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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


There are candidates who wave the American flag — and then there’s Donald Trump, who gave the Stars and Stripes a big hug at a rally Wednesday in New Hampshire.

Take a look at this news segment on Trump meeting “my people,” and rattling off his wisdom on such subjects as Jeb Bush, Iraq, the Great Wall of China — and of course, the magnificent future “Trump Wall.”

Video via CBS News.

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  • greenlantern1

    As Governor of Florida; JEB Bush wore a CONFEDERATE FLAG lapel pin!!

    • David


    • Independent1

      Why am I not surprised: a despicable, vile person like JEB wearing a despicable vile Confederate Flag pin. They go together perfectly.

  • Lynda Groom

    Trump clearly loves the flag, it is just many of those who live in the country he does not care for.

  • Daniel Jones

    MY GOD–he’s trying to keep the flag all to himself.
    Methinks he is claiming only Trump himself and his select posse are actual Americans.

  • ps0rjl

    Trump like many flag lovers/wavers didn’t love it so much when he was a young man or he would have enlisted or allowed himself to be drafted during Vietnam. I always am a little suspicious of most flag wavers. USMC/Vietnam veteran 69-71

  • Independent1

    Just more histrionics by Donald the showmen. I’m not convinced he cares one iota about the flag aside from using it to serve his purpose at the moment.

  • for those that have few hours of free time, there is a sìmple strategy that will assist you to earn some added profit every week – learn how by visíting lìnk recorded on my dísqus profile ( pay attention: act now cause thís link wìll líkely be accessíble only for a short period of tìme while on dísqus )