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This Week In Crazy: Everyone’s Got Secession Fever

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This Week In Crazy: Everyone’s Got Secession Fever


Donald Trump is railing against immigrants trying to get into the country, meanwhile we’ve got conservative activists and officers of the court angling to get out. Misogyny, paranoia, xenophobia, oh my! Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Lee Bright

LeeBrightThe bill to remove the Confederate flag from South Carolina state grounds made its way relatively briskly through the state legislature and on to Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk — where she signed it Thursday afternoon.

That’s not to say there weren’t some snags. In the House, Representative Michael A. Pitts (R) introduced several amendments in an effort to protract the debates and stall the bill’s passage. Not a single amendment passed, and the House voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday.

A few days prior to Pitts’ filibuster, Republican South Carolina state senator Lee Bright took to the floor to go on an extended rant — that had very little to do with the Confederate flag. He enjoined his fellow senators to “take a stand” against the “tyranny of five judges,” and the godless agenda of a president who dares to sing “Amazing Grace” one moment and then light up the White House with “abomination colors” the next.

Bright choked back a sob as he said: “We can rally together and talk about a flag all we want but the Devil is taking control of this land and we’re not stopping him!”

Raw Story has the video:

Unmoved by Bright’s free association, the state Senate passed the bill 37-3. And the flag’s set to come down Friday morning at 10 a.m.

Via Raw Story

Next: Jade Helm Reactionaries 

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. FireBaron July 10, 2015

    Sweet Jesus. What gutter do these people crawl out of, and how fast can we block it?

    1. TZToronto July 10, 2015

      Be careful who you appeal to. The far right will accuse you of co-opting their savior for your own nefarious purposes.

  2. dtgraham July 10, 2015

    I don’t know. I think we’re being a little harsh on Michael Savage. Since I’ve been listening to him, I’ve heard about a lot of stuff that I never knew was going on. I had no idea.

    For example, I think it’s high time we all ask ourselves why Obama’s government jackbooted thugs are raising an army of undead hippies to help give federal bailout money to radical ISIS groups which, as I’m sure you all know, are plotting to force man-on-dog marriage onto Christian churches and turn them all into quickie drive-through abortion clinics. They also want to ban the bible. As Michael said, that’s what Trotsky did during the Mexican missile crisis.

    Snicker if you want, but Michael has warned us that Obama’s Jade Helm security force is fondling our constitution with the evil intent of forcing Texans to gay-marry an illegal immigrant in a mosque at ground zero. They’re also going to be molesting the puppies of Texas children. You know who else tried to do that? Hitler.

    1. Thomas_Blaney July 10, 2015

      What you need is to put some Preparation-H on your amygdala.

      1. dtgraham July 10, 2015

        No way. That’s what Obama’s Hollywood liberals want conservatives to do in order to dull their senses, so Obama can create a one world government that will kill off all conservatives and give their amygdala’s to illegal immigrants or the North Koreans…or something. Whatever.

        1. CrankyToo July 10, 2015

          Brilliant posting! Thanks for the chuckles.

          1. dtgraham July 10, 2015

            Thanks Cranky. Some Republicans might say that my post was a frivolous attempt to make the right look loony but, after all, that’s what their own words are for.

          2. CrankyToo July 10, 2015

            Truer words were never spoken. Keep up the good work, my friend.

          3. idamag July 11, 2015

            The right doesn’t need your help.

          4. dtgraham July 11, 2015

            They might not need my help but they need help in recognizing satire.

            I just confirmed something that I had suspected yesterday but didn’t bother looking into it. I don’t want to embarrass anybody here but there is a poster who was kind enough to give me an approving arrow up for both of those first two posts of mine. This poster also gave arrows up to right wing commenters here and is a very strong conservative (very strong) judging from their posting history. In other words, that person took me seriously in my so-called admiration of Michael Savage. That’s amazing.

            I’ve heard of this before. I’ve read that a certain number of real conservatives used to watch Stephen Colbert on a regular basis and never really caught on. They didn’t really get most of the jokes (no wonder) but somehow felt a part of it, and believed that Colbert was an actual conservative and was one of them. I never knew what to make of that and wasn’t sure whether I believed it or not, but maybe it was true. Wow.

          5. angelsinca July 12, 2015

            As difficult as it is to accurately know what conservatives truly believe from a liberal POV, it makes sense that they aren’t depicted very well.

          6. CrankyToo July 12, 2015

            No surprise there, DT. These right-wingnutz are, by their very nature, gullible. Who else but an unthinking rube would give Savage, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, or any other dirtbag con-man talking head more than about 3 seconds worth of attention? You’ve got to be stupid to hang with that crowd.

  3. dovawk July 10, 2015

    If Texas seceded from the Union like they keep saying they want to. Who are they going to ask or run to for help when Mexico decides to take the Alamo back?

    1. Artemisia2 July 10, 2015

      Let’s just give Texas back to Mexico. Instant karma: Bigoted right-wing white people become the *minority.*

      1. idamag July 10, 2015

        I wish that were feasible. I like that.

        1. CrankyToo July 10, 2015

          Be careful what you ask for, you two. If Mexico owned Texas, it might deport all those dumba$$ Texans back into the US. At least now we’ve got all those idiots where we can keep an eye on them.

          1. highpckts July 10, 2015

            Good one!!

          2. johninPCFL July 10, 2015

            Good point.

          3. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

            Aye. Mexico certainly feels about Texas much like the USA feels about Baja California: Would like the land, but not the residents.

          4. plc97477 July 11, 2015

            Lets give it back with the proviso that they have to keep the idiots. Nothing says they can’t keep them in jail somewhere though.

          5. CrankyToo July 12, 2015

            Q: What would be worse than 12 million Mexicans sneaking across our southern border?

            A: 12 million Texans sneaking across our southern border.

    2. itsfun July 10, 2015

      Sam Houston did that without any union help.

      1. Sand_Cat July 11, 2015

        Sam Houston opposed leaving the union, but you like to pretend he was one of you.

      2. dovawk July 11, 2015

        Sam Houston used quite a bit of his energy to get Texas accepted into the Union. He wasn’t stupid like a lot of Texans are today.

        1. itsfun July 11, 2015

          Imagine how much foreign aid Texas would get from us.

          1. dovawk July 11, 2015

            Probably not enough to save the Alamo.

    3. plc97477 July 11, 2015

      Texass is one of those states that get more from their federal tax monies than they put in so they will be hurting.

  4. Thomas_Blaney July 10, 2015

    Take away NASA, then give Tejas back to Mexico. They never had any allegiance to this country and never will.

