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Netanyahu Says Hitler Didn’t Really Want To Kill The Jews — Palestinians Made Him Do It!

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Netanyahu Says Hitler Didn’t Really Want To Kill The Jews — Palestinians Made Him Do It!


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a remarkable comment in a speech Tuesday to the 37th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, while speaking of the historical conflicts between early Jewish settlers and the Palestinians.

From the transcript posted at the Prime Minister’s Office site:

And this attack and other attacks on the Jewish community in 1920, 1921, 1929, were instigated by a call of the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was later sought for war crimes in the Nuremberg trials because he had a central role in fomenting the final solution. He flew to Berlin. Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, “If you expel them, they’ll all come here.” “So what should I do with them?” he asked. He said, “Burn them.” And he was sought in, during the Nuremberg trials for prosecution. He escaped it and later died of cancer, after the war, died of cancer in Cairo.

It’s not often you hear the argument made in international dialogue that Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy — he was just following orders, perhaps?

Hat tip to Gregg Carlstrom:

Update: As the Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz points out, Netanyahu’s speech was not only morally bankrupt — it was a historical falsehood. The meeting between Hitler and al-Husseini occurred in November 1941 — at which time the Holocaust (and many other Nazi war crimes) were already proceeding.

The paper adds: “The claim that Husseini was the one to initiate the extermination of European Jewry had been suggested by a number of historians at the fringes of Holocaust research, but was rejected by most accepted scholars.”

Photo: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the 37th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem. Photo via the Prime Minister’s Office.



  1. Gary M. Marino October 20, 2015

    Zionists will tell ANY Lie to, no matter how ludicrous, to justify their crimes.

    1. Cloudherder October 21, 2015

      What exactly is a Zionist? I keep seeing it used in contradictory ways.

      1. Mr.Gee Marino October 21, 2015

        Zionism is a Racist, Nationalistic Political Movement that has delusions of Grandeur.

  2. Sand_Cat October 20, 2015

    Always knew Netanyahu was a Fascist, at best. He’s been working on the “Final Solution” to the Palestinian” problem” for some time.

  3. Adam Curtis October 20, 2015

    One state solution. Secular – not Jewish, not Christian, not Islamic

    1. pattreid October 21, 2015

      Good luck with that. We should perhaps implement this here in America as well, ya think?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

        We already do. It’s call the Religion of men.

        1. pattreid October 21, 2015

          Hah! Good one.

      2. Adam Curtis October 21, 2015

        Ideally America is secular – and its time to push back against sectarian radicals worldwide. It is no coincidence that Bibi’s Likud and American Religious Conservatives are codependent.

  4. Marc Daniels October 20, 2015

    This quote was taken out of context for the purpose of instramentalizing U.S. political campaigning. As a Jew, I find this offensive, also as a human being. The differences between the Republican and Democrat platforms are complex with lots of shades of gray. Also the media and the politicians like to fuel age old prejudices, this is not healthy for anyone. As campaign director of the Weed Out Hate Initiative, i have spent the past five years teaching kids to grasp upon and root out symbolic weeds of hatred together….Muslim, Christian, Jewish kids together, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, together.

    1. Satan's left Nut October 21, 2015

      The USA is aiding and abetting Israeli policy without questions asked.
      Including vetoes in the UN for moves to make Israel accountable for their atrocities against Palestinians and the settlements on Palestinian soil.

      At this moment, all candidates and political parties in the US are fully behind the rogue terrorist state Israel.
      So I do not see where your comment applies.

      If you wish to weed out hate, you might want to get behind having Israeli policy towards Palestine changed to a non-terrorist non-racist one. Even and probably especially as a Jew.

      Real Jews, by the way, would follow Torah, Mishnah and Tanakh; all the scriptures and would not at all support the existence of Israel as a state until scripture has been fulfilled and the Mashiah comes. It is clear that the Mashiah has not come yet, nor have all requirements been fulfilled, so
      the majority of jews nowadays do not really qualify as true Jews and do not keep to the Law.

