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Endorse This: Take That, Little 4th Graders!

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Endorse This: Take That, Little 4th Graders!



An elementary school class in New Hampshire got a rough introduction to politics last Thursday, when they attempted to introduce a feel-good bill to the state House as a civics exercise — only to watch as Republican legislators ripped it apart in front of their eyes.

Click above to watch the local politicians ridicule the kids’ efforts — even somehow bringing abortion into the discussion — then share this video!

Video via NH1.

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  1. ococoob March 20, 2015

    A bunch of d**heads!

  2. RobertSeattle March 20, 2015

    Strange how it is always males insulting Planned Parenthood. Hmm.

  3. Alvin Harrison March 20, 2015


    Got you with that headline didn’t I ? It’s not quite that bad, but the video above shows you that some politicians should not be allowed to speak to normal people….and especially your children.

    The students, in order to learn about how government does not work….oops did I say “does not”… I meant “works”. Proffered a bill making some species of hawk a state bird or some such thing. The legislators welcomed the students into the gallery and then a couple of Republicans proceeded to talk about the birds talons and beak tearing it’s victims apart…and joking facetiously “whats next …a state hot dog”.

    I am sure that fourth grade class will grow up to be Democrats …along with their parents. How hard would it have been to go through the motions and explain in a nice way that maybe we did not need a new state bird and that what we do here is important work representing you and your Mommy and Daddy. It would have been a lie….but hey…at that age they still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. So a legislature that works for the people is not too much of a stretch for their young minds.

    The GOP seem to be seeing who and how many people they can alienate before 2016…I just never imagined they were planning their defeat for 2026. Boy they do plan ahead though.

  4. jointerjohn March 21, 2015

    Republicans demonstrating once again that after a fetus becomes a child they don’t care what happens to it.

  5. Canistercook March 21, 2015

    Who suggested that they do this? This is not something 4th graders should be doing!


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