    1. johninPCFL July 10, 2015

      Where are all the Constitutional scholars? There’s nothing in the Constitution that gave the US the right to take the territory. I’m with you. Give it back.

    2. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

      Texans will develop an allegiance once they see the Mexican Army massing on their southern border, and no US Army in Texas to match it. Worse case, a couple-three Alamo’s will do the job.

  5. idamag July 10, 2015

    Lee Bright, your last name is a misnomer for you. Jeez, Texas wants to build a fence to protect its borders. I suggest we build it on the northern border, pull all government monies, of any kind, out of Texas and force them to secede. Roy Moore, I see some things you believe in are akin to what led to the Nuremberg trials. Hitler hated gays passionately. Peter Andrew Nolan, I wish we could mark you so we can avoid you when you get a gun and decided to shoot up a pubic place. Same thing for Michael the savage.

    1. itsfun July 10, 2015

      Maybe the Texans are tired of illegal immigrants bringing gangs, drugs, murder, rape to their state.

      1. highpckts July 10, 2015

        Unlike all the “white” people that do the very same thing but that’s different, right?

        1. itsfun July 10, 2015

          Check out the crime rate by illegal immigrants.

          1. Paul Bass July 10, 2015

            Please do. All pertinent statistics show crime rates for illegal immigrants much LOWER than native born citizens.

            Think about one second please, if you are illegal are YOU going to want to stick out to a LEO?

          2. itsfun July 10, 2015

            Illegal immigrants accounted for almost three-quarters of the federal
            drug possession sentences and more than a third of all federal sentences
            in fiscal year 2014, The Washington Examiner reports.

            The website obtained the data from the United States Sentencing Commission.

            The number of total sentences was down slightly from the previous year, but rose sharply for drug possession.

            The report shows that illegal immigrants made up 55.8 percent of simple
            possession cases in 2013, and the percentage rose to 74.1 percent in

            In 2013, 1,123 illegal immigrants were sentenced on convictions of simple possession, and made up 55.8 percent of those cases.

            Illegal immigrants represented 16.9 percent of all federal drug trafficking sentences, the Examiner reported.

            The statistics also showed that 20 percent of kidnapping/hostage taking
            sentences were attributed to illegal aliens, while 12 percent of murder
            sentences were. National defense-related sentences represented by
            illegal immigrants was at 19.4 percent.Latest News Update

            Almost 92 percent of immigration-related crimes were committed by illegal immigrants.

            The report comes just as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
            has cast a spotlight on crimes committed by illegal immigrants with his
            controversial comments made at his campaign announcement in June.

            “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump
            said at the time. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime.
            They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

            Trump received criticism from Democrats and some Republicans and also
            lost several business relationships over his comments, but he has found
            supporters after the killing last week of San Franciscan Kate Steinle.
            An illegal Mexican immigrant has been charged in her death.

            The Examiner noted that the statistics do not include convictions on the
            local or state level, where most rapes and murders would be prosecuted.

          3. Paul Bass July 10, 2015

            Please again don’t listen to the RW nutjobs, WE is a nutjob publication.

            From a one sec. search From Judicial Watch, (you know a REAL org. devoted to REAL judicial news about the REAL cases in USA)






            though this one, republished in “think progress” from the study that came from a Criminology and Delinquency journal, I’m sure you won’t like because of where it appears.

          4. idamag July 11, 2015

            itsfun is either a kid or a case of arrested development. He might be reading the disposition section of the paper and see: Holmes, Roof, Nugent, Limbaugh, Brown, Smith, Jones, and Garcia’s crimes, but he only sees Garcia.

          5. Paul Bass July 11, 2015

            I agree, I just can’t seem to let his lies go unanswered.

            Especially when they are just the standard tired bigoted “facts” the braindead Rushites have been spouting for years.

          6. highpckts July 10, 2015

            Oh goodie! More “facts” from pertinent “news” sources that are totally unbiased!

          7. itsfun July 10, 2015

            Oh goodie another person who claims to know all about news sources and which ones we can use. I didn’t know you get to decide what I can and can’t read.

          8. Sand_Cat July 11, 2015

            You can read whatever crap you want; as usual, you once again try to make out that someone’s trying to control you!
            We’d prefer that you not insult our intelligence by quoting your lies as “facts,” but if you must, go ahead. You have a perfect right to broadcast your ignorance and bigotry to all.

          9. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

            Anything in your figures as to how many of the rapes, for example, were committed on illegals by illegals? It’s quite common for coyotes to rape the women they escort across the border, to control them. As well as to extort additional money out of the “chickens” or force them to transport drugs. And, murder is an easy to get rid of any “chicken” that objects. [Such is the easy way to cross the border?]

          10. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            Just soak up all that right-wing biases propaganda!! Why am I not surprised!!!!!!!!!!!

          11. itsfun July 11, 2015

            So everything the left-wing puts out is true and everything the right puts out is nothing but propaganda?

          12. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            NO! Neither extreme is valid. But you and your ilk love nothing more than to quote obvious propaganda from right-wing sources. Try posting something from NPR, or USA-Today, or even CNN or the Washington Post. Or authors who have spent their lives trying to do work that is HONEST and not based on racist, anti immigrant, right-wing or left-wing hypocrisy.

          13. itsfun July 11, 2015

            Who is the great know-it-all that gets to decide what is extreme?

          14. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            Doesn’t need a ‘know-it’-all’. Simply needs a ‘SANE, NON BIGOTED, NON-HYPOCRITICAL PERSON; SOMEBODY TOTALLY UNLIKE YOURSELF, to assess the articles they publish and see clearly that the articles that anti-humans such as yourself choose to use as reference – publish articles that are clearly racist, anti-immigrant, anti-life – and are filled with lies and distortions of the truth!!!!

          15. itsfun July 11, 2015

            So, you are the one that gets to decide. figures

          16. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            Say, why don’t you explain to us how it is to be a’paid troll’ and take home BLOOD MONEY every week.

            What do you spend that BLOOD MONEY on anyway?? Another yacht?? Or maybe a 2nd home??

            You realize of course being on here and clearly supporting the GOP is akin to abetting Mass Murder?? Right??



            I live in Maine, the state by the way that an organization just awarded the title AS THE STATE IN AMERICA WHICH MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLES A TRUE DEMOCRACY.

            Well, when back in 2010, our current idiot governor LePage and a GOP legislature gained power, guess what their very first legislative action was!! Cut the maximum tax rate to let the Maine wealthy keep more of their money, while at the same time cutting funding for MaineCare (read Medicaid) which resulted in 70,000 poorer Mainers now going without the medical care they need for onto 5 years. And guess what; we had friends on MaineCare back then, one of which has died prematurely due to her inability to get the healthcare she needed to stay alive. And there have been h
            Hundreds, maybe thousands of other Mainers that have died prematurely this past 5 years for the same reason.

