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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is putting on a brave face in response to a series of polls that show President Obama expanding his lead over Romney, claiming that the new numbers don’t really matter.

“There has not been any national news, anything that would push these numbers from 3 to 9 points,” one anonymous Romney adviser told Politico. “You’ve got to have something to precipitate that kind of sea change.”

Here at The National Memo, we can think of plenty of things that could have pushed Romney’s numbers into a nosedive. Here are five of the many reasons that Romney may be fading in the polls:

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  • frank l. bennett

    So to shore up his polls he picks Ryan? Seems like he likes the way there headed and wants them down more. Palin was a terrible choose but unknown, her fall was caused be her stupidity. Ryan is a real conversational figure so far right he can’t see the other side. He is one of the Tea Parties that won’t bend in congress. My way or the highway attitude.

    • aquaroyale

      I was going to rebut some f the comments here, but seeing the names of the writers (Cynthia Tucker) what is the use. Never been here before but just another far left website. I like to read the other side but not when it has dropped off the cliff.

      • 17_tparty_patriot76

        The point of being here is to drive them crazy with the truth! Watch…….frank, the only unbendable people are the Dems. who want to tear down America just like the Pres. His goal is to make a joke out of America by bowing and apologizing for her , making her look weak and spineless like him. He hates America for whatever reason, and if re-elected will bring her down to her knees and finish her off !!! America will become the U.S.S.A……..And for those kool-aid drinking dopes, who think it won’t happen …..they have a RUDE AWAKENING !!!!

  • sheilab2

    Picking Paul Ryan is just another gaffe on his part. Remember Ryan’s yearbook designation as the “biggest brown noser”. What a hoot. He might be one step up from Sarah Palin, but not by much. Thank you Mittens – you just gave the Presidency to Barak Obama for another 4 years. Hooray.

    • I will put Paul Ryan up agains Joe Biden any day!

  • And he has not shown his birth certificate yet (and the notarized translation from the Spanish). Since he was born in Mexico, he’s an illegal alien and he should (according to him himself) self-deport himself back to Sinaloa!

  • Not as fast as they will fall now.

  • John_Boner

    Paul Ryan has a cocaine habit. Just watch today’s speech.

    • dtgraham

      Do you have anything more on this John? This sounds juicy. Enquiring minds want to know. I didn’t see the speech.

      • John_Boner

        I have experience around addicts. His cadence while giving that speech reminds me of someone who is high as a kite while trying to convince you that they aren’t. I could be wrong. Maybe it was just adrenalin. But we’re talking about republicans here.

        • 2ndchild

          So, what is Biden on?

          • John_Boner

            If anything, Biden is a dry drunk. He also likes to hear himself talk.

  • rescueus

    Mitties father was born in Mexico in a polygamist community..weird, however why the fuss about where Obama’s father was born. They both have mothers who were born in the United States. They are Americans even if their father’s were not born here… This birther stuff needs so stop. Romney is not fit to be president, not because of his heritage, but because he is unfit to lead our country. Didn’t the Repugs learn a lesson from Nixon’s behavior? They actually are trying to get another crook elected only because there is a black man in the white house…Only rich white men are supposed to live in the white However rather than changing our president lets change the name of the house where he lives. How about America’s House, the House of The Free, Racist Free House, etc. etc. what a joke our country has become for the rest of the world. We need to stop this nonsense.

    • 2ndchild

      Who brought up the birther issue? Oh, that would be you. Who brought up the race issue? Oh, you again. Hummm . . . what does that tell me about you?

    • Keep your eye on the ball! You need to start thinking in the BEST interest of the country. If Obama gets elected you will get exactly what you desereve. Bigger government, less freedom and a desperate future for our country.

      What may I respectfully ask is worth all that?

  • onedonewong

    The only place their are falling are in the State run media’s polls. All the unbiased polls have Romney ahead from 3 to 5 points

    • onedone-when you can learn how to spell and use words in a grammatically correct manner, perhaps we will listen to your rants…

      • onedonewong

        Thanks lizzie how old are you 8?? your posts read like they are. no substance and all whining

  • Mitt who? Doesn’t matter if it is real politics or msg boards it is either pro Obama or anti Obama.
    Mitt is just a dimwit who sits in the corner and waves at the camera.
    Someone says something negative about the president and you ask how Mitt would be different, and you get a blank stare like you asked a question on molecular biology or something.

  • I wonder what the captain of the Titanic said after striking the iceberg?

    • Ed

      “All’s well. Nothing to worry bout. Help will arrive soon.”‘ Perhaps the earth will open and swallow Oboma.

    • I know the answer: the wealthiest passengers should get the life boats first.

      • 2ndchild

        How about – let’s share the lifeboats – cut them in half and we can all sink together!

        • They Probably would say – “Throw out the Women and Children first,then the middle class,minorities,vets etc. Save ONLY the wealthy” – LOL!

  • 1standlastword

    Where are the tax returns??

    I woke up this morning wondering what if Romney’ returns feature investments in Iranian and Chinese enterprises that contradict US foreign policy initiatives?

    I mean speculation against the US dollar in Swiss Francs would adumbrate this kind of investment strategy wouldn’t it?

    If Romney started Bain with El Salvadorian blood money then for him money grows the same however one comes by it.

    It would certainly make for an interesting controversy: Romney’ tax filings reveal investment in Iranian Guard owned bank

  • mitt romney …is dishonest, a liar, and a cheat!
    he wants my vote, so he can steal my toilet paper if he wins!

