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John McCain Finally Admits His Benghazi Conspiracy Theory Is Bunk

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John McCain Finally Admits His Benghazi Conspiracy Theory Is Bunk


John McCain’s finest moment will always be the night he lost the presidency and gave an inspired concession speech. And it’s been downhill for him ever since.

Tuesday the senator released a statement acknowledging that the intelligence community was responsible for removing references to al Qaeda in the talking points U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice gave days after the tragedy in Benghazi on September 11. McCain reports that he was “surprised and frustrated” by this revelation, though it’s been known for weeks and was confirmed when former CIA Director David Petraeus confirmed that he approved the talking points. McCain concluded his statement insisting that he still has questions about Benghazi, without explicitly naming them.

By trying to manufacture a scandal by focusing on the minutiae of talking points, McCain has diminished his credibility as an authority on foreign policy—though it likely won’t deprive him of invitations to appear on the Sunday morning news shows that seem to have an almost weekly seat saved for him.

During the 2012 campaign, McCain’s fixation on the president and Ambassador Rice’s reaction to the tragedy seemed a transparent attempt to slime a president who had wrested the issue of national security away from the Republican Party. The Arizona senator implied that linking the attack to protests connected to a YouTube video that demeaned the prophet Muhammad was a cover-up on the scale of Watergate. This was nonsense that only appealed to the same people who thought the president’s birth certificate was created in Photoshop.

After the campaign, McCain doubled down on the attacks by calling Ambassador Rice “not qualified” for the job of Secretary of State, though she hadn’t yet been nominated. President Obama was offended by the criticism and invited senators McCain and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to “come after” him, not Ambassador Rice.

What McCain never offered during the campaign was a rationale of what the administration was trying to cover up by linking the attacks to the YouTube videos. Last Sunday, he said that the al Qaeda connection got in the way of Obama’s “I got bin Laden, al Qaeda’s on the run” narrative.

George H.W. Bush’s former UN Ambassador Thomas Pickering is leading an investigation into what happened in Benghazi, a good deal of which will be classified, as much of the CIA’s activities there were covert.

Regardless of the outcome of that investigation, McCain likely won’t apologize to Ms. Rice or the president for inventing his own narrative about their motivations. But now would be the perfect time for the former GOP presidential nominee to again concede graciously, and move on — perhaps even out of the Senate.

Another former GOP presidential nominee, Senator Bob Dole (R-KS), resigned his Senate seat when he made his bid for the White House. Dole also spent much of the last decade working with former Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern to get poor children across the globe free school lunches.

Maybe Dole could convince Senator McCain that he could do a lot more good outside of Washington D.C.


  1. jetfuel4 November 21, 2012

    Oh, it was the “intelligence community” that lied…..not the people in charge of them. And they lied to their bosses because? Glad we got to the bottom of this so we can move foward 🙂

    1. James Vijay November 22, 2012

      So now you’re impugning Petraeus?

      Have u RWNJ’s no sense of decency?

      1. metrognome3830 November 22, 2012

        Actually. jetfuel4 has no sense at all.

    2. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

      That Hateraide you are drinking must go down hard.

      1. jetfuel4 November 22, 2012

        Nah, you guys make it easy.

        1. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

          As do you, we will keep you in front of us and make sure you don’t handle any sharp objects.

    3. johninPCFL November 22, 2012

      Lied? By what measure?

      What I read was that the CIA removed references to AlQaeda from the talking points.

      Seems a pretty far stretch from GWBs “Saddam has uranium for a bomb” after our intelligence (Wilson) and the Brits found that to be false. Didn’t keep GWB from using it as a reason to invade Iraq and kill 4000 US soldiers.

      But that’s OK with you, I guess. He was GOP.

    4. northroader1775 November 23, 2012

      The intelligence community has rules and they tend to folow them. The “Need To Know” what is going on at all times isn’t just handed out like candy at halloween. Even if you did qualify for the “Need To Know” you still have to go through a background check before you “Get To Know” so handing the UN ambassador a full script of everything we know to read into an open mic at a televised speech is never going to happen.
      It isn’t lying it’s maintaining an intelligence assets edge allowing that asset to function in the future and allowing that asset to carry on giving us valuable intelligence.