            Please come on here and try and convince me this isn’t the equivalence of MASS MURDER!!

            I’ll guarantee you that if I started feeding my family a little arsenic each day knowing that in time it would build up and kill them all, I would be tried for mass murder. We just tried the Mass. Bomber for that and gave him the death penalty.

            Why can’t the families of those who have died prematurely because LePage and the GOP legislature cut off their MaineCare benefits to offset tax breaks to the wealthy, knowing people were going to die prematurely because of it, able to bring a class action suit against LePage for MASS MURDER????

            And the same goes for people in every other GOP-run state that has refused to expand Medicaid…THE GOP ARE MASS MURDERERS!!!! WHY SHOULD WE RESPECT ANY ONE OF THEM, OR INHUMAN PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF WHO CHOOSE TO SUPPORT THEM???????????

          17. itsfun July 11, 2015

            The rich Republicans don’t want people to die, after all who would wait on us.

            Do you have any more fairy tales to tell us? Calling a huge percentage of people in this country mass murderers because of their political ideas is just plain stupid.

          18. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            There you go deflecting again!! YOU’RE THE STUPID ONE!! Not being an honest enough human being to own up to the murder that the people you support in politics are committing day in and day out!!

            You think I’m the only one calling Republicans murderers??

            Think again LOWLIFE!!

            Maine Democrats: LePage is a murderer

            PORTLAND, Maine – The Democratic activist group Maine People’s Alliance is calling Gov. Paul LePage and Republican lawmakers killers for opposing a bill to expand Medicaid.

            “157. Number of Mainers estimated to die this year if Gov. LePage and the Legislature fail to accept federal health care funds,” screams the landing page of a new MPA-funded website,157Mainers.com.

            Within hours of the website coming online, the Maine Democratic Party, the Maine Center for Economic Policy (a Democratic think tank) and liberals across the state rushed to endorse the harsh message on social media.


          19. itsfun July 11, 2015

            Don’t be one of the 157 mariners then. If you are so upset about their situation, donate to them and help them, instead of calling others names. Your constant whining doesn’t help anyone.

          20. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            Sorry LOWLIFE!! I’m not going to stop ‘whining’ until something is done to get the GOP gangsters out of office who think it’s okay to allow even their own constituents to die, just so they can feed more money into the pockets of the wealthy and their own – which we’re totally forgetting. When these American Mafia types vote for these budget cuts for the wealthy and subsidies for the alfready profit making corporations, we wall know what’s supporting all that funnelling of the money – KICKBACKS!!!!!!!!

          21. itsfun July 12, 2015

            Your typical post: whine, name call, whine, name call. Now you hide behind the bible. You should actually read the bible, then practice what you read. You preach tolerance, but have no tolerance for others.

          22. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            You’re asking me to have tolerance for murderers???

            Is that what the people of Boston had for the bomber?? Tolerance?

            Is that what we’re supposed to have for Dylann Roof?? Tolerance??

            You LOWLIFES really believe you should be able to get away governing in a way that channels billions of dollars into YOUR and the pockets of your wealthy donors while thousands of innocent people die!! Don’t You???

          23. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            And it’s not just the Maine Democrat party that is calling Republicans MURDERERS!!

            It’s even an Independent, Angus King, arguably one of Maine’s best governors ever and now Maine’s Junior Senator behind Collins, has said the same thing:

            Sen. Angus S. King Jr., Maine independent, said in an interview with Salon magazine that conservative groups campaigning against Obamacare are “guilty of murder.” ….

            “That’s a scandal — those people are guilty of murder in my opinion,” Mr. King said Friday. “Some of those people they persuade are going to end up dying because they don’t have health insurance. For people who do that to other people in the name of some obscure political ideology is one of the grossest violations of our humanity I can think of. This absolutely drives me crazy.” ….


          24. itsfun July 11, 2015

            Who cares what Angus S King Jr says? Just because someone doesn’t agree with you or your heroes doesn’t make them killers or bad people or anything except people with different ideas.

          25. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            “People with different ideas”?? Oh! I see! So because you think the poor are nothing but rabble, it’s okay to shortchange them on things they need to live, and it’s not murder when they die prematurely because it’s ONLY BECUASE YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT IDEA ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT??? IS THAT IT??

            So IN OTHER WORDS, I’ll bet you don’t believe what Dylan Roof did was really wrong, DO YOU?? Using your logic, Dylann killing 9 blacks wasn’t really wrong because he had a ‘different idea’ about the value of black people’s lives.

            Wow!! YOU REALLY ARE A SICKO AREN’T YOU!!!!!!!!!

            Even thousands of Republicans who have died because the GOP Gangsters sentenced them to death by refusing to exten them Medicaid so the Rich People in those states could buy another yacht – really wasn’t mass murder because it’s okay for Republicans to have the idea that people dying to support the wealthy is okay!! Wow!! How sick is that????????????

          26. itsfun July 12, 2015

            You have no idea what logic is! You are so full of hate, it has poisoned your mind.

          27. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            I’ll admit it. I hate murderers. I can only hope that Jesus will forgive me for that when the time comes.

          28. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            In case you’ve missed it before, here are the people in GOP run states who were projected to have died prematurely in 2014 because Republicans refused to extend Medicaid. Remember,this doesn’t include all the people who died prematurely because Republicans also cut SNAP funding and unemployment benefits for lots of people and even SS benefits for veterans on disability. I’ll guarantee you that the number of those who’ve died prematurely was more than 20,000 in 2014 alone. And it wasn’t mass murder, because the GOP just has a different idea about what’s right!!! Wow!! How sick is that!!!!!!

          29. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            But what does all this mean to a LOWLIFE LIKE YOURSELF???

            My only consolation is you, along with everyone else that supports the murdering GOP is going to pay for that in Hell for eternity!!!!!!!!

          30. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            And when you talk about my “Calling a huge percentage of people in this country mass murderers’, don’t forget these words from Jesus in Matthew 7:

            13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

            14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

            Jesus sure got that right – there are few that have enough of the right spirit to even think about walking through the strait gate that leads to Heaven.

          31. itsfun July 11, 2015

            What would someone that talks to people like you do know anything about Heaven?

          32. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            I only talk to right-wing dirt bags that are nothing more than abetting murders the way you’re suggesting. I don’t talk that way to people who justify some kind of respect – which people like you clearly don’t!!!!

            Even God didn’t speak very highly of those that he hated – like Cain!!

