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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Rumor has it that Donald Trump is all set to announce Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential pick tomorrow morning. Pence, a Christian conservative former congressman and radio host, is seen as a “safe” pick for Trump — someone to rally the base, bolster Trump’s conservative bona fides, and assure voters that there will be at least one sober-minded individual in the West Wing.

But, let’s be honest, Donald Trump sets a low bar for sober mindedness. And in reality, the inclusion of Pence on a presidential ticket would have been much more alarming news in any other election cycle, without Trump’s authoritarian shadow soaking up the spotlight.

Here are a few things you should know about Mike Pence.

1. He’s anti-gay. Last year, Pence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which stipulated that businesses had the right to refuse service to anyone who did not conform to their religious beliefs. Only after intense and sustained public outcry did Pence sign an amendment to the law which prohibited the use of its language to facilitate outright discrimination. As a congressman, Pence voted against the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

2. He’s anti-abortion. Pence led the first congressional effort to defund Planned Parenthood — way back in 2011, way before a hoax video purported to show representatives of the organization discussing the price of fetal tissue. After that video was released last year, and after it was exposed as a hoax, Pence went forward anyways with an investigation into Indiana’s Planned Parenthood locations — the investigation didn’t go anywhere, obviously. As governor, Pence also slashed Planned Parenthood budgets across the state. Mother Jones reports that by 2014, “state funding for Planned Parenthood had been cut nearly in half from 2005 levels.”

But it’s not just Planned Parenthood — In March, Pence signed the most extreme anti-abortion bill in the country, requiring that aborted fetuses be cremated and prohibiting abortions for “fetal anomalies” like Down syndrome. Women around the state responded forcefully:

…which may account for the fact that:

3. Hoosiers don’t like him. After Pence’s hard right stances on gay marriage and abortion brought Indiana a sort of national infamy, the same voters who elected Pence by a slim margin in 2012 might not have wanted him back anyways in 2016. A poll in May showed that just 40 percent of respondents approved of Pence’s performance in office, down from 46 percent a year ago.

4. He’s pro-trade. We reported yesterday that Pence, like all the rest of Trump’s likeliest vice presidential picks, has been ardently pro-free trade his entire career, supporting NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership as efforts to expand American political influence and exports. This isn’t surprising: It’s Trump who has taken the unusual position on trade for a Republican. Pence has toed the party line. 

5. He doesn’t “believe” in global warming. Pence is a reliable proponent of the “I’m not a scientist, but…” position, meaning that he isn’t a scientist, but also that he seems not to have read the letter signed by 23 Indiana scientists urging him to take climate change seriously in 2015. As a congressman, Pence voted against caps on greenhouse gas emissions, allowing the EPA to regulate emissions, and incentives for alternative energy production. 

6. He doesn’t believe in evolution. Here’s a 2009 exchange with Chris Matthews, via Huffington Post

MATTHEWS: Okay, you want to educate the American people about science and its relevance today. Do you believe in evolution, sir?

PENCE: Do I believe in evolution? I embrace the view that God created the heavens and the earth, the seas and all that’s in them.

MATTHEWS: Right. But do you believe in evolution as the way he did it?

PENCE: The means, Chris, that he used to do that, I can’t say. But I do believe in that fundamental truth.

7. He built his career on Koch money. As reported by The Intercept‘s Lee Fang, Pence was previously president of the Koch-linked Indiana Policy Review Foundation, and appointed one of its staff to the Indiana’s state board of education as governor. A report published by the foundation under Pence’s leadership proposed fighting crime with privatized prisons in which prisoners were forced to work to pay for the cost of their… stay. 

As reported by Politico, “Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs’ top political group, has been holding up Pence’s work in Indiana as emblematic of a conservative reform agenda they’re trying to take nationwide.” Pence’s former chief of staff, Marc Short, leads Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a shadowy group known as the Kochs’ “secret bank.” Pence regularly speaks at Koch fundraising events.

8. He was delusional on Iraq. Pence was an early and enthusiastic supporter of invading Iraq, and his enthusiasm seemed unchanged over time. In 2007, Pence traveled with Sen. John McCain to Iraq in an effort to prove that McCain’s surge had succeeded in securing parts of Baghdad. On a visit to the Shorja market, a frequent target for suicide bombings, Pence said it was “like a normal outdoor market in Indiana.” (Hint: It wasn’t then, and isn’t now.)
9. He was, at least originally, against Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. So much for that.


Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) and Indiana Governor Mike Pence (L) wave to the crowd before addressing the crowd during a campaign stop at the Grand Park Events Center in Westfield, Indiana, July 12, 2016. REUTERS/John Sommers II

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98 Responses to 9 Things You Should Know About Mike Pence

  1. At least Pence can officially kiss his political career goodbye after November. Don’t let the door hit you on the way to oblivion ????

    • Dear Rebecca’s son, Do you have any extra rooms to rent? Lot’s of us expats will be “lookin’ for a home” soon if DT wins.

      • My actual expectation is that this team has no hope of winning, and, since La Donald has utterly destroyed his reputation in business now (publicity is NOT his friend), he will end his days in a box under a bridge, muttering, “But it’s a really YUUUUGE box, and I know boxes, believe me!

        • I believe and sincerely hope you’re right, but I’m not going to relax until Nov. 9. The stakes are high. This is the most important election of my lifetime – and that’s a long time!

          • I shall count no “shikuns” until they hatch, but I will be keeping the eggs warm, writing letters, screaming and kicking on FB, bullying my friends to get out and vote, calling anyone who might listen, and mailing in my ballot in good time (no car, disabled). Oh,..and keeping that son in Amsterdam on standby! LOL I told him that I was practicing the swim over every night in the bath tub, although towing the cat carrier had me worried. He said he thought we might manage an airlift.

          • Best wishes to you and your son. BTW, I love the Netherlands. I’ve changed planes at Schiphol at least 100 times but rarely had time to spend in Amsterdam. I have several wonderful Dutch friends, some of whom still live in the Netherlands, and a few others who live near Geneva. I’m retired and don’t travel anymore, but I love and really miss Europe. All the best to you! BH

  2. Drumpf picked Pence because Pence is desperate – his political career is down the dumper unless they win, and that’s all there is to it. His own state detests him, and this is literally a Hail Mary play on his part. But the best thing about all of this is that now he’s signed his own political death warrant. After this election, he wouldn’t be able to get elected to a condo board.

    • If this is the announcement tomorrow – now (Sympathies to the Nice victims.),
      Indiana will cheer … but keep up their #PenceMustGo yard signs.
      #PenceYoureFired! (No, The Donald, this is for 4 years. You don’t get a re-do. Hopefully, not a do at all!)

  3. Pence for VP? This must be joke. In addition to the nine points above, Pence also: A. Got fewer votes in 2012 than Glenda Ritz, the Democrat who was elected state school supt; B. He is anti-public-education: C. He favors diverting public funds to special interest church-run private schools, which means D. That he is unfriendly to religious liberty, church-state separation, and Artcle l, Sections 4 and 6 of the Indiana constitution. Sounds just right for Trump’s running mate. — Edd Doerr (

    • But I told you Repubs and TPs were all dumb. And this proves it. Trump is better goes home to NY to his wives. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence looks like a retard to me. Look he short and fat like Trump. Compare that with Obama pick – Joe Biden. Both are tall and good looking. Americans love good looking presidents. Trump/Pence ticket is done and a failure. GOP might as well fold and go home. Let’s prepare for Hillary to take over from President Obama. Vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am

      • Strange bedfellows. Shows how hypocritical Pence is as a religious conservative. Trump has been married more than twice. His present wife’s backside is all over the internet. Trump hasn’t exactly been pious. Religious fanatics are only interested in those things that are at crotch level. Hence, my description of them is: crotch sniffers.

  4. I was expecting Pence to get the nod over Christie or Gingrich. Christie was an unlikely choice, not because of the criminal investigation into Bridgegate, but because of the way he prosecuted and sent to prison Ivanka Trump’s father-in-law. And I thought Gingrich was a long shot because Gingrich has a mind of his own (a sharp, though warped, mind), and Trump would rather have a “yes man.” Finally, Pence has one attractive feature: The Koch brothers love him, and choosing him might persuade them to contribute money that they weren’t willing to give to Trump. As for Pence himself, his political career was down the tubes anyway; he probably couldn’t have been elected again to a state office. But then, that also goes for Christie.

    • Yeah, I thought Gingrich had a shot, but apparently Trump’s lizard brain cunning realized that the Newtster is just as much of a con man as HE is, and may have a better handle on how to work the system, which could hurt The Donald’s ability to fleece the gullible for his OWN advantage…

    • Spot on analysis. I thought Christie was a stretch at any rate because he is really polling badly in his own home state plus The Donald tends to treat him like a wad of gum under his shoe. Newt is far too clever for the Donald to trust. There can only be one with a “very good brain” in line up. I guess Pence is just deluded enough to drink the koolaid. I do think that, no matter what, the Koch bros are not about to shovel cash into the Trump money pit. They didn’t make all of their gobs of money by trusting a con artist like Trump.