      Some blowhard idiot spouting everything he knows on TV just for political points used to be considered treason, now it’s tough politics?

      I think it is still treason and I think the executive branch shoudl make an example of a few of these morons. I think Karl rove should have to answer for The Valreie Plame Affair, and Issa should have to answer for the damage he’s done and if McCain and grahm don’t STFU and go away I would start procedings on them too.

      1. jetfuel4 November 23, 2012

        How very Putin of you….thanks for the insight.

  2. nobsartist November 21, 2012

    Time to go, flipper. take your boy friend graham with you.

  3. bckrd1 November 21, 2012

    He would love nothing better than to find something he can impeach Obama with. It really upsets him that so far he has come up empty.

    1. Rvn_sgt6768 November 22, 2012

      If only being Black was an impeachable offense

      1. Bill November 22, 2012

        What a christian toast for Thanksgiving.!!! What rock did you crawl out from under, go back to your right wing bubble world and gfy!!

        1. patuxant November 22, 2012

          Not sure Bill, but I think Rvn was being sarcastic…?

          1. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

            Yea, I think so, it was funny. The tragedy is they might try it.

      2. puzzled21 November 22, 2012


  4. old_blu November 21, 2012

    Now McCain you need to grow a pair and apologize to Ms. Rice and President Obama, but you won’t.

    1. Jennifer Jia November 21, 2012

      He lost them in 2008 and is still looking for them.

      1. old_blu November 21, 2012

        That’s right he gave them to Palin and she still has them, hides them in her camo underwear.

        1. neeceoooo November 21, 2012

          old-blu, you are always so funny, good one.

      2. Rvn_sgt6768 November 22, 2012

        His never fell so he has never reached puberty.

    2. patuxant November 22, 2012

      Yeah, Blu..that would be asking for too much since the GOP is in the dog house big time these days!

      1. old_blu November 22, 2012

        You’re right they would have to show some character and class, and I’m not sure they can.

  5. stoptheinsanity November 21, 2012

    Just like McCain and all the other Republicans had an agenda in President Obama’s first term to make him a one-term president, since that didn’t work now, in his second term, McCain, Graham, McConnell and other right-wingers are trying to create some kind of scandal against the president so that they can impeach him. So far, their tactics have backfired. It makes them look like bitter, old, revengeful idiots. They have lost all sanity and are hell-bent on destroying the president and Democrats. In reality, they end up doing a lot more harm to themselves and their party. That is why a majority of voters solidly rejected their hatred, racism, attacks, threats and suppression during this recent election. In 2014, we need to get rid of these old hateful bags who do no work for the country but only conduct investigation after investigation and waste the taxpayers’ money.

    1. marciano3rd November 21, 2012

      How true! Mid- term Election Day of 2014 is the day of reckoning. Boot out all those who do not want America to succeed and are fixated only on their own points of view. How can they be effective leaders? Do they really have America at heart?

      1. Jane Perrine November 22, 2012

        But we have to get out the vote to do that!!!!

        1. july860 November 22, 2012

          Yes; we have to keep people fired up in order to get rid of the insanity that we now have.

      2. Ed November 23, 2012

        No, they hate america!

    2. patuxant November 22, 2012

      That’s right. And what goes around comes around. Throw out hate, lies, bigotry and the rest, and you end up with egg on the face! McCain’s best moment was when he told that woman Obama was a Muslim or something equivalent that she was wrong and took the mc from her. Since then he has been a pain in the a double s!

    3. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

      As long as they continue to follow the same doctrine we will have to continue to be vigilant.

  6. Lynda November 21, 2012

    Zip it John. Now is the time to just shut up and accept defeat. It has been four long years of you whinning and reaching for the magic outrage to keep Obama from getting that second term. How did that work out for you pal?

  7. theantispanos November 22, 2012

    I remember when McCain and Graham were respected Senators. It’s a shame they’ve had to cower in fear of being retaliated against by the extremists financing the teahadists.

