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Late Night Roundup: Vetting Refugees — Like Ted Cruz’s Dad

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Late Night Roundup: Vetting Refugees — Like Ted Cruz’s Dad


Seth Meyers went over the political demagoguery against Syrian refugees. The real highlight was Ted Cruz — whom Seth recalled on the show months ago reminiscing that his father came to the United States after being a Molotov cocktail-throwing Cuban revolutionary for communist leader Fidel Castro.

Larry Wilmore looked at that crazy map of the United States that Ben Carson’s campaign posted to oppose Syrian refugees, and got to the bottom of why nobody on the campaign brought up the problem: They didn’t want to get stabbed.

Trevor Noah talked about Carson’s nasty break-up with a foreign policy adviser who says he : “You don’t have to know everything, if you can just surround yourself with experts. There’s just one problem — the experts Ben Carson surrounds himself with think that he’s an idiot.”

Jimmy Kimmel showed a special promo for the new season of The Bachelor — starring Ben Carson. It’ll be “the most eye-closing season yet.”

And in the latest installment of “The Hungry For Power Games,” Stephen Colbert toasted the departure of Bobby Jindal from the presidential race.



  1. Böcker November 19, 2015

    The rightwing has severe memory lapses on all topics, this being one of them on how we vet refugees.

    1. TZToronto November 19, 2015

      One reason they have memory lapses is that many of them don’t think history is worth remembering. Ask some 20-somethings the dates of WWI and WWII and who was on which side and they’ll give you the wrong dates and the wrong combatants. Anything other than the Kardashians, what they’re getting from iTunes, and what’s on their cellphones is a mystery to them. Oh, there are some serious younger people out there who understand history and politics, at least enough to cut through the garbage spewing from the right, but so many who should be voting don’t think it’s important.

      1. Otto Greif November 19, 2015

        Liberal controlled schools are doing a great job.

    2. Daniel Jones November 19, 2015

      No, it’s just flat out double standards.

      1. Böcker November 19, 2015



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