          33. itsfun July 12, 2015

            What kind of person are you? First you call people profane names, then when your bullying doesn’t work, you stand behind GOD. You actually have the gull to call me a low life when you post filthy language, then quote the bible.

          34. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            What ‘filthy language’. You’ve never read a post where I used cuss words. You’re calling the adjectives I use to accurately describe the kind of creeps that you and your ilk are ‘ filthy language”?


          35. itsfun July 12, 2015

            Yes I have and I have called you on it before. Recently you have started using adjectives.

          36. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            More lies!! Find that post and prove it!! You’re lying again!!

          37. itsfun July 12, 2015

            no its not.

          38. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            Like I said, prove it.

          39. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            Oh! By the way. I’m sure your Republican friends there should really get a chuckle out of this Republican Lifegaurd Cartoon.

          40. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            And aside from the murder rap that the GOP has, just look at the terrible economic and job creation results for Republicans since Hoover was in office. Where every Democrat has outperformed Every Republican economically (and that includes job creation, GDP growth and Stock Market gains.)

            Republicans ARE LOSERS any which way you want to measure them. Even in creating today’s enormous income inequality

          41. itsfun July 12, 2015

            How many of those years was the House and Senate Democrat?

          42. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            Nice try at deflecting – but NO DICE!! Until Newt the corrupter was elected Speaker, Presidents pretty much controlled what our government spent and did – that’s why Eisenhower was a cheapskate and despite Dem Congresses, Ike leads all presidents in having 3 recessions in his 8 years because he vetoed virtually every spending ills. And that’s why Reagan, spent like a drunken sailor dreaming up everything he could think of to spend money on like ‘Star Wars’. And although he may have gotten a little kick-back on what he wanted, in the end Democrats have virtually always ended up being bi-partisan and giving in, to GOP presidents. And Republicans were most often the same, until Newt the corrupter; destroyed any sense of bi-partisanship between the Dems and Republicans.

            And that ‘s why since Newt the corrupter, the Dems have only had enough control of congress for only 3-5 months to get anything they wanted done. Aside from those 3-5 months, the GOP has either had control, or Mitch the Emperor, has used his magic fake Filibusters more than 425 times to kill anything the Dems have wanted to do.

          43. itsfun July 12, 2015

            The question remains: How many of those years did the Democratic control the Congress: In case you don’t know, the House controls the purse strings, not the President.

          44. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            Sorry, it’s really irrelevant. Although the House has the final say on t he budget. The President presents his version of the budget by February. And until Newt the corrupter, the Dems were never ones to give president a hard time on the pendingTHAT HE WANTED TO DO!!

            Sorry lowlife but you’re not weaseling your way out of this one!!!

            The GOP presidents are totally responsible for all the disasters they created!!!!!!!!!!!

          45. itsfun July 12, 2015

            You spend all your time bitching about the cheapskate republicans when the democrats control the purse strings, then you decide its irreverent. If anyone is weaseling out, its you. One minute the Republicans are cheap, when you find out who controlled the purse, then it become irreverent. You just don’t have a clue about how our government works. You are one sick individual.

          46. Independent1 July 13, 2015

            Nice try lowlife. Keep up trying to get out of the Republicans being responsible for all the failed economies and job creation that occurs during their presidencies.

            I know full well how our government is supposed to work. Our forefathers fully intended THAT IT’S THE PRESIDENT WHO IS SUPPOSED TO LEAD THE DIRECTION OF THE NATION NOT THE CONGRESS!! CONGRESS IS SIMPLY A CHECKS AND BALANCES TO ENSURE THE PRESIDENT DOESN’T GET CARRIED AWAY. Congress IS NOT supposed to be acting like EMPEROR MITCH does and EMPEROR BOEHNER DOES, purposely doing everything they can to subvert the direction that Obama would like to lead the country – and forewhich he has a sizeable plurality of the population.

            Sorry dumbcoff, but if it was the Dems who were responsiblve for why the GOP presidents are total failures every time they’re in office, the Democrat Presidents wouldn’t have been so successful everytime they’re in office with a Democrat Congress.

            Just look how big a failure Georgie Boy was when he had a totally controlling irresponsible GOP Congress for 5 years and passed 2 unfunded/unwarranted Tax Cuts that are still contributing to deficits, and an unfunded Medicare drug benefit that is also still adding to our deficits, and several unfunded state mandates including the fiasco called No-Child-Left-Behind. And not only that, the GOP leaders sat back and allowed Georgie to start two UNFUNDED WARS!!

            No Dem congress has ever allowed a president to start a war without raising taxes or finding some way to pay for it!!
            But the GOP Congresses during Georgie Boy’s first 5 years were so irresponsible they not only let him start those two wars without funding them, they never questioned that he wasn’t even including the monies for them in his budgets!!! It wasn’t until Obama came in and stopped that nonsense that was started by America’s WORST PRESIDENT EVER NAMED REAGAN!!!!!!!!!

          47. itsfun July 13, 2015

            You are either mentally ill, and full of hate or you are just plain stupid.

          48. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            Don’t like the fact that I’m taking a stand and pointing out to you just what you and your GOP-loving ilk are – MURDERERS!! Do You??

            Don’t like being told the truth!! Do you??

          49. itsfun July 12, 2015

            You wouldn’t know the truth is it hit you smack in the face. You make up numbers, lie, call names, bully and cry like a baby. A while back when I pasted a part of the Constitution for you to read, you actually called that bogus. You are so out of touch with reality, it is unbelievable. You are showing signs of being a very mentally ill person.

          50. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            What’s the matter, do all the people there at the RNC or the Heritage Foundation or whereever you’re posting from not like being told the truth??

            That GOP governance not only kills the American economy but also kills people!!

            Then maybe someone there should start figuring out why people in red states live 2-6 year shorter lives than people in Blue States.

            And why 24 of the 27 states with the auto fatality rate greater than the national average are all GOP-run states.

            And why GOP-run states lead the nation in homicide fatalities commited by every method possible. Why GOP-run states lead the nation in infant mortality and even mothers dying during child birth.

            Why in study after study GOP-run states end up being the states with the worst quality of life, the most miserable places to live , the most dangerous places to live. and on and on.

            Just how long did you and your ilk expect everyone to just sit by and let all this continue to happen??

            For Republicans to get away with not only killing people, but governing them in a way that made their lives miserable and terrible places to live??????????????

          51. itsfun July 12, 2015

            whine whine lie lie make up numbers, that is all you are about.

          52. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            Make up numbers huh?

