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The Worst Possible Preparation To Be The President Of The United States

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The Worst Possible Preparation To Be The President Of The United States


Do you remember the early days of the GOP primary — when all the non-Romneys were taking their turns humiliating the future nominee of the party?

Early November 2011 was Herman Cain’s chance to shame Mitt. In some polls, Cain reached 30 percent, heights that Romney didn’t scale till months later. Riding this crest, Cain sat down with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. A journalist asked him: “So do you agree with President Obama on Libya or not?”

For the next full minute, the former CEO of Godfather Pizza seemed to be playing Password with the questioner, attempting to jar some clue about which talking point he was supposed to repeat. At one point, he actually says, “No, that’s not the line.”

And this was the man who was leading Mitt Romney in polls before allegations of extra-martial affairs – which he alternately blamed on Rick Perry and the “Democrat Machine” — forced him to suspend his campaign.

If you look at Mitt Romney’s qualifications to be president, winning the GOP primary isn’t one. The only reasonable opponent he had – Jon Huntsman – never had a shot. Losing to Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, who both departed Congress in shame, would have been a humiliation. Romney does have two accomplishments in public life that stand out, however.

The former CEO of Bain Capital revived the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics with the help of what resembled a federal bailout. But his greater accomplishment was signing Massachusetts’ health care reform — RomneyCare — into law. To do this, he worked with former foes including the late Senator Ted Kennedy to craft a centrist approach that insured nearly all the citizens in his state. (And because his state was liberal Massachusetts, he also insured undocumented workers with a plan that covered gay couples and subsidized abortion.)

This was an achievement that clearly qualified him for national prominence. But what has Mitt Romney been doing since then?

Since 2006, Mitt Romney has been running to become the President of the Republican Party, which may be the worst possible preparation to become a candidate for President of the United States.

In that time the GOP suffered two stunning electoral defeats and presided over a horrendous financial crisis. Each defeat drove the party further right and took Mitt Romney with it.


  1. sisterH September 15, 2012

    I love Mitt Romney God Bless this man. I pray that he saves this country.

    1. Nomad September 15, 2012

      Amen, sister. We can pray that he saves America from all those meanies who resemble him in every way. In fact, I think on November 6, instead of wasting your time voting, you should go to Church and pray for Romney.

    2. Exor September 15, 2012

      I’m sorry are you for real? The country is saved already! If you are a 1%er, then you like Romney. If you like money going to other people with money that’s great! But what about the 99% who are trying to work and make it in this economy? We are doing the best we can and have always done the best we can no matter who is the president. No one person is responsible for all the you think is wrong with this country. It is also you, your neighbor and the elected officials that make this country great but, we do not need to be saved. Unless you mean, save our jobs from going overseas, having great medical care (look at what is in the the health care law, the majority of people want what is in the health care law, but because our current president’s name is attached to the health care law, it is bad–shame on you and all the rest who do not even know what the health care law really stands for and will do for all people even the 1% and the poor minorities–white people–we are the minority!) and having social security, and medicare. We are a people that has more than any other country except–we have stupid people who want only what looks like them–white, rich, christian (this is a joke–if peopel where really christian, we would have more really feelings towards all people regardless of who and what they are.) and all for the corporations!
      enough of this stupidity from people that are not truly informed with what is really going on in this country and the world!

    3. cpbis September 15, 2012

      You think yourself as a good Christian? How shameful! May God save you!

    4. frivolous01 September 15, 2012

      What exactly is it that the country needs to be saved from?

    5. Elisabeth Gordon September 17, 2012

      Well, bless your heart! – Go read your Relief Society message….’cause you’re killin’ us here….

  2. Nomad September 15, 2012

    Excellent article. When you look back at all of the farcical characters that the GOP foisted on the American public in this year’s election, you might think that (of that lot) Romney, as unsuitable as he clearly is, was indeed the best. (Huntsman was actually the best but then they couldn’t tolerate his moderate views.) Let’s not forget Pokemon and Sim city??