      • Yeah, John, but it would be fun to see the Koch’s conned by Trump!!! That would be a fight I would LOVE to see in court!

    • Interesting post, Beethoven. Good points. I do think it’s funny that Christie, who became Trump’s sniveling lap dog, didn’t get the job. All that “yes, massa, no massa,” “can I make you a sandwich, massa?” and nothing to show for it. Now, his career is in the toilet and Trump won’t even call the next day.

      • I think he suckered Sarah Palin also. I lost all respect for her and Christi when they sucked up to Trump. I could hardly belive it

        • tom, if you want to lose even MORE respect for Palin (if that’s possible lol) watch the movie “Game Changer” with Woody Harrelson and Tina Fey. Soooo scary!

  5. Well, when you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, Pence is probably the one withered, scrawny, tiny apple left that isn’t completely worm-riddled…

    • Yes, but he’s governor of the state, Indiana, that 24/7 Wall Street just ranked as the 3rd most miserable state to live in in the nation – behind just Mississippi as the most miserable place to live with the worst quality of life – and Ohio as number 2. (In case you’re wondering, all 10 of the states 24/7 Wall Street lists as the most miserable places in America to live are governed by the GOP. And that’s been true since 2008 when 24/7 Wall Street started doing there analysis.)

      • Really! I’m not surprised about Mississippi, but I thought Alabama (where I live) would have been ranked worse than Indiana or Ohio. Maybe I should be thankful for small victories.

        • And I believe Alabama has been ranked worse in other years; but for 2016, Ohio and Indiana ( managed to come in 2nd and 3rd in 24/7 Wall Streets most miserable states to live in list. Despite how Kasich may look in presidential campaigns, he’s done a terrible job in Ohio, and so has Pence in Indiana.

          Kind of curious isn’t it? That governors like Kasich, Pence, Walker, Jindal – and actually Rick Perry – all of whom have turned their states into disasters; have the gall to actually run for president America and or VP, when the way they govern IS A PURE DISASTER!!! Just so they can export all their disastrous governance ON ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

    • No, he’s completely worm-riddled. How long did he last a Kon Klown Kar Parade driver? Didn’t he pull out before it even started – because nobody likes him.

      • Well…. yeah 🙂 But compared to his competition for the VP slot? He might be a couple worms shy of a squirm…

    • Probably one of the very few that would even consider running as Trump’s VP!!! I don’t think too many people wanted the job to begin with!!

    • Yah, the guy who wants us to bury or cremate miscarried and aborted tissue is not worm-riddled?! This little Jesus freak is the poster boy for the Nutbag Right.

  6. well well who would uh thrunk it? is Pence really going to be his pick for go pher and bring my bed room slippers yes sir yes sir right away sir, the T might have just shafted er shifted my vote to the other side if not for her thoughts on gun control it would be easy.

  7. From what you have written it is distinctly INACCURATE to judge that Gov. Pence…whom, for the record, I intensely DISLIKE, does not believe in evolution. What he said was that he couldn’t say if evolution was the MEANS by which the earth was created. He didn’t denounce evolution, he dodged. There is a difference.
    I am a religious person who thoroughly believes in evolution and also believes that the scientific processes we know are of divine creation. And there are plenty of scientists starting with Dr. Francis Crick of DNA fame, who believe the same thing. Not to mention billions of people in the world.

    • I agree with you, Elliot…..I was told by a friend of mine who attended bible college and is now a pastor, that you can even justify the “Big Bang” as an act of God because without that occurring, none of us would be here. He said that people should realize that evolution and the story about Adam and Eve can be one and the same if you think about it. Besides, the bible is just a book of parables…..none of it can be proven to be true, not even the story of Adam & Eve. But, some of what is written in the bible can actually be proven in some cases, even Noah’s flood has been proven to happen (just not quite in the way it’s written in the bible).

      • We are in agreement. I take vigorous disagreement with some atheists who cite the worst kind of religious extremists as being wholly representative of the majority of believers. Like most sensible people I look at the Bible as a holy book but not as a science textbook. Indeed that is a phrase I first heard from a priest who was a Ph.D. and the then Vatican Astronomer (yes they have an observatory.) I think we can get a huge amount of knowledge including about human nature from the Bible but I for one do not take it as inerrant and while I recognize the full right of folks who do to believe that, I vigorously oppose their often constant attempts (sometimes openly proclaimed by the religious right) to impose THEIR inflexible and absolutist Biblical interpretation on everyone else through law. Thank you for your comment.

