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Endorse This: Carly Fiorina Is A Terrible Person

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Endorse This: Carly Fiorina Is A Terrible Person



Carly Fiorina may have gotten demoted to the undercard debate last night — but she came in first place for cringe-inducing smarminess, especially with this lowdown attack on Hillary Clinton: “Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband.”

During the post-debate media rounds, Chris Matthews felt obligated to get to the bottom of what Carly was saying. “I’m gonna ask you this: Do you believe the Clintons have a real marriage?”

Fiorina grinned as she delivered her slimy response — and then things only got worse from there.

“They’ve been married for a very long time!” she said.

Matthews asked again: “So it’s a real marriage?”

And again, Carly said with a grin: “They’ve been married for a very long time!”

“It’s a real marriage, then — you’ll say that?”

“They’ve been married for a very long time!”

“Why are you hiding from an answer?”

“I’m not — I’m answering your question,” Carly said, seeming to hold back laughter. “They’ve been married for a long time!”

“Because you brought up this very unpleasant subject—”

“Wow, Chris,” Fiorina declared, as she shook her head back and forth melodramatically, like some schoolyard taunt, “there are so many other things we could talk about!”

“Well, I’m quoting back to you what you brought up in the debate.”

Video via MSNBC.

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  1. Bob Brooks January 15, 2016

    Between Cruz and Fiorina I can decide which I one I dislike more. Perhaps, though, it is that awful woman, Carly F… I find her so offensive and so arrogant. She makes Cruz look like a Kind, warm-hearted person..

    1. Carolyn1520 January 15, 2016

      That is the only way any of them look close to good. 🙂

    2. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

      Maybe they tell her”oh no Carly, stay in the race! We neeeeed you.” Just because she makes them look at least superficially good.

  2. DOC January 15, 2016

    Why do we listen to people who have no chance of being president.

  3. johninPCFL January 15, 2016

    Hopefully Trump picks her as his running mate.

    1. idamag January 18, 2016

      He said she was too ugly to be president.

  4. Carolyn1520 January 15, 2016

    When you have to attack other people to make yourself look better, it only shows there is not much there to make yourself look good on your own. It’s why the republican party in general, is always looking for dirt and faux scandals. It takes the spotlight off their giant void.

    1. Ginger Sarmento January 15, 2016

      How true! There needs to be a law that forbids talking about opponents running for office…because their main purpose is to defile them. As a result, voters don’t really get to know the candidates since mudslinging is the only thing they see…especially among the REPUBLICANS. Their job is to tell us who THEY are, not who their opponents are…especially since much of their negative comments are untrue. If they really cared about their country instead of just getting elected, they would talk about what they intend to do (like Bernie Sanders does). I especially disliked her smugness and her avoidance of the interviewers questions. This is a perfect example of how she would handle the serious matters which face a President.

      1. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

        Fiorina is such a distasteful creep.

    2. idamag January 18, 2016

      Right on.

  5. joeham1 January 15, 2016

    It’s undeniable that Carly makes sense. She doesn’t have a chance to be president but her view on Hillary is right on. This country would be so much better off with a socialist like Bernie then a someone that lies lime Hillary!

    1. Bob Brooks January 15, 2016

      Bitterness over a rival’s importance and depth of experience spell heavily on Carly F.. She has not done very well with her life even though she is bright, bitter and .. Bitterness towards another seldom gets one recognition for long. She has a deserved place at the kid’s table. She is now free to complain that the turkey is too tough. Hillary would put C]Carly to shame, not with bitter petty nonsense but factual and meaningful experiences in the larger sphere ..

      1. joeham1 January 15, 2016

        I sensed no bitterness at all. Carly has a much better grasp of the issues. Hillary just says what people want to hear. She couldn’t even explain the difference between a socialist and a progressive. I realize for some reason your in awe of her, but let’s be frank about it, over 60% of the country thinks she’s dishonest because she is!

        1. Bob Brooks January 15, 2016

          Joe One thing is certain.. We will not elect Carly Fiorina. When I suggest bitterness rather then policy differences I do so knowing the difference. Her idea, Carly, to suggest that Hillary and Bill not spend enough time together and somehow that is worthy of talk.. You can have Carly… She might make a good Rotary club president.

