server at the State Department and FBI Director James Comey’s clumsy malfeasance made her seem secretive and untrustworthy. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican congressman who hounded her with a smirk, was a persistent enemy who did some damage. She’s not “likable.” And don’t forget, Clinton’s an elitist — while Trump represents the common man.

But let’s be real. Those things, perhaps perceptions, hurt Clinton, but the real reason she lost is getting lost. She lost because this country is at war with itself, even rural and city dwellers set apart. Trump, the New York City boy, shrewdly stoked the divides — racial, ethnic, religious and especially ratcheting up the anti-woman rhetoric. He loved the classy campaign chant, “Lock her up,” as if Clinton was a Salem witch. No decent Republican stopped the vilifying.

Earlier in the evening, the man on my left was the German deputy ambassador, Boris Ruge, who told me that Chancellor Angela Merkel believed Clinton’s election would be a major step toward promoting the equality of women. Clinton, who mended a hundred fences around the world after George W. Bush’s wars of choices, was more than worthy. The world knew it more than we did.

Wisconsin going red was a personal slight. Michigan made the Upper Midwest neighbors a blow to Clinton. Who knew?

The millennials we heard from were, like, wtf? Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court, too?

Adrian summed up: “The dark truth is that a lot of people liked his (Trump’s) racist, sexist message.”

Yet more than half of us voted for a worthy woman to be president. Cold comfort in American democracy.

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IMAGE: U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attends a campaign rally accompanied by vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine (not pictured) in Pittsburgh, U.S., October 22, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo



  1. leadvillexp November 11, 2016

    I see few posts. Before the election it would have been full. Yes I am a white, 64 year old, male, NRA member and Republican. I voted the last two elections for President Obama. I vote for who I think will do the best. I have never liked any of the Clintons and would never vote for any of them. Yes I voted for Mr. Trump. I am glad to see him discuss things with President Obama and I hope he also talks to the Clintons about the future. I may dislike them but they still have many valuable ideas that need to be addressed. I do not feel that Mr. Trump represents the Republican Party and feel he will work with both Parties if given the chance. I consider myself a Liberal / Conservative, not a true believer in the Tea Party. I am against banning anything and am pro abortion, pro gay and pro gun. No bans! I think you will find Mr. Trump the same as time goes on. I also would vote for a woman if it was not a Clinton gender has no bearing. I think the best President would be a farmer or a housewife. Most have logic and know how to make do with almost nothing.

    1. Box November 11, 2016

      The regular posters are in shock and having a rest, im sure.

      Im a moderate democrat who voted for Clinton the first time, Obama the first time and Trump the first time. I say give all newcomers a chance. I wont touch the Clintons with even a cattle prod. I dont want to be any party in the future, I despise both.

      In the convention, Trump’s daughter said that they didnt want to be Rep or Dem. I agree they are neither. I believe them to be Tea Party, and thats why they dont share Rep values. I had an email from a Tea Party friend who said there was victory and i think the person meant Tea Party. It makes sense.

      We might be in luck about a few things. 2nd Amend, and his frugaility. Even running the WH he will shop for the best deals on goods and services, very unlike people like Hillary and Obama who glutinously spent public money without a care. Michelle how many times committing Air Force One for shopping trips to europe with her kids and not any official business? Thats opposite Trump. He also wants his own security who he has had for years, I read they will charge less than Secret Service. Trump is the type who, when given a $1 million budget for new china will get twice as much china as Obama did, for $600,000. Thats the whole Trump family. If you want a good deal on something ask a rich person. It why they still have money. And that includes who is the best tax attorney to save on income taxes. Poor people have none of these options and why the harsh taxes always fall on the poor in the end. Lesson? Its not to increase taxes, its to work hard and Dont Be Poor.

    2. anothertoothpick November 12, 2016

      Are you aware that Ryan is proposing to privatize medicare?