        • My husband was running for deacon at our church; however, when they interviewed us, they weren’t particularly happy when I told them that I thought the story of Adam and Eve was a nice story, but was just that….a story. I told them that I believed you could lump evolution AND creationism into one belief. They were totally dismayed. Needless to say, he never got the deacon position, but he didn’t really feel bad about it.

          • No reason he should; I am confident that in the hereafter God will judge us as to how we’ve lived our lives and not on whether we believed every last chapter, paragraph, sentence, word, and punctuation mark in the Bible . And those bible-thumping blabbermouths in certain “evangelical” denominations (I’ll not mention names) who are so absolutely sure of who will and won’t get into heaven, all I can say is they may get a big shock when they get a post-life ticket to the DOWN elevator (especially the blabbermouth who on his t.v. show keeps telling us about the messages he keeps getting from God on the budget, whom to vote for, what the courts should do, etc., after which he gives his eternal pitch: Send Me Money.”}

          • Well that’s the last thing the church needs is unbelievers in a place of authority inside of the church. To be a Christian is to be committed first of all to God and to be christ-like.

            However it sounds like to me that your husband should not have run for the position in the first place. IT ALSO Sounds like you are not submitted unto your husband. The Lord doesn’t just tell stories with fiction that suggests that the Lord would lie. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. If Genesis chapter 1 is wrong the entire Bible would be a lie. However the Lord spoke these words let God be true and every man a liar. Man has only 1 complete truth about God and that is his word.

            And the word of God is infallible. But again I would not expect you to realize that. I can’t blame the church at all if I would have been in the meeting I would have looked at your husband and would have expressed sympathy for your lack of faith. Freedom through submission try a bible study on that subject. We are set free from our submission onto a divine order outside that order you have nothing but bondage. So you believe in your evolution. But I hope your church family will continue to trust in God’s word.

    • You’re right that Pence dodged, just as he “dodged” on answering whether the anti-GLBT law he signed would permit active discrimination against the GLBT community. He refuses to answer because he’s politically astute enough to know that if he answered, “No, I don’t believe in evolution,” he’d be a laughingstock. Which he already is to some of us.

      Whatever one “believes,” whether as a religious person or a politician or a commenter on this page, facts are facts and science is science. Making excuses for Pence by noting that Francis Crick believes in god is simply silly; lots of people believe in a deity, but not one of them — not one, ever — has provided an iota of evidence that one exists. So your assertion that you believe in evolution even while believing in a divine creation — or Pence’s refusal to say he believes in evolution while propping himself up with a magic sky god — is meaningless to those of us whose acceptance of evolution, and the scientific method that you “believe in,” are based on facts and empirical data, not belief.

      You could decide tomorrow that you no longer “believe” in the scientific process, but that wouldn’t change the fact that they are real and provable and true.

    • I’ve never been able to figure out why supposedly intelligent people insist that intelligent design and evolution are mutually exclusive. God has numerous times described himself as a potter; and we all know that quite often potters change what they’re creating and sometimes even crumble up their work and either throw it away or start all over. So why would intelligent people not think, that if God were creating creatures, he would be working to perfect them in a way that would manifest itself in what scientists have chosen to call evolution?

      Just like the ‘Big Bang’ theory; the scientific notion that all creatures today crawled out of the ocean, rather than were created by God – is just one more fantasy that scientists who choose not to believe that God created the universe, have chosen as a way to describe something they can’t really prove with facts. And isn’t it interesting that I believe recently, fossil discoveries have totally destroyed some of the fantasies they’ve conjured up just to refuse to give God credit.

      • In the final analysis if people who carry on and on and on about how the world was created and whether the Bible is literally inerrant in every word in Genesis just committed one single act of loving kindness to another human being every day they would be far, far closer to God and what He has commanded us to do. But they don’t and won’t because to them the Bible is not only a science textbook, it is a cover….for them to follow their deepest “religious” belief…hate thy neighbor.

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  9. Typical Trumper!!! Having Trump pick him as his VP nominee is as bad as McCain picking Palin!!! Hopefully, like that big mistake, this will be a big mistake for Trump!! My cousin in Indiana says that Pence is so hated in Indiana that they had been talking about impeaching him at one point. He has NO chance of being re-elected as governor, so I guess he figured he’s go for the VEEP slot!!! Poor choice on Trump’s part….he certainly won’t do well in Indiana now, or so we can hope!