      Netanyahu has shown himself time and time again to be a hatred-spewing racist who fully backs any atrocity against Palestinians and does not do anything about the atrocious terrorist activities of land-grabbing “Jewish” settlers.
      The existing government and a majority of the world’s Jews is and are mostly made up of people who would prefer breaking G-d’s Laws to following them. But history and scripture has shown that that is not uncommon.

      For centuries and more, Jews have lived peacefully together with all different creeds and peoples in what was known as Palestina, but ever since the conception of the state Israel, and the subsequent invasion of Palestine by non-blood-related Jews, who have no claim on any land in the middle east, that has changed to a complete chaos. Which seems to be what the current and prior Israeli governments want. It keeps the powermongers and leeches in power, while the misled people follow because they have no idea.

      1. Dominick Vila October 21, 2015

        You may want to read Marc’s comment again. His post is focused on the comment attributed to Netanyahu, and its implications on American politics and opinions. He is also talking about the hyperbole and distortions that are used to influence public opinion, and the negative impact of such strategy on global stability and policy making.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

          Dominick. I read Marc’s post. It reeks of Jewish bias. Just imagine if all of us did this to our parents and grandparents homelands. Would there even be a USA?

          1. Marc Daniels October 21, 2015

            As long as I am getting people agitated for inciting and
            igniting peace through weed out hate, I might as well share this with you. http://writerbeat.com/articles/7543-Do-you-Hate-Hate-Hidden-Political-Campaign-Wisdom—REVEALED-to-Donald-Trump

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

            Your link is a joke. It’s consistently peppered with more of your Jewish bias. Can you ever write anything that doesn’t bash Muslims, rah rah rah the Torah and Israel?

            That link isn’t about you getting people agitated. It’s about you attempting subtle indoctrination of your Pro Israel allegiance.

            I have always respected the Jewish religion, it’s rabbis and its glorious history. Don’t ruin that by overloading everything you post with Pro-Israel bias. Are you are deeply embedded in fighting for women’s rights? You bet you aren’t.

            Are you as deeply embedded in forcing corporations to stop the greed? Of course, not. After all, that wouldn’t benefit Israel in any way, would it?

            Israel is a lovely country with a huge problem. It’s overgrown its borders thanks to women who refuse to practice birth control. You were given the country your people wanted. Be satisfied with that and stop playing Israeli war games to take land as spoils of war as your own Golda Meier once stated.

          3. Marc Daniels October 21, 2015

            Hate you, no way. Each and every one of us has a spark of Divinity implanted within us and that includes you.. Hatred is more than an emotion, it is a force that detaches from Spirituality and Divinity. I am going outside right now and say a little prayer for you, root out a weed of hatred and call it day. Take care.

          4. Cloudherder October 21, 2015

            Nothing she said was routed in hatred Daniels. It was simply the truth. What a strange way to react.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

            I do not believe hate is a “force.” Men like you want to reduce your culpability by insisting anything evil or angry is a “force” with the implication that it isn’t controllable. You have to then explain why men are also the ones who head most religions and hate anyone who disagrees with their tenets of faith.

            Say all the prayers you like. I will still view you and your posts are recklessly irresponsible. Masking your real agenda using spirituality and divinity is precisely what Jim Jones did before he killed off 900 innocent people. It’s what David Koresh also did.

            What’s with you guys? You “get religion” and then your souls are suddenly wiped clean of all guilt?

            And come off that garbage about Divinity. Men always believe they are divine. They always place themselves on pedestals so they can play judge and jury of others.

            All humans need to feel there is a power greater than themselves. You sir are NOT that power.

            Do go outside and blow the stink of your attitude off.

            I do not accept your attempts to legitimize what Netanyahu is doing. It is neither Hebrew nor Christian to destroy the rights of others as that Israeli Yahu is doing. Try again.