      Can you vision trump vetoing this? I cant’t. Clinton would never even consider doing this, but they will get away with under trump.

      1. leadvillexp November 15, 2016

        Most likely not, but remember the President is not king. He is not supposed to make law. I am hoping the Legislature takes back the powers they have ceded to past Presidents. I voted for Mr. Trump because he believes strongly in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I have disliked all the Clintons since Bill was elected and would never vote for them. Hillary, in the past has said she would like to change parts of both documents. While she may not be able to, it shows her attitude toward them. I did like some of what Bernie had to say and would like to see he and Mr. Trump work together. Not all the things that the Democrats want are bad and not all the Republicans want is good. We now need to start working together and get things done.

  2. AgLander November 11, 2016

    Is it just me, or is the air a lot fresher and the sky a lot bluer since Tuesday and the fact that we haven’t had to be exposed to the Clintons in some fashion or other on the news?

    1. evans.blanca November 11, 2016

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    2. Box November 11, 2016

      Oh its defintely bluer and fresher but that may be short lived. Trump has to stay alive (questionable), he has to be inaugurated (questionable in light of the coming electoral college fight on Dec 19), he has to negotiate with congress, he has to create push-back against the widening communist overthrow. 1000 IFs. I wouldnt be too fast to quit a day job over this election which only opened the games, it didnt end them.

      For me, not greater peace than the end of the campaign. We were at breaking points of the crap in the news over-flooding our lives. But its only a coffee break, the worst is yet to come–FBI isnt dead, Wikileaks is only warming up, Hillary will not be gone from the news.

      Get outside, see the blue, breathe the crisp mountain air, watch the lovely steam from the coffee. Then its back to work, SORRY TO SAY.

  3. Box November 11, 2016

    Here, why not ask Hillary herself WHY. And the best part is at the end of the interview–Hillary never, never blames herself, she lives on the blame she places on others. What a great quality in a president.


    1. anothertoothpick November 12, 2016

      And trump always blames himself?

  4. Box November 11, 2016

    According to reports, she didnt quite lose.

    That night, she was crying too hard to come and meet her people to concede and sent Podesta. But why the hours delay? Unconfirmed, its believed she was negotiating with Trump for her release, being willing to concede if he wouldnt pursue her later. Is that a tall tale? Well, then Trump finally appears and says, “its complicated, complicated.” Is that why everyone on Trumps stage looked a bit grim? Go watch it again, watch all of their faces. Did they know that Trump won because the price of winning was letting Hillary go?

    Winning the popular vote and losing the electoral is exactly what happened with Bush-Gore and they went to court. So Hillary had plenty of ammo to fight with and she knew it. So why didnt she fire the guns after all this? Because for 5 hours that night Trump got welcomed into his first “impossible choice.” Thats why.

    I might be exonerated now from my prior conspiracy theory that Obama made a deal with Hillary long ago. When SHTF with her investigations, Obama gave her a choice: “Take the fall now and I can pardon you. Or, you can win the WH and deal with matters yourself. I can cover you now, maybe I cant later.” Hillary, so arrogantly sure she would win against her own flakey clown Trump and cover her own butt later went for gold. And lost.

    Why did she lose? How did she lose? She may have done it all to herself in order to save herself. The Calvary wasnt coming after all. See the interview below in my other post. It was her, Obama, FBI and “very complicated.”

  5. Jon November 12, 2016

    The positive thing about the election is more than half the voters rejected the violence, hatred, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamophobia, Russian hegemony, and authoritarianism of Trump and the GOP. The negative is the large number of Trumpanzees backed by the FBI and the overwhelming majority of law enforcement agencies set loose upon patriotic Americans. Since Tuesday more than 200 hate crimes committed by Trumpanzees have been reported. This doesn’t include thousands of acts of bullying and intimidation carried out by these slimy lizards. With law enforcement leading cheers on the sidelines, patriots need to protect themselves from these animals.