      • Still living in that fantasy world, huh?? Donny Boy has already started his demise in the eyes of millions of Americans with the most outrageous stupendously stupid, full of lies, acceptance speeches ever given.

        And just in case you’re not aware, Donny Boys acceptance speech, as measured by those who actually wasted their time listening to it, DIDN’T EVEN COME CLOSE WITH RESPECT TO VIEWERSHIP, TO THE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH THAT JOHN MCCAIN GAVE BACK IN 2008.

        You and your rabid nitwit friends, along with the right-wing biased media, ARE GROSSLY OVER PROJECTING DONNY BOY’S FAVORABILITY WITH AMERICANS!!!

  10. All very good reasons to support a Pence ticket. He recognizes getting back to the original constitutional principles is vitally important for this country.

      • Let us look back at the conservative Nirvana, i.e., 16th-17th Centuries, idamag. Hmmm, only property owners should have the vote (do not have to specify male because females are chattel and can not own property), non-whites and females are not fully human and are only allowed the same civil rights as livestock, i.e., none, big businesses shall take the place of absolute rulers, i.e., Fascism (I know, Fascism did not exist back then but we need a name for the Republican dream government and that is Fascism). How is that for a start in describing Republican Nirvana, idamag?

        • When our government was formed, it was the wealthy landowners who took on the jobs of welfare and supporting the new government. They felt like if they were supporting the government it should be their privilege to vote. Right or wrong, that was their view. Washington had reservations about letting the “back country Yoemen” (the ancestors of deliverance people) vote as most of them could not read or write. The small landowners, those will a small acreage demanded and got the right to vote. Then the industrialists and tradesmen up North demanded and got the right to vote. All of the above changes took place during Washington’s administration so they were not all that bad as you would like to paint them. If it had not been the great government it was, females would not be franchised and Black people would not have the right to vote in the states that are not back-country semi illiterate. The big argument was states rights versus Federal rights. Many states have proven they are not fit to govern. Voting rights need to be national with Federal protections. It appears we need a Federal oversight committee to investigate police forces..

    • Original constitutional principles like ending church-state separation; establishing an evangelical theocracy; eliminating free speech for anything HE thinks is immoral; ending the independence of the judiciary; disregarding the rule of law when he disagrees with its interpretation by courts of law; eliminating equal protection of the laws, and that’s just for starters. He is pure evil AND SO ARE YOU AND HIS SUPPORTERS.

    • So was it Pence ‘getting back to the original constitutional principles’, that has caused 24/7 Wall street to say that for 2016, Indiana is the 3rd most Miserable state to live in in America with the 3rd worst quality of life?? Really??

  11. I wish this had enough credible info to share on facebook. Start with the attempt to make “pro-trade” a bad thing.

  12. That’s funny–do you “believe” in evolution. That’s like asking if you “believe” in gravity. I just hope aliens don’t ever come down to Earth because I’d be SO embarrassed to admit that I was part of the same species as people like Pence and Trump. omg.

  13. How quickly Pence changed his mind when the VP slot was waved in front of him!!! Typical hypocrite and Trumpster!!! I would like to see a politician who stays true to his opinions, not one who kowtows to someone like Trump!!! Hopefully, Hoosiers will vote against this Trump and his idiot sidekick and then dump the sidekick after the next gubernatorial election!!!

  14. For the points that are true, thanks to the author for pointing out the good things about Pence. For the points that are lies, it just shows how desperate the left is, but that’s business as usual for the left.

  15. I’m glad to be informed about Trump’s VP Governor Pence. I love his credentials it’s about time we get back to common sense. And specially over the first 4.

    • I guess I’m, confused here – you love his credentials?? Despite the fact that he has turned Indiana into what the survey group 24/7 Wall Street believes is the 3rd most miserable place in America to live?? Kind of curious. (Pence’s credentials, like Kasich’s, are also a disaster – with Ohio being determined as the 2nd most miserable state to live in in America.) You’re not a sadist, are you??

        • And YOU DO NOT HAVE LESS ON FOOD STAMPS!! YOU CLEARLY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!!! Would be nice if you got out of your trailer once in a while and realized the real world isn’t what you think it is!!!

      • Third most miserable place to live do you live there are you a part of the community. Stupid liberals will say anything just to a lie started. I bet you don’t even live near the state of Indiana. It is a conservative state. Very nice place to raise a family. I’ve heard all the fruit flies tell their lies. So one more committee led by ignorant liberals is not going to kill us. But you would vote for a murderer. The sickest most vile woman second only to Michelle Obama. That 8 years ago she just became proud of her country that her husband has so destroyed. I could care less who gets the job anybody that follows Obama is going to be hated.