            The ten most corrupt states:


            The ten states with the worst quality of life:


            Ten states where alcholol and drugs kill the most motorists


            Ten most miserable states


            Ten states with the highest infant mortality rates

            http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/10-states-with-highest-infant-mortality-rates-344893/10 Most Dangerous States – 9 were governed by Republicans

            The most dangerous states to live in


            States with the highest vehicle fatalities per 100 million
            miles traveled


            10 Most Miserable states to live in – All 10 are governed by


            9 of the 10 States with
            the most gun related violence are Red States
            Analysis by 24/7 Wall Street – 2012
            Homicides/Assaults/Violent Crime


            -11 of the 12 states that have the highest infant mortality rates in the nation are RED STATES? With Mississippi having the highest infant mortality followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, S. Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana & Ohio.

            -20 of the 24 states that have more than 12% of their
            population struggling with incomes below the poverty level (the states that need the most welfare assistance) are RED STATES. The only Blue States in the top 23 are California, New Mexico, and New York. While for 2013, the 8 states
            with the highest average incomes, including the 3 with the highest minimum wage standard, are all Blue States.

            15 of the 20 states with the highest average rates of homicide over the past 5 years are RED STATES. With Louisiana being by far the murder capital of America followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, N. Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

            -23 of the 25 states in the nation with the highest highway fatality rates are RED STATES; with Montana having the most fatalities followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, S. Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona,
            Nevada, Alaska, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida…

            More than 75% of food stamp recipients live in RED STATES. Six of the top 10 food stamp-using states are GOP-RUN states and beyond that the greatest food stamp using states are the sparsely populated red states. And of the 456 counties in America that use more than 90% of all food stamps, 421 of those counties (92%) voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

            -All 15 of the states with the lowest life expectancy in the U.S. are RED STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity between Red States and Blue States: on average, residents of blue states live 2 years longer than residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as
            5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting
            with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2),
            while 2 Blue States have longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

            -OR why is it that the red state which most Republicans
            probably look to as a shining light for the GOP, Texas, which is the second largest economy in America behind California, is nothing more than the cesspool of America?? Texas ranks in the bottom 5 in almost EVERY SUBJECTIVE MEASURE when compared to other American states! Even though the GOP has had 20 plus years to turn it into something other than a job creation machine that lures unsuspecting job applicants to AMERICA’S WORST STATE IN MANY MEASURES!!

          53. itsfun July 12, 2015

            Try using real news sources.

          54. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            USA-Today and 24/7 wall street are two very reliable news sources as are the CDC and FBI and the Census Bureau. And unlike you right-wingers, I actually use those websites to compile my stats and not some left-wing website that adjusts the FBI’s and CDC’s numbers to their liking. I’ll stand behind every one of the numbers I’ve published. Something none of you RWNJs can do.

          55. plc97477 July 11, 2015

            The hardest part to understand is some of those people that were murdered were repugs and voted the nit wits in.

          56. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            Absolutely! It’s really sad that up to 17,000 died in the GOP states that refused to extend Obamacare in just 2014; thousands more so far in 2015. I’m sure a lot of those who died were people who voted in the nitwits in that refused to extend them healthcare. And that doesn’t even count the thousands I’m sure that have died over the past 18 months just from the GOP cutting back on SNAP and even unemployment benefits which had kept people from being homeless and hungry.

            Not sure if you noticed itsfun’s response to me on some of this but he’s trying to justify the GOP allowing thousands of people to die as just ‘they’re having a different ideology’. What a joke. Itsfun is no different than Dylann Roof who had a different ideology too. I doubt Itsfun even believes what Roof did was wrong. Like the GOP, he was just doing what he believed in – so what was so wrong about him shooting 9 black people???

            What’s sad to me is just how big of SICKOs Republicans in general have become when they can pass of thousands of people dying as just the result of their failed ideologies – and not mass murder!!!!!!!!!

          57. plc97477 July 12, 2015

            Actually, I try to make a point of listening to people who are intelligent enough to be worth listening to. itsfun hasn’t made the cut. I never read what he writes. I am too old to waste time on his posts.

          58. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            I’m fairly convinced that itsfun is posting from either the RNC or the Heritage Foundation or one of the other Republican think tanks. If itsfun isn’t intelligent enough to carry on a worthwhile discussion, then responding to virtually every RWNJ is a total waste of time. My sense is he/she feigns ignorance and sometimes compassion, in order to suck posters in and make him or herself look at least a little ‘human’; rather than the typical right-wing brainwashed robot.

          59. idamag July 15, 2015

            And I am too intelligent to waste time on those fascist type posts.

          60. angelsinca July 12, 2015

            Those sources are all biased to the left. Way left from where most Americans are. That’s why the ratings continue to tank. As you accurately indicate, they have spent their entire LIVES trying to prove how wrong the right is (from their POV). No bias there. Lol

          61. Independent1 July 13, 2015

            Sorry lowlife, but numerous studies have shown that NPR and USA-Today are the most trusted unbiased news sources in American. And that Fox News is without question the most LYING news source on the planet.

            Just because all you tunnelvision, sheeple-minded conservatives flock to Fox News, while the 2/3s of nonconservative SANE, open-minded Americans choose to get their news from a variety of news sources – meaning because you sheeple flock to only one news source, thereby supposedly making it the most viewed news by nothing more than a bunch of mindless, low-IQ conservatives; does not in fact make what it publishes ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

          62. Independent1 July 13, 2015

            And here’s an article to just support some of what I just posted:

            From the Mint Press:

            ‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies

            MINNEAPOLIS — Analysis of Fox News suggests that the TV news network is a leader in lying to the American public, beating out CNN and MSNBC for the amount of falsehoods broadcasted.

            The analysis comes from Punditfact, a partnership between the Tampa Bay Times and Politifact.com, which maintains scorecards on the accuracy of major TV news networks. As of January, about 60 percent of facts reported by Fox News were false.


          63. Independent1 July 13, 2015

            And by the way, the same holds true for the Heritage Foundation. More than 50% of what the Heritage Foundation claims to be fact – are outright LIES!!!!!!

            And keep in mind, I’m an Independent. I’m not vouching for any of the clearly left-wing news outlets – I personally try to avoid those too. But right now, given the outright BLATANT CORRUPTION being displayed by the GOP; it’s my objective to at least make people aware of just how outright corrupt the GOP has become.

            And I would guess that I may have even vote for as many or possibly more different Republican presidential candidates than you have in my life. I’ve voted for 3 of them: Eisenhower, Ford and Bush Sr. How many different REPUBLICAN presidential candidates have you voted for???

          64. angelsinca July 12, 2015

            Wasting your time here, itsfun. The left does not accept what they do not want to believe. Period.

          65. Carolyn1520 July 12, 2015

            Projecting again?