  6. planetc November 12, 2016

    Hillary Clinton lost because she’s a woman, and because she’s a well-qualified woman. There was simple sexism, and there was hatred of a curve breaker. She was not just qualified, but thoroughly qualified. The country is full of people who find it very uncomfortable to think about giving a woman power and the automatic respect that once attached to the office of the presidency. Women voted for her opponent because she has achieved everything they have not, and is therefore hateful. Sexist women and men all wanted to put her in her place. The pundits’ explanations flying around in the aftermath of the election seek refuge in the Angry White Male Voter–surely this guy has been disgruntled for thirty or forty years? But he is still powerful because the pundits are also uncomfortable with the idea that the obvious explanation for this travesty is simple sexism. Many pundits think that they couldn’t be sexists, because …. why exactly?. Why can’t pundits be as sexist as laid-off steelworkers? The explanation is simple, obvious, and biting our kneecaps: Mrs. Clinton is a woman, a very bright woman, and wanted to be president enough to subject herself to the daily punishment of the campaign trail. Because she is the woman she is, she will soon be thinking of ways to make herself useful to the country’s people, but the country has lost the chance to elect a really good president. Ah, the joys of democracy!

    1. Box November 20, 2016

      Outrageously untrue. You are repeating lines like a trained dog and not many people care to argue with a dog.

      1. planetc November 20, 2016

        Well, no, not many people argue with dogs. Either they’re begging for affection, or guarding their territory. Depending on the circumstances, dogs could do you quite a bit of harm, if they felt threatened. I never argue with men guarding their territory either. They, too, can do a bit of harm, but frankly, I don’t think they argue very well.

  7. Ann Waldrum November 12, 2016

    If you don’t live in one of the following states: RI, VT, HI, MD, MA, WA, NJ, IL, NY, CA or D.C. then get busy in your state to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The states listed represent 61.1% of 270 electoral votes necessary to win the election. When enough states pass the Compact to make it to the full 270, the Compact goes into effect and the winner of the popular vote becomes President! It is Constitutional and there is nothing that the remaining states can do about it. It is time for the anachronistic Electoral College to be defanged! The winner of the popular vote becomes the President. Twice in the past 16 years the winner of the popular vote did NOT become President, in 2000 and 2016. Enough!

    1. Box November 20, 2016

      Today is Nov 20 and the results look like this. Lets say the numbers still are not correct, do you really want it your way, the popular vote?


      1. Ann Waldrum November 20, 2016

        No source? Why am I not surprised; looks like that fake news site. I prefer reality:

        Clinton: 63,541,056
        Trump: 61,864,015

        From Cook Political Report. Last updated 11-16-16

      2. lockHilliaryup November 21, 2016

        Ann Waldrun is a clueless lib that thinks the old media actually produces unbiased news. see http://observer.com/2016/11/mainstream-media-recap-who-colluded-with-the-clinton-campaign/

      3. Ann Waldrum November 23, 2016

        So, Breitbart, uh… I mean, Box, HRC has passed Trump by more than 2 million votes this morning.

  8. wansley.dawn November 12, 2016

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  9. woodrose November 12, 2016

    Here’s an article I think explains what happened.




    The revolt of the Rust Belt.

    It wasn’t James Comey who did her in. It sure wasn’t Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. It was her husband.

    No, not because of Bill Clinton’s personal financial dealings or sexual behavior. Because of his economic policy, which was the establishment economic policy.

    NAFTA. Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. Signing financial legislation that crucially omitted any regulation of derivatives.

    Last night, the Rust Belt—whose rust buildup Bill Clinton signally contributed to by signing deals that offshored millions of decent-paying jobs—revolted. Last night, from Pennsylvania in the east to Iowa in the West, one formerly-solid Democratic state after another saw their white working class, their small town and rural voters, get vengeance against an establishment that had left much of their economy in ruins. In many of those small towns, left all their economy in ruins.

    more at link


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