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5 NRA Members Who Quit In Protest

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5 NRA Members Who Quit In Protest


Those who expected the National Rifle Association to strike a conciliatory tone after the massacre in Newtown, CT that left 20 children and six school employees dead instead found NRA president Wayne LaPierre stridently blaming everything and everyone in America except guns.

LaPierre’s tactic of silence in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting followed by rantings against the media and government doesn’t just divert the conversation away from sensible gun laws, it also helps achieve what has become the NRA’s singular goal — selling guns and ammunition. Retailers are claiming that years worth of firearms have been sold in the last few days. Meanwhile the ranks of the NRA are growing.

But not everyone is pleased with the NRA. Here are five NRA members who gave up their memberships in protest.

If you know of any more NRA members who quit or are one yourself, let us know in the comments.


  1. jericho December 24, 2012

    Wow, all of 5 irrelevant people. 4 of whom we’ve never heard of, and one (Bush) who resigned 17 years ago. Great work.

    1. Angela Walker December 24, 2012

      And jericho (genuine gun fetishist or NRA shill?) tries to poop all over people who are taking a rational stance regarding the economic terrorism of the NRA. Reminds me very much of the GOP/Romney shills who spread all over teh internets in the last election season. No facts to offer, no insight, just whines and complaints.

      1. jericho December 24, 2012

        I’m actually pro gun control. Just anti moronic articles. This article does gun control advocates no favors due to its idiocy. It shows the strength of the NRA if anything.

        1. alwaysthink December 24, 2012

          As the idiotic spewing of the NRA gets more well known expect a lot of members to quit. This is no longer your Father’s NRA but an organization owned by the gun manufactures who spread fear and loathing of fellow Americans. It’s truly disgusting.

          1. jericho December 24, 2012

            Maybe that will happen. But until it does, let’s not blow our load writing a stupid article that shows the resiliency of the NRA. Out of their millions of members, the author could only find 5 that had quit, some of whom had quit BEFORE Newton. And no sitting federal politicians among the 5. And the 5 includes someone who sends in home videos to CNN and someone who lost a Congressional race. Again, terrific work. Great journalism.

          2. LA_CC December 26, 2012

            I would agree that there were others more recent and more prominent who have also resigned. One problem is that the NRA probably isn’t going to release any numbers regarding how many have resigned recently. I’ve also heard they keep members’ names on their member count even after they resign or no longer pay dues, etc. I’ve read about an estimated membership far, far lower than the 4 million that is always cited. As for Bush, it was a long time ago, but that also highlights how long they’ve had a crazy agenda and how even conservative gun-rights supporters think they went too far — even then. Let’s hope they update the article.

          3. Miguel Gonzalez December 29, 2012

            5 people quit and 8,000 are joining every day? Sure, impacting piece of news this one

    2. David Brown December 26, 2012

      It’s a start. But then only sane people are going to be doing it so we won’t look for your name. LOL

      1. jericho December 26, 2012

        Read my comments below, dumbass. I’m pro gun control, but this article is stupid, poorly researched, and does the movement to regulate guns no favors.

  2. Daniel Jones December 25, 2012

    Unfortunately, there has been another deadly firearms incident, in which a arsonist set a house on fire and assassinated two first responders, wounding several others before being wounded and shooting himself. (It is as yet uncertain if his own shot or the wound inflicted by police actually killed him.)

    If Wanker tries to insist all firemen be armed, might a suggest a frontal lobotomy for this bent crankcase?

    1. 13observer December 26, 2012

      hey dumb ass, there are tragedies everyday! Live in your fucking basement and nothing will ever happen to you!

  3. Sam Brown December 25, 2012

    you guys rock this shows there still a lot of good people in the USA

  4. lana ward December 26, 2012

    While Omuslim and Eric Holder want to take our guns away, they are still pushing for illegal immigrants to be able to purchase them more easily!!! What’s up with that!! Fuc**ng traitor, hypocrites!!!!!!!!!

    1. stcroixcarp December 26, 2012

      lana honey, go take your meds. You will feel better. There are anger management classes in your area, and are free you should go.

      1. lana ward December 26, 2012

        What I’m saying is true, check it out “honey” then you go take your meds!! And bite yourself while you’re at it!!

        1. lexi001 December 26, 2012

          You have quite the arsenal of phrases in your vocabulary! Bite me seeming to be the most repetitive one, or possibly the only one you have. Aside from concern over your paranoia and deteriorating mental health, no one listens to anyone who hasn’t at least 20 words to express themselves!!

    2. Mary Martinez December 26, 2012

      Lana Ward, President Obama and Eric Holder are not trying to take your guns away. You need to iron out your underwear. We just don’t need for it to be so easy in obtaining assualt rifles and large MEGAzines. It WILL cut down on mass murders. Think of others not just yourself.

      1. lana ward December 26, 2012

        Omuslim doesn’t want us to have those guns because we will need them to protect ourselves FROM HIM!! He is going to use them on Americans. Wake up stupid

        1. lexi001 December 26, 2012

          You’re serious, aren’t you? You are frightening because it appears you are loose and able to roam the earth with normal people.

          1. lana ward December 26, 2012

            I,m serious and I’m right!!

        2. grammyjill December 26, 2012

          You really are an unthinking dipshit aren’t you. Obama is not trying to take all your guns away, and he never has tried. WE want a ban on large clips and assault weapons period. You are so caught up in that lying bunch of assholes on those worthless websites wnd and pat dollard that you can’t even see the truth. WE THE PEOPLE want these guns that are only PEOPLE KILLERS taken off the market. Bambi and Bullwinkle ain’t shooting back so you don’t have any reason to have such a thing.

          1. lana ward December 26, 2012

            The Dems in congress have those weapons–what’s good for me isn’t good for thee, dipshit!!

          2. iowasteve December 29, 2012

            Talk about spouting talking points with no original thoughts – I have read this quote about 15 times in this page alone. Why is it that republicans can’t think for themselves or come up with any original thoughts – they (every one of them) have to quote something either heard on fox news or one of the talk show wannabe leaders of the free world but couldn’t muster enough votes to even get nominated guys like Rush or Hannity or the worst of them all Beck.

          3. lana ward December 29, 2012

            Why is it dems spout off talking points with no original thought-MSM brainwashed robots. Everyone of them have to quote something that the MSM has said. Free thinkers, those dems

      2. David Brown December 26, 2012

        Lana is just the type that needs a 30 round clip. She has difficulty distinguishing between reality and is angry with everyone that doesn’t think like her. Between her racism an lack of command for simple english words, she represents a level of inteligence somewhere near the fourth grade level and an emotional level of about a six year old. Big guns must have a provide a real facination for her.
        Let’s make sure that all of our mentally challenged have access to big guns.
        Oh, and Lana, just in case you don’t under sarcasm, that’s what that was.

    3. lexi001 December 26, 2012

      Your ignorance and racism finally appeared in this last post. It’s hard to hide, isn’t it?

      1. amazonfan December 26, 2012


        She couldn’t hide her racism and ignorance if she tried.

        1. Hillbilly December 26, 2012

          Lana Ward isn’t a she, it is a he and he is especially upset in his postings today. He really needs to get a mental health check up. He is really showing signs of mental health problems. If it isn’t mental then he is upset because he didn’t get the assault rifle and a thousand bullets he wanted for Christmas.

      2. lana ward December 26, 2012

        It’s true!! Check it out before you call me a racist.–YOU RACIST. Omuslim is making it easier for illegals to get guns while wanting to take ours away

        1. lexi001 December 26, 2012

          Again Lana, it’s your vocabulary that gives you away. Omuslim? Where do you suggest everyone “check it out”? Fox News or some Alec society writings?

          1. lana ward December 26, 2012

            Pat Dollard and WND

        2. WhutHeSaid December 26, 2012

          We know drooling, racist Satan-worshippers when we see them. Enjoy your eternity burning in Hell — you’ve earned it.

          1. lana ward December 26, 2012

            Your obsessed with satan. See what listening to Omuslim has done to you!!!

    4. WhutHeSaid December 26, 2012

      It’s clear that you worship Satan. I sure hope you like warm weather, because you are earning a one-way ticket to Hell for sure.

    5. iowasteve December 29, 2012

      Lana – how about in stead of spouting off FOX quotes – you post some kind of “political neutral” proof of your statements. Like about illegals buying guns easier and maybe the one that Obama is taking away your guns to use them against us?? It’s no wonder that the NRA refuses to answer the questions about how to handle mentally ill people not getting guns or other ideas for gun control background checks – most of their member’s would no longer qualify for a gun.

      1. lana ward December 29, 2012

        It is most always people with illegal guns that shoot people, so don’t be stupid. Everytime thugs kill, the NRA is attacked. Members qualify for guns. The MSM is brainwashing people about the NRA, just as they do everyone that disagrees with them. They should all be hung. Reporters, yea right

        1. iowasteve December 29, 2012

          Two funny but interesting things about your response to me, Lana, first – the guns used in the Movie Theatre was not only LEGAL they were legally owned by the shooter – and the guns used in the CT school shooting was also a legal gun. Something in common here is LEGAL gun. What I see that is more to blame in these situations that seems to be in common here is the fact that the legal gun owners were NOT responsible gun owners. Something the NRA doesn’t want to talk about. Now for your last couple of sentences – they prove the point that the NRA supporters are complete and total idiots AND should never have a gun – you spouted off that the NRA is getting attacked without reason – then you (an NRA member) suggested violence against news reporters. My my my how violent NRA members appear to be. And THEY have guns??? Maybe we need to take guns from violent people and give them to mentally ill people – I know mental patients who are not as violent as some NRA and republican part members are.

  5. lana ward December 26, 2012

    Illinois has strict gun control, yet Chicago is the worse city for gun violence. 7 shot Christmas Eve. Gun violence up 49% from last year. Thugs will ALWAYS have guns. Maybe they will all shoot each other, but no, mostly the innocent get shot!!

    1. CtLawGuy December 26, 2012

      Gun violence in Chicago up 49% since last year? Wasn’t the McDonald v. Chicago decision made by the supreme court about a year ago? The one that overturned the city’s gun ban?

    2. Vernon Sukumu December 26, 2012

      The secret service agent who was guarding saint Ronald Reagan had guns.

      1. lana ward December 26, 2012

        Your kidding!