          6. Dominick Vila October 21, 2015

            I don’t have a problem with the Jewish people. In fact, I admire and respect their contributions throughout the course of history. However, I disapprove of Israel’s expansionist policies, the way they have treated the Palestinian people, and our unconditional support to Israel, even in the face of human rights abuses.
            I watch foreign TV almost every day. The coverage of the ongoing mini-intifada on foreign TV is the exact opposite to what we watch on American TV. The over reactions that are taking place are horrible.
            Having said all this, I did not see any demonstrations of endorsement of Israeli policy in Marc’s initial post. Advocating peaceful solution, and mutual respect, is precisely what is needed to solve problems like this.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

      As a Jew, did you mind the 11 Palestinians killed by the Israelis? Do you believe that Israel has the right to just bulldoze homes so they can enlarge housing for their own? Time for you Jewish people to stop being so biased toward your own.

      Of course you are going to defend Netanyahu, no matter how much of a war monger he is. Funny that there are a lot of Israelis who disagree and all your bias proves is what you can’t admit: As a Jew, your first allegiance is to Israel, not the US. Sorry, but no man can serve two masters.

    3. The lucky one October 21, 2015

      Give up Marc. In Eleanore’s mind you are guilty of being a man, that’s all she needs to know.

      1. Marc Daniels October 21, 2015

        I know that. She claims that my bias is Jewish and Israel.
        She is correct. I endeavor to live up to the Mission of Israel by reaching out to the righteous Palestinians and Christians, for which I have thousands of friends and fans in social networking, to weed out hate and sow seeds of peace.I believe she is so blinded, suffocated, and consumed by her inner rage and hatred. I go to Kuwait and Dubai all th time on business and have absolutely no problem there. I don’t have a problem with any of the Arab Jews I come into contact with in Israel.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

          If you want to be righteous, you don’t put it on like the mantle of a phony American who is more loyal to Israel than to the US.

          Try again. Hate, in case you missed it, is an emotion just like anger, love and indifference. When your Israel is so indifferent to the rights of Palestinians land owners in the West Bank, you prove your righteousness is an act.

          As for hate, I don’t waste time. You hate me because I tell it like it is…meaning the truths you want to ignore.

          I’m sure you do go to Kuwait and Dubai. After all, those countries are lush with money you can send to Israel right?

      2. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

        Wrong…He’s a biased men. But then, aren’t most men? Find me a guy who doesn’t play the biased card with grand aplomb and I’ll be the first to give him an Oscar for his award winning performance as a man who gives without expectation of getting something in return.

        1. The lucky one October 21, 2015

          Granted most men are biased, just as most women are biased. It’s a human trait. Does anyone give without expectation of getting something in return?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 22, 2015

            There is a difference in the more volatile bias of men than women. Look around you. How much more effective is male bias than female bias? It’s still a “man’s world” out there and right now, as at no other time in US history, women are beginning to want an end to that inequality. The only difference in our younger woman’s equality attitudes is that they are far more proactively involved than most of us older women were.

            AS for anyone giving without expectation of getting something in return…selfish, self-centered people do that.

            Charity is not defined as “giving to get.” If you have to get something for everything you give, you have mistaken the idea of charity.

          2. The lucky one October 22, 2015

            Regarding the difference in bias between men and women, Of course you are entitled to your opinion and it may be an accurate reflection of your experience but that does not mean it is THE TRUTH based on objective fact. I’d agree that male based bias has had more impact because as you say it has been a “Man’s World” in terms of power positions. That will change as women assume more of those positions because women are no less subject to human passions and frailties than men.

            It may not be material gain that someone seeks by giving charity but they always expect to receive something in return. It may be the receiver’s gratitude, the warm feeling the giver receives from doing what they see as good or to further their own agenda about what is right.

  5. Marc Daniels October 21, 2015

    The rhetoric gets increasingly charged. The point is we are all captive in the same
    weed patch and someone, some where , some time has to show the political
    courage to take steps to weed out hate compost this hatred. I have spoken to several of the Presidential
    Candidates about a massive New York City Central Park campaign event in which
    one hundred thousand righteous Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims and
    Christians weed out the hate that fuels domestic racisism, anti-Semitism,
    Islamophobia, and global terrorism.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

    If Americans were as biased as some American Jews, this country would be a mess. How about I start siding with Italy, my father’s home country? Or Austria and Hungary? My grandparents home country?
    Then all of you could do the same.

    The problem with some American Jews is the one they deny most: their first allegiance is NOT to the US. It’s to Israel. Well? There’s a ship or a plane headed for Israel. Get the hell on it.

