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The GOP's Iowa Chaos

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The GOP's Iowa Chaos


OTTUMWA, Iowa — Is Rick Santorum the next non-Romney to emerge from the pack? Could he conceivably win Iowa?

That these are plausible questions tells you all you need to know about the unsettled nature of the Republican presidential contest — particularly here, the state whose caucuses on Jan. 3 have become a bookie’s nightmare. At the moment, anyone among the six major candidates has a reasonable chance of coming in first or second, and the contest is becoming less settled as the brief Christmas interlude in campaigning approaches.

E. J. Dionne

Besides contributing to The National Memo, E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and a university professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University.

His most recent book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent (2013).

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  1. CarollEdmundMarston December 22, 2011

    The last of the seven dwarfs still “whistling while they work”.

  2. habibseraj December 22, 2011

    who the hell they think they are,these arrogant, self declared prophets of stupidity,and ignorance?
    once again republican candidates want to show their nasty and mean intentions to the noble people of America and to the world.
    eight years of destruction,pillage,looting,and violations of the very fundamental rights of American people and people of the world wasn’t enough?!
    may God the almighty burn you in eternal fires of hell!

  3. MaryLongleyHalperin December 22, 2011

    This contest has become a spectator sport to see which “gladiator” will remain standing. None of them has a shot at getting President Obama’s job. They’ve all revealed what a bunch of idiots they are.

  4. TammyNieuwsma December 22, 2011

    The only choas going on is that the Republican establishment is lossing the game of choosing the next president for us. They have lost control and that scares the crap out of them. Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!

  5. moonlite December 22, 2011

    We absolutely do not need Newt Gingrich, Perry, Romney and last but certainly not least, Obama.

    I’m voting my conscience this time. Ron Paul 2012.

  6. EATHERICH December 23, 2011

    or dims. what is it with this country, not one of these pieces of lying excrement should be alowed to be a dog catcher.

  7. EATHERICH December 23, 2011

    or dims. what is it with this country, not one of these pieces of lying excrement should be alowed to be a dog catcher.

  8. Physco Bastard December 23, 2011

    I find it to be quite funny that anyone is stupid enough to think that Ron Paul will be the next president. To do that he has to win the nomination and that isn’t going to happen. What a bunch of idiots. I had no idea that there are so many mindless trolls in this country. There is no place in a modern society for your kind. You idiots should either commit mass suicide or move to some remote island and live out the rest of your pathetic meaningless lives.

  9. CANT TOUCH THIS December 23, 2011

    I don’t give a damn how many Arab civilians and their children he’s killed. Barak is Black and I’m voting for him!

  10. mll December 23, 2011

    Ron Paul is the only Republican I would even consider voting for. The rest of them are completely out of touch with the average working-class American. Too bad the Rep. party will not give him a chance. About the Civil War, he may be right. I have been an in depth reader of the Civil War for over 40 years. There is much to be said about the fact that slavery would have died out sooner than later from 1861. But, there were many other factors involved between the north and south that may have made the war unstoppable. The angst between them is in many ways similar to the divide in thought between the right and left in this country today.:(

  11. dpaano December 29, 2011

    Isn’t Ron Paul one of the Republican idiots that wants to go over to Iran and bomb the crap out of them? Do we actually NEED another war….didn’t we learn enough with the last one. We can’t win anything in the Middle East….all we do is kill our young men and women and cost the country trillions of dollars that we don’t have to spend! This is the reason why we are having “spending” problems now….we’ve spent so much money on ex-Pres. Bush’s war in Iraq that we can’t afford to pay teachers, firemen, police officers, or fix the country’s infrastructure!! It’s ridiculous, and I would NOT vote for ANYONE that says we should go to war with Iran….I don’t care if they DO have a nuclear bomb…they aren’t going to use it against the US unless we go in and bug them!


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