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Senator Inhofe Disproves Climate Change — With A Snowball


Senator Inhofe Disproves Climate Change — With A Snowball


Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) took to the Senate floor on Thursday afternoon, armed with a special prop: A snowball, to demonstrate the lawmaker’s longtime insistence that climate change is a hoax.

“In case we have forgotten, because we keep hearing that 2014 has been the warmest year on record, I ask the Chair: You know what this is?” Inhofe asked rhetorically. “It’s a snowball, that’s just from outside here. So it’s very, very cold out — very unseasonal. So Mister [Senate] President, catch this.”

The next question, of course, is just how “unseasonal” a snowball would really be — in February.

And just a reminder: After the big Republican wins of 2014, Inhofe is now the Chair of the Senate Environment Committee.



  1. Insinnergy February 26, 2015

    Let the anti-science hilarity begin.
    Consider this guy the GOP Science Stupidity Ambassador.
    In a wonderfully public role, too.

    1. Daniel Jones February 26, 2015

      After a Senate Science Committee head that called evolution “Lies straight from the pit of Hell”, what the S#!t else can we expect?

      1. adler56 February 27, 2015

        Is it the heat in Oklahoma that makes him crazy or was it just bad parenting by hillbillies?

  2. Adam Smith February 26, 2015

    The failure to prove man-made global warming over the last 20 years makes the case for it even less plausible.

    1. Daniel Jones February 26, 2015

      It HAS been proven, time and time again.
      But morons and people that don’t want to believe just don’t listen.

  3. Godzilla February 27, 2015

    If climate change/global warming were factual, then why hasn’t one model come true? Why aren’t the coastal cities underwater? Why aren’t the polar bears extinct? That’s easy, because man made climate change is bullshit. Those who believe in this environmental religious cult should answer the questions I posed. AS far as 2014 being the warmest year, since 2010, by .018 degrees (which there are no thermometers that are that accurate) is proof that the earth is not warming, why you ask? Because 2011, 2012, and 2013 weren’t warmer than 2010, which destroys the warming conspiracy theory. There were two known periods when the earth was far warmer, the age of the dinosaurs and the medieval warming period, and guess what, they weren’t man made either. I WANT more warming, but the sun is in a solar minimum, which means I won’t likely get my wish. I WANT more CO2 in the air, double what it is today, so crops and forest can grow faster. Man Made Climate Change = Ignorant cultist zealotry, nothing more.

    1. adler56 February 27, 2015

      Why dont you ignorant people stick to what you know- oh that’s right, you don’t know anything. More CO2- why? so you can sell oxygen?

      1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

        CO2 is a trace gas that is REQUIRED for plantlife. Doubling the current level of a trace gas that helps plants grow would have no bearing on human breathing. We could better feed those in third world countries who suffer from malnutrition.. With a better education on the subject of CO2, you could have figured this out on your own, but………

        1. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

          Godzilla please stop talking about thing that you know nothing about.

          Yes CO2 is required for plants to grow and transpire, but TOO much CO2 is also bad!

          For humans it can lead to hypercapnia, (the medical term for too much CO2 in your bloodstream.) Persons with COPD have a real problem with this, especially if in high CO2 environments.

    2. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

      Yes, I’m going to believe ignorant RWNJ Godzilla over 99% of the nobel prize winning environmental scientists, who have spent their lives studying this.

      Wake up idiot, and go tell your lies to FOX where they believe the world is flat….

      1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

        Scientist’s in Germany also once agreed that the Aryan race was the Master race. Your 99% agreement has been debunked so many times it’s beyond stupid at this point. Speaking of the German scientist’s , you and your fellow cultist’s are sounding more and more like the NAZI’s in the 30’s.

        1. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

          The “debunking” you mention has only taken place in RWNJ publications.

          99% of climate scientist (across the world, NOT in ONE country where scientists weren’t allowed to speak openly, so your allegory is completely stupid) agree that global warming is occurring.

          These are nobel prize winners, who have YEARS of scientific credentials, well respected ACROSS the world.

          Please provide the date and discipline that you received your nobel prize in, if your nobel prize is in some science field, I’ll be glad to listen to your arguments.

          Otherwise you are just a fool with an idiotic and obviously wrong opinion.

          1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            Your so called Scientist’s agree was stated in 1998. The problem is, there has been no warming and it’s now being proven that the temperatures used to claim global warming were all LIES.