    1. Marc Daniels October 21, 2015

      No matter how much you try to evoke an emotional, hateful response from me, it is not going to happen. I am campaign chairman of the Weed Out Hate Initiative. This is what I stand for and what I am doing actively to change the world for the better. http://www.weedouthate.org. if you think your words are going to make any difference one way or another, you are mistaken.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

        Yes, I know….You are Mr. Cool. Right? Don’t play phony with me. I know who and what you are. An American first you are NOT.

        Big deal, you want to weed out hate? For Israel only?

        If you are so passionate about your homeland, that only proves what most of us see from men like you every day: You love American money and opportunities ONLY as it helps Israel.

        If you are an American, you leave Israel to deal with its problems just as we do any other country of the world.

        Enough with your slicky boy glossing over your bias. You are biased toward Israel. Now be a man and admit it.

      2. Cloudherder October 21, 2015

        How us she trying to instigate hate? Eleanore is just telling you the truth. A few years ago I discovered all this on my own as well. I was shocked and it turned my whole opinion 180 degrees.

    2. Marc Daniels October 21, 2015

      Eleanore, you have no idea how much attention you are drawing to my cause. Thank you

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

        You don’t have a cause. Jewish bias is not now, now ever has been a “cause” for change. All that does is show how insular your culture is and always has been.

        You give yourself too many airs, my friend. Israel is going down as a militant, violent country. You can stow the “protection” and “victim” act. When the number of dead Palestinians dead at the hands of Israelis outnumbered the population of Israel, do tell us then what your phony “cause” really is.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

        You can keep insisting all you like. Only you believe I am drawing any attention to your “cause.” Israel isn’t a cause. It’s an effect of people like you who cannot see their own bias.

        Don’t blame anyone but yourself for the growth of anti-Semitism. Men like you insist till the Wailing Wall falls on top of you. Your ideas of intelligence grandeur fall on blind eyes.

        You’ll be the first to utter those over used words, “anti-Semitism” when you “caused” it yourself.

      3. Cloudherder October 21, 2015

        That is a pretty revealing statement Marc Daniels.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

    In math, there’s a theory of “common denominator.” Israel is often the common denominator in its own troubles. When Israel bombed Lebanon 3 times, the land mass of Israel suddenly bloomed past its 1947 borders. Not a common denominator?

    When Israel blames Arabs and Palestinians and then uses covert “spoils of war” tactics to take land that doesn’t belong to them, not common denominators?

    The focus today is on Netanyahu for a reason. He’s a warmongering thug who has “attitudes” of superiority that he can’t prove.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

    The real problem for Israel? Their women. They can’t stop having babies. The land size of Israel is too small for its population. So guess what? You now have Netanyahu looking for an “edge” to gain more land from its neighbors, something he and his Likkud want you to pretented isn’t a fact.

    So, why bulldoze Palestinian homes in the West Bank? When I watched this on BBC, I saw exactly why the Palestinians are so hostile.

    Reverse the situation and say that Israel was a country called “Palestine” and the Palestinians bulldozed Israelis’ homes in the West Bank. You’d hear the wailing in Siberia.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

    And while you’re at it, let’s pretend that Israel is not schmoozing with US Big Oil in the Middle East. The more land Israel acquires from its neighbors, the more it is enriched by the oil fields in neighboring lands.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

    Men like Marc Daniels want you to believe that Israel is the 51st US state and Netanyahu therefore has a voice in our government. How dare Netanyahu dictate what the President should and shouldn’t do? Would he allows our Senators the same free speech in Israel’s government? You bet not. All that chutzpah coming from Netanyahu is bad protocol for the leader of a country that is all too dependent on MY tax dollars.

  11. jakenhyde October 21, 2015

    Did Bibi move to Mars? His statements show that he has lost complete touch with reality. He has no business leading any country. He’s quite like The Donald…..totally self absorbed.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2015

      What I don’t get about a hugely intelligent man like Netanyahu is why on earth he is falling for the false rhetoric he’s getting from the GOP. He came to the US to bash our president. Let’s go to Israel and see if we can do that to him.