  • hello!

  • Rex Remes

    I still think Romney would do a better job than Mr. Obama.

    • Liz Smith

      Hard to believe a “thinker” would have that opinion – a person who votes GOP regardless of the issues – sure – a “thinker” – no.

  • Andi Herman

    It is a matter of Integrity. Releasing tax return is showing honesty. Whatever the tax return is you can not hide it. Not even from the law that may allow you to do so. American will choose the President with Integrity. That’s it.

  • The people making up the GOP electoral votes have been slighted. The hope is, the economy will be in such doldrums that Romney might sneak out wins in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. A sweep? Not likely. But he could win two of three! And, if he is able to eek out a win in Florida, it will be a photo finish!
    Obama may be the most hated president in U.S. history, by a large part(probably 35%) of the population. There are some states that Republicans will carry without spending a dime or making a single appearance! This is bad, for the administation. It translates to doing well in swing states. If Dems can split the swing states, they win the election. However, losing states that are supposedly “leaning blue,” is always a concern. Even one or two of these states could swing the election.
    The Democrat base hates Paul Ryan. But they wouldn’t have voted for Romney anyway! The Health care debate will be watched closely. Florida, which may decide the election, will be heavily influenced by it’s senior population. This group hasn’t embraced Obamacare.

    • grenth84

      Please see George Bush (JR) for most hated president.

  • All politicians are the same,they are over inflated airbags.Name one who has sorted out American health care,because i can’t.

  • ManfredCoates

    Why is it that Mitt Romney looks scared? He has money, has the backing of the Tea Party and even Sarah Palin love him.

  • Liz Smith

    And now we can add social issues – the GOP spends more time talking and legislating women’s reproductive systems than doing anything of benefit to the people and the country

    • you mean like the present admin has by spending 500 million on a company they knew would go under that certainly helped the people didnt it 2 million on the stimulous on a congressional district that does not exist

    • Romney – Jobs, economy, fiscal responsibility
      Obama – Taxes, entitlements and borrowing money from future American!

      • Frodo44444

        Bain was not fiscal responsibility, the floundering job marke are the result of Bush era stupidities, and the economy has never been a GOP concern except the economy of big businesses that employ less than 40% of all American citizens…. Shane, you have a teram sports mentality toward politics, and that is insipid, inane, and self-aggrandizing, to say the least.

        • concern1962

          The floundering job market started way before Bush, the fall began when Clinton was in office. And now all of the middle class Americans are still feeling the effects. We don’t need to go from middle class to poverty level. We need a change to say the least.

          • mamaweik

            The fall began before Clinton . It was Ronald Reagan who taxed everything he could making it more difficult for the middle class and poor while giving the rich a big fat tax cut and using trickle down economy that never trickled down to any of us . He said we were going to be a service economy which means serving the rich and not getting paid very good wages.

          • Personally I think Adams economics were rubbish and to blame for everything !

          • It really began with Woodrow Wilson when he failed to veto the Federal Reserve Act.

          • larry

            Romney has lied to the American’s by declining to produce his tax returns and using Obama’s birth cert’ as a scape goat. How can he be entrusted with a bigger economy?. Romney looks arrogant and out of touch with the ordinary people.This is manifested by the way he talks to the press. He also wavers a lot in his policies; he talks like a person who has just woken up from a bad dream, whereby, he cannot tell where he is or how got there.How come, so many politicians don’t believe him? .

          • Well it DID trickle down; I got a good job back then as did a lot of others as the unemployment plummeted in the 80’s. A lot of good economic policies were undertaken during the Clinton Administration, but it did leave a couple of time bombs, the CRA and GLB, and Democratic filibusters during Bush’s term insured that the bubble would break under working Americans.

      • Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 states with regard to job creation, under Romney’s governorship. The state was left with deficits. Obama has saved the banking and auto industries ( which Romney claims he would have allowed to go bankrupt !?!) with funds which have largely been repaid. And what Republicans like to call entitlements are just that: payments that workers (“wealth creators”) are entitled to, having actually paid for them with their tax dollars.
        Yes, Obama borrowed money in order to save America, whereas, Romney claims he would have allowed these mammoth industries to renege on their debt obligations, through bankruptcy, just as the morally bankrupt Republicans want to renege on pensions and health care for workers, which were already contracted.

        • GM makes crap cars you bastard subhuman. Obozo borrowed OUR tax money you parasite. GM should have gone bankrupt and go through the normal process like everyone else. If Obozo wanted to give a stimulus, it would be better served giving it to small business owners rathe than GM which only kept the union workers you bastard.

    • This election is about the ECONOMY, JOBS and the Future of America. Stop being so selfish for once. It feels really good to work for someone besides your self.

      Dems are Selfish to a fault!

  • Doing things Obama’s way is not working. We need a solution. Does Obama have that solution? My only question as a tax paying citizen is, “Where is the plan?” Harry Reid is doing what he is paid to do: support Obama. Harry Reid is not credible. They already had to apologize for one of his accusations. If Democrats were interested in healing this country why haven’t they produced a plan? If you can produce a better plan, please do so.

    Convince the America people that you truly care instead of slinging garbage that, at the end of the day, amounts to nothing but immaturity. Can the Democratic party provide true change, for the better of the American people? I’m a registered voter. Please publish that plan so I can make an informed decision. Sorry, I am not buying slanted news articles and mud slinging commercials anymore. It is time for truth. It is time to put things in writing.