            For the sake of your argument, what would you have people do to stop all the Climate Change that is occurring? What are you doing personally to lower your carbon footprint so as to be an example for others to follow. What do those who are claiming all this crap wanting to do, except sell carbon credits and charge carbon taxes? Please, DO TELL.

          2. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

            Yes, personally, been driving a Smart for the last 200K miles, and corollas for 30 years before that!
            And over 500K on motorcycles, mostly commuting and dodging yahoos like you in your SUVs!

            Plus all the recycling for 30 years and raising a special needs child as a single parent, holding a full time job.

            So yes, I’ve done my share, how about you?

          3. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            I have educated myself with facts so that I’m not concerned with the bullshit Climate Change crap. However, I’m a good steward of the environment, I too recycle. I burn rather than fill up garbage dumps and feed left over foods to the pigs that we later butcher to eat. I mostly grow my own food, raise or harvest my own meat. I use dead trees for firewood, rather than cutting down live ones. I only drive when necessary and make those times to multi-task as I live in a very rural area. I burn wood for heat, to use less electricity and natural gas. I do none of this because of some Left Wing Lie, I do so because it’s the right thing to do.

          4. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

            Exactly Godzilla, so do I, because it is the right thing to do for ALL of us. Thank you!

            You have a great day!

          5. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            You to Paul, no hard feelings I hope. I mean no harm to you or anyone.

          6. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

            You too! How can I complain? I wish I had enough energy to raise my own livestock, Kadoos to you. I bet it tastes so much better also.

            Obviously we are both doing the same thing! Who cares what path we take, We have to drink the same beer. (or whatever!)

          7. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            Cheers! I just finished negotiating the cost of raising a calf with my neighbors herd. I’m looking at a Dexter or a Scottish Highlander. They fill out at about 800 pounds. My cost per day would be 1.00! I’ll be splitting cost’s with my cousin who will get half. This will cut my beef cost by 2/3rds once in the freezer. Butcher, then repeat the process. It takes about 24 to 30 moths to raise one ready to butcher. I have figured it will cost 1500.00 for 3-4 hundred lbs of beef. You should check out what you have near where you live that offers this service, it is very cost effective and the meat is so much better than store bought. I currently have a pig at the butchers. Less than 2.00 a pound wrapped and frozen.! I drink Busch beer these days, if I could, I’d buy you one !

          8. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

            Sounds delicious, you’re making me hungry! 🙂 My son and I definitely love our bacon and burgers.

            Thanks, I’d enjoy that Busch beer, though nowadays I usually indulge in unsweet tea and water due to waistline issues!

          9. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            I’d like to add, raising a special needs child by yourself takes great love and courage, you have my respect for being a great father.

          10. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

            “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

            Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/021015-738779-climate-change-scare-tool-to-destroy-capitalism.htm#ixzz3Sxogk8iG

          11. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

            Repeating your citations will make them correct?

            Please see my response to this EXACT citation above. Thanks!

        2. Chris February 27, 2015

          “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”. Sinclair Lewis

          1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            Fascism is here, it’s called Obamacare.

          2. Wedge Shot March 3, 2015

            Actually, it is called nocare which is the Republican plan.

    3. Wedge Shot February 27, 2015

      Hey stupid. Miami now has Dutch firms doing work to try and mitigate the rising sea level. Many places in Miami are flooding that never flooded before and there is salt water intrusion taking place that will require drastic measures including building desalinization plants to get clean fresh water.
      Talk all you like because it just proves over and over again how stupid you are.

      1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

        When the whole East and West coast cities are under water, then I’ll believe in Climate Change. Unfortunately for you and your fellow cultist’s, it’s not going to happen. It’s still going to snow, the polar bears are excelling and the worlds temps are going to be on a downward trend, due to a solar minimum. Try doing some research AWAY from your Left Wing rags. I have provided several links in my many comments that will help to educate you on the reality of faux man made climate change.

        1. Charles van Rotterdam February 27, 2015

          Perhaps you should move to the Solomon Islands or Kiribati, then you could watch it first hand

      2. Electric Bill March 1, 2015

        W.S: Thank you for bringing up the Dutch data, but sadly, I don’t think it’s his stupidity that is the main problem, but his complete and utter break with reality. When someone is stupid, you at least stand a chance of educating him sufficiently to grasp his lack of understanding… but this soul appears to have gone totally around the bend, poor ninny.

    4. Electric Bill March 1, 2015

      To quote my favorite industrialist, engineer, designer and entrepreneur, “Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?”