        1. lexi001 December 26, 2012

          Kidding about what lanabrain?

      2. iowasteve December 29, 2012

        I believe that Kennedy not only had armed secret service but half the Dallas police department was surrounding him. Please don’t keep telling me that more guns would help – or that ONE armed cop in a school will stop this. It won’t and you all know it – but it does help take the attention off your assault weapons. Doesn’t it?

  6. lana ward December 26, 2012

    Guns ARE NOT allowed in Chicago, but 440 school age students were shot this year!!! Thugs will always have guns but in Chicago law abiding citizens are sitting ducks.!!! Way to go dead fish Emanual,your city is doing great

    1. WhutHeSaid December 26, 2012

      Satan must be so proud of you. I’ll bet he has your fiery home all ready for you, perhaps even with your own personal ‘jacuzzi of fire’ to relax in after a hard day of bigoted lying.

      1. lana ward December 26, 2012

        I;ve never heard of anyone so obsessed with satan!! You need help!!

  7. lana ward December 26, 2012

    Finestein, Joe Manchin, Schumer and other Dems say no one needs a gun with a 30 round magazine– but that’s what they have for protection. It’s good for me, but not for thee. Fuc**ng Dem hypocrites!!!

    1. Mary Martinez December 26, 2012

      Lana Ward you need Professional counseling ASAP. Why are dems hypocrites. You must be unemployed and drawing a check from some government assistance otherwise you would be upset that the republicans are going to cause your check to shrink.

      1. lana ward December 26, 2012

        They’re guards have these guns and No I don’t get a welfare check or food stamps, so go bite yourself. Check it out Dem idiot

      2. David Brown December 26, 2012

        You have to understand the Lana is afraid. Fear is the largest driving factor of paranoid, Faux News watching, gun loving cowards. This is the mind set that finds Commies under the bed. They are driven and fueled by irrational fear and no amount of reason can reach them because they never had the inteligence to exercise reason. It’s sad. but over the years I’ve found it to be all too true.
        Every once in a while one wakes up, realizes that the principles they hold dear have been systematically destroyed by the party that they “believed” would support them. Then they are left with nothing but fear in a sea of uncertainty and they only tangible thing left in their existence is their guns and bible. Reminds me of the unfortunate but real comment about what people cling to. Regards.

  8. lana ward December 26, 2012

    Gun controls’ biggest mouthed advocates are the most heavily protected by guns!!!

    1. WhutHeSaid December 26, 2012

      Satan is very proud of you.

      1. lana ward December 26, 2012

        Thank you!! Check out–Pat Dollard– and–WND, coward

  9. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

    I gave up my membership back in the middle 70’s when Wayne Lapierre took over! He has RUINED the NRA from what it was about before then. I, seen this coming for years and Lapierre is a domestic terrorist with his rant on gun ownership.
    I’ve watched him and his wife go to Africa just to slauter animals he had no intention to eat. Just for the KILL…. That’s totally sick and a mental illness at that.
    No one has ever tried to take GUNS away from anyone! No one needs an ASSUALT weapon for any reason other than war. If you own one, then your mentally sick and need 0 guns in your position, ever. As a 30-06 and a 12 guage will take care of all your needs in this country! For hunting and self protection.
    No lame ass excuses! That’s it, just those two.

    1. 13observer December 26, 2012

      Wayne NOBODY cares what the fuck you think! You got out of the NRA and we members are ALL better for it!!!!! You are too stupid to figure out that the gun grabbers want your guns to!!!!!!! ALL GUNS IS WHAT THEY WANT!!!! Just ask them!

      1. Jim Hyder December 26, 2012

        A hater with a gun, like you, should turn them in before they kill someone that matters.

      2. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

        You care dick head, you responded! Ha Ha See your a lying M.F***er

        1. lexi001 December 27, 2012

          You all sound demented. Also, get rid of the profanity. If you can’t express yourselves without using foul language, that means you can’t express yourself, so don’t.

          1. Wayne Wilkins December 28, 2012

            Ah Lexi,
            Who says it’s FOUL or PROFANITY language??????? Who made that rule that those words are bad? Some preacher in some Christian church?

          2. lexi001 December 28, 2012

            Wow, Wayne. Where did you come up with that? Some preacher in some Christian church. No, it came from me.

      3. iowasteve December 29, 2012

        They want your guns? That’s the new talking point of the NRA, which is why the NRA is loosing big shot members like George Bush and other top republicans. In fact, the is the reason Bush stated in his letter resigning from the NRA. It’s a lie – it’s a bold faced lie and even republicans KNOW it’s a lie! Stop spreading the lies! I know it’s hard for a GOP supporter to stop doing it, it’s embedded into their minds – but you have to stop it at some point. You will feel better then.

    2. 13observer December 26, 2012

      Wayne, do you know how many people own assault weapons? They are not at all sick! You are just to big of a pussy to handle one! You don’t dictate who owns what, the Constitution does!! If there was a “call to duty” you would probably run and hide your coward ass under your girlfriend/boyfriend’s dress!!!! You are no true “PATRIOT” but a coward communist loser!!!!

      1. Rene Rivas December 26, 2012

        You sound like a raving uneducated, beer chugging lunatic. It’s not about being a macho man and saying that a person can handle a stupid weapon that makes this a civilized society. It’s the dignity of human life. The respect of what god has created, that should not be destroyed by man, that is the discussion here. The only reason the constitution states that we should bare arms is because it was written in a time when there was only lawlessness in this country and you needed to have one to walk down the street. We live in 2012, where we have police and laws to handle crime, and the crazy nuts that break them. The only thing you are doing by pushing that a 3 yr old have the right to a semi automatic weapon, is making it the method of choice to release your anger on whom ever pisses you off. It’s the Lunacy of people like you that pushes us closer to this country disintegrating into total chaos. What!?, it makes your balls big to say that Wayne is not a patriot and a coward because he, like many in this country, don’t want to be burying our children from a sick “patriots” anger management problem. Your statements makes you look arrogant, uneducated and an all around bone head asshole…..You sound like a parrot repeating the vomit that comes out of the leaders of the NRA that are only interested in making money for asshole like yourself.

        1. 13observer December 26, 2012

          The lefty commy losers all blame “making money” as the root of everyone’s problems when in fact “making money” is why you got a job bro! What about the “Arab Spring”? If people can’t bear arms, how in the fuck can you stop a government that has run a muck? That is why the framers of the Condtitution intended for the people to bear arms of “equal force” so we were not using muskets against military weapons! The fact of the matter is that you like most of the gun grabbers don’t know shit about the Constitution, gun owners, patriotism or our capitalist society!!!! Communism doesn’t work anymore!

          1. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

            Hey Dumbass, the Constitution DOES NOT say you can have a GUN! It states you can bare arms! That can be swords, knives, spears, not guns! It also states that the MILITIA can bare arms you idiot, NOT YOU! As the MILITIA is your state police and National guards!
            Besides you don’t know how to spell IDIOT! It’s AMOCK not A muck…….. And it’s not BEAR, that’s an animal it’s BARE….
            LEAVE MY COUNTRY!

          2. onedonewong December 26, 2012

            Another lib who thinks he can read and interpret the constitution. Better stick with something you know about like homosexual sex.
            The 2nd amendment was a direct lift from the British bill of rights. The reason why the 2nd amendment was included was to insure that all the rights in the constitution could be protected from those who fear a Republic. The founders were very astute they knew that over time someone would try and eliminate the citizens rights as Barak is doing. They wanted them armed to take back the country form this petty dictator

          3. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

            Your TOTALLY mentally sick and pure lies. Go get an education before you totally waste all your life!

          4. onedonewong December 26, 2012

            That’s waynee another uneducated liberal slob

          5. iowasteve December 26, 2012

            I’m not too sure I agree with you either – the founders had no idea we would have these kinds of weapons. And if you want to quote the first amendment then quote it in it’s entirety. I believe the written word is “WELL-REGULATED” and it was written to prevent a foreign country from attmepting to take over the USA – NOT OUR OWN GOVERNMENT – who is the idiot here anyway? Right-wingers are all about eliminating the citizen’s freedoms as long as it is to increase their own wealth and benefit – but God forbid, something fair, equal and honest is suggested, then the rest of us are all commies. Tell the women in this country that you support protecting american’s freedoms – yea right. As for abortion – you only worry about little ones until AFTER they are born, then to hell with them – they can be killed by mass murdering – a republican in AZ thinks that unruly teens should be sentenced to the death penalty in court – and gun owners beleive that kids should be killed in schools because the church is upset about removal of prayer in the schools. Does anyone honestly believe that those kids in CT would have survived if they said a prayer or pledge to the flag that morning prior to the killings? It was your false leader, Romney, who said schools should get rid of half the teachers and school budgets can be cut in half. That will definitely help out in this type of a situation won’t it? Who will pay for the guards at the schools? Surely not those gun owners. How many gun owners are going to pass a background check and volunteer to patrol a school all day? Who will be the first to accidently shoot a 7 yr old when the gun goes off by accident. Don’t tell me it doens’t happen – it already has. Gun do NOT belong in school – either by bad guys or good guys. You don’t like regulations on guns, but you guys are the first to scream we need to add regulations to keep mentally ill people from having guns. Who’s going to keep the sane gun owners from giving access to the mental cases? This is getting too long – but I think you get the point – well probably not since you support the NRA.