          66. Independent1 July 12, 2015

            That’s all right-wingers know how to do, is pretend that what they’re doing is an out and out crime – which it is. There’s no way that politicians should be able to get away with deliberately allowing people to die – without being subject to some kind of consequences.

          67. angelsinca July 13, 2015

            No. Now, you are just trolling.

          68. Carolyn1520 July 13, 2015

            As you are.

          69. itsfun July 12, 2015

            Some of the folks here are willing to listen and do accept facts. A few do have closed minds and love to try and bully people. Some don’t think its ok to disagree on issues and only one side has all the answers. When we can no longer disagree with each others we will truly be the USSA or UCSA.

          70. highpckts July 10, 2015

            Why don’t you check it out! The whites are far and above more criminal but that doesn’t play into your bigotry does it!

          71. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            I just posted the crime rate for illegals for you LOWLIFE!! And I’m tired of you PURPOSELY IGNORING FACTS just so you can make more of your LYING POSTS!!

            San Diego is the city in America with the highiest concentration of illegals IN THE NATION!! And San Diego is one of the 10 cities in America that has seen the biggest drop in crime over the past 2 decades as the percent of illegals in San Diego has gone up.

            Illegals commit FAR LESS CRIME THAN NATIVE-BORN AMERICANS!!!

          72. Joan July 11, 2015

            While I admire your perseverance there is really no point and absolutely no fun in engaging itsfun. He is woefully and willfully ignorant, incapable of rational discourse. Save your blood pressure and disengage. It was a optimistic enterprise but doomed to failure from the start. There is none so blind as those who will not see, itsfun might have been blind from birth, certainly he has been blind ever since he started trolling here.

          73. angelsinca July 12, 2015

            That’s interesting. Yet, according to the FBI:

            a) 75 percent of those on the most wanted criminals list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

            b) One quarter of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals, as are more than 40 percent of all inmates in Arizona and 48 percent in New Mexico jails.

            c) Over 53 percent of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

            d) 63 percent of cited drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that number, 97 percent are illegal aliens. 66 percent of cited drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66 percent, 98 percent are illegal aliens.

          74. Carolyn1520 July 12, 2015

            Really? According to the FBI?
            I read their stats.
            Yours look like the came straight from The Constitution Party website and they don’t match the FBI stats.
            Try again. 😀

          75. angelsinca July 13, 2015

            Google is your friend. Let’s see how wrong the stats are. Got any proof to dispel the data derived from the FBI stats?

          76. Carolyn1520 July 13, 2015

            Make Google your friend. Only this time type in FBI first. The information is out there

          77. Independent1 July 12, 2015


          78. angelsinca July 13, 2015

            Never said I got the ‘stats from the FBI’s website’. If you don’t believe the data, prove it wrong.

          79. Independent1 July 13, 2015

            I have!! Numerous times, using a number of studies!! What you published is clearly right-wing fabricated lies!! Pure propaganda!! Pure BS!!

            There are even two articles currently on the NM quoting studies which prove ILLEGALS COMMIT FAR LESS CRIMES THAN NATIVE-BORN AMERICANS!!

            Take your lies and cram them!!!

          80. Independent1 July 13, 2015

            Even Rupert Murdoch knows that the bogus, supposed FBI statistics you posted, that try to show illegals as being the major makers of crime, are a pack of fabricated outright lying crap!!

            From Newsmax:

            Conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch called out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Twitter Sunday, saying the real estate mogul is wrong to say Mexican immigrants – or any immigrants – commit more crime than legal residents.

            Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rates than native born. Eg El Paso safest city in U.S. Trump wrong.


          81. idamag July 15, 2015

            You are a pedophile. Now it is up to you to prove me wrong. If I say it, it must be true.

      2. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

        Like bringing coals to Newcastle?

      3. Independent1 July 11, 2015

        More of your lying rot!! Illegals are more than 8 times LESS LIKELY to commit a crime than you are!! A native-born American. And if they do commit a crime, they’re 2-3 times less likely to commit one which requires being incarcerated. Sorry lowlife, but from your posts, YOU, are more likely to be a crook and drug dealer than any illegal!!!!!!!!

        And in 2013, illegals boosted the Texas economy by an estimated 18 billion dollars!! Texas is not real anxious to get rid of illegals – only in demented minds like yours!!!!!!!!!

      4. Sand_Cat July 11, 2015

        Maybe we’re tired of your imagining and lying about this to get your way.
        Texas and most other red states have absolutely no need of immigrants to fill more than their quotas of drugs, murders, rapes, and other crimes.

  6. itsfun July 10, 2015

    Many people in many states are very weary of governmental regulations and policies. Texans aren’t afraid to express their feelings about government control.

    1. The_Magic_M July 10, 2015

      But could they rather do it in a sane way? To ensure sane people actually listen to them?
      If you think Big Pharma is too powerful, you won’t get that message across with “Viagra was designed to kill old white conservatives!!!”.

      1. itsfun July 10, 2015

        Have you ever tried to talk with a government official in a sane way. They listen, smile, agree with you and do nothing. If you want to go up the ladder, you must get through layer after layer of people and paperwork to go up one rung.

        1. The_Magic_M July 10, 2015

          And you think talking to a government official in an insane way gets you any further? Or don’t you understand your own argument?

          1. itsfun July 10, 2015

            Nope, didn’t mean for what I said to be taken that way. Just showing how hard or impossible it is for citizens to get their ideas listened to.

          2. highpckts July 10, 2015

            When your ideas are looney tunes like Jade Helm then no wonder you can’t get anyone to listen!!

          3. itsfun July 10, 2015

            Another tolerant person from the left is heard.

          4. highpckts July 10, 2015

            Yeppers! So you think Jade Helm is sane?? Just asking!

          5. Independent1 July 11, 2015

            Don’t expect someone as equally insane as Jade Helm to give you a rational ‘sane ‘ answer to that question.

          6. Sand_Cat July 11, 2015

            Once again, you try to project your own intolerance on us. We are not permitted to strongly disagree with you, while of course you can say anything you want.

        2. Carolyn1520 July 10, 2015

          That’s your experience. Maybe YOU aren’t speaking “in a sane way”

        3. Sand_Cat July 11, 2015

          Ever tried talking to a “conservative”? They don’t even have the courtesy to let you finish before they threaten you with death. I know you’re trying to hide the well-known “conservative” penchant for insanity and violence by appearing calm, but maybe you should try facing the reality.
          But maybe you think it’s fun.

      2. sunflower52 July 23, 2015

        Speaking of “boner pills”…how disgusting is it to have gorgeous women hawking them in commercials? Hell, if a man can’t get it up for them the average woman is doomed to providing her own satisfaction.