      Listen up: look what you’re saying, and, see if it even matches reality. Everything you say screams DESPERATION… you say no models are actually working, when anyone with an ounce of objectivity can tell that you just are not even opening your eyes.

      Just as Wedge Shot points out, yes: sea levels ARE rising. There is no one in any branch of science related to climate that denies it. Just because it is not yet on a biblical scale where nothing but the upper crags of Mount Everest are still above water does not prove your case… to say otherwise is simply delusional, and as I say again and again, DESPERATE.

      You are hypocritical to the nth degree… earlier today you accused someone out of DESPERATION to score points that they were somehow deluded “Babtists” [sic], without any reason for saying so– they never mentioned religion or any religious viewpoints, only scientific ones– yet you, HYPOCRITICALLY, are DESPERATELY using the very same backward logic that Creationists use DESPERATELY: you start out with a conclusion, and then sort carefully through any data for the few feeble threads that support your flawed viewpoint, ignoring the vast sea of data that soundly and richly refutes that view.

      I repeat: you are DESPERATE… foaming at the mouth DESPERATE… you refuse to face facts, claim that things are one way when any rational individual can see they clearly are not– and you are only deluding yourself.

      What makes you so DESPERATE? Do you have hundreds of shares of stock in shale oil, or snake oil, or maybe you are seeking a patent on some marvelous new way of producing unlimited quantities of highly refined Unobtanium, and are freaked that your delusions are about to bring you to your knees? Tsk, tsk.

  4. adler56 February 27, 2015

    Inohfe proves he has no brain. Come to Florida dilbert- it’s 85- very unseasonal.

  5. FT66 February 27, 2015

    Sen. Jim Inhofe has proved how clueless he is in science, thats why always they say: “I m not a scientist”. Simple explanation how snow is formed. First, what is snow? Snow happened when moisture meet cold in the air. You can’t get moisture (humidity) if there is nothing heating up. Thus, there is heating up on earth which form moisture (humidity), which rise up and meet cold, thus forming snow. Thats why you got your snowball Sir!

  6. Bren Frowick February 27, 2015

    Record snowfall=record moisture in the atmosphere=global warming. One would think even a blinkered ideologue like Inhofe could connect those dots…

    1. FT66 February 27, 2015

      Will you please allow me to put it in a more perfect clear way? Here we go:
      More heating up on earth = more moisture;
      more moisture from earth meeting cold in atmosphere = more snow produced. Hence, it is all about the global warming on earth which is causing more snow.

      1. Godzilla February 27, 2015


        1. FT66 February 27, 2015

          Are you a College dropper like Scott Walker? It seems your dropping out, made you to miss a lot of very important lessons on issues any learnt person must know.

          1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            Obama has a college degree and is the worst president in US history. You probably have one too yet you are naïve enough to believe in the lie called Climate Change. The snowfall has nothing to do with any global warming. I have heard some of your fellow Warmers claim that snow would be a thing of long ago memory by now. My Grandkids shouldn’t have snow to play in this winter (ROFLMAO).

      2. Bren Frowick February 28, 2015

        Clearly there are no words simple enough to make the issue comprehensible to fools who start with conclusions and work backwards from there, regardless of facts, science, reason,logic, or evidence. I suppose we can at least have the satisfaction of telling them “I told you so” as the waters slowly close over their empty heads…

  7. Godzilla February 27, 2015

    Climate Change Will Happen, With or Without Us

    Everything from the sun, to geological processes, to constantly evolving ecosystems have an impact on the climate. There is no “normal” climate that the cultist’s claim we must attempt to maintain. Millions of years before human civilization, CO2 levels and temperatures were many times higher than what they are now. During the Cretaceous period there were no ice caps and the continent of Antarctica was covered with lush temperate forests inhabited by dinosaurs.

    Humanity itself has seen wild fluctuations in the climate, enduring an ice age and an exceptionally warm period during Medieval times.

  8. Godzilla February 27, 2015

    At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/021015-738779-climate-change-scare-tool-to-destroy-capitalism.htm#ixzz3Sxogk8iG
    This should make many progressives happy

    1. Paul Bass February 27, 2015

      Sorry, IBD is NOT a credible source for environmental science.

      It’s only credibility is for “chart following” business types. Even those businessmen with any education follow the WSJ “Wall Street Journal” rather than this strong on technical, light on fundamentals, IBD.

      IBD is KNOWN to cherry pick its data.

      1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

        I can link a hundred other sites that will repeat the same thing! If the only thing you can do is whine about the link, that’s one sorry excuse. Maybe you should just admit that you are a environmental cultist and Climate Change is your religion of choice? Man Made Climate Change is a BIG F-ING LIE!