          6. onedonewong December 26, 2012

            Stevie I realize that this conversation is more than likely over your head but the topic is about guns. the 1st amendment was about freedom of the press, assembly or the establishment of a religion.
            The founders weren’t concerned about the development of weapons they were concerned that the govt may one day take away the rights they established in the constitution. It was never written about the fear of some other country and was founded in the English bill of rights that owning a gun was fundamental right of every freeborn male. Your attempting to rewrite history to justify your opinion. Time to smell the coffee and READ the words.
            The kids in CT would have survived if the nut was in a nut house, just like the guy in Western NY who killed the firemen. He killed his mother with a hammer and was released after 19 years…That’s what’s nuts about this country.
            The right wingers are about eliminating citizens freedoms fair equal or honest??/ WHAT??? Who are you to decided what is fair honest or equal?? If its written in the constitution you no fear of losing anything to them. However that’s never the lefts agenda they are all about Taking others rights whether its guns, their money, their freedom of association, their right t be free from discrimination. Its libs who want to take those rights away.
            You mention abortion and see no problem with murdering 1 million innocents a year and then complain about some one taking YOUR Rights away REALLY REALLY??
            Those gun owners are the taxpayers of this country and will end up funding the police. I can tell you who won’t fund them its the dem base the same 47% who pay no taxes and leech from the producers of this society.
            The gun owners have done NOTHING wrong its the loonies that the left loves that are the cause of all these deaths..but heck we don’t want to stigmatize them no sirree its better to go after the 100 million who obey the laws and pay taxes

          7. iowasteve December 27, 2012

            That was great – I never could have written all of that unless I was quoting some right wing nutcase. In case you didn’t notice, I was QUOTING the 2nd amendment – I obviously read it. And since I have, I would recommend that you do because I have been unable to find the words you used written in there anyplace. I, at least quoted it for you. And what did I quote which was NOT written in there.
            Now, as for taking away freedoms – you once again mention that the dems are taking away all of those freedoms, when in fact, it ist he republicans whom just finished a year long campaign pretty much talking about every one of those freedoms being taken away under their watch and, in case yo didn’t notice, the majority of people in this country didn’t like what they were trying to do. And again with the forty-seven percent bull shit??? You have got to be kidding me. The largest user of public assistance is in the south (republicans) also, the largest majority of that forty-seven percent are children, school students, retired people, and military on active duty. So, again I will repeat that the republicans are only interested in babies until AFTER they are born, then they can all go to hell unless they are paying taxes – and high taxes with no deductions as well. I have said over and over again in the past year, eliminate all deductions – but by all I mean for the rich as well – everyone pay a flat tax and no deductions – I will support that – but I refuse to support that oil companies like EXXON pay no taxes on billions in profits and then receive a few million in tax refunds on top of it and have someone like Romney tell me it is fair.

            YOUR constitution allows for freedom for all Americans without exception and you cliam that it is the dems that don’t want fair, honest and equal??? It’s the republicans that are fighting equal rights for everyone, including women and gays.

            And, unfortunately, it doesn’t look very much like the republicans are going to change before the next election and it’s going to hurt them once again. The people in this country has spoken and unfortunately, the ones who should have been listening are still stone deaf.

          8. onedonewong December 27, 2012

            In case you didn’t pay attention you said the 1st amendment but what the hey as far as the liberal elite are concerned the constitution is nothing more than a dam piece of paper that holds them back from a truly communist society. I paraphrased the 2nd amendment I know it by heart. When I was a lad we read and understood the constitution while you spent all your time on the communist manifesto.
            The 47% isn’t BS in fact that number is at 49% and climbing under barak but once again your a lib and facts don’t matter
            The largest user of public assistance in this country are the colored, while only 12% of the population they comprise 38% of those on welfare. Illegals now account for 8%.
            Where did you get that military and the old are part of the 47%?? let me help on your premise I call Bullshit. The 47% number hasn’t been disputed even the communist state run media concur.Can you name 1 freedom that Republicans were attempting to take away?? You mean not allowing illegals to vote?/ Ending the slaughter of 1 million babies a year?? amazing that libs have no problem killing babies but want murders to go free, do you realize how stupid that argument makes you looks??
            The republicans aren’t denying gays any rights they just want their deviant behaviour kept in their home, its the dems that want to teach it as normal behaviour.
            The republicans don’t need to change they only need to pass a strong voter ID laws. No picture ID no vote. That will eliminate 10-15 million dem voters

          9. iowasteve December 29, 2012

            Facts do matter to me – I work with facts – so lets talk about facts – of course you can’t just make them up like republicans do. That forty-seven percent (forty-nine now I guess according to you) includes americans who are in school, seniors on SS, military on active duty and very low income people – who (by the way) DO pay employment taxes and every single other tax that you and I pay. So, this isn’t a case of munching off society in almost every case. Those kids – you know the ones you so wholeheartedly protect until they are born – then screw them and call them worthless moochers of YOUR tax money. I do not condone homosexuality – however, they are Americans protected by the constitution just like the rest of us and if they wish to do what they do, they have the same rights as the rest of us – until a republican decides that they can dictate and remove that freedom. If you are not going to follow the constitution (other than the few parts you like), then stop quoting the rest of it to the rest of us – we are not interested in your petty arguments for something you do not need. The government is not taking over your life and is not turniing into a dictatorship and going to take your guns or put you in prison just because you are you. Paranoia is a very serious mental disorder and I believe gun owners suffer from that more than any other afliction – meaning you should not be legally able to own a gun either. I’m sorry but the person who shot the firefighters should not have been released from prison – where are you gun-nutjobs in protesting this early release program??? You will use it to justify that guns are not the problem, but to actually fix the problem, you offer nothing more than that all mental people should be in jail. That’s once, again taking a freedom away – until they do something wrong, they are not violating any kind of a law, are they??? You republicans are all up in arms because you believe that we have passed a law which allows for incarceration of Americans without trial and for no reason indefinitely – this is EXACTLY what you want to do with people just because they have a mental situation – talk about the pot calling the kettle black??? And finally, in your last rant – you proved t hat most republicans and gun-nuts are racist. Racism is also a mental disorder – everyone you want to be eliminated from society or prevented from owning a gun – you are one of. I don’t want you owning a gun either – you scare the shit out of many people in this country. Finally, just because Thomas Jefferson said something doesn’t mean he was right. In fact, there were some real winners in that congressional congress – there were slave owners (racists) – there were womanizers – war mongers – just about everything many of us despise were in the congress. Although they wrote and created a magnificent piece of art in the constitution and declaration of independence, they were still not the best group of guys representing the average American – or…. maybe they were just exactly that. And there hasn’t been an uprising against the government since we fought against the Brittish a few hundred years ago. I’m not too concerned about our own government. I’m very concerned about our republicans IN THE government.

          10. Duarte Rosa December 27, 2012

            Sorry Steve you fail!
            “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
            The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
            wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
            they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
            it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
            And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
            warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
            resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
            to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
            in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
            time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
            It is its natural manure.”

            Thomas Jefferson November 13, 1787

          11. Max Overton December 27, 2012

            Actually, BEAR can be the animal or ‘to carry’ as in ‘bear arms’. BARE means naked.

          12. 13observer December 27, 2012

            Wayne, sorry I didn’t get back to you right away but I was busy defending our Second Amendment freedoms from idiots like you! It is obvious you have not read the Second Amendment of our Constitution or the “bears” wouldn’t be arming themselves! You are right about the intent of the language just the same as the Supreme Court ruled that knives, swords, spears, AR-15s, AK-47s or ANY means consistent with or (matching force) of our military. Just like in Switzerland where the citizens are required to have a machine gun at home and know how to use it!!!!!!! All of you gun grabbers that see the “black helicopters” comming to kill everyone with “assault weapons” and the NRA takes over the world types are just “assault-o-phobes” scared of guns and people with them!
            The saving grace will be when all the Mexicans have a greater political influence and GOD is put back in our schools and the Catholic faith dominates all religions here and children are taught “morality” in schools and crime is reduced not by limiting the ownership of guns but buy cleaning up the sinful acts of man. There are two things Mexican males love……………. guns and alcohol and Mexican women do as the men tell them. I believe God and Guns are going to be an even bigger part of our lives and with us for a VERY, VERY, VERY…………. LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          13. Duarte Rosa December 27, 2012

            You are so ignorant, its bear arms, not bare ass, (you know that thing you do when you see your boyfriend) find a tall building and jump!!

          14. Wayne Wilkins December 28, 2012

            Duarte, Your the ignorant one! BEAR is an animal! BARE is to show off, Like taking your clothes off.
            You have BARED your brain and there AIN’T much there…. Just a mass of gray matter.

          15. ....... March 2, 2013

            Your ignorance of the laws of the land is beyond reproach…It’s a grave injustice to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great Nation…Please take the time and read about Americas history, and her writings that have given so much to those in need…Take sometime and become better informed….The internet can be a great tool to enrich your mind and learn,,,,

          16. Charlie Watkins December 26, 2012

            “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”
            When this was written, it was the law that every Man had to belong to a “well regulated militia”.
            Since that law no longer applies and you don’t belong to a “well regulated militia”. In my opinion you DON’T have the right to bear arms.

          17. 13observer December 27, 2012

            “Sorry Charlie”…….pardon the pun but I the “opinion” of the Supreme Court which trumps your opinion, says we do have the right!!!!!!!!!!!! Because we would need weapons equal to our military to overthrow a tyranic government (Arab Spring) (supported by Obama)……………… is the reason for the “right to bear arms”! Don’t get sucked into this Communist bullshit the liberal media has laid out for you. Think for yourself……….. the NRA represents the interests of gun owners and PATRIOTS OF OUR COUNTRY …………. and the liberal media only represents its own interests….COMMUNISM!

          18. Duarte Rosa December 27, 2012

            Pull your head out of your ass!!

          19. Wayne Wilkins December 28, 2012

            He’s absolutly right! The MILITIA now is the State Police and the National Guard! NOT you M.F.
            Ha Ha Ha Ha See there’s people that do know how to read, but not you!