      I lost respect for Bibi what he had the nerve to tell our president what he should and shouldn’t do. If you want to see what Israel is doing in the West Bank, watch the videos taken as it occurs of the Israeli construction crews mowing down huge numbers of Palestinian buildings and homes.

      Daniels goes on and on about hate and then misses how Israel is hatefully singling out only Palestinian neighborhoods.

      What I find of late is that many rabid Pro-Israel Americans have blinders on. We see what they are promoting and we know it isn’t about protecting their people. Not when the number of Palestinians dead at the hands of the Israeli commandos outnumbers the number of dead Israelis.

      Marc Daniels can’t tell you the truth. He’d rather gloss over it so he doesn’t have to be held accountable.

  12. tomtype October 21, 2015

    I know right wing leaders often get a thing for Hitler, but I never expected it of a Jew.

    Yeah , like Hitler was really deferring to an Arab? On Hitler’s scale of values, Arabs were about one microstep better than Jews, and that was mostly because they were not in Europe.

  13. yabbed October 21, 2015

    Netanyahu is certifiably insane.

  14. randyjet October 21, 2015

    It is absurd to say this guy escaped from being tried at Nurenberg because Egypt and most of the Mideast were controlled by the Brits.

  15. 788eddie October 21, 2015

    And just why would Adolf Hitler do a favor to a Palestinian Mufti. Did he even know the man? This sounds like one of those ridiculous stories that people make up to distract attention from other issues. I think

    Netanyahu has some real issues.

    Not only that, the Republicans are now inexorably tied to him through their traitorous letter writing.

    They deserve each other.

  16. Jmz Nesky October 21, 2015

    This is blathering propaganda.. Hitler profited from the Jews in two ways that he wanted, (1) to usurp their wealth (everyone knows the Jewish people know how to acquire wealth and (2) to seek revenge for Germany’s defeat in WWI.. He blamed the Jew for the loss.. He didn’t believe in favors (except through words) because he never had friends.

  17. Irishgrammy October 21, 2015

    For many reasons, this statement from Netanyahu who will say anything to vilify, undermine or attack the Palestinians, or for that matter anyone who does not agree with him, as he continues to prove just why he is a failure at peace ever being found in this region! It is why I believe him to be the worst thing that has happened to Israel and the area for some time. Several months ago he let it rip that he did NOT support and never has supported a two state solution, (am sure he was furious about something and somehow his badly kept “belief” leaked out)……THAT means all these YEARS of the world, and particularly the US government, working to achieve just that, has been an exercise in utter futility and a complete waste of time for all those working in good faith to that end…… and we can lay that failure to achieve a fair outcome for the Palestinian’s, Israel, and for PEACE, squarely at the feet of this hate filled man, Netanyahu! He has had a well earned rep of being a consummate liar over many administrations, and has been the biggest impairment to peace in the region for decades! The Israeli’s need to kick Netanyahu to the curb and get serious about peace for their own sakes. The Palestinian people have to feel and hear the continuing insincerity, animosity, and see a complete lack of a genuine search for a solution to the two state issue. What the Palestinians have been subjected to, in large part due to the intransigent and oppression and real indifference and clearly insincere actions dealt out by Netanyahu, has, I feel, caused the strife that is now going on in Israel now, along with the utter hopelessness the young especially feel which is always a recipe for disaster and unfortunately will only get worse I fear. So Netanyahu telling this big ol’ whopper blaming some obscure Palestinian from the past of over 75 years for the Holocaust is beyond the pale! Completely disingenuous comment by Netanyahu, since blaming the problems that existed in Germany in the 30’s prior to the war was for Nazi’s to blame the Jews, it was their sickening “plan” to scapegoat an entire group, to gain power as they justified the “ultimate solution” in their twisted minds, the Nazi’s planned for……but why would that truth help out Netanyahu when what he wants and continues to spew is the hatred of Palestinians…….oh so typical of Netanyahu, just lie for effect. Just outrageous!

  18. Jinmichigan November 10, 2015

    Right, Hitler was such a weak leader that anyone could push him around? How can he say this crap with a straight face?

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