    This underscores a much more serious problem. There will have to be some significant ideological changes to the Republican party if they are serious about winning an election. Namely, they must stop accommodating the fringe elements like the Christian Right and the special interests and the Tea Party and stop allowing Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and all those unelected and self-appointed advisers to hijack the message.

    I am not sure if they can do this at this point because they don’t seem to have an message except that Obama shouldn’t be president. That’s hardly a winning platform.

    1. Baron Cormac September 15, 2012

      For whatever reason, all the A-List Republicans stayed home this year. That left us with the also-rans, wanna-bes and right-wing-nuts. Willard should have learned his lesson four years ago, when he was rejected as a VP candidae by McCain. The Senator from Arizona realized the Massachusetts governor was not Presidential. It still amazes me that he actually picked the Clueless Wonder from Wasalia as his running mate, though.

    2. s salafis September 15, 2012

      Nomad – I like your civil discourse. Kudos.

      I personally agree they need to move away from the fringes. So let’s assume they move to a more moderate position. At that point, not much differentiates the two parties. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

      As voters, I think it would benefit us to have some choice. However, what has happened is closer to polarization which is counterproductive for governance.

      If the purpose of government is to stay the heck out of the way, gridlock helps keep govt to the side, except the Executive branch has regulatory ability and keeps proliferating crap like TSA and DHS.

      I share your sense that there’s almost no time left for Rep party to change course.

      Which brings me to what do think of the assertion that the office has become so enamored of itself that only socio-paths are drawn to run. Baron – that accounts for A-listers staying out of the campaign. And if Obama weren’t running who would have come out from Democrats?

      What dems are likely to step up in ’16? Crystal ball pretty fuzzy at this point…

      1. Lisztman September 16, 2012

        So sorry, s salafis…

        “So let’s assume they move to a more moderate position. At that point, not much differentiates the two parties.”

        Apparently you are suggesting that — between the lunatic fringe on the left (yes, liberals have their own lunatic fringe) and the lunatic fringe on the right — there isn’t much wiggle room for diversity of opinion, or compromise. That suddenly the electorate is one happy kumbaya bunch of centrists.

        Nothing could be farther from the truth. Pick a subject, any subject (with political ramifications). E.g., Immigration policy; Tax reform; Space exploration; Education policy; Defense appropriations; Heck, I’ll even allow voter-ID… you’ll find a wide difference of opinion across the country on how best to handle it.

        Having said all that — you’ll find in analysis that the Democratic Party, taken as a whole, hasn’t moved its positions appreciably over the years. The Republicans, OTOH, keep moving further and further to the right — and it’s they who keep finding the “sociopaths” to run. Answering your question re “if Obama weren’t running” — Take it back to 2004. Obama didn’t particularly loom large on the horizon during Kerry’s campaign. I daresay there are worthy contenders out there — and more than a couple will show up in time for the 2016 campaign season.

      2. David V September 16, 2012

        The purpose of government is not to stay out of the way – it is to provide essential services that are too uneconomic to be provided by free enterprise. First and foremost is common defense. Second is crime control – and that includes theft and fraud in the marketplace. Third is to facilitate prosperity – which means encouraging legitimate business and stopping illegitimate business. The Preamble says it: a more perfect union (replace the Confederation), establish justice (criminal and civil law), provide the common defense (dip0lomacy and war), promote the general welfare (not just that of the few), and secure the blessings of liberty (mind your own business about private morality.) The Republican record of failure on EVERY ONE OF THESE is a matter of fact; who is kidding whom?

        1. Dave_dido September 18, 2012

          Well said, David V. Some of us still believe government can be a force for good. Sometimes it is the only possible force.

