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New York Escaped Convict Shot Dead By Police: Reports

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New York Escaped Convict Shot Dead By Police: Reports


New York (AFP) – One of two convicts who escaped from a maximum-security New York prison was shot dead by police Friday after three weeks on the run, according to media reports.

Richard Matt, 49, was killed by law enforcement and his fellow escapee David Sweat, 35, was still being pursued by police, CNN reported.

The shooting took place in Franklin County in upstate New York, where police had focused search efforts after several reports the men had been spotted in the area.

The inmates used power tools to cut their way out of their cells at the Clinton Correctional Facility before dawn on June 6 in a spectacular prison break, triggering an intense weeks-long manhunt in the state.

Authorities said earlier Friday the pair might have been heading toward Canada, and warned border guards to be on alert.

The hunt was centered in an area about 50 miles from the prison and roughly 30 miles from the border with Canada.

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  1. MaatDPX June 26, 2015

    They were in the trusted section of the prison, had no weapons, and it was not a good thing they were shot. It seems more a witch hunt for TV ratings. Reminds me of “Fahrenheit 451”.

    1. drdroad June 26, 2015

      I think I’d need a LOT more information than this article to make that assumption.

      1. MaatDPX June 26, 2015

        @drdroad, good point. I was thinking they had no weapons when breaking out, and no way to obtain them through normal means. But since they were breaking into resort cabins, they may have found hunting rifles or something.

        1. Rubendlct June 26, 2015

          And of course, being escapees give Police the chance to “plant” weapons where they get shot and then blame the guys for having weapons….Been there many times.

          1. MaatDPX June 26, 2015

            I bet the police ask for a raise. I hope they don’t get it.

          2. The lucky one June 27, 2015

            Escaped murderers deserve no consideration. Matt put his life at risk when he escaped. Should the officer confronting him have allowed to Matt join Sweat as a cop killer?

          3. MaatDPX June 27, 2015

            @The lucky one, they were in the trusted section of the prison, so at least one panel of experts determined they were not a risk. With cops being so trigger happy these days, with over 20 wrongful shooting in the last year alone, your preconceptions should be re-examined.

          4. The lucky one June 27, 2015

            Well your 10% estimate shows how wrong “experts” can be. Neither of these two deserved any kind of respect or consideration. The problems you mentioned are real but this kind of misplaced sympathy undermines realistic attempts at reform.

          5. MaatDPX June 27, 2015

            Who cares about these 2? That has nothing to do with it. The facts are these were trusted inmates, and they harmed no one in the escape, and yet we saw images of armored cars, machine guns, etc. It was clear they were going to be killed, and it was really just a circus to scare and entertain us.

    2. The lucky one June 27, 2015

      Ridiculous. They are both convicted murderers. One killed a cop and the one shot Friday was a sadistic multiple killer. Whether they are killed or returned to prison is all the same, the public will be safer.

      1. MaatDPX June 27, 2015

        @The lucky one, they were in the trusted section of the prison, so at
        least one panel of experts determined they were not a risk. With cops
        being so trigger happy these days, with over 20 wrongful shooting in the
        last year alone, your preconceptions should be re-examined.
        Lots of people in prison are innocent, around 10% or so is the estimate. And even guilty people often are morally or ethically correct in our modern society ruled by money and those who manipulate the rules for money. The public is not safer when anyone is shot. Sometimes there is no choice, but it does not make the world safer.

        1. The lucky one June 27, 2015

          Your 10% estimate is possible but these 2 are not among them. Do your homework. This is not a case of a young black man being shot because he’s wearing a hoodie. Matt was armed. His death may not make the world safer but speaking from the perspective of someone living in the search area I’d say it makes this neck of the woods safer.

          1. MaatDPX June 27, 2015

            @The lucky one, my original post was before I heard he was armed. But the point is it was clear they were both going to be killed right from the beginning. Their death does not at all make your neck of the woods safer, because your main cause of death is still going to be car accidents, followed by obesity, etc., with death by cop being still much higher than death by escaped convict. You are letting the media manipulate you.

          2. The lucky one June 27, 2015

            Your logic is faulty. Taking one drunk drive off the road doesn’t make the roads safe but yes it does make them safer. “death by cop being still much higher than death by escaped convict” That is because there are not many escaped convicted murderers at large. I recognize the problem with racist and/or poorly trained “trigger happy” police but we are talking abut two completely different issues here.