          1. joeham1 January 15, 2016

            Bob I agree with you. Her acting like she knows what Hillary and Bills life is like steps over the line. Your also correct that she won’t be president. She doesn’t have a chance.

          2. Renfield January 16, 2016

            As a former Rotarian, I disagree that Fiorina would make a good chapter president.

          3. Bob Brooks January 16, 2016

            My father was a local Rotary president and I apologize suggesting that Carly F would be a good president for such an organization that does so much community good. Carly might be better serving a local Teamster Chap. President. She could use her sharp, barb tongue to berate and humiliate a plant owner that is giving the union a hard time. Perfect. Renfield, I agree and think better of Rotary then I do of Carly Fiorina’s best place to be or even better, stay home with her husband..

        2. lorilaj82 January 18, 2016

          No it just means the Republicans and the media that is slanted against her have been very effective in their propaganda campaign against her. It’s really a shame you can’t see that when you seem very logical unlike the zombie republicans on the other side. I know this, if you stand by that stance and unjustified dislike for Hillary, and others join you, you guys will be electing someone scary (cause they all are scary and just wrong) from that other side and that won’t be good for us to say the least. After conversing with a little I have hope that you will use that logic to be on the right side of history with us and unite with us behind the nominee even if it’s Hillary who we are far more comfortable with then anyone and I mean anyone on that side of the fence. Please don’t let yourself be so obtuse that you can’t be moved, please Joe. (I’m not calling you a name I’m just asking and appealing to you to not be that way)

    2. lorilaj82 January 15, 2016

      Joeham1, I too will be voting for Bernie in the primary, I however am not of the belief that the Hillary is as bad as republicans have been saying for decades that she is. While it is true I had hoped that Elizabeth Warren would have ran and hoped that Hillary would not. If she is the democratic nominee I will most certainly be voting for her and taking everyone I can to do the same. My hope is that Bernie if he loses does not run on a third party ticket, because, make no mistake about this, if he does we will get one of the wack jobs on the other side. We must stop fighting among ourselves, it makes no sense, fighting against the hatred and ignorance on the other side is more than enough, we need to be unified in our support for whomever is the democratic nominee. We will do ourselves a great injustice that we may be stuck with if one of those scary guys or that witch of a woman on the other side wins. I for one don’t put anything past them and there’s no level to low for them to reach.

      1. joeham1 January 15, 2016

        Lorila, I can’t vote for Hillary no matter what. I’m not a party person. I don’t think the Republicans are evil people. I’m a middle of the road person. When Hillary told her daughter the night of the Bengazi attack that it was a terrorist attack and then told the families of the slain that it was the video, she crossed a line that shows me who she is. Also the email thing is very troubling. My choices are either Bernie or Kasich. I think one of those 2 will have both parties work together. Whether we like it or not if they don’t work together nothing gets done. I’m not at all a fan of executive orders and both the president and Congress are to blame.

        1. lorilaj82 January 15, 2016

          Joe I believe you have been listening to the wrong news outlets if that were not the case you would know that the Benazir thing was all smoke and mirrors drummed up from the Republican party, I do not belive all republicans are evil but except for the rich they are very misguided. I would also suggest you look into John Ka rich record, if you do, you will find out that he is no good for the country either. I realize what I am saying may be in vain if you have determined that the misinformation you have been fed for decades about Hillary is true, but I am hoping that you are not a Republican zombie and research and then think for yourself. Just because lies have been spread and perpetrated for decades, doesn’t mean its true. And that is the case with Hillary, she’s not who they say she is and would be better hands down than anyone on that side of the Isle.

          1. joeham1 January 15, 2016

            Lorila, I’m 56 years old, I’ve been a republican and then a Democrat. I get my news and information from my life experoence and all the sources I can. When Bill Clinton was president and kasich was in Congress they together did something amazing. Together they passed welfare reform and a balanced budget. Since then both parties have moved to the extreme left and extreme right. It doesn’t work anymore. It did then. Kasich gets it. Ohio is better off then it was before him. Again, both parties have made it their job to convince their constituents that the other side is incompetent and has bad intentions. We should all want a united country. We should learn from history. It’s ok to disagree as long as you then compromise. That’s what made this country great!

