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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Donald Trump’s campaign has done it again.

On Tuesday, The Donald’s Twitter account featured a patriotic image of Trump’s face in an American flag, along with images of money, the White House — and some interesting soldiers.

The problem: As many folks online all noticed, those soldiers’ helmets had a distinctly recognizable square shape to them — they were, in fact, Nazi soldiers from World War II.

Screen grab via Mother Jones

Furthermore, the spotted pattern of the camouflage uniforms, and the eagle-shaped insignias on their shoulders, demonstrate that these soldiers would’ve been from the infamous elite Waffen-SS units, which were heavily involved in some of the worst of the Nazis’ many wartime atrocities.

However, some further Internet sleuthing has determined that these “soldiers” likely aren’t real Nazis — they’re simply costumed re-enactors.

The tweet was soon deleted, and CNN reports that the Trump organization is blaming an intern for the mistake.

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14 Responses to Oops! Trump Campaign Tweets Patriotic Image Of Nazi Soldiers

  1. Whether or not the soldiers shown in Trump’s picture were real Third Reich SS troops or re-enactors is immaterial. His decision to include a symbol of one of the most abhorrent soldiers in the history of humanity highlight his convictions, arrogance, and immorality. Needless to say, this is consistent with the ethnic and cultural slurs this white supremacist bigot has engaged in during the last few weeks to rise to the top by denigrating an entire culture. Donald Trump is the classic Ugly American, a fact corroborated by his promise to destroy the natural resources of Iraq and then send Exxon there to repair them. Donald Trump does not show respect for anyone or anything, but himself.

  2. “the Trump organization is blaming an intern for the mistake.” That is how a Trump presidency would handle every setback, blame an underling.

  3. That wasn’t a ‘mistake’. That was a dogwhistle with plausible deniability. His supporters knew EXACTLY what he was saying, while he could play all innocent to the rest of us..

  4. But on the plus side, Trump is planning on opening a chain of Fascist food restaurants to help ease the unemployment problem. Be sure to try his Buchenwald Bean Surprise – it’s a gas!

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