        1. jmprint February 27, 2015

          Are earthquakes part of the climate change? These are being cause by fracking which is man made.

          1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            No, earthquakes are not part of the Climate Change religion, nor are tsunami’s. But, it depends on what you read and who writes it. Huffington Post has suggested that ISIS (the terror group) came into existence because of Climate Change. The claims of Climate Change have become so absurd it is beyond me how people continue to fall for such numbskullery.

        2. Wedge Shot February 27, 2015

          You are a moron. Virtually ever climate scientist believes in climate change and every single piece of empirical evidence says that the climate is changing.
          Godzilla is dead and you will be too when the water rises over your head.

          1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            You are what is commonly referred to as a “SHEOPLE”. You are free to believe disproven nonsense as you wish. I’ve been called a lot worse by a lot better. PEACE!

          2. Electric Bill February 27, 2015

            Godzilla: To paraphrase Shakespeare, the lunkhead doth protest TOO much. You and Inhofe both resort to indignance, ranting, raving, screaming and pouting to get your way, rather than any rational discourse. What one single fool might have said in Brussels last week in no way discredits thousands of climate scientists and the millions of sane, rational individuals who consider the facts and see overwhelming proof that the climate is changing– for the worse– due to our massive dumping of carbon and other crud into the air.

            Sure, you can scream and holler and throw a temper tantrum just like Inhofe, but emotional outbursts such as yours just show you have no logic to back up your blathering assertions. The thousands of climate scientists, on the other hand, only have sound data and logic on their side.

            The only reason the Republicans– the Tea Partiers, in particular– have to deny Climate Change is because, in working to undo the damage all this industrialization has inflicted on us and the environment, it means Bug Business will have to back off and not do any goddammit thing they please to put more zeroes as the end of their bank balance. That’s’ all this is REALLY about– when the only thing that matters is more cash in your pocket, you’ll say anything at all to get your way, even if it’s something as inane as pontificating about a snowball in February.

            BTW: any attempt to use localized cold temps to disprove Climate Change is ridiculous. We have succeeded in melting a huge buildup of ice and snow on both Poles. Huge sheets of ice have broken away, drifting toward the equator: you don’t think all those millions of tons of displaced ice are going to make some areas in the temperate zone any colder?

            What I have said in the last few paragraphs are logical conclusions based on simple, objective observations. If you try to counter what I have said with anything as ridiculous as cussing me out, calling me names, and spouting off about irrelevant snowballs, you only prove that you have no credibility in the least.

          3. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            I won’t cuss at you, not worth the time. I did enjoy your use of how hard the Republicans don’t dance is proof that it must be true, which was added as part of my “Lame liberal justification to support their position” list. Thanks, that gave me great joy. There are time when some people should just be left alone to believe as they may. You fall into that category because your to deep into your religious cult that you will not except anything that doesn’t support your religious dogma. You and your ilk, much like the Westboro Babtist Church people, are a group so deeply rooted in your beliefs, it is useless to try and change your beliefs. So, with that said, believe as you may, it’s still a free country.

          4. joe schmo February 27, 2015

            Won’t you be the laughing stock in the next decade when your side is found out to have been giving false information.

        3. Daniel Max Ketter February 27, 2015

          Yeah, I agree with wegde shot, youre a moron for not believing.

          1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

            You are free to be naïve as well. It’s nice to have free speech, it may not last long so enjoy.

        4. Bren Frowick February 28, 2015

          You can link a hundred other sites that have precisely zero scientific backing for their absurd claims. You have nothing.

  9. Whatmeworry February 27, 2015

    As we learned last week from the London Times that the warmers have been cooking the books. That ALLLLL the readings have been fudged by 1-2 degrees and that SA has gotten COLDER over the past 20 years

    1. Daniel Max Ketter February 27, 2015

      Yeah, I’ve always believed global warming was occurring as our industry continues to deregulate by the GOP parasites. When that dam oil pipeline bursts, we can add an additional environmental disaster that will make global warming look like small fries. God bless all labor unions and all their members.

      1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

        I bet the members of the coal mining unions would have a big middle finger to show you, jerk.

        1. Daniel Max Ketter February 27, 2015

          The UMWA is so weak and pitiful that they couldn’t negotiate their way out of a bottle.