          2. lorilaj82 January 15, 2016

            Joe, I’m 51 soon to be 52 and while I will concede that both parties are full of it, I must respectfully disagree that they are both the same, I also disagree about welfare reform. I am not on welfare but I have seem the harm it has done to families by that so called reform, it was simply a way for the rich to get more at the expense of the poor and needy. This is a country of two America’s one for the who has all the powers to manipulate and distort truth to benefit their interest. The difference between the parties is one side can be moved to act in favor of its citizens they though activism and the other side (republicans ) don’t even pretend to care or listen except when they are trying to get elected. There hasn’t been a decent republican in office the whole of my life and I only know the last one who was decent and that was Eisenhower who warned the country to beware of the military industrial complex and other things. He also was the last president to invest in our country’s infrastructure. We are probably going to have to agree to disagree. This is unfortunate for me because people don’t see what’s really going on and its keeping us divided when we should be united.

          3. joeham1 January 15, 2016

            I can’t argue with some of what you said. I grew up in Chicago. For my job I travel to a lot of the major cities. Welfare must be given to people who need it. Every major city in the country has been ran by the Democrats for years. They promise to help people and instead they keep them dependant on that help. They use welfare as a means to keep people down. It’s become generational and when you add in the effect the teachers unions have had and the lack of education most of the inner cities citizens get. It’s a huge crisis. The money from the rich has corrupted both parties. Big business owns them. Don’t be fooled into thinking is just the Republicans.

          4. lorilaj82 January 15, 2016

            Joe, I am not fooled I know both parties are guilty of taking dirty money, but one side can still be moved. With the other side if you speak out you are called and labeled un-american. Regarding welfare, once upon a time it was actually a hand up designed to get people off of it, of course there were supplemental resources that helped along with wellfare, the moment Ronald Reagan became president those programs were eliminated. Welfare as is it known now and especially after the reform is designed to keep poor people down it is a flimsy hand out. Tell me how reform works when they make recipients work at least 30 hours a week for the couple of dollars they give that they can’t even pay rent with. Why not give them jobs that pay instead which takes them off welfare instead of making them work for welfare. That’s your reform. When Bill Clinton signed that into law it was a bargin he had to make with the republicans. They harassed him and waisted tax payers money with nonsense law suits and impeachments cause he cheated on his wife and a quest for power. I could go on but when I think of the damage that’s been done and the injustice that we see now, I get so upset that I have to pull away. The Republican party does not represent us and the ones running now are scary as hell and would be incredibly dangerous to this country and the world as now know it.

          5. idamag January 18, 2016

            And when they say “welfare reform” they are talking about those who need food stamps to supplement their meager incomes. They don’t say anything about oil subsidies, farm subsidies, beef industry subsidies, or sugar subsidies.

          6. SteveD January 16, 2016

            ‘…a balanced budget.’

            Why we don’t need a balanced-budget or a (Balanced-Budget Amendment):

            1. The U.S. can never be forced to default on any debt denominated in US dollars.

            2. Deficit spending alone does not cause inflation, crowding out or capture of resources.

            3.The economic expansion of the 1990’s caused the budget surplus and it was not the other way around.

            4. Unbalanced budgets serve as economic stabilizers. As government spending automatically increases and taxes automatically fall as economic activity slows means that extra demand (from growing federal deficits) is injected just at the time it’s needed most. This does not prevent recessions altogether, but it certainly dampens their impact.

            5. By accounting identity, the federal government’s deficit is the private sector’s surplus.

            Key takeaway: The federal government finances are not like YOURS or mine, nor are they like private business finances nor even are they like state or local government finances.

            The federal government is Monetarily Sovereign.

            Excellent resources:

            1. ‘The Balanced Budget silly season is upon us again’


            2. ‘You know you understand modern money when…’


          7. @HawaiianTater January 16, 2016

            The only reason Democrats look far left is because of how much of right wing extremists the GOP has become. Even moderate Republicans look far left to them. Eisenhower, a Republican and a conservative of his time, was at least as far left as Bernie is now. The establishment Dems like Obama and Hillary are right leaning big money centrists. 50 years ago, their policies would be what passed as conservative. Even Saint Ronnie would get run out of the party these days for being a lefty loon. While I agree with you that the two sides are very far apart and need to find a way to work together for the betterment of the USA, you need to understand that the entire political spectrum of what is right and left has been extremely skewed over the past 40 years. What passes for far left these days is actually center right and what passes as far right is off the charts. They fell off that cliff some time ago.