    3. Gammaanya September 16, 2012

      Still, as Huntsman is supposedly moderate he said he will vote for Romney – that should tell you enough about him – lock step right or wrong, he will not bucks his party and vote for his Country. No need for another Mormon to have a different aproach and a different way of passing his message. He is far more intelligent than Romney ever will be ad he did keep Utah in good shape. Romney recent comments about the Libya attacka etc, just shows that he want’s to show how tough he is, so was Bush and what did we get for that??.
      Huge DEBT. No need to start a war, over something that we are part of the problem. As
      you know who said that/”” We’re a freedom loving nation. If we’re an arrogant nation, other countries will view us that way. But if we’re humble nation, they will respect us as an honorable nation”- G.W.Bush in 2000 presidential debate. Then he had gone and attacked Iraq. I am sure if the Pres, was white we would not have this division and racist remarks coming from the people in the highest office (McDonnel). Unfortunately almost all hard core Republican’s are racists but will never admitt it – that’s cowrd’s way.
      I still think that Romney jump the gun 6 hrs before the attack. How can you know and condemn something that not yet happend?? I still try to figure this one. My crystal ball is very clear, I don’t get any prediction who will win, but my gut says R/R – money talks and BS walks all the way to WH.

  3. bcarreiro September 15, 2012

    u should see what money cant buy and then you will know the difference between pyschcology and reverse pyschology. PROTOCOL is a lesson learned that one should obey and as for beating the odds they will always be against u when u beat the books.

  4. Dominick Vila September 15, 2012

    Yes, the Republican record of great campaigns and lousy governance, Bush’s record hanging around the necks of every Republican candidate like an albatross, the pain and suffering that Republican policies caused to so many Americans, the effects of deregulation, the disenfranchisement of large segments of our society are all insurmountable factors, but the most damaging of all is Mitt Romney a man so detached from the realities we face that even Republicans wish they had nominated someone else.

  5. latebloomingrandma September 15, 2012

    I saw Jon Huntsman on 2 different shows yesterday. He is so completely head and shoulders above Mitt. He is a little too conservative for me, but this man could have beat Obama and I would have been disappointed but not terrified as I am with the prospect of a President Romney. The Republican party is really stupid to have tossed him aside. When Romney loses the election, the Republicans need to re-do their party and get to right of center again. The far right nuts can break off and form their own fringe instead of trying infect the rest of the country. Since they love the 19th century so much, I suggest they call themselves the Know-Nothing Party.

    1. byson09 September 15, 2012

      Sorry to burst your bubble but Huntsman couldn’t stand a chance against Obama either! None of the party of fear can, their ideology isn’t right for our country anymore! Until they embrace diversity, they’ll never have success!

  6. Mimi2kool September 15, 2012

    Romney is an empty suit. The one true achievement he had as governor he has backed away from in order to appeal to the radical right wing.

  7. Darlene Daily September 15, 2012

    I don’t understand what Mitt Romney’s pass has to do with him now .
    Some of the people want Obama in place of Mitt Romney a man that care’s about us about the USA. No matter how ugly ! from the people on Obama’s side is maken Mitt Romney look wrothless to be the next new President.
    You have over looked everything Obama failed to do while being in office. Do you honestly thank Obama will do better this time if he win’s you people need to open your eye’s and your mind’s. Obama is nothing but a LIER ! He ment nothing in what he said he was gone to do. Look at all the job’s that’s been taken away from the people. Is that what you want a man in office for another four year’s that didn’t do NOTHING !
    Obama has no respect for the human life. Obama goes against God’s standarder’s.

    Mitt Romney’s pass has nothing to do with today ! Mitt Romney wasn’t the one that let the USA and we the people down. Mitt Romney wasn’t the one that FAILED ! Us Mitt Romney wasn’t the one to put an end to the un-born babies life’s. Mitt Romney wasn’t the one that
    Promise to make our life’s better. Mitt Romney wasn’t the one that made the order in China
    back in 2011 to have woman and children killed ! go to youtube videos about Obama and all the under handn’t rotten thing’s he did from the very begaining of him being in office. From 2008 on up to 2012.
    Be for you set judgment on Mitt Romnay’s pass .
    You need to stop and check your heart’s and Pray to God ! in what your wanting to do in voteing for Obama that care’s less about any of us. And Mitt Romney a man that care’s about turning America around !. and wanting and willing to make our life’s better. Mitt Romney will stand by his word and his Promises. He is a man of God!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe all the people for Obama a man that doesn’t give a hoot about any of us.
    Obama didn’t do one thing that he stood on that stand and made wrothless promises how
    he was gone to do so much for the people of the America.
    That your so willing to let Mitt Romney make thing’s right by turning America around go out the window.