        Men women don’t even know what’s between their legs. They feel confused if anybody disagrees they’re racist bigot. A very sick and twisted Nation led by fools and you want to blame Hoosiers. The only people complaining is the people that don’t care about anything.

        • Sorry, but what I posted has nothing to do with liberals – all you conservatives can do is make excuses and blame liberals for everything. Sorry, but today’s conservativism is an ouright disaster!! You may like it, so be glad you’re living in a state where you can revel in your idiocy!!!

          Here are the factors 24/7 Wall Street used to give the poor well being ranking and Most Miserable place to live ranking designation to Indiana:

          Poverty rate: 15.2% (23rd highest)
          Unemployment rate: 4.8% (20th lowest)
          Obesity rate: 32.7% (7th highest)
          Pct. of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 24.7% (9th lowest)

          A solid education improves employment opportunities and is itself a component of well-being. Indiana residents, who report one of the worst levels of well-being in the Gallup survey, are not especially well educated, nor do they have especially high incomes. Less than one-quarter of adults have at least a college degree, well below the over 30% of adults nationwide with such education. Like a number of other low well-being states, the annual median household income in Indiana of $49,446 is lower than the national median of $53,657.

          The relatively poor availability of health professionals may also hinder well-being in the Hoosier State. There are only 107 primary care physicians and 47 dentists per 100,000 people respectively, each well below the national ratios. This may at least partially explain the low level of immunization among children in the state, which at just 66% is also below the national rate of 72%.

        • And even the Gallup polling which is right-wing biased ranks Indiana as the 48th happiest state to live in (or in other words the 3rd most miserable state to live in):

          Gallup ranks Indiana as one of nation’s most miserable states


          When it comes to being happy and healthy, Alaska is best, while West Virginia is the worst, according to this year’s Gallup Healthways Well-being Index.

          Indiana isn’t far ahead of of West Virginia. The Hoosier State ranks 48th in terms of the happiest states.

          The index is based on more than 176,000 phone interviews with people from all 50 states.

          It measures how people feel about their daily lives and overall health.

          Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky joined West Virginia at the bottom.

          • Ok I agree with you I’ve been unhappy ever since Obama took office that’s why everybody is unhappy in the state of Indiana we like our freedom. We don’t like big government. Of course the Democrats would never lie. Alaska being number 1 you have a lot of problems in Alaska especially drinking among the eskimos and Indians. The only thing happy is the black bear when he gets in the garbage can. Look I don’t care what anyone says you make the best out of life by keeping the government out. The first night of the democratic convention not one American flag only foreign Flags. What a bunch of sickos

          • Like I said, you’re welcome to revel in your ignorance. That lack of governance you wish for is why GOP-run states lead the nation in all forms of dying young: be it homicides, be it babies and women dying during childbirth, be it people dying from terminal illnesses, be it people dying because GOP governments refuse to expand Medicaid and allow those less fortunate to buy the food and medications they need to stay alive.

            So revel in your ignorance and when you end up dying much younger than you should have – people in GOP-run states live 2-5 year shorter lives than people in Democrat run states (and that certainly applies to Indiana where the projected longevity is only to 76/77 where 9 Dem run states people live to 80-81) – you won’t be able to say I didn’t warn you about that fact that GOP governance is dangerous even to your living a full life.

          • Seeing that you’re so smart and so well informed all of us Republicans have a lack of understanding big government. Would like to get this right so I can be a smart as you.

            Should my tax dollars support free college? Should my tax dollars support abortion clinic. Should my tax dollars give welfare to a Mexican woman crossing the border just to have a child?

            Now as far as someone dying that has a terminal illness I have never seen anyone that was not properly taking care of.

            I have also never read in the Constitution where the government what is responsible for my health. But just another question who gave to the American people Obamacare what fool said let’s vote it in and then see what it says. Was that not mrs. Democratic Pelosi. By the way Obamacare sucks it was nothing more than a plot to steal more tax money. To give the insurance companies a monopoly to control people.

            No young person deserves free college. Every Nation that has all the free trimmings is broke they’re being overrun X people that are killing them. I was told Obama’s IQ was 140 or greater this goes to show that the smart people are destroying the nation no balance of Common Sense.

            But then there’s people like you give me give me give me do you even work. Are you in college I would say that you’re below the age of 30 however I would bet you’re not more than 18. I really don’t care but we have a generation of lazy good-for-nothing young people playing on their cell phones living on Facebook telling the world how bad they have it.