    2. Carolyn1520 July 10, 2015

      They love that government money though.

      1. itsfun July 10, 2015

        What government money? Do you mean yours and my tax money? The government doesn’t create any product to earn money. It just takes our money and gives it away to someone else.

        1. Carolyn1520 July 10, 2015

          The federal funds from a government they threaten to secede from when they don’t get their way.
          Don’t even try deflection with me.

          1. itsfun July 10, 2015

            Not deflecting, just wondering where the federal government gets money to give away.

          2. Carolyn1520 July 10, 2015

            LOL Yeah sure.

          3. Mela0402 July 10, 2015

            Liberal States

            “taxpayers in MS, for example, get $3.07 back in federal funding for every $1.00 that they pay in federal income taxes. Taxpayers in the least dependent states contribute more federal income taxes than they take in federal tax dollars. Basically, the least federal government-dependent states, (mostly liberal), subsidize the most federal government-dependent states, (mostly conservative).
            YES! The “it’s not my job to help you” states are the very states that depend on the federal government/taxpayers the most for help. It’s been this way for years.

        2. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

          “.. takes our money and gives it away to someone else.” It’s called paying for the government services a majority of voters in this country have directed the government to provide, either by direct vote, or by electing representatives to do so.

          1. idamag July 11, 2015

            People hate to pay taxes, but hold their hands out for what taxes provide.

          2. sunflower52 July 23, 2015


        3. sunflower52 July 23, 2015

          Like GOP controlled states that love our money when they need it, but are all piss and vinegar when they don’t. You mean those people?

          1. itsfun July 23, 2015

            nope, I mean the feds coming into a state and ignoring states rights

    3. sunflower52 July 23, 2015

      Oh yes until they need that big, old bad government. Wait until the next natural disaster and see how quickly they go rooting for that government tit. Express away morons, just don’t look for help from that same government you find so oppressive.

      1. itsfun July 23, 2015

        I am talking about States rights, not natural disasters. people in this country still have the right to express their opinions whether you like it or not.

  7. Grannysmovin July 10, 2015

    5. Lee Bright: Research history again, we are not a Nation founded on Christianity.
    Geez your parent sent you to school and you ate the books.
    4. Jade Helm Reactionaries: Please ask Trump to build his wall around Texas and hire private security to ensure the tin foil hat people stay inside those walls.
    3. Roy Moore and Randall Terry: “His religious beliefs are binding to HIMSELF only. Either we have FREEDOM or we don’t. Freedom is not reserved to conservatives to impose their beliefs unto others” source fellow poster
    2. Peter Nolan: Seriously have the authorities checked this man out and had him under a 72 Hours of Mental Observation
    1. Michael Savage: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” ― Mark Twain

    1. The_Magic_M July 10, 2015

      When Nolan snaps, people are gonna go “oh if only someone had stopped him when he announced he’s gonna start killing people”. The next Dylann Roof in the making.

      1. idamag July 10, 2015

        My take on him, exactly.

    2. sunflower52 July 23, 2015

      Why not put a fence around Texas and charge admission? Afterall it does quiet resemble a zoo.

  8. Jeff Wolf July 10, 2015

    Bye, bye, Mr. Reisman. Your use of basic logical fallacies for cheap laughs is no longer entertaining and promotes an unjustified, counterproductive prejudice of its own. I can take National Memo off my list of bookmarks now.

    1. CrankyToo July 10, 2015

      I’m sure I speak for the whole staff at NM when I say, “Gee, we’re sure gonna miss you.”

    2. Paul Bass July 10, 2015

      Please do jeff, we wont miss you.

    3. highpckts July 10, 2015

      ByeBye!! Texas is pure lunacy!!

    4. Carolyn1520 July 10, 2015

      Buh Bye Jeff. We hardly got to know you. Thanks for that.

    5. Independent1 July 10, 2015

      I guess if you’re one of the loonies you really don’t notice and get upset when some points out that you’ve been living in la la land all these years!!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  9. @HawaiianTater July 10, 2015

    There really are times when I think letting the South secede might not be all that bad an idea. Let alllllll the Republicans have their own Southern conservative theocracy so the rest of us can stop dealing with their BS. Allow a migration period for everyone to pick which country they want to live in, then seal off the borders. And when they regress to corporate slavery and their economy collapses… *shrugs* too bad, so sad. Don’t come looking to our side to help.

    If nothing else, it sure as hell would be entertaining to watch play out.

    1. Carolyn1520 July 10, 2015

      Then they would be climbing over the wall taking jobs away from those of our citizens who like picking our crops. 🙂

      1. angelsinca July 12, 2015

        So the illegals are just crop pickers? Even the Donald got it more right than that.

        1. Carolyn1520 July 12, 2015

          Did I say they were just crop pickers?
          Get over yourself.

        2. Independent1 July 12, 2015

          A great many of them are; some probably even pick the blueberries here in Maine. In addition they’re brick carriers, and shingle carriers, and ditch diggers, and chamber maids, and many other menial job doers that native-born Americans refuse to do; especially at the dirt-cheap pay rates most of them get.

          Not only does their work support millions of jobs for native-born Americans: such as – carpenters, electricians, roofers, truck drivers, hotel desk clerks, and on and on. The CBO estimates 55-70% of them end up paying payroll taxes which not only adds billions to the U.S. General Fund but also more than 12 Billion to SS and billions to Medicare – none off which they claim a refund for or get a benefit from. Which actually is helping extend the life of SS and reduce the Medicare and General Fund deficits.

          On top of that, immigrants, including illegals, run about 35% of America’s small businesses, creating even more jobs for native-born Americans. And their willingness to do very menial work, at dirt-cheap rates, not only supports millions of native-American jobs; their work is keeping many products in the grocery store affordable to millions of Americans, and is even making new buildings and even homes more affordable to new companies and homeowners.

          While despite your sham crime statistics, illegals commit far less crimes than native-born Americans.

          1. idamag July 15, 2015

            I don’t think U.S. citizens refuse to do the jobs because they are hard labor or menial. I think they cannot afford to live on less than minimum wage.

          2. Independent1 July 15, 2015

            That may be some of it, but I sincerely believe that there are jobs that native-born non-immigrant Americans simply will not do.
            When non-immigrant childrent grow up, I’m certain their mother’s never suggested to them “Johnny, you can grow up to be a field hand, or someone who does all the menial work at construction sites, or clean rooms in a hotel of motel”. So I think most non-immigrant native-born Americans grow up with much higher expectations of themselves, and irregardless of the situation, don’t see doing that very menial back-breaking labor as a stepping stone to anything – and simply will not do that kind of work.