    State your plan. Let me decide fairly in November which side has the best plan to heal America’s economic crisis. The irony here is that we have folks in high position, journalists from well-to-do families (all of them liberals), who have never known a day without food or shelter. They cannot possibly understand the plight of these people who, rich liberals and conservatives alike, wouldn’t even entertain on their lawn. Liberals can sit at fundraisers paying $40K per plate and have the audacity to say they care for starving children. I stutter.

    All of them are abominable, in my opinion. Every one of them needs to spend a year doing without like the rest of us. They are clueless. How many children in America can you feed with $40,000? How many attended that Obama fundraising dinner? How many children in America went to bed hungry that night and they have the gall to point the finger at someone else? They are just as guilty!

    They spent $40,000 on one plate and people have the brazenness to say only conservatives are rich, greedy, and wasteful? Strip every one of those liberals of their money and let’s see what would happen to them? Take George Clooney, for example, strip him of his fortune and see how fast he would support capitalism and the end of government programs! The man who splashes his face all over TV like he cares about children in Africa when the children in his home state are hungry. Has he walked among them, caring about their plight, and brought aid to the people of his own state? No, he has not. He only provides charity that gives him good press coverage. He should be ashamed. Sarah Jessica Parker attended that dinner too. What is her contribution to her hurting home state? Nothing has been reported.

    Let’s see how they feel when the government tells them they will be fined ever year they don’t carry insurance when they make $12/hour and can barely afford to eat, let alone have insurance. I am sick to death of the double standard. No one in power has the answers because, frankly, none of them have ever been hungry one day.

  • theres a thought or maybe people will wise up

  • el presidente has not shown any college transcripts either but rather spends millions to hide them why

    • peajayach

      Please identify anything Barack Obama has in his college records that would preclude him from serving as POTUS.

      Also provide verifiable facts regarding , “…sprends millions to hide…” and stop the pointless babble

  • you mean like ob we will have a transparent admin no ear marks no lobbists remember that or jumping on bush for huge defecits

  • he would

  • like the yellow dogs

  • maybe he fears for the country because of the mess we are in

  • where are the college transcripts

  • so did obama didnt matter though

  • really obama said he spent the last two years of high school in a DAZE

  • Yeah – Really good news!! Mittens hasn’t the brains to be president.

  • Obama’s policies have led to record unemployment, unsustainable debt and runnaway spending. Not to mention he has divide the country and compromised our national security.

    This election is not about womans issues. Keep your eye on the ball everyone.

    God Bless the United States of America!

  • Poll numbers are NOT falling. If you believe that you might also believe that you are better off now than you were 4 years ago. If you follow Obama, you are following a man over a cliff. Romney may not be your best choice but one thing is clear. He is a businessman, he did save the 2002 Olympics for the entire world to see and he is honest, successful and did not take any money as Governor or Massachutes or for his role over the Olympics.

    For all his weaknesses, he has many more strengths. Strengths that dward Obama’s experience, achievments or records as Presidednt for the last 4, awful years.

    Keep your eyen on the ball!
    God will Bless us!

    • Adam Bird

      SO because he “saved” the Olympics he should be POTUS? That is one of the most ignorant thing I’ve seen on here. If you really knew anything about the candidates, you would have voted for Ron Paul but your TV told you he was crazy…so, like 80% of Americans, you listened and casted your vote for yet another Establishment puppet. Obama…Romney…nothing will change…PERIOD. Thanks for your vote in destroying the future for us and our children.

  • what was wrong with that he said what many people want to say good for them

  • just release them and prove your point unless you have something to hide obama has to do the same on the same day to make it fare but is anything fare in politics

  • His poll numbers are falling? LOL!!! Who writes this stuff?

  • Frodo44444

    The first time Romney went to Europe that we know about, he was dodging the draft under the guise of converting the wine-drenched French to the alcohol-free Mormon faith. This recent trip, also counterproductive and stupid, has his aides insulting reporters with language that American comedians are not allowed to use in the President’s presence…. What a hypocrite draft-dodging tax evading fundamentalistic wooden soldier for intolerance, greed and bigotry!

    • You better educate yourself about Obama. Sure glad you are going to vote for a Commie!

      • Shane, Do you watch Fox news ? Try diversity.

        Patti, you are an idiot.

      • Please, educate us.

        links please?

  • ThomasPainetheV

    The Game plan of the GOP has been tu prevent anything to pass that might help the economy. The Senate majo0rity leader said it clearly “their goal is to make Obama a one term President period. This has left relief bills for farmers and ranchers sitting idle along with allowing the country’s credit rating to be downgraded and doing nothing regarding unemployment. They are assuming that if enough people are miserable that they will vote for Romney and Ryan. This of course also assumes that the vast majority are stupid.

  • J_Stone

    When I first came to this page a window popped up asking if I thought Romney should release his tax returns. It had a Yes and a No button. I clicked the Yes button several times with nothing happening. Only by clicking the No button could I get the window to close. Very interesting!

  • Yish2002

    If Romney gets elected, that means more rich american people than the poor.
    If Obama is a president again, means there are more low income people in the US. The fact is …, Go Obama

  • doshiam

    Wake up all you Obama supporters, rather soon to be ex-Obama supporters. America, help us elect Mitt Romney as our next amazing President and with God’s help, he can recover our wonderful country. Read Time Magazine, you know the most recent one with Obama on it. in which he details the many reasons why President Barack Obama has FAILED as the nation’s chief executive and why it is time for the nation to replace him in the White House. Vote Mitt Romney for President of our United States. God Bless us all!
    This is my favorite scripture: John 3:16 What is your favorite scripture in the Bible?