          1. Godzilla February 28, 2015

            So screw the little guy and their families because they don’t have a job that fits into your religious dogma. This is normal of Liberal/Progressive thinking, you’re for the little guy, as long as they agree with your agenda and vote for your corrupt politicians. Otherwise, starve to death. Pathetic

          2. Daniel Max Ketter February 28, 2015

            Out of respect fro them, I would never cross their picket line.

  10. Whatmeworry February 27, 2015

    As we learned last week from the London Times that the warmers have not been cooking the books. That ALLLLL the readings have been fudged by 1-2 degrees and that SA has gotten WARMER over the past 20 year. I have no doubt global warming is occurring

    1. Godzilla February 27, 2015

      Yes, another Left Wing rag speaks and the gullible believe. What a joke.

      1. Electric Bill February 27, 2015

        Godzilla: let me make it as, simple as I can for you.

        On one side we have people like Inhofe with snowballs and insults, foaming at the mouth. We have skews of maniacs such as yourself calling people naive, and jerks, and referring to middle fingers and showing how frustrated you are because you can only cite (unreliable, questionable) sources in your “arguments” against man – made climate change. You claim (falsely so?) that there are “hundreds” of sources that back up what you say. You claim Climate Change is a “BIG – ING LIE!”, out of frustration because if you actually had proof, you would actually cite Irrefutable DATA rather than showing how much you hate anyone who does not agree with your daft, ludicrous viewpoints.

        Yes, there are thousands more like you, spitting, crying, cussing and calling names… the nastier the slur, the more credible it is, you think, I presume: Bill O’Reilley, Rush Limbaugh, Jeff Beck, etc., all they ever do is sling mud and feces and show how immature they are, never resorting to actually parsing out the relevant data such as can be found in almanacs or from NASA satellites.

        No, nothing like that would actually support any of their slander and insults, so they just continue foaming at the mouth, thinking the more extreme there vitriol, the more apostles they will attract.

        On the other side, you don’t find anything like Tom Cruise jumping on couches, or craziness that aims to use mere theatrics and emotion to win the day. No, nothing very emotional on the other side..M pretty boring stuff compared to Beck, Boehner and Limbaugh: yeah, Republicans really know how to get emotional when it comes to swaying the public, and scientists and techie types often forget to use such solid techniques because they are too reliant on boring, uninteresting facts, data and imperial evidence. Yup, people with facts on their side never learn just how effective name-calling, theatrics and diatribe can be when trying to divvy up a boat load of red herrings.

        Sorry, Godzilla, but facts is facts, as they say, and your shenanigans are just no match for the cold hard truth.

        1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

          SEE MY ABOVE POST:) Sorry, no can do…. Again, you are wrong.

  11. Godzilla February 27, 2015

    It’s Bush’s fault!

  12. ThomasXxs February 27, 2015

    Please, this is not a political left vs right issue. Nearly all (98% or so) climate scientists from around the world (both liberal and conservative) believe that global warming is absolutely real. Of course there are different opinions on the exact timing but that’s normal.

    Why in the world does Senator Inhofe think that a snowball from Washington DC in February proves anything at all about this issue? If you are counting the clueless Senator Inhofe on your side, then it may be time to reconsider your position. Or did you find his snowball “proof” convincing? If you are more than 4 years old, then you should no longer be swayed by such utter nonsense as this.

    If global warming is a hoax, then why has all that ice in the Arctic been melting at such rapid rates and becoming so very obvious on satellite images? There are now many millions of dollars being spent by private companies and investors to prepare for the trans-polar shipping routes now opening up for the very first time (the elusive “Northwest Passage” of old). Are these people all fools? Why is it that glaciers around the world are all shrinking at unprecedented rates? Current photographs when checked in comparisons with those from many years ago prove this “in spades”.

    There’s time for endless political sniping on many other issues, but if you have any concern about the kind of world that your own children and grandchildren will soon face, then you should put away your political toys on this one, and take a really good look at the climate crisis, like real men of conservative principle. Conserve the kind of climate that has nurtured the human race to this point.

    1. joe schmo February 27, 2015

      InHofe is trying to prove a point. Weather is cyclical. California is on the opposite end of the spectrum:

      History shows California subject to extreme droughts

      Because as scientists slowly piece together clues unlocking the region’s ancient climate history, they are learning that California’s past is marked by stifling, soul-crushing droughts that lasted 30 years or longer and brought complex societies to their knees.

      “You crawl into these things, and you crawl out of them,” said Bill
      Patzert, a mathematician and oceanographer at Jet Propulsion
      Laboratories who is considered the foremost expert on the interaction between the ocean and weather patterns. “But I can guarantee that we’re eventually going to find ourselves in a bad one.

