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Saturday, December 16, 2017

In an unexpected about-face from his prior comments of “I am who I am,” Donald Trump has issued something of an apology, saying he has experienced “regret” for not always saying the right thing.

“Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing,” Trump said to a crowd on Thursday night in Charlotte, N.C. “I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.”

That was it — after a year of consistent and targeted attacks on entire religions, war heroes, a disabled reporter, and people of Mexican heritage in the United States including a federal judge.

The Trump campaign has experienced a historically bad month for a presidential candidate, as his declining poll numbers show. After attacking Khizr Khan and his wife, drawing the ire of military families nationwide, Trump suggested “Second Amendment people” might be able to “do” something about Hillary Clinton and then called President Obama and Clinton the “co-founders” of ISIS.

Even more interestingly, rather than show any remorse for his actions up to this point, Trump instead chose to appoint the chief of a known racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, hate-mongering website to be the new “CEO” of his campaign.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told Good Morning America Friday that the words were Trump’s alone. Others have expressed skepticism that that is the case.

The Clinton campaign has already responded to Trump’s non-apology in a statement, through Christina Reynolds, deputy communications director:

Donald Trump literally started his campaign by insulting people. He has continued to do so through each of the 428 days from then until now, without shame or regret. We learned tonight that his speechwriter and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize. But that apology tonight is simply a well-written phrase until he tells us which of his many offensive, bullying and divisive comments he regrets — and changes his tune altogether.

Trump also tried to reframe his rhetoric over the past several weeks specifically referencing children of color, saying he has “no patience for injustice,” and asking the audience in a suburb of Milwaukee to continue being able to be “dreamers.”

Trump’s about-face is certainly too little, too late for the GOP nominee, and with a man like Stephen Bannon at the helm, it’s unlikely that Trump’s “regret” will last for more than a mere moment.

Watch the video, via CNN, below:

Screenshot via CNN

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16 Responses to Donald Trump Issues An Apology… For Something.

  1. Wow!! As if a questionably honest statement of supposed remorse will undo much of the actual harm that has been created by his hateful, clearly bigoted rhetoric that he has spewed constantly for over the past year plus. And given his penchant for consistently shooting hate rhetoric from the hip; and even often suggesting that violent actions be inflicted on those who bring up his ire, I’m sure if he was elected president, and when a heated issue came up andd he lost his cool and pushed the button to unleash a nuclear bomb on some supposed enemy for the moment; that a questionably dishonest apology later on, would do very little to make up for all the lives that would have been lost. And that unfortunately is a real term danger should this questionably totally sane person named Trump be elected our president.

  2. An apology is saying “I’m sorry” or “I apologize”. Saying “I regret saying that” is not an apology. In Trump’s case, it means he regrets that he got called out for it, that he got criticized for it. How dare we throw his own words back in his face. He is the sorriest excuse for a human being and a total waste of oxygen. He has no feeling or empathy for anyone. I agree with Senator Warren. Trump is just trying to make excuses for being beating by a girl.

    • The problem for Trump is not that he used a wrong word of expression every now and then, but that he doubles down on the bizarre statements he makes, leaving no doubt that he meant what he said.

  3. Our President should be a person that thinks before he speaks. “Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues,
    you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing…”

  4. This from the man who claimed he had words…….he had a lot of words………he had the best words. Now he claims he didn’t always choose the right words from his best words. A few problems Donnie. For one, you almost always repeated your mean-spirited

  5. I just felt a tremor in the force field—Donald offers a half-hearted and qualified apology for something he’s unaware of.

    I suppose therapist would applaud this as a giant step for a patient who’s nearly at the point of no-return.

  6. Everybody just be cool. drump was just being sarcastic in his non apology apologizing. Don’t you guys recognize intelligent sarcasm. When he brings on the wall street insider and rw hate site leader bannon you know the ugliness of drump is still ever-present and nothing has changed. He is just trying to be a better con maggot, as they have told him that he needs to reach out to “those people”, you know “the Blacks” and others that he has been so outright offensive to. Oh yeah, we REALLY believe he has changed and is on our side, wink–wink. drump is the same a**hole he has always been.

    • Yeah I sensed there was no contrition or remorse on his part. Actions speak much louder than words. Hiring Bannon from Breitbart says a lot about what he thinks

      • The problem with Trump’s expression of “regret” is that his problems go well beyond the wrong use of words. What he must apologize for is expressing his sentiments, lack of humanity and morality. In other words, he should apologize for being who he is.
        Being condescending magnifies his cynicism and arrogance, and only confirm what most Americans – and the world – already know.

  7. Apology? I did not hear one! He expressed regret. The press is letting him off too easy. First, he will need to list what he express regret for and then issue a real apology. He might start with Central Park 5, the Birther, Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer, John McCain and the Gold Star Parents.

  8. Trump apologizes for being caught, and regrets not having been more subtle with his venom —oh, the agony.

    Too late to correct either of those regrets, or repair the bridges burned—how fitting that the curtain appears to be slowly and mercifully descending on this modern-day tragedy.

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