    All I can say is GOD HELP YOU !
    I feel with all my Heart Mitt Romney will be OUR NEW PRESIDENT !.

    I Darlene C Daily.
    I Stand By Mitt Romney a 100% in being OUR NEXT PRESIDENT !.

    1. byson09 September 15, 2012

      You are probably a mormon ! Mitt doesn’t worship the same God/Jesus of the Holy Bible! You need to turn off Fox noise and get the TRUTH! Our president has been successful implementing great policies despite all of the opposition from the party of FEAR! He represents ALL Americans, not just corporations/1% as Mitt does,hell what does he represent? Mitt isn’t fit to be our leader and he will never be! I cannot fathom a mormon, or an atheist, Jehovhah witness ,scientologist, muslim, or any other cult member being the leader of this country! God for one wouldn’t allow it!

    2. Evelyn Connaway September 15, 2012


    3. jcbsdriver September 15, 2012

      Unfortunatly there is just too much God in your post.
      It is a problem when a person or political party puts too much God behind their reasons for doing things and deciding issues. Not everyone follows the same God. Not everyone has the same beliefs. In the US, we hold dear our rights to believe and follow the God of our choice. We should not be legislated by one group’s God.

    4. Ed September 15, 2012

      Well, I might feel a little more sympathetic to your rant if you understood the words past not pass. ALSO THE FACT THA YOU GET YOUR ANTI-oBOMA INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET TELLS ME A LOT ABOUT YOU. Mitt Romney’s advisors are GW’s advisors, THEY are the ones that let us down! The supreme court was the one(20 years ago) That made abortion legal. And to imply that the President of the United States has the power to order China to have all the women and children killed would be reason to wonder about your sanity! I want Mittens to tell me what he intends to do to get business to hire people. The President cannot create jobs without the consent of congress. I want him to believe in America enough to close his off shore accounts and bring his money home, which would do more to strenghten our banking system than federal bailouts! I want him to layout a picture of what our defense budget lacks that will necessitate an increase. I want him to take a strong stand on what he will do about medicare, and about Social Securoty. Saying “TRUST ME” is not a slogan to run for president on. A persons past defines his character, that is why it is important. With millions of dollars and thousands of media experts I could get Wily Cyote elected for president. That seems to be Romney’s only hope and what he is counting on.

    5. thomas kevin Harris Sr September 15, 2012

      What are you talking about! You need to do some research before you speak.

    6. Gammaanya September 16, 2012

      Yes, your darling invested his money and made a bundle in a Corp. that was discarding aborted babies. I am prolife and I believe in sanctity of life and I also BELIEVE in PREVENTION of LIFE. I BELIEVE IN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.
      I believe in separation of church and state. I don’t need a Gov. to look in my private parts (maybe U do) and I certainly will not allow it Gov. to tell me what I can do in my bedroom. Obviously you do – Your Prince charming is flopping to whoever give him a bigger check. If I write him a check for 200M and tell him to say abortion should be legal (for his was for it before he was against it) and rape can end up in preganacy – HE WILL SAY IT.
      Then somebody comes up and give a check for 205M to say it abortion kills and ROW-Wade should be repealed – HE WILL SAY IT. Got my drift.? Besides – he will save America from what or whom??? Care to define the enemy?? Russia?? CHina?? N.Korea?? He will not find these countries on the map if given the GPS Sytem and a flashlight.
      He is know nothing,will do nothing. As the old saying says – Cow that moooo too much gives very little milk, too busy mooing than producing, no matter how much she eats and farts.