      And this is probably not due to human-created climate change, Patzert said. It’s just garden variety variation in a climate that is much more erratic than most of us realize, he said.

      Just how bad can it get?

      By aging old tree stumps in Lake Tahoe, climate researcher Susan Lindstrom found a dry period that lasted an estimated 1,300 years until it finally started getting wetter around 4000 B.C.

      And, more recently, an extended dry period that began about 1,050 years ago likely helped cause the absolute collapse of intricate Southwest American-Indian societies.

      What’s more, a flood in 1605 was so severe it turned the Central Valley into a lake.

      The last 150 years of weather represent some of the most peaceful, reliable periods of rainfall in the region’s history, concluded paleoclimatologists B. Lynn Ingram and Frances Malamud-Roam, in their recent book “The West Without Water.”



      1. Electric Bill February 28, 2015

        Even if that were true it does nothing to counter worldwide climatic changes that can be linked quite certainly with human activity. You are speaking “only” of events of the last few thousand years: the massive buildup of polar ice and snow… the glaciers of North America, northern Europe… the Great Barrier Reef… these predate any of the events you, speak of and all show stark changes since the Industrial Revolution that cannot be accounted for in the manner you refer to.


        The polar caps have never captured as much carbon dioxide in the last few hundred thousand years as they are, doing today, and the Great Barrier Reef, which is many millions of years old, is dying off at a rate that has been unseen in hundreds of thousands of years, ans, may be killed off entirely by the extreme rise in saturated carbon dioxide seen in the last few hundred years.

        If you want to believe humans have not drastically affected the climate and that internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles has been a major factor… just so you can justify fracking, tar sand craziness, a continued obsessive increase in petroleum extraction, etc., I can’t stop you.

        But no wars in the history of the planet were ever fought over electricity, but just since the WTC attacks on 9/11 the petro obsession has cost the US trillions of dollars over the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, other conflicts in the Middle East, and the suffocating increased complexity of national security. If we as a country had gotten serious many years ago about ending our dependence on ICE vehicles and had instead focused on electric vehicles (EVs) such as the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, iMiev, Fiat 500e and, similar practical, ultra-low-maintenance, powerful vehicles, we would never have made Osama bin Laden a billionaire, he could never have committed the psychotic atrocities he did, Bush could never have justified the “weapons of mass destruction” he imagined as an excuse for the Iraq war, and those oil despots in the Middle East could never have had enough of our money to show how demented they were.

        Things would have been markedly better than they are today, we would have had no reason to be arguing over Global Warming, no worries over polar bears and reefs, no rising ocean levels as we have today… we will always have problems to deal with, but not the ones we created by pumping trillions of tons of carbon unnecessarily into the air we breathe.

        EVs are not perfect, but no one has a right to expect them to be. What they do for us is to cut off the bleeding of hundreds of billions of dollars in oil money to OPEC, much of which is turned back against us the same way bin Laden had done 14 years sgo.

        If we do not curtail our oil use, it is inevitable some of that petroleum will be coming from Iran, who, swears they only want to pursue atomic energy for peaceful purposes, but everything points to the contrary.

        We cannot continue to finance our very worst, evilest enemies… so, even if you want to deny the evidence of the environmental damage ICE vehicles do, we still have a very good reason to end our use of gasoline. And those hundreds of billions of dollars we spend annually on oil would be much better spent on shoring up our hospitals and health care systems… our schools and colleges… our crumbling roads and bridges… and paying off the incredible national debt Bush triggered with his wars in the Middle East.

        So, Godzilla et al… wallow in your illusions and misconceptions if you must, but those of us that can think and see clearly will be doing our best to overcome these multiple problems that the ICE has brought us to.

  13. ericlipps February 27, 2015

    Whether or not one believes in the reality of global warming, Sen. Inhofe’s antics are a perfect example of the old adage, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” He presents a cartoon of the idea of global warming and knocks it down with a vaudeville act, thereby removing all doubt in his own case.

    It would be funny if only he weren’t in a position to block actual responses to climate change—which, conveniently for him, won’t really get roaring until after he’s dead. But perhaps he’s one of those who think we don’t have to plan for the next century and beyond because Jesus is coming soon.

  14. Doug Lyons March 1, 2015

    Has anybody bothered to tell Mr. Inhofe that while we may be awash in snow in the East the WC is having record droughts and warmth and there is little to no snow in places in Alaska?


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