            I have an idea why don’t you stop warning Uncle Sam to pay for your life and you start giving out your life to help others and create new wave working class people that actually care about their neighbors. I believe the last smart Democrat that I know of said these words ask not what your country government can do for you but ask what you can do for your country your neighbor your community stay out of my paycheck bunch of freeloaders.

          • “Republicans have a lack of understanding about big government.”

            Boy, you got that right! Republicans hate everything about the parts of government that work to control the pollution and fraud they can commit while the run businesses in a way that is not only dangerous to their workers and customers but also is destroying our environment.

            However, they love the parts of government that let them control the lives of all Americans to ensure they adhere to their misguided religious beliefs: like agencies that ensure women don’t get abortions (which are never paid for by taxpayer dollars despite your blatant lie about that); or they don’t get contraceptives or marry the wrong gender person, etc. etc. And they just love to greatly increase the size of our military government.

            Reagan and the two Bushes increased the size of our government by over 280,000 workers while Carter, Clinton and Obama cut more than 360,000 such that there are today, 330,000 less workers than there were in 1989 when Reagan left office even though America has 75 million more people for our government to serve.


            AND NO! Your tax dollars shouldn’t pay for abortions AND THEY DON’T – ANYONE WHO SAYS THE DO IS FLAT OUT LYING!!!

            And any tax dollars used to help illegal immigrants are returned with interest in the enormous benefit that illegals provide to our country. Without immigrants, including illegals, the American economy would totally collapse!!

            And if you haven’t heard about people dying because Republicans refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, you’ve clearly either had your head in the sand or up your butt!! Because numerous experts have informed the inhumane GOP politicians that their decisions to not expand Medicaid were going to result in thousands dying (a projected 7-17,000 in just 2014 alone and similar numbers each year since).

            AND YES, the Constitution clearly says that the government is responsible for ensuring the health and well being of all its citizens. And the reason Pelosi made a comment like “we need to see what’s in the final bill”, is because Republicans were trying to add over 300 amendments to Obamacare at the last minute before it was to go up for a final vote. So, so many changes were being approved at the last minute before voting that no one could keep up with exactly what the final bill would contain – BUT IT WAS A RESULT OF THE GOP TRYING DO TO ITS BEST TO SCUTTLE THE BILL!!

            And given that you’ve had your head up your butt so long, you’re probably not aware that at least 100,000 Americans are alive today who would be dead if Obamacare had not been enacted.

            And more than 40 Hospitals in America have avoided bankruptcy because Obamacare reduced the number of people without ensure that were getting free healthcare so instead of a loss, these hospitals started making a profit.

            And even the state of Arizona in 2014 projected that expanding Medicaid would result in creating at least 15,000 jobs, cut by over 2 billion the monies the states would have to pay hospitals for the drastically reduced healthcare they had to provide as Obamacare cut people coming in for free care by 40%; and that the monies people who previously couldn’t afford healthcare would have to spend on the economy would boost the Arizona economy by 2.8 Billion in 2014/15 which would increase tax revenues by 1.8 Billion for 2014/15.

          • You are misguided more on that doesn’t even deserve a comeback prove to me that the taxpayer money is not being spent on abortions state taxes and federal taxes 6% and State 17% Forbes Magazine 2015 stop your lying. Has nothing to do with misguided religion. It is murder in every sense of the word abortion the murdering of The Unborn. All for your misguided Women’s Health. And again you’re a moron the Constitution does not say the government is going to make you happy. You have the responsibility to pursue happiness what do you want the government to spoon-feed you. And speaking of an individual. Not for the government to tax hard working people to death just to make some college punk Happy. Should you pay for anything do you have any responsibility in your life besides wanting someone else to pay for your foolishness. Give you a free condom and make sure that there enough money in the kitty to kill The Unwanted babies. And they are killed because you don’t have enough common sense to wear the sock if she ain’t got enough sense to stop playing the w**** then the government should stop pay for Planned Parenthood. This nation is weak and because of people like you and it is getting weaker give you a food stamp a little free college don’t work for nothing make everybody else pay for your happiness. What a state of weakness you are in. I know plenty of Democrats they actually believe in working for a living apparently you don’t. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about Republicans right to work states is one of them. But when the president of the United States cannot tell the truth gets elected based off of his words then applies the Golden Rule because you don’t know the definition between a man and a woman. And they give me more welfare brings more jobs how about the government lowering capital gains tax stop taxing children that receive an inheritance everything is already had taxes paid on it once why did the children have to pay for it. Greed is in both parties but ignorance supersedes the Democratic donkey. So go ahead hold your hold your government cup out Bleed the American Family to death. Blame it on the Christians after all isn’t that what gets the Democrats the most. Because you can’t follow those rules if you follow the ten commandments Hillary would already be in jail current Obama could share the same cell. This nation is reaping what it has sowed the past. If welfare was what the nation needed we had the greatest nation in the world without a doubt we have no slums ghettos we have no public housing that is run down and destroyed. Why give me give me give me. Get your cup out and go to Walmart and pick up some spare change I hear that people are making the 60 and $70,000 a year doing so get your college paid for it by doing that.