    We must overturn Citizens United in order to know who is financing campaigns.

  8. Joyce November 22, 2012

    John you and your proselyte Lindsey been running with wild lies and total disrespect for Ms Rice. You both have no shame. You two should now apologise to her if you both had any common decency . You all lack class, it is the hallmark of the GOP, instead of getting the facts you get out with wild sounding ideas, when proven wrong you double down instead. It is time you go to pasture, and leave sensible people to represent the US citizens.

  9. LS November 22, 2012

    Let’s see: McCain is the windbag with some scum of his own while Graham is concentrated scum bag. Put these grumpy old GOP men together and they could stink up any administration. Hopefully some sensible family members will prevail upon these so-called politicians to be of good behavior henceforth. Obama has won, GOP should get over it.

  10. Ayaya Worenwu November 22, 2012

    I have always liked McCain because once he realizes that something isn’t right, he admits that he is wrong. He is unlike romney. It is nice to always have a McCain. He made a mistake to join crazies attacking a woman as soft target. I can assure you that McCain is a nice guy. Though, I really miss the Marverick McCain.

    1. johninPCFL November 22, 2012

      I remember most his stopping the crazy lady at one of his campaign rallies where she started calling Obama names. That was a class move from a guy who knows class. I miss the old McCain.

  11. FlyfeatherA November 22, 2012

    McCain has become irrelevant! That’s why he’s making so much noise. He’s next move will be Chairman of the Indian Committee due to term limits. Sounds like Custer’s last stand.

  12. Jane Perrine November 22, 2012

    Anyone remember back when John McCain made sense? Was a maverick? Was admired? Was bipartisan?

  13. sunmusing November 22, 2012

    McGrumpy has devolved from a respected PERSON to a cowardly political hack…the bigotry is strong in this one as well…as for Ms. Lindsey…she will fawn over tough talk and cream her jeans with the mention of Bengazigate…but when confronted with facts and the truth she cowers behind the old crotchety guy…for protection…

  14. Ex-GOP voter November 22, 2012

    I still would like our so-called “liberal-media”, I don’t mean just FOX news; to explain to us why they have such a love affair with this guy–He is always on one of the Sunday shows, spouting his BS. He LOST as President hopeful 4 years ago, and has become just a bitter old man since then. Let us remember, this is the same guy who gave us Sarah Palin, with all the damage she has done, while adding to her individual wealth. War hero–long time ago,— really POW hero! The real war hero in the same conflict was John Kerry, another Presidential hopeful who lost; to Bush, the draft dodger, no less. Remember Ohio, and the lies by people who, later, became McCain supporters, those Swift-Boaters (still active), and funded by rich GOP backers. Yet, Kerry, who is somewhat of an expert on Foreign Affairs, is never consulted by the Pundits–kind of makes one wonder just what kind of world these DC pundits live in. It also helps explain why the average voter can be confused, and how Romney and the GOP could think that they were going to win this last election. I submit that it is not just the GOP that doesn’t live in the real world; a lot of our DC elite are in that same bubble–and a lot of them have microphones to broadcast their foolishness.

    1. ExPAVIC November 22, 2012

      Swift Boaters?

      Do you mean those phonies who never saw a Swift Boat yet questioned Kerry’s Riverine Patrol service?

      Another attempt at the old, old, used up GOP besmirching the service of a legitimate Naval Officer and rather than addressing a candidate’s politics, they go after personalities just like they tried to do with Obama.

  15. marelbert November 22, 2012

    I just love days like this!!!

  16. rr3A November 22, 2012

    it takes a big person to acknowledge when they’re wrong….like the saying goes….
    “Win like a Man…..Lose…. like a Man….”

  17. sickoftheright November 22, 2012

    I don’t understand the voters in AZ look at the crazy people they have in office. It seems they only vote non democratic

  18. ExPAVIC November 22, 2012

    McCain is bunk

    Why doesn’t that never-was retire back to Arizona. He will have a qualified candidate opposing him in 2014 and let’s see how he does.