    • peajayach

      Ask Charlie Manson, he can quote the bible chapter and verse

      • doshiam

        He wasn’t a Christian
        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Why Romney’s Poll Numbers Are Falling Fast

        • peajayach

          Bring a Christian notwithstanding, the Bible has thru-out history been used by evil men for their own selfish reasons.

  • Good old MYTH ROMNEY, he and his cohorts of MASTER Lying and DECEPTION, as is his buddy BUSH the BAFFOON, have nothing to run on other than MISCREANT MALICIOUS DIATRIBE, when the hell is MYTH ROMNEY ever going to say something that he can swear on a (MORMON) bible that it is true,and not have the world question his integrity and truthfulness about the statements, then again, that’s a REPUGNICAN PHILOSOPHY, their MISSION STATEMENT…SMEAR TACTICS, LIES and by all means DECEPTION, oh well it is the REPUGNICANS at their worst,as usual, and they will pay for it again…big time…again, America is so aware of REPUGNICAN UNTRUTHS(remember WMD’S in IRAQ, America???) that’s enough for now, there is so much more deceitful idiotology in the REPUGNICAN party, it could take for ever to to expose it here….Right America???

  • Ready4America

    It’s amazing how all the Dems & libs here want to blame the Bush era for the fiscal problems this country is facing. They are either too ignorant or too biased to look at some real facts. Fact one….Bush tried to warn the then democratically controlled congress that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac were creating a hugh problem with their “everyone must get a loan” policies, regardless of ability to pay…which went a long way towards creating the housing bubble. Second fact….the entitlement programs were begun 50 years ago under a then democratic president, Lyndon Johnson, who then proclaimed that the democrats would own the minority vote forever. Fact three…our current POTUS hasn’t been able to bring spending under control, get a budget approved (which by the way is required by law), do anything to bring employment below the level he promised when campaigning oe improve the economy…..all failures that occurred during a time when he had complete control of the House & Senate for the first two years of his prsidency.

    Obama needs to quit placing blame anywhere but at his own feet. I don’t care if any POTUS is Black, White, Asian, Democrat, Rebublican or Independant. Get the job done in the original time frame you set for yourself or get out of the kitchen.

    All you have to do is look at the most recent reports released by the Congressional Budget Office last week which state that we will be in a new recession by the end of this year, unemployment will rise again to above 9%, and inflation will be hard felt by all next year…….what else do you need to know to determine that The Obama Administration has and will continue to fail.

    It’s time for a change!!

  • meaning there are more smart american who know who can help rebuild our economy and move on to the next 4 years without distraction how i wish republican representative also lost this election.

  • Alan Wilson

    If Mr Romney’s business experience is his main credentials for the Presidency it would be prudent to see evidence of that business experience which would be present within his legally posted tax history. Mr Romney, can we see that evidence please? You wouldn’t expect anyone to just take the word of a prospective candidate would you? You don’t get a job in MacDonald’s Management courses without some type of past record, so why think you’d become President without proof of your past.

    • Better read the New York Times. Romney did pay his taxes! Times wants to know if Harry Reid plans to say he is sorry! It was all made up by Reid!

    • 5litrecat

      Perhaps you should have though about asking Obama those questions before you blindly voted for him, just as you’ll blindly vote for him again – this time to prove just how ignorant you really are.

  • juanadearcos

    Romney most convienced 99% of the american people that his business style would be good for the commonwealth of every american, poor and rich. No plan is good if we cannot take more people that ever from the poverty level. Strong economy doesn’t means that only 1% of the population control most of the wealth. Why we call our self a Christian nation or good nation and at the sametime we are so afraid to practice social justice?

  • The only poll that matters is the one in November. And it is a long time till then. If the economy is percieved to be better, the incumbenmt is more likely to win. And the incumbent can use Federal money to campaign. Like when it was announced that the President was going to congratulate JPL on the Mars rover and photos were taken at both ends.

    I do not think either of the two big parties have a good candidate.

    • At least the Republicans are not running a Communist for office!

  • salim1999

    liz stop reading junk news and use you brain

  • It only took romkneeee.. less than 24 hours too already screw up… overseas! In his three scheduled stops… romkneee screwed up three times… in like 3 days! How this idiot is getting %47 in polls is confusing!

    • I’m sure you are confused by hot and cold running water.

    • Nothing like Obama going overseas to apologize to the world for the U.S., touching the Queen of England, bowing to an Arab, saying he visited 57 states. Get off Romney butt Obama has totally screwed this country worst than Bush ever could have done!

  • Funny thing is this story is an out right lie. The MSM is once again cowing to the Obama administration and forcing them to put false poll information out there. When Nov 6th rolls around he will win 15 states or less

  • WeimMom

    Rasmussen called the last 2 elections, thinking their polls are the ones to watch!

  • Romney stole 17 Massachusetts Ron Paul delegates, dirty tricks in many states. Ron Paul won Iowa and Main stream media did not report it….. Land of the criminals.. It does not mater who you vote for it is who counts the votes……. Stalin So now we have a choice between a voting thug and co-medicare thief. Nice day to be an American… What we have fought for.

  • Mike Lee

    Total, utter, and complete bullsh*t.