  8. batavier September 15, 2012

    Mittens is the personification of that widespread American PRETENTION that success in Business absolves one from ethical and moral SCRUTINY as well as the ASSUMPTION of LEADERSHIP QUALITIES…

    1. ExPAVIC September 15, 2012


      Business and politics are two separate mindsets. The former is to screw the other guy, within limits, and the latter is to serve all without pissing off the opposition who may come back later to kick you in the butt.

    2. Joseph Hemphill September 15, 2012

      the GOP equates success with wealth, I know plenty of successful people who are not wealthy.

  9. Ozboy September 15, 2012

    I sure don’t know why folks think that Mit Romney is tone deaf and out of touch with the common folks. Why just the other day on national TeeVee he let slip that he is a big fan of Snooki, that of all the people in the world he would like to have lunch with is Nelson Mandella or Mother Teresa and that he sleeps nekid! Now really, how much closer to being a good old boy and regular guy could he possibly be! No, really don’t laugh, he really did say this!
    Oh, one other thing while I have your attention, I have this wonderful big lake in Utah for sale, I’ll make you a heck of a deal on it and you could make millions just selling the salt in it!

  10. Lilly September 15, 2012

    Yes, Michelle Obama, unlike Mitt’s stepford wife, would never say her husband can “save” America.

  11. ExPAVIC September 15, 2012

    Once Again

    RoMoney is a “business type” and as we have seen in the past this type of attitude does not serve the country well enough. The last “business type” to attempt at being POTUS was Carter and even Democrats will admit what a bust his administration turned out to be.

    Note too, that Bush came from the oil industry, plus others, and we are still suffering from his inept approach at running the country. Compare with Clinton who was a politico through and through and a good one at that. He still is as evidenced by his speech at the Democratic Convention that people are still talking about, even members of the American Taliban Republicans.

  12. deloresb September 15, 2012

    what is obama doing for you no jobs send money over to other country we need to take care of american were going bankruptcy

    1. Elisabeth Gordon September 17, 2012

      huh? – can you say “English 101”?

  13. Landsende September 15, 2012

    SisterH, Darlene and deloresb,
    If your gullible enough to swallow all the tea party and fanatical Christian conservatives rhetoric spoon fed to you by Romney, Faux news and the dope head Limbag, I’m sure there’s another Jim Jones wannabe out there waiting for you to blindly follow him to another country where he will convince you he’s only thinking of you and your best interests and to blindly follow him while he feeds you and your children arsenic laced kool aid.

    1. Elisabeth Gordon September 17, 2012

      Landsende – just last week after posting my support for Obama and denouncing the Robme/Rapeme team, a teabagger told me to stop drinking the kool-aid…I responded by saying, “If Romney gets in, you’ll wish you had the Kool-aid Jim Jones fed to his “followers”.

  14. thomas kevin Harris Sr September 15, 2012

    I`m so glad some people can see the writing on the wall, and who knows the whole story on how we got to be where we are today. when you have the other side stating that their mission is to make Obama fail in everyway possible. Instead of trying to work together, and get us out of the mess we are in, well, that tell a person in their right mind. who is for the people. It was`nt Obama watch when all the jobs were leaving it was bush. I wonder what would have happen if the auto industry didn`t get the help they needed? wonder what Ms Darlene would say whos fault it would be then!

  15. thomas kevin Harris Sr September 15, 2012

    What, You think he has a wand that he can wave around and make jobs appear. We`ve been giving other countrys money for over 60 years. How do you think germany, japan, and korea got rebuilt after the wars!?

