Trump Infuriated By Reports He Fell Asleep In Court

Trump Infuriated By Reports He Fell Asleep In Court

Donald Trump in Manhattan courtroom

Image by Jane Rosenberg via REUTERS

During his public remarks in between courtroom appearances, former President Donald Trump has consistently spoken with a defiant tone about the charges he's facing and in maintaining his innocence. However, a new report suggests that he is privately seething with rage about everything from how he's been depicted in official court sketches to various unflattering news reports.

According to Rolling Stone reporter Asawin Suebsaeng, Trump is convinced the courtroom sketch artist is "out to get him," complaining that some of the images the artist produced "were likely drawn to make fun of him."

"One such sketch captured Trump snoozing, with his eyes closed and head tilted," Suebsaeng wrote.

Suebsaeng also reports that Trump is "volcanically angry" about the various reports that emerged in which he was apparently sleeping intermittently during court proceedings. The New York Times' Maggie Haberman — who provided much of the paper's coverage of Trump during his time in the White House — reported earlier this week that he couldn't stay awake for the entirety of jury selection several days this week.

"He appeared to be asleep,” Haberman told CNN. “He didn’t pay attention to a note his lawyer passed him. His jaw kept falling on his chest, and his mouth kept going slack.”

Rolling Stone reported that, according to one unnamed source, the former president's anger is "maxed out, even for him." Suebsaeng wrote that Haberman's report provoked "an irate denial from Trump’s campaign and reigniting the former president’s antipathy towards Haberman."

"The resentment lasted the entire week, the sources add. It did not help Trump’s denial that he continued to doze off while seated in the Manhattan courtroom throughout the rest of the week," Suebsaeng wrote. "Despite his dozing being widely reported, the former president has laid much of the blame for the detail going viral at Haberman’s feet. He was even observed glaring at her on Monday as he exited the courtroom following her CNN appearance."

Trump is also enraged at late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who has turned the 45th president of the United States into a constant punchline for many of his jokes during this week's episodes. He recently attacked the comedian on his Truth Social platform, referencing his hosting of the Academy Awards earlier this year.

The former president lashed out as "Stupid Jimmy Kimmel, who still hasn’t recovered from his horrendous performance and big ratings drop as Host of The Academy Awards, especially when he showed he suffered from TDS, commonly known as TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, to the entire World by reading on air my TRUTH about how bad a job he was doing that night." The former president additionally shared his opinion that Kimmel pulled a "CLASSIC CHOKE' during his Best Picture announcement, confusing the host with trophy presenter Al Pacino.

The Trump campaign continues to deny the rumors that Trump is angry about his coverage of the trial, with campaign spokesman Steven Cheung insisting to Rolling Stone that Suebsaeng's sources are lying.

“None of these sources know what the hell they’re talking about and clearly have no access to any type of factual information,” Cheung said. “These are the types of losers who will try to peddle fantasy as fact because they live miserable existences.”

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

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