  • More uniformed opinions and bias here than at a frat kegger.

  • Gallup Poll: Romney 47%, Obama 46%

    • sam

      where did he get 47% / Did he hire a bunch of pollsters including a party for Gallup?

      • Actually he might have. After all, Romney actually knows how to hire people versus Obama’s demonstrated skill of making them unemployed.

  • woodyl1011fl

    If you define women’s reproductive rights to include the personal right to murder a child you are sicker than Himmler was and will end up in the same place. That child is a person but then life to you democrats is of little value anyway so the shedding of innocent blood has no moral value to you all.

    • maias

      But do you think the law should give a rapist the personal right to impregnate a woman against her wish, and do you think those who demand she carry the baby to term, or even die giving birth, should be responsible for supporting the child – and any resulting orphans – with food, education etc till they are adults? If not, who should bear this burden?

      • futonmanaz

        Rape is a crime, and Murder is a Crime. If you murder a pregnant woman, then you are charged with 2 murders, correct?

        If the age of the life doesn’t matter to you, then society should also be able to murder people when they get too old, or if they are too much of a burden or too much of an expense to society, and to their families.

        So, anyone that’s too old to be of any use to society, or anyone who’s been sentenced to life in prison, or that has a disease or condition, who can’t pay their own medical bills should be eliminated too.

        Don’t you think?

        • RobRoy99

          I think a lot of radical republicans are headed in that exact direction.

          • antimoronobama

            No, in fact it is Obama care that goes in that direction.

        • I too see the distinct similarities in this ‘new’ RNC and the 1930s Nazi party platform. Same lies, Fascist platform, blah, blah…

          • antimoronobama

            Today’s left are the new nazis. Freedom of speech only if you speak their way, control and manipulation of the media, scapegoating a minority group (the rich), spying on its citizens, miss treatment of citizens by administrative army(tsa), sending dissidents to mental facilities, ignoring the voice of the legislature(think dream act). Making people dependent on the state for all their needs. It goes on and on. Perhaps a comparison with Stalinism would be more appropriate.

      • Actually, the law does not give a rapist any such right. Hence the penalty of jail.

        • maias

          You are talking about your country. What about Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan etc, when at the first accusation of a woman’s alleged misbehaviour the men drop their pants and queue up to rape her? Should she be expected to love and care for a child conceived in such appalling circumstances?

      • Also, under the pro-choice position, children conceived in rape apparently have less value as human beings than those conceived in a loving marital relationship. Truth be told, both types of children are equally valuable.

        • The value of the fetus depends on the owner of the uterus. If I was raped I would gladly toss that unwanted bag of cells in the trash. Another child wouldn’t just affect me, it would also affect the quality of life for my 3 existing children and fiancée.

          However, if a friend of mine were raped, she would gladly keep it. Which is why it needs to stay up to the mother to decide. You can think what you like but when you start forcing people to live by your beliefs, you may as well move to North Korea.

          So glad I live in Australia where my reproductive organs aren’t threatening to make me a slave to the government.

        • maias

          I agree with you that both types of children are valuable – the problem seems to be that those in the pro-life camp don’t seem willing to provide the support needed when poor parents can’t cope. And the catholic church ‘demands’ that the mother’s life be sacrificed if necessary for the child to be born – but no offers, as far as I am aware, to care for, and educate her baby and any orphans she might leave behind should she die. In Central Highlands of Vietnam one group is so poor they buried babies alive with the mother if she died giving birth – as they hoped the mother could feed the infant as they couldn’t. I alerted the Red Cross to this, but I believe Catholic nuns have moved in and are teaching people to grow vegetables etc (try googling Vietnam+Dark Secret of the Central Highlands). I don’t know what happens to old people who have no family to look after them….

    • sam

      Woody it is the women’s choice buddy! George Bush has killed 5000 teenagers by sending them to an unneeded war. Pl. keep your words where your mouth is!

    • Jeri Burbage

      To refer to Democrats as a person who believes a child’s life has little value is not only IGNORANT, but insulting. The right to choose is a issue between God and the woman NOT something to place on a political platform. Republicans are so big at poo pooing government involvement in the American’s everyday life, but what do you call telling women they can’t terminate a pregnancy they didn’t want for WHATEVER reason they concieved–rape, incest, etc? Take a deep breath before you start calling people names and think how would Jesus handle this?

  • this website is complete crap, worse than fox news!

  • Putting aside the issues, there’s something disturbing about Mitt, something lodged in my sub-conscious. I’ll try to be more specific. He looks presidential, but he doesn’t think or reason, nor talk presidential. It’s as if he, himself isn’t convinced of his rhetoric. As the cameras swung over to him during Chris Christie’s speech, he appeared almost quizical. “Is that who I am?”
    In short, there’s a form of cognitive dissonance going on in my mind every time Romney opens his mouth.

    • Okay…but he has a record he can run on…he has made some wise decisions…critical is his ability to surround himself with quality people…he made a magnificent choice with dont have to be a great orator to be presidential..just look at the great orator we now have in office..

  • mardec

    LOL…hee-hee-hha-ha-ha…aaahhh, that was a funny article.

  • montylc2001

    I notice this article is a few weeks old….wonder what the author has to say now?