  19. jetfuel4 November 22, 2012

    Just quoting the article sir…infer what you will. Can we just move forward?

    1. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

      How can we when you guys want to keep revisiting the past?

      1. jetfuel4 November 22, 2012

        Oh I forgot, just like you have forgotten the 4 americans that lost their lives while their government watched. You’re right, how un-progessive of me.

        1. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

          Even McCain and Graham have moved on why can’t you?. I have moved on from 19 members of my family being put in harms way, including my son, when Bush lied to us and took us into war at the cost of thousands of lives and casualties. Selective amnesia on your part?

          1. jetfuel4 November 22, 2012

            I personally did 3 combat tours including Fallujah & Garmsir, I can assure you sir, I have forgotten nothing.

          2. puzzled21 November 22, 2012

            Well , were you screaming just as load, or is it selective?

        2. Hillbilly November 22, 2012

          Republicans have forgotten the many hundreds of lives lost because Bush 2 did nothing to stop 9/11 after being warned it was going to happen and the thousands of lives lost because of 2 illegal wars based on lies which Bush 2 knew was lies , All these lives were lost while Bush 2 &Cheney watched, Republican President Bush 2 watched and caused the lost of thousands of Americans lives and not one word against it from Republicans. Now because they hate President Obama so much they blame him for the lost of 4 American lives and have done so before any investigation had been done . The Republicans are hypocrites, if a Republican President does wrong and causes thousands of death and watches it happen that is fine and dandy,but if something happens that causes 4 deaths and the President is a Democrat it is a cover up a automatically and they condemn that President without knowing all the facts.

          1. jetfuel4 November 23, 2012

            Oh absolutely. And Clinton was impeached, Carter failed our citizens in Iran, JFK was an adulterer, and…..oh wait. I was talking about a specific event during a specific time under a specific administration. I usually try not to bring up the argument about the world being round when broaching a current event, but alas, our skeletons do come back to haunt us…..don’t they. Touché Hillbilly, you must be related to the Kentucky girl.

        3. foolsdance November 22, 2012

          and you care about them??? No way. You just want to take down Obama. If you ‘cared’ about anyone, you would have cared about all of those killed on 9/11. you would care ab0ut all of the men and women who have died in dubyas trumped up war. 4 vs. thousands? you are an idiot.

          1. jetfuel4 November 23, 2012

            Ma’am, it’s alright. You have done your master well, you can breathe now. Exceptional post I might add. I think we should all pause and admire such deep thought and logic and might I digress for such a lack of understanding. I am merely and infidel who has lost his way.

    2. metrognome3830 November 22, 2012

      Not if you insist on getting on board with McCain and Graham. You will be moving rapidly backward.

  20. joujou228 November 22, 2012

    I hope he doesn’t run again, this guy is pathetic!

  21. commserver November 22, 2012

    Bob Dole was an admirable person who was willing to be bipartisan, more than can be said for others in today’s GOP .

  22. arch725 November 22, 2012

    Just a poor OLD WHITE man who needs to resign and SHUT up.

  23. Gilbert November 22, 2012

    McCain’s behavior demonstrates just how woefully unqualified he is in the theatre of foreign affairs. He would jeopardize every covert asset we have developed in the region on the outside chance that he may be able to smear the President. This shows that he is still licking his wounds from the landslide loss he suffered in 2008. Too bad. You’d like to think that a U. S. Senator, particularly one who ran for President, is a mature adult.

  24. Sandra Carey November 22, 2012

    Glad to hear it, though it really is too little, too late. I expect more intelligence, judgment and grace from my elected representatives than Mr. McCain seems able to muster. A very public apology to Ms Rice is essential.

  25. Plznnn November 22, 2012

    Whatever McCain, (McAmnesty) says, the fact remains that there was and is indeed a massive cover-up of the Benghazi mess. They blamed for weeks with conflicting messages, that a “video” was the cause of the violence that led to the death of wonderful Americans. They were denied “asked for” support that would have saved their lives. They were tortured, which was left out of the media, dragged through the streets. This administration is heavily involved in this national scandal and needs to be brought to light & justice. I don’t care what Party caused this, it is unconsciousable.