          8. idamag January 18, 2016

            I think all of those trolls should read, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and start wondering why all this hatred and fear is being drummed into them.

        2. Renfield January 16, 2016

          Your choices (between hard right anti-union and mild socialist) prove that you haven’t a clue. If a Democrat wins, the Republicans will continue obstructing. You can’t compromise with someone who won’t budge. Are you aware that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than any recent president? Didn’t think so. Benghazi and email are phony issues that repetition hasn’t made any more convincing to anybody who can’t swallow the GOP noise machine.

          1. joeham1 January 16, 2016

            The emails and Bengazi are phony issues? Your a partisan hack. 4 people are dead and therepubs is an FBI investigation into the emails. Nothing phony about that. The fact that you say they are phony issues proves beyond a shadow of doubt you don’t have a clue about anything! You can have your party and you and your left wing nuts can go fight the fuc#&d up right wing nuts and destroy what’s left of this country. Moron!

          2. Sand_Cat January 16, 2016

            Bringing up the four dead people shows only that you have nothing but to go for cheap sensationalism by exploiting a tragedy. You are “middle of the road” only if the road takes a hard turn to the right.

          3. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

            Can you imagine the families of those poor Benghazi victims that were killed by terrorists, not Hillary Clinton for gods sake. These families that have to hear continually about Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi? How many years has it been for 4 people, when you look at all the ineptitude and deaths that Bush and Co. are directly responsible for and should have gone to prison for? Smoke and mirrors. It is the Republican way.

          4. Sand_Cat January 17, 2016

            Thank you for saying what I was thinking, but with more grace.
            I have to wonder if any of these asses who keep going on about the four lives lost actually give a hoot in Hell about them. It’s just another thing to throw at Hillary.

          5. idamag January 18, 2016

            I never saw any outrage over 5,000 U.S. Servicemen dying and 100,000 civilians over a war that we were lied into. Hypocrites!

          6. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

            No, there is NOT an FBI investigation into the emails. That was retracted by the New York Times, but repeated non the less by other news papers.

          7. joeham1 January 17, 2016

            There is a security inquiry by the fbi on her emails and use off the server. Call it what you want the FBI is looking into what she did

          8. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

            Yes, a security enquiry. Which is miles away from an “FBI investigation” and you know it. I bet the more you look into it, you will find out what you have been fed by the right wing is a big pile of lies.
            You know, The first president I voted for was Nixon. As the Republican part became more and more right I then became a centrist without actually moving anywhere politically to now where I am tested out to be slight left with a militaristic tendency. On the test it said I am closest to Hillary Clinton with only 3 things I disagree with. She is actually way more moderate than I thought. I think that is why the Right Wing makes such a concerted effort to put out so much propaganda about her.
            The funny thing is, I will be happy as hell if Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee he is a Social Democrat like Canada is, and they are doing really well. Way better than us financially…. Though I would have preferred Elizabeth Warren. I really would have preferred Elizabeth Warren.

          9. Renfield January 17, 2016

            Glad I flushed out a troll in sheep’s clothing.

          10. idamag January 18, 2016

            17 hearings at $40,000 has not proven Benghazi was a fault of Hiliary Clinton. Our Diplomatic facilities have been attacked under every president. We were real Americans then and came together as a country and did not use it for fascist-like politiical fodder.

        3. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

          You are ridiculous. THAT is what bothers you? That people were unsure on the night of an embassy attack when multiple attacks were going in and the others were due to that video done by that right wing group showing Mohammed in a clownish way and they were protesting? And the emails which is not unusual to sometimes use your private email for your work and visa versa ( many do it, my Uncle was a General at the Pentagon and he says yes) Huge mountains have been made of both, actually many things about Hillary … Even down to blaming her for her husband’s infidelity … Can you imagine? So I personally think it is ridiculous you use those things to say you won’t vote for her. Do yourself a favor and read some book about her. BTW, this is from someone who really truly hasn’t decided between Hillary or Bernie yet.