  • you guys are so over the top Obamaians its not even funny..where the heck is objectivity…I will not be back…oh and BTW…your numbers are wrong…liberals hate the true essence of America…freedom…you saps want the gov to do everything for lie at every turn with obsolete numbers and skewed facts to back your argument..also. who gives a FLIP about his stinkin tax returns?? If he is smart enough to pay as little as required by law…thats okay with me..finally…how about one of your own guys quotes..Bill Clinton…”its the economy ..stupid!”..fix it and quit splitting hairs over stupid stuff like gay marriage and carte blanching every illegal alien in the nation for citizenship…just to enlarge voter base..Obama cares nothing more than that he can keep his office..and he will do and say ANYTHING to do it….how about a line from a song”..the great Titanic’s about to go under and the band played on”…finally..this: Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper Prager Zeitungon on 04.28.2010.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It
    will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, ‘merely a fool’. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President.”
    We are in deep kimchi! (do-do)

  • EddieInFL

    The only poll that matters is Election Day! From what I have been reading on the internet, Barry Soetoro is hated more than anyone! Can’t imagine the polls even show this as close–except if they are slanted. Bye bye Barry!

  • Dave

    No one is buying this propaganda. Romney will be the next president.

  • maias

    Didn’t Romney’s aide actually say:’Kiss my a**, this is a holy site”?.

  • Polls are meaningless. Don’t pay any attention to them.

    Nov 6th: kick out job killer not my fault racist obama and all tax and spend politicians.

  • Dave Garry

    No wonder – seeing how the GOP has done everything they can to alienate everyone who’s not a party lapdog. Look what they did to Ron Paul – committed election fraud, violence and stripped him of delegates. Romney cannot unite the GOP, despite all the editing they did when showing the convention. He lost millions of votes that he will never, ever get back due to his treatment of Ron Paul – and hundreds of thousands of activists.

  • bill reddick

    You Americans deserve exactly what you vote for, from Idol to President.You are like a Jerry Springer audience in waiting, booing the guy/gal before you’ve even heard the evidence. It’s the easiest thing in the world to denigrate, personally criticise, and vilify the incumbant over what he has or hasn’t done for your wallet personally, this instant, or on demand. It’s too easy to spin for or against therefore, Obama’s achievements or failures. Hello? look it’s logic, it is NOT one man’s fault, it is not one man’s responsibility! He thinks and feels just like you and me.Do you believe Barack Obama rejoices every time someone loses their job or business? Get over it, these things happen, inherited or not.No one party can do everything they hoped they could accomplish, not in four years, for a myriad of reasons, yes even GW, although the guy was a tad lacking in grey matter!Certainly calm has reigned over the past four years, and a lot actually has been done, it’s a start. Mr. Romney has not made a great start in several ways, foreign policy for one! From my perspective, he is way out of touch with Mr & Mrs average American, but you see, i’m only a British outsider, what do i know? Make a special entry in your diaries for today, and let’s meet up again in four years?, if heaven forbid, these two “charlies” actually get elected! Good Luck America, you are going to need it!

    • Very nice comment.

    • onlyonegg

      Excellent comment. The Americans seem to have more of a superman complex than real rational thinking. No one can fix these problems that are hurting many countries around the world. (Sorry Americans… the world doesn’t in fact revolve around Y’all) in a short time. Certainly not when congress has made it clear they will block him at every turn. If they belive Omit Romney can snap his fingers and make it all go away, they are in worse shape than I thought. Because this seems to have been the thinking when they ushered Obamarama in too. It’s scary to watch you people really, careful folks.. your tooth is showing.

  • Ricky Ellison

    Woody that is so true the shedding of innocent blood is unacceptable. Today there are many abortion survivors, boys and girls alike. So what about the unborn child’s rights.

  • I dont think Obama is the one to start WW Three. It needs a republican for that job. A good old boy with a cabinate full of shooters. too late to change when the missiles start coming in, thats when you’ll find who the true repubs are…… The very few They will survive,

  • lana ward

    we need Republicans to live in half of the country under President Romney, half to live under Obama – see which half goes under–the winner is President Romney

    • Hey you fat piece of shit. Why is that all the cities and towns in Blue states are bankrupt while NONE are in the Red states? Why do libs constantly move to Red states if your utopia is so perfect? You can’t answer that you shit bag fat subhuman bitch. You libtards are leeches to society like yourself you piece of trash.

  • PastorRuth1

    After showing this old gaffer’s face (a nice name for liar), I would merely conclude these pages of propaganda by saying:

    “My name is Barak Husein Obama, and I approve of this ad!”

    Nuff said!!

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!

  • TRSB

    I feel it is wrong to try to legislate morality. Personally, I am strongly against abortion, but I am overwhelmingly against someone telling me what I can and can not do with my body. I think I should be able to make that decision for myself.

    • Republicans want everyone to have a choice except when it comes to abortion. I am against abortion too.

      • Not generally true. I am a staunch conservative and against abortion, but I don’t want the government interfering in our personal lives any more than absolutely necessary. I think that abortion should remain legal for serious health reasons, rape and incest. Otherwise I take a libertarian view in general about the government staying out of our lives. The founders viewed the responsibility of the government to be primarily national defense and infrastructure.

      • 4Roomie

        Great Bumper Sticker

        I am for Pro Choice
        Abort Obamacare

    • I agree with you. I am dead set against abortion for moral purposes, but I don’t want the government involved any more than they already are. They need to stay out of our bedrooms, legal gun ownership and such. If our economy collapses and our society with it, does anyone think that people will be sitting around sipping coffee and debating same sex marriage?

      • antimoronobama

        You are so right.