          20. ....... March 2, 2013

            Your wrong, it doesn’t take much to learn our countries history, especially with the use of the internet…As I stated above, the militia was comprised of three segments as it was originally written,,,1) the Regular Army, 2) the Organized Militia ( Nat. Guard now), 3) the Un-Organized Militia (civilians), and the latter two were to be as well armed as the Regular Army, in defense of the country should they ever be needed,,,that is “as it was written” back then,,,The Nat. Guard would later become funded not only by their respected states, but also by the Fed gov. thru the Dick Act of 1929 and subsequent Acts later on…

          21. ....... March 2, 2013

            your wrong on the “militia” part,, as what was written back then, the militia was composed of not one, but of three parts,,,1) the Regular Army, 2) the Organized Militia (which at the time was the National Guard as it is known today), 3) the Un-Organized Militia (civilians) which for #’s 2 & 3 , were to be as well armed as the regular Army was armed…The National Guard would later in the late 20’s start to become more controlled by the feds for War time service thru money appropriations for weapons, gear & uniforms,,,

        2. onedonewong December 26, 2012

          EXACTLY I’ll give up my assault rife just as soon as abortion is outlawed. Over 1 MILLION babies are murdered every year and the libs and Dem’s CHEER as if its something to brag about …What a sick bunch of killers

          1. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

            onedonewong, If you were half as smart as your buddy ( 13 observer ) you’d be higher in the trash pile!
            Unwanted children are ABUSED Children! So guess your all for abusing children that the mother didn’t want!
            Your a walking hypocrite about the abortions and killing, which contradicts your Bible. You’ll see people executed, people sent off to war but your against ABORTION???????? You non thinking Mental Midget! Walking, talking contadiction…….
            I, bet you abuse your kids! Or maybe you were UNWANTED and grew up being abuse yourself. Anyone that’s as radical as your talking has had to be abused!
            Cause no sane person acts anything like you and your buddy!
            YOUR A DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY as is Wayne Lapierre…

          2. onedonewong December 26, 2012

            Ohh I didn’t know that they were abused children so it makes sense to off them, that was the same justification Hitler gave for the holocaust. You travel in rarefied company
            They is a big difference between executing some one who committed a crime and a baby that has done nothing. If your unable to see the difference then you really are one sick individual.
            talking radical no waynee I’m a taxpayer its something you know nothing about

          3. Doctor T December 27, 2012

            Bet you killed some fetuses yourself wearing protection, right? Please spare the rest of us your self-righteous BS.

          4. onedonewong December 27, 2012

            Sounds like your Momma hasn’t had the birds and bee’s conversation yet with you…you’ll be shocked when she explains it to you.

      2. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

        I’ll tell you who the PUSSY is you! You Mother fucker! I, know how to handle one as I was in Vietnam for 27 months. Your the UNAMERICAN you whimp ass. You have to hide behind a gun where ALL weakasses hide! That’s your manhood as you have no other manhood about you!
        Besides your being a BRAIN WASHED MENTAL MIDGET and a chicken shit, your the COMMUNIST! Trying to scare all with your manhood guns! Bet you carry a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other!
        I am a hunter and have been for over 50 fricken years. I, sold firearms in sporting goods store most of my life! I, use to own a sporting goods store in Lake Tahoe you asshole.
        Lets see you put your manhood picture up here so all can see what a real PUSSY you are!
        What wars were you in?
        Your the DISGRACE of this country! Your the DEMISE of this country! Your the MENTAL ILLNESS of this country!

      3. iowasteve December 26, 2012

        Wait – you’re talking about Ted Nuggent now, aren’t you????

      4. Charlie Watkins December 26, 2012

        “I have come to realize after a week of reflection, that not being a cop or an active duty soldier, I have no legitimate need to possess an assault rifle.” – Lt Col Joseph A Ruffini, Ret

        As a retired military man myself, I agree 100% with the Col. In fact let me go one step further. A civilian has no legitimate need for a semi-automatic weapon of ANY KIND. For self protection a revolver or 12 gauge shotgun will do just fine, for hunting, a bolt or lever action rifle is adequate. Without a semi-automatic weapon it is highly unlikely that an untrained civilian could have killed 26 people.

        1. 13observer December 27, 2012

          I have come to realize that you are a fucking disgrace to the uniform. I commend those that fought and died for our freedoms like the Second Amendment however, If you were still in the military, I would have you locked up for treason! By the way, it is not for you to decide what we the people should have as weapons….the Supreme Court has already ruled what the Second Amendment means!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. iowasteve December 29, 2012

            before you spew any more nonsense about the supreme court – go look up the real history of that decision and the back-cases. You will find that the original decision of the SCOTUS was actually NOT what you have been posting – it was revised some time later due to pressure from republican controlled congress. Don’t keep running your mouth and expecting that nobody would check facts here. YOUR FACTS ARE SCREWED. When you have actual facts to back you up – then come back and argue. Just like the FACT that Japan and Australia has the toughest gun control in the world and have the lowest number of gun violence and deaths in the world. Gun control actually does work if implemented properly. I have been saying this over and over here and other places and not a single person replies to it because it is a FACT and cannot be disputed by the republican rhetoric – so it will be ignored. If a republican was to reply to it, then the gates of hell would open and they would loose so they just ignore facts when they are against their outpourings.

        2. Duarte Rosa December 27, 2012

          You don’t even know what a semi-automatic weapon is you fucking clown!!

    3. Jim Hyder December 26, 2012

      Wayne I believe there is a Sportsmans’ Weapons Clubs now. I believe they teach gun safty and have done a great deal to help the image of gun owners.

      1. 13observer December 26, 2012

        Jim, as usual……….you don’t know shit!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Doctor T December 27, 2012

          It’s folks like you who are so enraged they go to their assault weapons cabinet and go out and shoot something or some one. Chill out, dude!

          1. 13observer December 27, 2012

            Farthest thing from my mind bro! My assault weapons are for blowing shit up not people! It’s fun to just shoot up a bunch of shit. The very last thing on my mind would be to use it to harm someone…….in fact, I don’t have a concealed carry permit but respect the right of others to do so. Just like I respect the rights of smokers even though I don’t smoke myself. I will not apologize for my passion for the Second Amendment or the love of guns. It may appear in my writing that I am pissed off because of gun control advocates and their sleezy way of trying to dupe the public into a “feel good” approach to gun violence. For the Godless folks……………. twisted morality is settled by violence, and guns are just another tool to carry out their evil.

    4. 13observer December 26, 2012

      Wayne be truthful, you gave up your NRA Membership when you joined the Communist Party and like so many in your Party…..wanted something for nothing….you know ….like what Mitt Romney was talking about the 47% and you were to fucking cheap to pay dues so they threw you out! Maybe Odumba can legislate a law that demands they give you membership and the taxpayers could pay for it! You make my ass tired with your sleezy attempt at disarming the public……….hey did I tell you that the NRA is signing new members at a record pace……………good job LaPiere…………….we will put these commies in there place. You will find out what “MANDATE” Odumba didn’t have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

        Damn IDIOT, you don’t even know how to spell Lapierre… You need to shut the fuck up! Your sinking yourself with your ignorance! Lack of EDUCATION…

        1. onedonewong December 26, 2012

          He did correctly identify you as a Communist though. Why not wear your badge proudly??

          1. Doctor T December 27, 2012

            See you are spewing your hate and stupidity again today. Have a great New Year!

          2. onedonewong December 27, 2012

            Just having a discussion with a bunch of mental midgets…but thanks for playing you look like your 2 ft tall you must be their leader

          3. Wayne Wilkins December 28, 2012

            Onedonewong, Your so fricken stupid that you have to use my phrase ‘ Mental Midget ‘ come up with something of your own! Know you can’t….

        2. Bill December 27, 2012

          Wayne paying any attention to 13observer and onedumb fuck is a complete waste of time and energy. They don’t put their names to their comments so I assume it’s because they are angry little chicken-shits that don’t have the balls to put their name on their comments. The other common thing these cowardly little shits have is they think they are clever in making some name out of Obama. All this shows is their low level on intelligence and their juvenile minds.

          1. good muslim January 14, 2013

            @Wayne and Bill do not pay attention to 13observer, he was a fascist who want to be proud of the guns, but afraid to use real name, he is a coward.

          2. Kenneth Curran January 23, 2013

            I’m not afraid to use my name, but you are does that make you a coward

          3. Kenneth Curran January 23, 2013

            Hey Bill my name is on my comments, and btw, 13 observer is probably a reference to a military MOS 13F which is forward observer, and i guarantee that 13observer is sworn to protect your right to talk crap to people on the internet. I would also like to say you guys make yourselves sound ignorant, and uneducated when you swear and talk trash to other people simply because they have different views than you. If you don’t like guns move to canada eh’

        3. Duarte Rosa December 27, 2012

          You are a true Communist without a doubt ..You don’t even know what a clip is, what a dumb fuck!! Barack Obama just called, he needs you to get back ASAP, he needs his dick sucked again. BTW the “P” in LaPierre is a capital you dumb ass clown!!

        4. justice and peace December 29, 2012

          I’ve got nothing to do with the NRA, but YOU should learn how to spell “you’re,” and your friend should learn how to spell “their.” So there.”

        5. Don Coe January 15, 2013

          Wayne, your just another hypocrite idiot, who can’t even spell slaughter, and by the way, a 30-06 does a lot more damage than a puny .223 so called assault rifle. Duh!! Who the hell do you think you are , Diane Frankenfienstein, to tell anyone what they can own to protect their family and home.Suck my machinegun ,Punk ass Liberal douchebag!!!

        6. ssgduke_11B January 17, 2013

          Try and educate me ……..Wayne?

        7. Kenneth Curran January 23, 2013

          -I don’t think the word Lapierre, is in the dictionary considering its a name, therefore an education would probably not be able to assist him in the spelling of a french surname. Anyway Wayne if the federal government and police are able to have AR15’s to protect themselves, and criminals well they can just get them illegally…. I do not really see the harm in letting citizens have them. Also the right to bear arms is an unalienable right! that is protected by the second amendment to the constitution of the united states where we live.
          -The reason is to protect us from tyranny “ya know the people that have drones that can fire missiles into your home at night with deadly accuracy.” the second amendment is not about hunting.
          – I see it as we don’t have a chance at defending ourselves from the government anyway and I hope nothing like that ever happens but JUST IN CASE why take away any small chance we have. Either way nothing will happen because we have an unalienable right that shall not be infringed.
          -Oh and I agree a 30-06 will do just fine, i would just prefer my 30-06 to have a 30 round magazine capacity and be semi automatic.

          1. Virginia Nancarvis May 8, 2013

            The Second Amendment was not included to protect us from a tyrannical government.

            While the Supreme Court ruled the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed..it does not protect it from being regulated any more than the First Amendment..hate speech, slander, libel and certain forms of pornography are not allowed. It appears gun advocates have no trouble clinging to the Second Amendment as if it were their guns but completely ignore the provisions in the Constitution that:

            Article I. section 8. Congress shall have the power…To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the
            Laws of the Union, suppress *Insurrections and repel Invasions;…*(insurrection: an act of revolting against civil authority or an established government…insurgent: a person who revolts against an established government)
            To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the
            Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

            Section 10. No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not
            admit of delay.

            Article III. Section 3.

            Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War
            against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and
            No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two
            Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

            The Constitution is very clear that rebelling against the government with an act of insurrection is forbidden.