    1. Hillbilly November 22, 2012

      Were did you learn all these facts? Give a source so we can check it or are they just another lie that Republicans well known for?

    2. foolsdance November 22, 2012

      Get over it – there was no cover up, and you have zero proof of your accusations, There were, however, many Americans dragged through streets under dubya… perhaps you are too young to remember those days

  26. foolsdance November 22, 2012

    McCain, like all republicans. rejects reality. He will not apologize.

  27. onedonewong November 22, 2012

    This all affair STINKS and Hilary as well as Barak should do the right thing and resign

  28. 113121 November 22, 2012

    Thank God this man did not become President.

  29. Katstiles November 22, 2012

    Let’s manufacture a scandal to waste time instead of doing their job and tackling some of America’s real problems. McCain used to be quite something before 2008. This is a bad way for him to finish out his career. A sour, disappointed old man.

  30. LittleStream November 22, 2012

    Guess you only hear what you want to hear! Selective hearing! Yep, gets kids in trouble all the time. What’s your excuse?

  31. Ed November 23, 2012

    Seems like the CIA’s “Covert Activities” are only covert to the American People!

  32. ivory69690 November 23, 2012

    FLASH ////John McCain is running for Pres. in 2016 and he,s asking SUSAN RICE to be his running mate for VP then

  33. ivory69690 November 23, 2012

    President Obama was offended by the criticism and invited senators McCain and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to “come after” him, not Ambassador Rice /// but johny boy knew better then that he knows the Pres. pack a big punch . and he dosent what the Pres. to beat his butt again . like the Pews. did in 2008. johny boys an idiot but not stupid enough to gewt a nother beating beat down from the ROCK OBAMA

  34. ivory69690 November 23, 2012

    Regardless of the outcome of that investigation, McCain likely won’t apologize to Ms. Rice or the president for inventing his own narrative about their motivations. But now would be the perfect time for the former GOP presidential nominee to again concede graciously, and move on — perhaps even out of the Senate.//// what the PRES. should do now is keep bring it up all the time every time he can on any and all talk shows and speaches saying how wrtong JOHNY BOY was wrong and how much a sore loser and an idiot he is . then after awhile JOHNY BOY might then say he,s sorry . to stop the PRES. from calling him an idiot every chance he can

  35. ivory69690 November 23, 2012

    Maybe Dole could convince Senator McCain that he could do a lot more good outside of Washington D.C.//// hmmmmm ya maybe working on the gay marrage board or black men for the country . he could wear a frooo and . and other days a (he can call a mans skirt with a string thong ) yaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaa thats it he can be the happy camper that bends for freinds

  36. Marlon Smith November 23, 2012

    He said he never felt them because his arms are too short to rach them!!!!!

  37. Voter4America November 23, 2012

    Now, Mr. McCain, would you kindly hurry up and get on with developing a rapidly spreading inoperable form of cancer so we can soon be rid of you once and for all…

  38. robert November 23, 2012

    Haaaahahaha—-Haaahahahaha—Rahhahahahahaha!. . . Oh damn, I just pissed my pants.

  39. Cat White November 23, 2012

    Dear Mr. McCain try to remember, when you no longer can get any Sunday morning coverage for your blatant and outrageous lies..that like a doctor, it is best to “do no harm”.

  40. Kittyangel December 14, 2012

    And this admission comes conveniently AFTER Ms. Rice has officially withdrawn her name from consideration for the Sect’y of State position. Whatever respect I may have once had for his service to this country has long been negated by his endless ass-kissing of the GOP party power players. He’s no “maverick”, he’s a shill for the party’s conservative faction, doing and saying anything to curry favor with them.

  41. TheSteelGeneral December 18, 2012

    The attack on Susan Rice was ALL about getting Kerry to State, and getting Scott Brown back into the Senate. Such a win would boost morale with RepubliKKKan’ts to no end.


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