    • FCS1

      What a copout. I’m against it but I’m for it, just like Bill Clinton! Moral double-speak. Ask Jimmy Carter how he now (finally) feels about taking an anti-life, pro-death position to sell himself to the left-wing of the Democratic Party. What if you told your children that you’re totally against using heroin, but it’s okay if they use it because you’re not going to tell them what to do with their bodies. Using heroin is much less destructive than the indiscriminate slaughter of the unborn. Your moral logic is bizarre. You guys belong in the Democratic party. FORWARD! Led by the GREAT HELMSMAN!

    • Lisa Julius

      Couldn’t agree with you more, which is why I’m an independent not a GOP. However I will vote for Romney this election as I see the direction the current president wants to take the country in and it is not good. The democrats want to keep you focused on “social issues” but the social issues won’t matter if there is no country left to worry about.

    • TRSB:
      That is EXACTLY how I feel. I am personally opposed to abortion and very thankful that no condition ever arose which necessitated one in my child bearing years. HOWEVER, I would never presume to dictate OR mandate what every single other woman must do. I believe that is wrong, terribly wrong. What many ‘prolifers’ fail to realize is the many many things that can go horribly wrong with a pregnancy. As a nurse I have seen many horrific things that leave a woman with no other sane choice; just to mention a couple; ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy (where there is no “life” just a glob of teeth hair and tissue – and there are many others too numerous to mention.

  • Maybe Romney will open his mouth again If he can get his foot out of it.

  • Gymmer

    Romneys poll numbers are falling fast? The only thing falling is your already too low IQ’s.
    What have you semi-literate, half simian, blithering idiots been drinking and or smoking. What a bunch of classless fools. You should join the vagina walk with the other pink ladies. You both are ridiculous!

    • I”m not sure of you7r name or whatever and frankly could give a rats fkn ass but I as a female take GREAT offense to your crap and you should be so fkn lucky as to have been born at all you abomination to the human race!!!! Crawl back into that black hole you call your mama and THEN tell me about women !!! you are truly pathetic and your momma should be ashamed of you!!!

      • pearl87

        As a real woman myself, I must question what manner of female creature YOU call yourself .You would be a sorry excuse for a member of the human race. Women know how to communicate with civility, not spew out hatred and trash. You are obscene and foul and you ought to be ashamed to express such disgusting ideas. I don’t think you qualify as a human, much less a woman.

        • chilitom

          Gee! We loved her at the PTA…………

        • Woodrow_Wilson_Smith

          Yeah, you’re right. Nothing obscene or foul or hateful or trashy about “vagina walk” talk from a class-obsessed dork, is there? Nor is there any hate or trash-talk in your comment. You should be ashamed to HOLD such unAmerican ideas, much less spew them. You are about as “real” a woman as Rue Paul, ma’am, and your idea of “civility” makes me laugh.

      • kryptosabcs

        Spoken like a real man

      • goodbyeobama2012

        Just lovely LaDonna….. What a wonderful contribution to humanity.

  • fed up

    Who are you kidding, if anyone’s numbers are falling, its obama. Nice try, but not buying it. Just a bunch of liberal talking points. Romney/Ryan are rocking right to the top. obama is falling right to the bottom. See 2016 obama’s America. No body care about giving free birth control pills and abortions to the likes of Fluke. Whine on democrats. Women care about the economy and unemployment and keeping the Muslims out of the White House. We are not as dumb as liberals think we are. Look at the line up at the DNC a bunch of Muslims and greedy losers begging for free stuff and perhaps the biggest womanizer of the democrat party. It’s amazing how the liberals ignore the moral disgrace Clinton was while in the White House. God forbid if a conservative behaved like that whore dog did.

    • Yeah you’re dumb. Why do conservatives whine when Bush is mentioned while talking about the economy but it’s okay to go as far back as Clinton? Now get your kool-aid and go listen to more of Limbaugh and Coulter. Coulter, by the way, thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. She feels not enough Republican women get out and vote. Does that mean she thinks Republican women are too lazy or stupid?

      • MKHouston

        You are so FOS.
        True conservatives know Bush was also part of the problem. This is not a Democrat vs Republican issue. This is a Progressive vs Conservative issue and it and it goes back almost 100 years.

      • Ummmm Because slick willy was and is as much a cause for the current economic crisis as Goerge W. Bush who asked the then democratically held house and senate to regulate the fed and Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae and basically was given the finger… and now currently Mr. Obama and his 5 trillion dollar mistake. Lets take a look it was clinton that released Billions of dollars into the market by relaxing banking standards need i remind you of N.A.F.T.A. allowing tens of thousands of jobs to move over sea’s screw the fact he got a blow job in the Oval office cheated on his wife and then Lied about it…

  • ASS usual Obama and his minions (ugly little demons) are at it again. Romney is doing just fine in the real polls.

  • Humberto Zuniga

    well, he should be leading in the polls, but oh well….

  • Tangair

    Pathetic delusion does not become Americans, Fellow Travelers…please follow Dear Leader off-stage next year.

  • zombietimeshare

    Leftists whistling past the graveyard of this administration.

    66 days till the election.

  • Who the hell is the writer of this trash? He;s about a brain dead ahole fit for msn

  • lana ward

    now now bass ass. it’s a FACT. states with Republican Govs are recovering. those with dem govs are still in the toilet. dems policies are from a backward brain. they have no idea how to grow the economy. that encludes our kenyan president

  • Hey libs…please explain Obama’s intimate relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. This should be good.