      2. dslocum December 26, 2012

        Bravo, Wayne Wilkins! It’s good to hear a voice of reason.

        And to “13 observer”, you have validated my worst fears about the ignorant and impressionable sheep who fall for the extremist propaganda of La Peirre as members of the NRA. Your inarticulate rant demonstrates that you cannot think for yourself. That makes you the perfect fodder for control freaks like La Pierre. His singular goal is to make more profits for the arms dealers which, in turn, provides more money for gun lobbyists. He’s all about control and you are just another victim, unable to think for yourself.

        1. 13observer December 27, 2012

          Just remember, the NRA ALWAYS has the last word! I do think for myself but collectively the members of the NRA put people like you back in their place by PROTECTING our freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment of our Constitution and the our soldiers who paid with their lives to keep it. Its a shame people like you piss on the graves of our fallen heros just to fulfill your Communist Agenda. The Veterans of this country should be outraged by your pathetic actions against our country. God will punish you and your kind for your sinful deeds!

          1. dslocum December 27, 2012

            Don’t insult our veterans by attempting to put the NRA on equal footing with them. The military protects the country. The NRA’s position regarding assault weaponsdamages the country and its citizens. And it’s all in the name of profit for arms dealers. It’s a national disgrace. The NRA destroys – the military protects.

          2. 13observer December 27, 2012

            You fucking Communists don’t understand why the Veterans fought to preserve our Bill of Rights, Constitution!!! Because we believe in FREEDOM and you don’t!!!

          3. dslocum December 27, 2012

            You are very good at name calling, but not much else. Don’t you have any original thoughts? Clearly, you are one of the many brainwashed sheep of the NRA.

            I thank God every day for the Veterans who fought for our freedoms. I do not believe they were fighting for the right of individuals to carry and use military weapons. They fought to keep us safe, not to put us in more danger.

          4. 13observer December 27, 2012

            That is your opinion…………………… in my opinion, …………your opinion STINKS!

          5. Doctor T December 27, 2012

            I would wager you never served as a soldier for the USA.

          6. D. January 17, 2013

            Excuse me, but even the Supreme Court’s decision verified the need for limits.

            As far as your using veterans in your rant, I have two uncles and a father-in-law who served in WWII and another relative who was career military, serving in Kuwait and Iraq. I’m not a Communist (God, that’s so unoriginal) and I’m more moderate than liberal, yet I believe what the President has proposed is reasonable, not any kind of threat to the Second Amendment.

          7. 13observer January 18, 2013

            Look, here is the threat if you don’t believe me; google United Nations Small Arms Treaty and discover what Mr. Obama really wants to do with our Second Amendment rights. Also, check out the “complete” language contained in the “assault weapon” ban and see what in fact it restricts!! It reads about like his “Obamacare”…………. no one knows what it says but will get to feel the pain (after the fact). It is the same old players in the anti-gun crowd. No dictator likes subjects with guns, never have never will! Oh regarding background checks and evaluations for the purchase of guns (this is a slippery slope) …..BUT….. we MUST also start requiring ALL subjects to submit to a psyco analisys before becoming a naturalized citizen, getting a drivers liscence, VOTING, teaching, receiving an ABORTION, receiving welfare of ANY kind including unemployment, to hold public office etc. This will truely ensure (like the responsibility of gun ownership) that ALL Americans are compltely and personally responsible for ALL their actions thus making us ALL safer as a result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is what I call REASONABLE!!! Who could argue with that? Not those calling for stricter gun control, thats for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          8. Virginia Nancarvis May 8, 2013

            It specifically states in the U.N. Small Arms treaty..that it in no way affects the laws of each country that signs it. It is not directed at domestic sales of arms within a country..but a way to prevent illegal sales across borders. The assault weapons ban was already law for ten years and was allowed to run out..so Congress was quite aware what was in it as very little changed. It is hypocritical that those who oppose a gun registry are fine registering those diagnosed with mental disorders..an extremely difficult diagnoses even by the physicians trained to make them…because a wrong diagnosis is extremely harmful to that person…let alone in a database. It is much simpler to register a gun and allows law enforcement the ability to follow a gun purchase if it is used in a criminal act. All this does is require the owner of a very dangerous piece of property (whose only purpose is to maim or kill..whether it be a target, animal, or human) to be responsible handling, storing and keeping it away from those that could cause harm. We require loads of regulations and insurance for vehicles manufactured for transportation because of its potential to cause harm. It is ludicrous that there are no sensible regulations on owners of guns.

      3. Doctor T December 27, 2012

        Yes, you are so” wise”! You guard your weapons as though they were your pacifiers. Why don’t you try sucking on the barrel sometime yourself, hmmm?

        1. Wayne Wilkins December 28, 2012

          Doc T, then he can pull the trigger for his orgasm…….

      4. good muslim January 14, 2013

        tell your senators and congressman to support gun ban.
        Obama will not take away your gun. you can still have a six shooters, a shotgun and a hunting rifle. we do not need an assault rifle, with more than 8 rounds of ammo.
        those killers who massacre human in Columbine, Colorado,and Texas use high powered guns,must be banned.
        Never mind Obama won the election . we must do something about this killing machine.
        N R A lobbyist of a gun fanatics , killer.

        Did you know that more than 48,000 Americans will be murdered with Lies and guns during the next president’s term and Republicons ,and N R A have never presented a plan to deal with it?
        Join me in demanding a plan from the Republicon congress to end gun violence in America

        Here are five of the NRA’s biggest gun industry backers who have contributed $1 million or higher. They include the biggest financial contributor — MidwayUSA, a distributor of high-capacity magazine clips, but also oil and gas companyClayton Williams Energy, Inc. Other gun industry donors include Beretta USA Corporation, Pierce Bullet Seal Target Systems, LLC, and Springfield Armory, Inc.

        1. 13observer January 14, 2013

          Hey “Good Muslim”, if you think I am such a coward, perhaps you will provide your address and will come and show you! Hey, why don’t you and your communist friends boycott the businesses that contribute to the NRA. I’m just fucking sure they will hate to loose the business they didn’t have in the first place! Ha Ha! Idiots. You will have wasted a lot of time when you find this administration is powerless to enact any effective gun “CONTROL”. Sorry for any inconvienence this may have caused you but we really loved having you on today’s show and have some wonderful parting gifts for you including a lifetime membership to the NRA. I think our audience and staff can say your stupidity is most entertaining! Thanks for the laughs looser.

      5. mac macey January 21, 2013

        13observer, grow up and become 18observer.

        1. 13observer January 22, 2013

          Is that the best you’ve got? Really? Did you listen CLOSELY when Bill Clinton warned Obama against an “over reach” on guns? This will certainly doom the party in 2014 because Clinton remembers 1994 and how it was then!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Virginia Nancarvis May 8, 2013

            The Republican have won elections for several reasons for the past thirty years..blame everything on the big bad government…blame the poor…spew hatred…propagandize and divide and conquer. It was effective…This past presidential election was run on the internet. Sane rational citizens have become aware there are a faction of our country that are just bat s..t crazy, are easily brainwashed, worked up into a frenzy and will vote.

      6. Virginia Nancarvis May 8, 2013

        Yes I just read membership dues have been reduced…lol

    5. 13observer January 14, 2013

      I almost forgot you were out there so, SHUT THE FUCK UP WAYNE!!!!

    6. 13observer January 15, 2013

      Wayne, did you get that horse and buggy yet? Because that is all you need to get around today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just watch out for those 18 wheelers Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha! The environmental whackos (your friends) would love to have everyone driving a horse instead of cars!!!!!

    7. 13observer January 15, 2013

      Wayne, I am telling you God damn it, you don’t need to drive a fucking car! What say you?

    8. Doug January 20, 2013

      Wayne, like everyone else you’re entitled to your own opinion. When discussing a media and anti-gun lobby fabricated term such as “Assault weapon”, it would be helpful if you could spell it correctly. Personally, I agree that the Second Amendment protects our right to own bearable weapons equivalent to those of the current military. They don’t even use the .30/06 anymore. 🙂

    9. Kenneth Curran January 23, 2013

      Also Wayne, your 30-06 might be in the assault weapons ban sure you read through the fine print of the legislation, the feds might be coming for your guns too lol

  10. Rich39 December 26, 2012

    In around 1965 many sportsmen/hunters said they needed to break away from the radical NRA and form or start a organization for people who loved hunting, target pratice, antigues guns, and pistols. NOT WEAPONS made for killing humans. You could see the gun shows changing from regular guns to weapons.
    Here it is 2012 and nothing has changed.
    People get sportsmen mixed up with the gun nuts.

    1. lana ward December 26, 2012

      The guns for killing humans are the ones Omuslim is going to use on Americans. He doesn’t want us to protect ourselves from him!!

      1. David Brown December 26, 2012

        Look out!!!! He’s hiding under your bed… no in the kitchen cabinets. Oh man, yodu are so screwed.
        Not by Obama but by your terified tiny little brain. LOLOLOL. Good luck you scared pathetic thing.

        1. lana ward December 26, 2012

          I’m not scared. I’m warning numbnuts like you! But instead-go bite yourself, then have a nice day.

          1. WhutHeSaid December 26, 2012

            Good job doing Satan’s work. He’s very, very pleased with your racist lying and some day he will call you back to your fiery home.

        2. 13observer December 26, 2012

          Yes, you probably gave the same advice to the Jews before Hitler killed six million of them! Oh and there are no “illegal aliens” here and 911 didn’t happen………………where in the fuck did you come from Einstien?

          1. iowasteve December 29, 2012

            911 was totally put together and arranged by GW Bush – so in reality – no it didn’t happen. AT least not the way most believe it did. But that’s another story.

        3. 13observer December 26, 2012

          From the looks of your photo I see why you’re not scared of anything…………… you would just fucking EAT whatever threatened you!

      2. Rich39 December 26, 2012

        What kind of drugs are you on? Or when you get to high school next year you will learn a lot about our nation. Or I hope to learn something. Good Luck.

      3. Jim Hyder December 26, 2012

        Haters with weapons of any kind need to give them up. Because they might even off themselves out of a jealous rage.

        1. 13observer December 26, 2012

          Haters? well you can’t be a “lover” because you are to fucking ugly to attract anything but flies PROFESSOR!