            That was kind of born out when Alabama passed the most stringent immigration law in the nation and drove over 2/3s of the illegal aliens out of the state, and not only farmers, but construction companies went begging for help. And remember, this was at the height of the Great Recession when millions of Americans claimed they would take any job – but many contractors and farmers in Alabama quickly found out this was not true; even when people supposedly

          3. sunflower52 July 23, 2015

            Give me a break! Hell I’ve heard out of work “hard working Americans, say : ” I ain’t flippin’ burgers”. Seems to me minimum wage is, let’s see, more than the zero they’ re currrently making. Face it…most Americans want that corner office, air conditioned, high paying job requiring very little work.

    2. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

      Succession talk is apt to end quickly once US military troops are withdrawn from Texas, and Mexican politico start talking about taking back “Norte Mexico.”

      1. angelsinca July 12, 2015

        Actually, this won’t happen. Not unless you believe in a mighty Mexican military. If you want diversion, try Reparations talk. Suddenly, half the population will discover ancestral roots in slavery.

    3. idamag July 10, 2015

      Sounds good

    4. dpaano October 13, 2015

      Yeah, the first tornado or hurricane will have them running back for money from FEMA!!!

      1. @HawaiianTater October 13, 2015

        Without federal aid, the South would already look like a 3rd world country.

  10. 1standlastword July 10, 2015

    And Donald Trump is the exclamation on all of this conservative hate and madness!

    Be afraid America…not of the “libruls and social democratic policy” but of the passionate insanity and ignorance of the radically conservative right and “unintended consequences” of corporatism!!!

    1. S.J. Jolly July 10, 2015

      Many people are worried that religious zealots in Iran (i.e., the Revolutionary Guard) will someday get control of a crude nuclear device and a means to deliver it. America has a thousand or so nuclear devices, plus delivery systems, and no-end of crazies. Who has more reason to worry?

  11. latebloomingrandma July 10, 2015

    Usually I get a good chuckle every week, but this week’s examples were quite disturbing. Are the RWNJs trying to out crazy each other? Are people getting too sensitized to normal crazy? Just like porn–getting obscener.

  12. butch 006 July 10, 2015

    If you are against illegal immi gration you tostart with the source of the problem.meaning corporations {the corporate cartels that sponsor and pay the wages of illegal immigrants.]And while we are at it I have a question.American manufactuers who have moved overseas to benefit their bottom line.What are they paying foreign governments to do businees in these countries.i can only assume that they prefer to pay taxes to governments that they control or are in collusion with.

    1. Charles van Rotterdam July 10, 2015

      You guys already have a pile of laws for that, they just don’t seem to work very well. For instance back in 2007 (I think) a Federal Judge knocked down a provision whereby an employer would send their employee SS number and name to the Federal Agency and the Agency would write back if there was a mismatch thus flagging an illegal. And the Republicans reducing funding for every Federal Agency to be able to do their job is also crazy. On the one hand they reduce the funding for the Agency to operate and then on the other they scream that they’re not doing their job;

      What I don’t understand is how in the US a Fruit Company for example can hire large amounts of illegals, pay them crap wages and then at end of financial year probably still claim those wages paid as deduction against their assessable income. Here in Oz, while still possible to pay someone in cash, it’s very rare and counterproductive for a business to engage in this practice. To pay someone in cash means they are totally off the books and you can’t claim them in your tax return. If said Fruit Company tried this in Oz the then ATO’s (Tax Office) first question when it came to audit the company would be “How on earth did this company in this industry earn so much money without employing anyone”

      Let me just say that I think your system is @#$*&%

      1. idamag July 11, 2015

        I used to do taxes on a volunteer basis . One day, a Hispanic man came in and said his friend filed taxes and got some money back. He wanted to know how to file taxes, but not to let his employer know as his employer told him not to file taxes. I told him I needed something to tell me how much money he earned and did he have W-2 forms. He said his employer paid him in cash money and there were no forms. There is your problem. The employer who hires illegals to avoid paying them decent wages.

    2. S.J. Jolly July 14, 2015

      Jail those who hire “these people.” Problem with that policy is that you might have to bail out some of your own family members.

      1. butch 006 July 14, 2015

        Bail money?That could get expensive ,I was thinking more along the lines of sending a cake with a hacksaw blade inside .Nothing personal you understand just business.

    3. sunflower52 July 23, 2015

      Amen. Why go after people only looking to make a living doing jobs good old Americans won’t do, for instance pick oranges, harvest lettuse, cut ferns…you get my point. Go after the people that knowingly hire immigrants that are undocumented. I wish all these “illegals” would just quit for a month. Let us pay $35 for a watermelon or $5 a pound for tomatoes and then maybe, just maybe the worth of those everyone wants deported would change. Here’s an idea, put the non-violent criminals that society feeds, shelters, and clothe to work doing the illegals jobs. Better they earn their keep than our tax dollars paying for it.

  13. butch 006 July 10, 2015

    Your response to my flippant post is in essance a validation of the absurdity of our culture of excluding those who come here looking for a better future.i don’t like the idea.we have become a culture of people paranoid of those who are not WASPS.We have a corporate system that in many cases can exclude thde American people in order to pad their bottom line.so my real question is how much do American corporations pay to foreign govt’s to have a workforce that works for slave wages

  14. jtxl July 10, 2015

    when are these ignorant bullies going to actually read our history in the historical documents- The Treaty of Tripoli written by 2nd President John Adams and passed unanimously clearly states- “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion” The entire treaty was run on the front page of all newspapers and there were no complaints. Here is the entire treaty to read, it is directly from the Yale Library, not someones opinion but the actual document.- http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/bar1796t.asphttp://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/bar1796t.asp Somebody please send this idiot to OZ for a brain.

  15. Michael Ross July 11, 2015

    When I read #2, my first thought was one of absolute utter horror.

    And my horror only escalated with my second thought. Which was “Wait. . . He’s only #2. Somebody this week actually beat him out for the #1 spot!”

    After which, I tried to think who could possibly have done that. “It’s got to be either Alex Jones, Erik Rush, or ___________.”

    Take a wild guess who’s name was the third.

  16. Timmi July 16, 2015

    Poor schlubb probably never got laid and is bitter about it.

  17. dpaano October 13, 2015

    Everytime read the Week in Crazy, I think that there can’t possibly be that many idiots in this country……boy, am I ever wrong!!! More and more come to the forefront each week! Hang in there people….the sane ones must prevail!

  18. Johnny May 17, 2016

    I’d love to live in a free republic of Texas.


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