  16. David V September 16, 2012

    Romney in repose looks like a President – tall, handsome, distinguished. When he reads his prepared remarks, he acts Presidential – forceful, convincing, even almost persuasive. Unfortunately, as soon as the script is lost, Romney is lost too – he phumphers his lines, he blushes, he simpers, and he says impolitic and inappropriate things. The single most important job of President is as Head of State – he alone, by himself, must speak off the record and off script with the heads of other nations. The key thing (ask any King) is to not say anything stupid – what the President says is taken to be US policy, so it must be said carefully. Romney cannot, for the life of him, say the right thing off the cuff – which, by itself, should disqualify him for the Presidency in the eyes of every voter. It is not a football game, nor NASCAR, nor WWF – loud posturing for cheers from the crowd are not what the job is about. Teddy Roosevelt said that President must speak softly and carry a big stick. Mr Romney, like Mr Bush before him, speaks too loudly and with too little regard for the facts. This election is all over but the voting.

  17. itsmytimelord12 September 17, 2012

    How can we ever trust a person for the White House that lie for the fun of it and expect the american people to say, Oh well, its Okay. But is it okay to God. This is a scary time for americans. I think I will stick with Obama and prepare for the fall out of 2017. I predict all Hell will brake out during these years if we vote a far right into the white house. May God have mercy on us.

  18. alkonaut September 17, 2012

    The “past Romney” strikes me as quite a likeable politician. The kind that the GOP would actually need. It is both hilarious and tragic that in order to represent the GOP you have to abandon all your beliefs and assume a medieval position on most value questions. If the GOP didn’t have a popularly elected candidate but instead appointed one internally, one could assume they would pick a centrist (teapartiers and neocons would vote for that candidate anyway). With a centrist candidate, the GOP would probably win the election. Imagine if they picked Condi Rice. The woman vote and the black vote would be pocketed. Instead they keep electing some disconnected 65 year old pastor from 1955, because he has a good head of hair. The democrats and the rest of the world should be very thankful for the GOP culture.

  19. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan September 17, 2012

    A robot for the republican party!!!!!

  20. Jullie Yeatman September 17, 2012

    What?! ” RomneyCare — his sole qualification to be president — ” have you never interviewed anyone who knows the man? Unlike Obama who sat in congress passing tax after tax and never a budget, spending money that was never his, and ignoring his relatives who live in poverty in kenya and some illegally in the US, Mitt Romney has been helping individuals in very difficult circumstances and not by just writing a check or sending some staffers over to look at a situation for a photo op. Romney actually goes in and gets his hands dirty doing actual work without a camera or news reporter in sight – something Obama has NEVER done. Obama has the compassion of a ticked off cobra. Every job Mitt Romney has had has been done to the best of his abilities and he has been a success at every job – Obama has failed on a daily basis and yet you continue to praise him. He has usurped power from the congress and written 130 executive orders that totally disregard the checks and balances of power outlined in our Constitution. He has no one’s interests at heart but his own while Romney respects the customer in every position he has ever held – and as a taxpaying citizen, I get to fill out my comment card for the guy who will listen and do something for me and mine. Don’t believe Obama’s lies – he himself said if he couldn’t get the deficit under control in 3 years that he would be a one term president – if he is running for re-election when he hasn’t fixed that, FIRE HIM. And don’t believe that Obama inherited this mess from Bush – Obama was in the Democrat-led congress that kept passing the bad federal loans, and tax after tax, and he did nothing to stand against the debt then, he hasn’t changed anything for the better yet and I know he isn’t going to change his policies for the better after the election. He wants to cut Medicare but he postponed it until after the election. More and more elements of the Obamacare monster bill seem to be either unraveling completely or postponed until after the 2012 election. You’re on the internet – start researching some of this stuff! Have you read the 1000 page healthcare bill yet? You’ll be surprised to find your premiums will be taken directly from your bank accounts – yeah, the government will have access to them all.

    1. jarheadgene September 18, 2012

      You are seriously mislead. You need to do some research.

  21. Soapm September 17, 2012

    “presided over a horrendous financial crisis”

    Shouldn’t that read created a financial crises by deregulating the bankers???


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