        2. lana ward December 26, 2012

          Haters with weapons of any kind need to give them up. Like that’s going to happen. You need to tell Omuslim this. He has millions of weapons to use on Americans

      4. MRD1056 December 26, 2012

        You and 13observer are the exact reason we need an assualt weapons ban. You two are not smart enough to own any weapons! Go down to your bomb shelters and hide, perferrably for ever.

      5. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

        He needs it, cause your fucking crazy!

        1. lana ward December 26, 2012

          He’ll use them on you too!! No, No he won’t, cause you’ll go right along with his communist agenda

      6. iowasteve December 29, 2012

        LOL – and exactly where did you get the idea that the government is coming after you with WMDs??? This is directly from the NRA manisfest – sounds like a chapter from the KKK warning whites that the blacks are coming. However, after the latest nice thing the KKK did concerning the Baptist Church protest of the kids killed in CT funerals, I’m thinking better of the KKK. You want Christian principles back int he schools – one look at this WMBC church group will definitely change MY mind. I’m ashamed to even say I’m a Christian with those nutjobs running around.

        1. lana ward December 29, 2012

          The government has stockpiled millions of weapons to use on Americans. They have had them for some time. And check out what Jerald Nadler, dem in the house said about violence against citizens by the government. As for the WBC, they are satanic, NOT Christian.

          1. iowasteve December 29, 2012

            Shocker – I actually agree with you on one thing – WBC. I checked that Jerald Nadler dude – didn’t hear anything from FOX about government violence towards citizens – I did hear a very nice interview about gun control – and he is for it in the same areas that I am for it. I’m not for taking guns away from everyone – especially hunters – but there are things that need to be changed in the gun sales arena – period. I think that if your type would sit down and actually talk/listen to the other side with an open mind – that, unfortunately is not something that the other side, and especially the NRA member is going to be willing to do. The NRA brainwashes it’s members with lies. It is quick possible that both sides can create some kind of new regulations – not necessarily laws – per se – but new regulations concerning the purchasing of guns. And, yes, there is no good reason for guns for any other purpose than self protection of the person and their home and family – and, hunting (of course). I have nothing against hunters – I grew up hunting with my grandfather – however, there were no semi-auto guns involved – there were no handguns involved – and we shot one or two rounds at a time then reloaded. I can assure you that if someone breaks into your home and you need to defend yourself, I’m positive that a 22 rifle will do just as much damage – especially at that range as a 22 handgun would do. The rifle will kill the intruder – so why do you need more than this? A 12 gauge shotgun will kill the intruder. I see no reason for 9mm handguns for home protection. I see no reason for AR-15 for h ome protection – OR to hunt with. Some people hunt deer with a cross-bow – I’m sure a shotgun will do just as well. Some people use muzzle loaders even. They work – they don’t require background checks and can be purchased by anyone over 18. I’m not sure I agree with that either – but that is an example of something that would not create mass murder of dozens of people in just a few seconds. Hence, we have not kept anyone from protecting themselves or from hunting for food, but possible helping to cut down on the number of multiple gun deaths in a short period of time. Don’t you think if you are shooting an unarmed people, they should at least have a CHANCE to get away between shots??? I suppose not though.

          2. lana ward December 29, 2012

            The government is stockpiling weapons for mass murder. the article was on the site PAT DOLLARD a couple months ago, it can probably still be found there if you type the title in. Pat Dollard is where the article is with Jerrold Nadler saying the gov. has the right to legitimate violence against rebellious citizens. Rebellious in what way is what I want to know!!

          3. iowasteve December 30, 2012

            OK, I looked up this Pat Dollard person – seems this idiot is nuttier than the NRA!!!! Of course he would be concerned about the government coming after him. I would be very very concerned if he had a gun, knife or even a drivers license and car. You asked about government having legitimate violence rights against rebellious citizens – well it’s Pat Dollard they would be referring to and I would agree with the government 100 percent! This jerk off called for VIOLENT REBELLION against not only the government, but the news media as well!!!! Lana – if you follow this kind of a nutcase, then you too should give up your arms voluntarily before someone gets seriously injured. The constitution gives you the right to peaceful assembly and to petition the government for redress and even to protest the government or anyone else you want – but the constitution does NOT give you he right to threaten the sitting POTUS or the government and certainly does not give you the right to publicly threaten any private citizen(s) with violence! That is a very real example of a mental disorder. Every time I hear an NRA or republican speak, I understand more and more what the term “mentally ill” means. This is the real reason that the NRA or any of it’s members refuse to answer any questions or offer any comments on eliminating any ability of a mentally ill person to get a weapon – including at public gun shows. It would prevent over half of their membership from buying one at all! I would be much more afraid of Pat Dollard and his followers than I would the government. If the government succeeds in gaining any kind of gun bans you can look to your heroes there to put the blame on someone. It is people like him that requires the POTUS and his family to have extra secret service protection and guards around them at all times.

          4. lana ward December 30, 2012

            Omuslim has no respect for the constitution. It doesn’t mean a thing to him. He is god and can do as he pleases. When he changes it, we have every right to stand against him. He knows that’s what will happen, and is ready to have mass murder like all the dictators. He is an evil, evil man and hates America. I can’t believe how he has fooled so many. I thought the American people were smart

          5. iowasteve December 30, 2012

            I’m not aware of anything he has done to the constitution for one thing. For another, I stand by my statement that you are in the wrong if you believe that you can violently attack the government and you believe it is ok to publicly state that you are going to go forward with that threat. The American people are smart enough to know when someone is going to do more damage to them and this is the reason YOUR leader didn’t get elected. You talk about the government taking away rights – it was YOUR RMoney and his republican cronies who were and still are trying to take away the rights of minorities – including women. If Romney would have been more honest and hadn’t appeared to be the jerk he really is – he may have had a chance to get elected. The GOP really needs to change their ways or else there may be no GOP in the future. Americans are very smart – they knew enough not to be duped by the real enemy. It is a mentally ill person who talks about riots, rebellions and kill people – the same type of illness that possessed the killer at Sandy Hook. And as far as I can see most of the NRA members have this same illness. You appear to be included in this sickness. If Obama wanted to take away your guns he would have done it already, he has proven he will do what he believes is right and he has also publicly stated that he is not against the 2nd amendment – but AS IT WAS WRITTEN. There is nothing in the constitution that provides any absolute right for ALL Americans. There is also part of the constitution that states – quite clearly that ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL. And they are endowed with certain rights that the government cannot take away. The GOP has been trying to take away those rights for a decade now and it’s about time they stop. But I refuse to state that I want to use force to make them see the error of their ways – like the NRA people like to do. You, sir, are a very dangerous person and really should not be the owner of any kind of gun. The only reason the NRA is against mental screening is, as I stated prior, because they would loose a lot of their crazy members.

          6. lana ward December 30, 2012

            Americans are hypnotized zombies, look what’s in the WH

          7. lana ward December 30, 2012

            Since Omuslim has been Pres, gun sales have risen and so has NRA membership. People know what is doing to our rights, and not just guns. He is an evil fraud, but it will be too late when America wakes up

          8. iowasteve December 30, 2012

            Your two responses really crack me up – the first one doesn’t even need an answer – typical GOP response to any real questions. As for the second comment, gun sales went up because the NRA started telling lies and making excuses – and they are very happy that gun sales went up – they make tons more money when that happens. As for evil frauds and zombies – the only ones I know of in DC sit in the congress on both sides of the aisle. Not sure what rights you believe Obama has taken away though and I asked that question before to which you really had no reply other than to continue to repeat the talking points of the right wing nut jobs.

          9. iowasteve December 30, 2012

            And talk about taking away our rights???? The Patriot Act was created by GW Bush. The warrentless wiretapping of Americans was also started by GW Bush right after 9/11 and the republicans currently are refusing to eliminate that. That particular law was put into place without Congress approval as well. So, I’m really getting tired of this Obama taking our rights away crap – it is totally the GOP wanting to control everything we do and say and has always been that way.

          10. lana ward December 31, 2012

            This is what Omuslim is doing, taking over everything. He is becoming dictator-not pres

          11. iowasteve December 31, 2012

            Figures, I respond with information about who actually is responsible for taking our rights away and you ignore the whole thing and continue to insist it is Obama – he hasn’t taken anything away from you.

          12. lana ward December 31, 2012

            He will get his nose in everything, he’s already got it in half of the countrys’ business. He IS a dictator, Not pres

          13. iowasteve December 31, 2012

            Hmm – you have nothing more than that – and no proof of your statements – so I’m just supposed to buy this and move on. I’m going to move on – but only because you refuse to answer direct questions – and you have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to gun control and the President. You are no better than the rest of hte NRA nutcases who cannot answer simple questions – but insist you are right anyway – just because the NRA says you are. The NRA has their nose in half the country’s business too – they must be a dictator by your definition.

          14. lana ward December 31, 2012

            It’s just as important for our kids to have security as it is for Omuslims’ kids to have it.

          15. iowasteve December 31, 2012

            That surely is not taking anything away from you and his kids are in a much different situation than your kids are. With nutcases from the NRA running around threatening him – his family should be protected and every president before him had and deserved the same protections. I’m sure you don’t really believe that other Presidents who had kids did not have security with them at all times as well. If you do, then you are continuing to prove how ignorant you are. You, as part of the GOP group, are hell-bent on eliminating funding for schools – just where do you think the money for armed guards at schools will come from anyway? Or are you suggesting that only the school your kids go to should have them. Also, in case you didn’t know it Columbine DID have an armed police officer there and the bad guy still got in and did what he intended to do. I’m not too sure how you believe putting more guns out there and around small kids will actually help the situation. I’m still waiting for the answer to my question as to why the NRA is against every gun sold being registered and the purchaser having background checks. I’m not getting much from any of you gun-nuts on this. There is nothing coming from the NRA in the way of solutions – OTHER than MORE GUNS! And a bunch of excuses about if we ban guns things will get worse. It seems the facts don’t quite prove they are right. I have also suggested someone explain Australia and Japan’s gun laws working so well. Of course, that gets ignored just like my questions to you do. Stop making stupid statements and start answering the questions and maybe we can have a meaningful discussion on this.