          1. joeham1 January 17, 2016

            Bernie yes, Hillary no way. You can spin it anyway you want. She told her daughter the night of the attack it was an AL Quada attack she told the families of the victims it was the video. At least be honest with yourself. I don’t blame her for what Bill may have done. The emails are a problem and you know it.

          2. Insinnergy January 17, 2016

            I’d suggest medication.

            Hastert screwed a student.

            Gengrich cuckolded two wives, one while she was dying.

            Bush presided over 39 attacks and 87 deaths at US embassies around the world ( http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2014/may/12/john-garamendi/prior-benghazi-were-there-13-attacks-embassies-and/ ) plus 9/11…

            Trump has been in bed with mobsters, lost tons of other people’s money, disrespected the President, and called all immigrants rapists publically

            Condolezza Rice destroyed all her extra-government email then denied she ever used email at all

            Cheney took the country to war over nothing, killed 4000+ Americans and made massive profits for himself and his friends…

            And the thing YOU don’t like is that HIllary told her family something at one point, and told the cameras something else at another point about who was attacking Benghazi?

            This in the midst of chaos, and with who knows how many intelligence updates coming in every few minutes?

            Are you in a mental hospital?

            I can’t accurately describe what a completely ignorant moron you are, and how slanted and insane I find your priorities.

          3. idamag January 18, 2016

            And the far right will defend war criminals who violated the Geneva Conventions against torture.

      2. idamag January 18, 2016

        My sentiments, exactly.

    3. Insinnergy January 17, 2016

      You need to use more passion or you just sound like the mindless astroturfer you are… typing from the page in front of you. Sad really.

  6. Paragryne January 15, 2016

    Carly and her husband are both on their second marriages. Are either of them real?

    1. Kathy Noonan January 17, 2016

      They both “cheated” on their spouses with each other. Hypocrisy on steroids.

    2. idamag January 18, 2016

      I see Carly’s husband as the Richard Bucket type.

  7. Otto Greif January 15, 2016

    Trump told you this a long time ago.

    1. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

      Trump also said Obama was born in Kenya, then apologized when the long form birth certificate was produced and “was honored” that Obama produced it “for him”. I bet you forgot that part though, didn’t you Auto Goat?

      1. idamag January 18, 2016

        And those who think stupidity is a virtue, say nothing about the candidate who was not born in this country.s a Republican.

  8. AgLander January 15, 2016

    Oh the false indignation by liberals at Carly’s comment!! It is not even a secret anymore that the Clintons marriage is a political arrangement only…….and that they can’t stand the sight of one another!

    1. JPHALL January 15, 2016

      No the truth. I guess the truth is less fulfilling to you than the right wing fantasies. Twenty plus years of accusations, one conviction for cheating on his wife. Wow! Stop the presses. What news!

      1. AgLander January 16, 2016

        You by-passed my comment, probably intentionally. You’re fixated on criminal court. I’m over here in civil court, sweetie.

        1. JPHALL January 19, 2016

          In other words you lack the proof to get a conviction. You are going to depend on personal feelings instead of facts. So sad. As Trump loves to say, “What a loser!”

    2. Renfield January 16, 2016

      How the fk would you know?

      1. AgLander January 16, 2016

        And who the fk are you?

        1. Cloudherder January 17, 2016

          And you the fk are you?

          1. AgLander January 17, 2016

            English is your second language?

          2. Renfield January 17, 2016

            Still don’t know, eh?

      2. idamag January 18, 2016

        making up lies.

  9. Louis Allen January 15, 2016

    Sign over the main entrance gate to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary:

    1. JPHALL January 15, 2016

      More fantasy. You right wingers sure love your fairy tales.

    2. Insinnergy January 17, 2016

      Ahhh the halfwit speaks.
      What is this pending jail time based on again, Louis?…


      Thought so.

      1. idamag January 18, 2016

        I don’t think people are put in prison when other people make up lies about them.

      2. Louis Allen January 20, 2016

        You are right: the halfwit had not spoken until you yidiot opened your mouth….

  10. idamag January 18, 2016

    Since beauty comes from within Carly is ugly, ugly, ugly.

  11. Wedge Shot January 18, 2016

    Carly will be President when I am elected Pope.She is getting more desperate every day. And talk about lying, the videos she showed about Planned parenthood were as false as her Presidential run..


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