          • Here’s a table showing the people projected to die in each state in 2014 because the GOP refused to expand Medicaid.

          • Obamacare’s a joke?? Tell that to the more than 100,000 people who are alive today only because Obamacare forced hospitals to clean up their act and reduce the number of patients that had to be readmitted for diseases the hospital caused them with thousands of them dying every year from those unclean, poorly operated hospitals.

            And tell that to the thousands of Americans who are only alive today only because Obamacare allowed them to get health insurance in time for a doctor to catch a terminal illness in time to cure it before it became fatal.

            And tell that even to the many hospital people across the nation whose hospitals are only still open because Obamacare reduced the uninsured rate more than 40% in their state which meant that their hospital was able to remain open unlike the many hospitals that have shut their doors in the red states across the nation that have refused to expand Medicaid.

            And tell that the states like Arizona where expanding Medicaid reduced the uninsured rate by over 50% saving the state government and taxpayers billions of dollars in reduced monies the state was having to shell out to Arizona hospitals to pay for the free insurance they had been giving to people that were uninsured.

            And not only that but the more than 2.8 billion in increase tax revenues that Arizona received during 2014 and 15 from increased sales businesses in Arizona started making because of the monies the people that now had health insurance could go out and spend to buy things instead of hoarding it in case they had a medical emergency.

            And tell that to the more than 15,000 people that Arizona State University projected would find new jobs just because of the boast to the Arizona economy that expanding Medicaid brought to the state.

          • , 100000 people alive today because of Obamacare I love the way you all estimate. Millions of people can’t afford health insurance the numbers just don’t match it’s not worth an argument. Obama Care is worthless and it is ruthless that’s by my own observation by the way my family and my children are affected. The hard-working middle class the ones that make $100 too much no food stamp drawing no free healthcare surely you know those hard working people that are affected by this idiot called Obamacare. Let’s just don’t talk about the poorest people that got Medicaid anyways let’s talk about people that work for a living.

          • Exactly how would Obamacare affect people using food stamps other than in a positive way – like allowing even them to have health insurance through expanded Medicaid.

            And I’m estimating the 100,000 people’s lives saved because there was an article which estimated by health care analysts that 50,000 people’s lives had been saved between 2011 and 2014 by Obamacare reducing the hospital readmissions rate where hundreds of thousands less people had caught a disease while in the hospital which actually ended up killing them (hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year from diseases they pick up in a hospital which are worse than what they went in the hospital for).

            And given that since that article came out, the clean-up-your-act process that Obamacare had forced hospitals to begin has driven the readmissions rate several percentage points lower during 2014 and 2015 than it was then; so clearly at least 25,000 more of the hundreds of thousands fewer cases of readmitted are alive today who would have died.

            And there’s been several articles which have estimated that well over 25,000 Americans are alive today because by getting insurance, doctors found they had a terminal illness in time to cure it before that illness killed them. And Maine’s junior Senator, Angus King, is just one example of that – he’s alive today, only because he took a job which gave him health insurance and because of the insurance he went to a doctor who found he had melanoma in a stage that if he hadn’t taken care of it at that time, it would have ended up killing him.

            And you’re right, there are millions of Americans who are not covered by insurance today because they can’t afford it – and the people YOU CAN BLAME FOR THAT, are inhumane Republicans who refuse to expand Medicaid in 20 states and who prove that Republicans are no different that the terrorists that make up ISIS. Just like the terrorists of ISIS, these Republicans go about ensuring that thousands of Americans die prematurely, some with terrible diseases like cancer which can be very painful to suffer through, just because they refuse to let themselves or anyone else part with a few tax dollars!!!! How disgusting!!!!!!

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  20. Someone who doesn’t understand ‘vice’ as a prefix to many nouns, meaning second in line, but as a symbol of evil, is too, too stupid to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Was he homeschooled?

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