          16. lana ward December 31, 2012

            Teachers that only teach our kids about sex DO NOT deserve more money, they deserve less! We have thrown so much money at schools, and the result is dumb kids. If Omuslim would quit giving millions to support mosques around the world and quit giving billions to the UN , we would have plenty of money to protect our kids. His priority is muslims, not Americans!! Your other question, I don’t know, you’ll have to ask the NRA

  11. howa4x December 26, 2012

    It is really up to the 4 million responsible gun owners to reject the message of the NRA. Once they do it enmass then you will see change.

    1. 13observer December 26, 2012

      Are you fucking kidding me? 4 million gun owners??Have you seen the record purchases of firearms lately PROFESSOR? It’s out the roof and NRA membership is at a record pace! The public has figured out your kind…… with your schemes to disarm them of ALL GUNS!

      1. howa4x December 26, 2012

        You watch way too much Fox and probably listen to Limbaugh, Beck or some other ass. Nobody wants to disarm anyone. We want background checks to seperate law abiding citizens from criminals, and terrorists. We want to limit magazines to 10 rounds, and only child killers want more. We want rational gun laws that protect innocent people from you gun nuts, militia members, and mental cases. Is that too much to ask for?

        1. 13observer December 27, 2012

          Are you fucking kidding me? Nobody wants to disarm anyone? There are already background checks……but if Obama does those checks like he does “immigration”………. no wonder there is a problem!!!!!!!!!!!! We gun nuts get our rocks off shooting up stuff period!!!!!!!!!!! NOT CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!! Those are mental cases and this is why we will NEVER have a serious discussion about gun control because the liberal media and other types like to paint with a broad brush and “deamonize” gun ownership in America! The “gun control people” truely want to take ALL GUNS from the public!!!!!!!! What the fuck do you think the NRA has been fighting for too many years?

          1. howa4x December 27, 2012

            What planet do you live on or is it some alternate universe? there are no background checks at gun shows or on internet sales. The Colorado shooter got his 3000 rounds of ammo via the internet. Why is that such a problem for you NRA types to have checks done at those sale sites. That is all people want. Not everyone in america wants to own a gun but wants to be protected from those who do, and that is the issue. That is why people refer to you all as gun nuts, unwilling to comprimise. The other issue is large magazines. Why do you need to have a semi automatic that can fire 300 rounds in less than a minute? Is this a guy thing? Do you all have erection issues? Larry Platt of the gun owners assoc said that his group wants assualt weapons to take out a government that his members don’t like. So should people allow assualt weapons be given to groups that want to take over the country? That is sedition. Why should we as a country allow people to be better armed than the military? What are you all so afraid of? Is it the black helicopters from the UN whose armies are so inept that can’t protect anyone. Or is it something out of the Turner diaries? We make everyone register a car even if it is sold between 2 people so why not a gun? I want to hear what compromises you want to make. What regulations are you comfortable with? This idea that you want no regulations won’t fly anymore. Everybody knows that your organization is funded by the gun industry and that their goal is to sell more guns. This is why every idea the NRA comes up with involves more guns.So instead of finding ways together on how we can keep guns away from mentally imbalanced people, your answer is to arm the teachers. More guns will solve everything right? That is the only answer you can come up with. This is why no one takes you seriously.

      2. Charlie Watkins December 26, 2012

        Actually it would be easier than you think. The US Military has killed way more than 4 million combatants, most of them were well regulated, trained and experienced, your 4 million are not. Nor are they as well armed as they think they are. If the US Government were to act on your UN-JUSTIFIED fears, and unleashed the US Military against your so called patriots, they wouldn’t last a week. Ask Iraq’s Republican Guard.

        1. 13observer December 27, 2012

          Really, ask the parents of the soldiers from Russia and US whose children were brought home in body bags from Afganistan how tough the civilian rebels were!

          1. iowasteve December 29, 2012

            Hmmm so we are right all along, it isn’t your concern about the killing of innocent people, that’s just another talking point to make your case look better. Because if push comes to shove, you will also start mass killings of innocents just to hold your own ground with the military. My guess is if that should ever come to pass (and it won’t), it will be you NRA nuts who will kill the most civilians and citizens – not the military. And I also agree with Watkins, that little conflict won’t last a week. I’d be surprised if your little NRA militant group would actually last a whole day. You don’t have several countries supplying you with aid – you have a small group of “leaders” who would run and hide faster than lightning and leave you all out there to die. I don’t think I would rely on those who have been lying to you for all of these years. You will loose. Period.

  12. Charles Ray December 26, 2012

    I was an NRA member in the 60s, and felt then that they were over the top on the issue of who should have guns and what kind, so I tore up my membership card and burned all my copies of their magazine in protest. These guys are worse than a simple bunch of gun nuts, they’re a bunch of mindless, clueless, greedy idiots.

    1. 13observer December 26, 2012

      You were just too cheap to pay the membership dues so they threw you out! Cheap fucks like you are waiting for Odumba to “give” you all the freebees he promised you for your votes!!!!

  13. 13observer December 26, 2012

    All this media lefty liberal communist attempted gun grab has lead to is record gun sales, more people aware of the threat to the Second Amendment, more people vigilant about our Constitution and a HUGE recruiting tool for NRA membership!!!!!!!

  14. Barbara Alvarez December 26, 2012

    My father was a proud NRA member. He was also a staunch Democrat who, when the NRA used his proxy vote in a way he disagreed with, resigned his own membership.

    This happened well over 30 years ago, so, even before 1983, the NRA took stances and actions that reasonable gun owners disagreed with.

  15. LeftyfLiberal December 26, 2012

    The NRA understands money. Maybe mass resignations of members would open their eyes a little. Maybe. More guns would save more lives? Nancy Lanza is dead. All the weaponry at Fort Hood didn’t stop a mass shooting. LaPierre (and his kind) has some kind of mental or cognitive disorder. Or he’s simply a greedy scumbag all dressed up to look nice.

  16. nostalgia December 26, 2012

    Mental illness is a crisis in this country.Just read these posts if in doubt.

    1. lexi001 December 27, 2012

      Have you ever said it best!

  17. 13observer December 26, 2012

    Like LaPiere said when he tortured David Gregory on “MEET THE DEPRESSED”; we spend billions on training Afganistan Police and we are too cheap to ensure the safety of our children………..then don’t bitch when they get shot up! The liberal media used the slain children as political pawns in a sleezy attempt to gain momentum in their latest gun grabbing scheme!!!! Some in the media have said there was armed security at Columbine when they were attacked…………..flash…remember two things…………. 1.) the “assult weapons ban” was in full force and did nothing to prevent the tragedy…..and 2.) the armed security were not “armed” sufficiently! If security and police are “outgunned” it is their own fault!!!! as they can afford to meet the challenge. You won’t stop all automobile fatalities either or many other examples….but know this; “the existence of freedoms and liberty come at a price”!

  18. nostalgia December 26, 2012

    Live by the sword-Die by the sword. Gun control is essential in legislation that should have been passed years ago.Ak-47’s and the like should have been banned many many lives ago. Ask the widows of all the law enforcement officers. Do you think by doing nothing that the problem will disappear? God bless America–Please quit letting our children die needlessly. Who’s side do you think law enforcement is choosing? I can assure you–not the money wielding NRA’s!

  19. nostalgia December 26, 2012

    13observer–I think your rants about firearms are basically your ignorance of facts.Blame everything on the “liberal” media. We’ve all heard this usual crap from the NRA. Your quote “Don’t bitch when the children get shot up” gives us all a good idea about how many guns you should own.Also your mental status.

  20. USMCBLACKOPS December 26, 2012

    MY FELLOW AMERICANS: This is NOT about Guns it is about Self Protection and Freedoms, The mistake that the NRA has made was to not volenteer weapons training for any and all Teachers that still believe in the Constitution of thiss Country and the Rights and Freedoms it provides, it is NOT ABOUT SELLING GUNS as the NRA is not a Gun Manufacturer or FFL to the General Public.!!! I gave up My Membership 2 Years ago for the Gun Owners of America,Not for any other reason than the GOA fights the Hardest for the Rights and Freedoms that My Fellow Marines and Military have Fought and Died for since 1775, “WAKE UP AMERICA” it’s about Obama and the other Subversives take over of America. The Government says that this frail 20n something carried multiple “ASSAULT”weapons and a High powered Rifle and “HUNDREDS of ROUNDS” of ammunition and numerous “LARGE CAPACITY MAGIZINES” as well as a Hand Gun to the School, and “NO ONE” saw him or stopped him.? with this young mans Physical charactistics it would be impossible, and if He did He’s the Best I’ve seen, this seems more like ACCEPTABLE CASULITIES,In the Governments eyes to Pass their Nonsense laws and to DISARM the AMERICAN PEOPLE, Thank You for Your time, A Marine and a Patriot

    1. Wayne Wilkins December 26, 2012

      Marines don’t lie! Your not a Marine! As your a flat ass liar!
      President Obama has NEVER EVER tried to take away anyones guns! EVER M. F***ER! He’s not trying to take them away now, EITHER so your whole rant is pure bullshit! And I doubt that you’ve ever been a MARINE!
      Your suppose to RESPECT your Commander in Chief! If your a Marine, you’d know that.
      Your just another mentally sick mental midget that has to lie to try and be heard!
      If you have to lie, that shows real mental problems and your guns need to be relieved from you possession!
      So where did you fight? I, doubt if you’ve even been in the military……………

  21. lexi001 December 26, 2012

    Pat Dollard the drug-addicted drunk and WND, favored with words of wisdom from Glen Beck and his ilk. Everyone was right; you are insane.

  22. lexi001 December 26, 2012

    Listen Lana, I’m not even being nasty. I really think you need professional help. Please at least look into it.

  23. USMCBLACKOPS December 26, 2012

    WELL WAYNE,I don’t know how old You are but I know this You must have been educated on the Comunist and Nazi way of life, the only MENTAL REJECT IN THESE COMMENTS>”IS DEFINATELY YOU” and for Your information any Military Man or Woman takes an Oath to PROTECT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION first, and that “OATH” prevents them from following a Tyranical Government no matter who is IN CHARGE, so You Ignorance is really showing here and anyone that has to use the Big bad F word here and spout the Nonsense You do should Understand that what You are Saying anywahere was Given to You by the Men and Woman that HAVE PROTECTED YOU RIGHT TO SAY IT,with Their Blood ,and deaths, and Yes You Twitt,I am and ALWAYS WILL BE A U.S.Marine. and Yes I was and will be one of the one that Protect Your Right to say this Crap. & since You like the F word so much, GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A PROPER EDUCATION ON HISTORYand the CONSTITUTION. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU CANNT READ A PARAGRAPH WITHOUT twisting it up in Your Sick brain and responding to things not even stated. Also Wayne I fought on 3 seperate Continents, Where did You fight and what branch were You in Wayne or were You just a whiner as You are here ???????

