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#EndorseThis: Radio Host Refers To Elizabeth Warren With Stereotypical ‘War Whoops’

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#EndorseThis: Radio Host Refers To Elizabeth Warren With Stereotypical ‘War Whoops’


Donald Trump rallies are no strangers to controversy, and yesterday’s appearance in Bangor, Maine with Governor Paul LePage promised to have a healthy dose of cringe-worthy remarks for internet columnists to enthusiastically snarl about. Cue Howie Carr, the conservative Boston talk-radio host, who introduced LePage and referred to Elizabeth Warren by placing his hand on his mouth in a stereotypical Native American “war whoop.”

As Carr later wrote in his Boston Herald column, “I was speaking extemporaneously when I free-associated Fauxchohantas’ name, and suddenly a war whoop seemed appropriate for the occasion.” Trump, he says, advised him not to apologize.

The presumptive Republican nominee and several of his surrogates have attacked Warren over formerly listing herself as a minority on the Association of American Law Schools directory when she was a professor and for being promoted as a Native American at Harvard Law School. A genealogist indicated that she might be 1/32 Native American, but the Washington Post “Fact Checker” blog found that the evidence was essentially inconclusive. Trump surrogate and erstwhile Warren Senate opponent Scott Brown called for a DNA test Monday, but even with current technology, it would be highly difficult (if not impossible) to trace Warren’s Native American ancestry using this method.

The controversy over Native American heritage actually began in the 2012 Warren-Brown race. Brown staffers were also filmed doing “war whoops” at the time. During the race, Warren stated that she had never received advantage from referring to herself as Native American.

Elizabeth Warren has recently come out swinging for Hillary Clinton, and she has been attacking Trump in speeches, interviews, and Twitter posts for months. Today, she tweeted about a new J.K. Rowling story that takes place in a wizarding school in Massachusetts:

Photo: YouTube/Victoria Applegate



  1. greenlantern1 June 30, 2016

    Didn’t President Calvin Coolidge call himself “the great white father?”
    ANY outrage?
    From Trump?

    1. 788eddie June 30, 2016

      Didn’t Calvin Coolidge live in a time when people were not called out for racial insensitivity?

      1. ceekee June 30, 2016

        Exactly when was that time. Tell that to American Indians and black slaves

    2. 788eddie June 30, 2016

      Isn’t Calvin Coolidge rated by most historians as one of our least significant presidents?

      1. greenlantern1 July 3, 2016

        He still does not get the credit that he deserved.
        After President Warren G. Harding; he restored some integrity to the White House!
        Remember the TEAPOT DOME scandal?
        Remember the scandal over the Veteran’s Bureau?
        A lot of messes to clean up!

        1. 788eddie July 3, 2016

          Bottom line: He’s near the bottom of the heap.

    1. johninPCFL June 30, 2016

      Nice self-portrait.

      1. ceekee June 30, 2016


    2. 788eddie June 30, 2016

      Thanks for the reminder, Otto, not to take anything you present as anything we should give credence to.

      1. ceekee June 30, 2016

        Amen to that

      2. Gary Graves July 7, 2016

        Good picture,She will certainly run over you. Beautiful lady.

  2. j_verria June 30, 2016

    Typical coward. Gonna hide behind trump who told him “not to apologize”. He was funny to watch cuz you could almost see his nuts shrinking at being in front of the camera instead of hiding behind a radio mike. LOL

    1. ceekee June 30, 2016

      Very true

  3. AgLander June 30, 2016

    Actually, Cherokee Nation is upset and has come out swinging……against Lizzy Warren for falsely claiming to be one of them…(Lizzy The Liar)


    1. ceekee June 30, 2016

      She’s not a liar, but you’re a jackass for believing she lied.

      1. AgLander June 30, 2016

        The Cherokees are jackasses? Interesting comment.

        1. ceekee June 30, 2016

          Thats how you misinterpreted my comment? Gosh you are dumb as a rock.