          3. MaatDPX June 27, 2015

            @The lucky one, if these escapees had harmed someone, you would have a point. But as far as we know, they might both have been some of the innocent wrongly convicted. Their past conviction is not very compelling evidence. You would have to bring up details of their cases. I don’t have high regard for our criminal justice system, with so many millions of people imprisoned.

          4. The lucky one June 27, 2015

            I did look at details of their cases. Not having sat on their juries I can’t say for sure but by all appearances they were both guilty. Sweat didn’t even claim innocence and if Matt wasn’t guilty it’s a hell of a coincidence that he was also convicted of murder in Mexico. I agree that the prison system is a mess and far too many people are in prison for victimless “crimes”. Justice in America is anything but fair and equal but believe me you wouldn’t want either of these two on the loose in your neighborhood.

          5. MaatDPX June 28, 2015

            @The lucky one. Good points. I may have seen “Shawshank Redemption” too many times.

          6. Independent1 June 27, 2015

            Sorry, But Matt and Sweat are no innocents; bot of them are serial convicts who have spend most of their lives since they were 16 in prison. Since 16, neither of them were out of jail for more than 4 years elapsed time.

            Sweat the one still on the lose is the most dangerous of the two. Not only did he participate in killing a deputy, after having shot him several times, Sweat jumped in a car and ran over him while he was still alive.

            See this article it’s pretty extensive on just how bad these two guys are/were:

            Running Over a Deputy

            The murders were ugly in their own way, outgrowths of crimes that did not yield much.

            Mr. Sweat was 22. He and Mr. Nabinger had been teaming up on burglaries. According to the authorities, the pair and a friend stole guns from a fireworks and firearms store in Great Bend, Pa., early on July 4, 2002. They were not subtle. They stole a pickup truck and drove it into the front door. Mr. Sweat had apparently done a careful sketch of the place and knew where to find what they wanted.

            Afterward, they huddled in Grange Hall Park in Kirkwood, N.Y., to move the weapons between vehicles. Kevin J. Tarsia, a Broome County sheriff’s deputy, spotted them around 4 a.m. while on patrol. When Deputy Tarsia approached them, Mr. Sweat and Mr. Nabinger shot him multiple times. The third accomplice hid in the trees. While the deputy was still alive, Mr. Sweat ran over him in his car. Then they stole his handgun and flares.


          7. MaatDPX June 28, 2015

            @Independent1, you make a good argument.

  2. disqus_Cc20uRF6eN June 26, 2015

    C-YA…………. N O T !!

  3. bhaggen June 26, 2015

    Good thing Matt wasn’t an African-American or the “black lives matter” folks would be all over this shooting. Police probably mistook his supposed large penis for a concealed weapon. Shot for being hung.

    1. JPHALL June 26, 2015

      You are such a loser. What’s the matter? Penis envy?

      1. bhaggen June 26, 2015

        Does it itch & burn? Try NEW Vagisil extra-strength!

        1. JPHALL June 26, 2015

          You tell me since you are the one suffering.

          Subject: Re: Comment on Breaking: New York Escaped Convict Shot Dead By Police: Reports

        2. lantanalenoxx June 27, 2015

          Isn’t that your brand of toothpaste? Or is it Nair you use?

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2015

      bhaggen…Suffering from side effects of an overdose of Viagra, are you? You did read the latest report on those Viagra side effects didn’t you? A racist like you ought to be a Viagra addict by now. After all, white males like you still think you won the Civil War and still think the government is your personal plantation, don’t you? Overload on the Viagra Testosterone and you end up with a penis implosion.

      1. The lucky one June 27, 2015

        I don’t Viagra has anything to do with it. bhaggen is just one incredibly stupid person.

    3. lantanalenoxx June 27, 2015

      Too bad you didn’t polish that knob when you had the chance.

    4. The lucky one June 27, 2015

      Wow, what a dope. Do mommy and daddy know you’re on the computer?

      1. bhaggen June 27, 2015

        No fools; I’m here in Ennetbürgen, overlooking Lake Lucerne showing my cousins how pitifully stupid Americans can get! And they’re not laughing. Just got back from a late-nite boat ride on the lake, gotta go….suckers

    5. BiteMeLiberals July 4, 2015

      Obama would have sent Holder up there to push the poor black man agenda.

      1. bhaggen July 4, 2015

        And Sweat was shot in the back by an officer while running away. Hmmm, didn’t that occur in South Carolina recently? Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.

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