    1. Wayne Wilkins December 28, 2012

      I was in Vietnam for 27 months, dick head!
      What 3 continents?

      1. USMCBLACKOPS December 29, 2012

        AND WAYNE after all that time You still havn’t learned a God Damm thing.

  24. Charlie Watkins December 26, 2012

    After reading all these comments, I conclude that these gun advocates are just the kind of people that don’t need to be armed. They’re more frightening than the thug’s.

  25. 82833 December 27, 2012

    13 observer sounds like the pro-militant type, at least it seems from the anger and hostility he is showing to Wayne. What you so hostile for, bub? Can’t take the heat of decent people voicing their opinions or taking action based upon them? You have to be a backwoods hillbilly who doesn’t have the honor God gave to a rat.

  26. MARK December 27, 2012

    I have never needed any help from the NRA to hold on to my guns or to excercize my second amendment rights.There is a cliff looming in the near future and I would like to invite Wayne LaPierre and his looneys to take a flying leap off the edge of it.

  27. 13observer December 27, 2012

    I think the “lefty liberal” elected officials will be pre-occupied with trying to save face for their Party while going off a fiscal cliff and getting bit by the “no new taxes” bug that they will have no time to worry about the gunphobic-paranoids agenda to disarm America!

  28. Vera Gengaro December 29, 2012

    Thank you!

  29. justice and peace December 29, 2012

    Sorry, take away that last quotation mark (lol).

  30. Floyd Dray January 12, 2013

    Mr. Wilkins, I do not believe you were ever an NRA member, or a hunter for that matter. Mr. LaPierre always gives his the meat to the guides or the locals. It is good to know that the radical left is alive and still putting forth incorrect information to all who is willing listen. Charlton Heston, John Charles Carter, stepped down as the president of the NRA in April of 2003. Now for the statement of ” No one needs an assault weapon” , even a stick is an assault weapon if I hit you with it. Need, the second amendment is a right, not a “need”. Now which one of the Bill of Rights would you like to “modify” next? Maybe the first? Or possibly the ninth? Modify one, then they are all worthless. Mr. Wilkins, be very careful in what you wish for, a supreme court judge my very well grant it.

  31. 13observer January 15, 2013

    Hey “Good Muslim”, Ahla is a phony fuck!

  32. Don Coe January 15, 2013

    Do you know how many people die from medical malpractice every year? Over 195,000. Maybe we ought to ban doctors first, then cars next. Over 42,000 die every year because of them.Then lets ban drug companies next, because 80% of the gun deaths every year are suicides, and a large % of those are cause by the anti depressant drugs pushed by the drug companies and the crimanal drug pushers , who are pretending to be doctors, but are the main reason health care is so expenseive because of the high cost of malpractice insurance which is passed to consumers. By the way, the only good Muslim is a dead one!

  33. Don Coe January 15, 2013

    Dam, you think this country is not lawless? What planet are you from? If you think the cops are here to protect you , just ask them sometime.They will be the first to admit , you are pretty much on your own until the get there to right up a report. In my state, the police have a saying,” An armed society, is a polite society.” Our states 4th Ammendment of our Constitution gives us the right to open carry of firearms , and has since the Civil War.We have very low murder rate compared to gun free zone states, so you figure it out!

  34. D. January 17, 2013

    You sound very much like a spoiled child. I can’t help but wonder whether to blame it on your age or your education. Are you not capable of making your point without calling other people names, questioning both their courage and their patriotism, and doing a print version of “foaming at the mouth?”

  35. D. January 17, 2013

    A right with limits. I suggest you read the actual wording of the Court’s opinion.

  36. D. January 18, 2013

    IF you did indeed serve in Vietnam, I’m old enough to personally know some Nam vets, but, though a few came home deeply troubled, most settled into normal lives and none of them rant like you do.
    You’d have to be in your 60s or even 70s. Hard to believe it because your posts are kind of immature. I would guess closer to the way a pre-teen or teenager would write.
    You say you’re angry but you also come across as a bit frightened, unstable, and paranoid. It’s not any way to live out however many years you have left, no matter what your age, and it’s not any way to present your case.

  37. D. January 18, 2013

    Wow, name change. But your profile gives you away.

  38. D. January 18, 2013

    Paranoid much?

  39. D. January 18, 2013

    Become President and your kids will get the same security, just as the kids of every other President have.

  40. Charles Williams January 19, 2013

    I gave up my membership in the 80s and then rejoined recently and so did scores of friends. Everyone i know who either quit before or never joined has now joined. I myself joined four orgs. Yes, the problems are not the guns but other things which you godless marxists very purposely want the rest of us to ignore. And now i see the clear pattern of marxists–disarm the public because its easier to control them later. I can tell by the comments in National Memo who is who now. The blatant marxist statements always get the highest Likes. Anything involving a free and independent mind gets the lowest Likes. You communists dont want the Constitution or God because then big government cannot control the rest of us with those things in place. But slowly people are waking up to the creeping communism and will fight back, i promise you. I voted for Obama without understanding he was a communist. I was fooled. His interests are not consistent with western values and you will be routed out.

  41. Charles Williams January 19, 2013

    What im sad to see is that we are being divided as a country between communism and so-called god-fearing people. We are going to lose the whole country. I do understand the allure of communism on paper, the basic principles are Ok but the long term result of communism is death to millions. Its been the case in all of history. We have to stop it, please wake up.

  42. Doug January 20, 2013

    I extended my NRA membership for four more years. They are the only organization with enough clout to put the brakes on nonsensical unproductive anti-freedom measures such as “gun bans” and magazine capacity restrictions. The guns are not the problem, nor is the NRA.

  43. 1inidaho January 21, 2013

    A mere handful of people compared to the hundreds of thousands that are joining to protect their rights in a grassroots manner. In regards to President Bush, his resignation was misdirected. It was former Congressman John Dingell in 1981 who, in session, first referred to BATF agents as “jack booted government thugs” after hearing disgusting testimony of abuses of private citizens. Quite frankly, anyone who doesn’t see the direction of the Obama administration and its tyranny has been drinking the Koolaid.

  44. Larry D. Morse January 22, 2013

    Too bad these gentlemen saw fit to leave the largest Civil Rights organization in the country. They apparently are pleased with the slide toward Socialism and the consequent loss of personal freedoms. Sam Adams summed it up best when he said, ” If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

    Larry Morse

  45. Eric Moerschel January 23, 2013

    850,000 new members last month.

  46. Eric Moerschel January 23, 2013

    850,000 new members last month

  47. tdm3624 January 30, 2013

    Although I have cringed in the past few years at how right wing the NRA has come across as, I do have to admit that if it were not for them, people like Sen. Feinstein would have been able to pass gun control legislation that is far more encompassing than the proposals on the table today.

  48. Mitchell Baxter January 31, 2013

    5 people who gave up their memberships, one of whom did so in 1995, another is an unnamed alleged “retired police officer,” and quite frankly, who is Dr. Lee Rogers, and why should anyone care what he does? Please! 5 people quit, and 250,000 just joined in the past month.

    If you want to quit, it’s a free country. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  49. electriczipper February 6, 2013

    Lots of folks have been fooled by the evidence against gun ownership which Dem leadership have been accomplises in the manufacture of by not enforcing existing gun laws that would help keep violent offenders off of the streets, & not protecting (other than their own schools) no weapons zones they’ve created. Till Dem leadership & their appointees enforce existing gun law & stop being accomplices in the slaughter of our kids there is no middle ground to come to and no justifiable reason to compromise. JMHO

  50. OPF16 February 21, 2013

    What I and my fellow law abiding citizens don’t need is more politicians telling us what we do, or do not need. And that includes you Mr Wilkins, telling me what kind of firearm I should or shouldn’t own and then insulting me if my decisions don’t meet your overblown sense of self-rightousness. It’s not about the “need” to own anything, whether it’s a weapon, or a fast car, or a big house, or how much salt to put in my food. When liberal democrats start fighting as hard for the constitutional rights and individual liberties of law abiding citizens as they do for their personal socialist ideologies, the need for organizations like the NRA will disappear. Until that day, the NRA, GoA, and CRKBA (look ’em up) will have my vocal and financial support, despite any issues I might have with Wayne LaPierre and his hunting ethics, or lack thereof.

  51. Democratman4life May 20, 2013

    Have you guys heard about these young children accidentally killing themselves or others because a gun owner have left a gun unattended? There shouldn’t be so many guns out there. All these madmen that are against background checks or gun control are the same people that when upset, fired, etc. will kill anyone and anything in front of them and then will cry insanity. Why do people need so many guns? We are so far behind other countries on this….I hate to see these massacres or accidents in which a legal gun was used, there shouldnt be any guns out there except for law enforcement officers….it is a ticking timebomb…

  52. hans.gerwitz June 2, 2013

    I have a lifetime membership that I intend to cancel, but it seems a waste to be just a membership shrinkage statistic. I’d love advice or ideas on how to quit in a meaningful way.

  53. noman1200 June 25, 2013

    The well regulated militia in 2nd Amendment is the all volunteer military of the USA. Not the inbred rednecks running around shooting anything that moves.

  54. noman1200 June 25, 2013

    drop a hellfire on the NRA’s HQ and watch the IQ of the USA go up and the killings go down

  55. jljbam July 31, 2013

    I like the guy who quit, but can’t say his name HAHAHAHAH!!

  56. ray ban aviator 3025 January 10, 2014

    Sure enough, he ran off every one of the quitters. Seventy-six boys stop throughout these ten times, and one other ten were too poorly hurt to play inside the opener. The Aggies went 1–9 that period, but two years later they went undefeated and finished fifth inside the nationwide rankings.

  57. Rocketanski October 22, 2015

    I quit because the NRA keeps compromising with anti-gun groups so they can appear “reasonable”. The ratchet effect will never end, guys.
    Now, all that membership-dues money goes to new guns and ammunition 🙂


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