          1. AgLander June 30, 2016

            No….you unwittingly face-planted into a wall by attacking me, when it’s Cherokee Nation that is taking Lizzy on. Are you really as stupid as this exchange suggests you are?!

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 1, 2016

            Don’t look now, but its you who are in total loss of his mental faculties.

          3. AgLander July 1, 2016

            Again, you keep insulting native Americans with your bigotry. Keep embarrassing yourself and the liberal side of the fence.

        2. Gary Graves July 7, 2016

          The Cherokees are native Americans, you are not a native you are a immigrant like me.

      2. Gary Graves July 7, 2016

        Yes yes yes, she is allot more factual than the Repob’s. She is not a liar .

    2. JPHALL July 1, 2016

      Actually they said that her cited relative was not listed as an Native American. Of course many were not because they arrived in OK at different times. Many people have been told by relatives that they were Native American. A DNA test would not prove which tribe but only that one had the bloodline.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 1, 2016

      You, and the other two who sleep in the same bed, are out to lunch as usual. You haven’t an ounce of courage or moral fortitude. Yet, you insist on humiliating yourself.

  4. Blueberry Hill June 30, 2016

    Don’t worry Sen. Warren, you have achieved more than any of your critics. You are one tough lady and admired by all. You have nothing to prove. I am part Indian myself and have red hair and very fair skin. Only full blood Indians show up Indian. I have many blond Indian friends too. These are just uneducated or just plain stupid shitforbrains people who are jealous.


  5. bobnstuff June 30, 2016

    It’s interesting that the best they can come up with is calling people names. I guess they have nothing so they are using the republicans in congress’s solution. If you go around naming thing you can say you are doing something. If they get elected again they can go on naming post offices and we know Trump will want his name on everything. Trumps US Army, Trumps navy, The Trump congress and Trumps Washington monument.

  6. ceekee June 30, 2016

    Howie Carr is no journalist and he is a disgrace to the few genuine journalists we have left. He is just another republican know nothing. He has been a big part of the dumbing down of America.

  7. Phil Christensen June 30, 2016

    Fauxchohantas brought this mockery on herself.

  8. marijoca July 1, 2016

    Not even Trump and his minions can doubt that Elizabeth Warren is an intelligent woman, and that no matter what, she was destined to use that brain to achieve all of her goals.

    If she has a smidgen of American Indian blood or not doesn’t matter as she deserves to become Vice President of the United States if she is chosen.

    Trump needs to go emblazon his overrated name on some hotel towels and get the eff out of a possible government position that he is not qualified for. What a farce, what a fraud, what a disaster Trump is and will be!!!

  9. aboonaj July 1, 2016

    Donald Trump, Howie Carr, Paul LePage — is it some kind of man zoo ?

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 1, 2016

    Howie is a poster-boy for juvenile antics. Here’s a pathetic excuse for a human being mocking a large segment of humanity. Howie thinks he’s cute when he displays one or the uglier, amoral aspects of a human who has detached himself any notion of being a spiritual being. Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that he is motivated by satanic forces.
    Like most right-wingers, he can be accounted as among the company of tyrants on the planet.

    I was perusing a statement made by Abdu’l Baha, one of the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith in which he remarked:

    “O ye beloved of the Lord! The Kingdom of God is founded upon equity and justice, and also upon mercy, compassion, and kindness to every living soul. Strive ye then with all your heart to treat compassionately all humankind — except for those who have some selfish, private motive, or some disease of the soul. Kindness cannot be shown the tyrant, the deceiver, or the thief, because, far from awakening them to the error of their ways, it maketh them to continue in their perversity as before. No matter how much kindliness ye may expend upon the liar, he will but lie the more, for he believeth you to be deceived, while ye understand him but too well, and only remain silent out of your extreme compassion.”

    Abdu’l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha (Wilmette: Baha’i Publishing Trust, 1982 Edition) p. 158. E-text from Ocean Library, http://www.bahai-education.org

    Howie thinks he deceives us by making a callous excuse for his idiotic gesture, but we know better the depths of his depravity. He embarrasses himself and the entire GOP establishment.


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