  • Maybe we just have to accept America as a lost cause. $5t in new debt in 4 years. Another $5t in the next 4. Doubling the national debt to significantly more than GDP. If interest rates go up to 6% that will cost $1.2t per year just for interest. Or over half of current federal receipts. Govt pension costs are skyrocketing. As example NYC pays more for retired firemen than for real ones. Same will go for the police. Meanwhile the illegals will get older and will demand social security as well as citizenship. They will even put license plates on bicycles and every time you go through a stop sign the city will be at your doorstep demanding their cut. All for Obama. Was it worth it?

  • I figure it this way what did our forfathers fight and die for freedom, and only a few things of what I have read I agree with im tired of laws being past that I didnt vote on. People sitting at home doing nothing but collecting welfare, free insurance, and food stamps, while i work my ass off. The only ones who should recieve help are the retired, the ones who didn’t quit but got unemployed. As a American I should have a job regardless if I know Spanish. And one thing I hold deer to me ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME… so with that being said if you can live with yourself im not going to judge you and no one else should either

  • fed up

    Sue, my dear, When are you guys going to stop blaming Buch for obama’s failures? I believe you are confusing whining about the liberal “Bush bashing” with total disgust. Only liberals drink the kool-aid. I suggest you refrain from getting your information from the lamestream media. This administration has failed this country miserably. The liberals have created this war on women simply to distract from this president’s lousy record. BTW obama is going all the way back to Clinton trying to fool people into believing that he is like Billy Boy. Just more lies and manipulation by this failed administration. As long as they can convince you obama sheep to NOT listen to anyone but them, you will always be in the dark regarding the socialist agenda of this president. Take a look around Sue, the country has gone down since this president took over. He has made bad matters worse. And, Sue let me remind you that Bush had a democrat house and senate at the end of his last term, so you can put credit for the mess in their lap. Yes, Bush should have vetoed those spending bills coming from Pelosi and Reid. Don’t forget Barney Frank’s lie about Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, while his lover, running the show, walked away with millions. They are responsible for the housing crash along with ACORN (obama’s organization) and Clinton (sub-prime mortgages). Banks were forced, bullied, and threatened to give out these sub prime loans. The media did their job turning Americans against Bush, and hiding the socialist past of obama. Do yourself a favor, go see 2016 obama’s America and learn something about this president. Ann Coulter does not speak for all conservative women. Why would you a liberal know about Limbaug and Coulter if you don’t listen to them? Of course, you get your information from the obama media which spends the majority of their time bashing all conservatives and spreading the progressive propaganda. So, who are you calling dumb. Do you have anything to say that is of any substance? Or just name calling.

  • yeah…..they are more than likely not able to speak a word of ENGLISH which is most of the outsourcing these days!!! GO ROMNEY!!! You douchebag!!!

  • capdoc6869

    What poll numbers are you reading? You are either dreaming or you are delusional.

  • niceville

    What polls are you looking at maybe should look at the Ohio and Mich. poll Obama is in trouble. I am in worse shape now than I was 4 years ago. I hope for a change!

  • dentalmagic

    Why should we perpetuate what we know to be a failure? We now know how the current administration conducts business. Explain to me why I as a business owner should subject my business to another year of failure? I think I’ll vote for someone with a history of saving businesses not destroy them.
    To the Brits who find it necessary to comment on our politics, thanks but no thanks. We are above you in every way. Just look at what your country has become. You still support a monarchy with your tax dollars what a waste. Buy the way say hello to the Queen.

    • HotMedusa

      “We are above you in every way.” How incredibly arrogant of you. Don’t you believe in free speech? Or does it only apply to those who share your views?

      Those “Brits” are entitled to express their opinions/views just like you, me, and everyone posting in here and all over the Internet. And because they are outsiders looking in, they can offer a more fresh and perhaps objective view of what is going on in the world. That’s because they are not so close to America’s situation and can see things the way that many of us cannot…

      And I always thought business owners were critical thinkers; but it doesn’t sound as if you think critically when the best that you can come up with is that, “[You] now know how the current administration conducts business.” How so? Without elaborating it just sounds like the typical GOP or anti-Obama blanket statement.

  • 4Roomie

    Mr. Decker I think you protest too much!

  • 4Roomie

    Mr. Decker I think you protest too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh really you [email protected]@!!??? Where the hell are you good ole people when the kid doesnt have food to eat….loh yeah…..fight for the “life” of a blob of cells that CANNOT live or survive on its own…..and then tell them you will teach them how to”dumpster dive” to eat!!!!! PAthetic scum!!!! Who in the hell tells YOU what you can do with YOUR PENIS????? NO ONE!!!!! Get off your high horse !!! The day you fricken tards can carry and give birth to a child is the day any of what your saying will even count!!!! You dont have any fkn business….nor do ANY of your Republitard friends … even comment on womens reproductive rights!!! You all talk of right to life yet you are all for the death penalty.
    Hypocrisy at its finest!!!!

  • abc

    Is Roms wearing a yarmulke in that shot from Israel?? Good golly, Ms Molly!

    • HotMedusa

      I asked the same question lol 🙂
      It really does look as if he’s wearing one.

  • abc

    this just in: Mitt won’t release his tax returns because they will show that he skimped the Mormon church on the mandatory tithing. Should be ten percent of income but word is he’s not really giving more than 6 or 7. Oh well. 6 or 7 percent is probably better than he’s paying in taxes with all those loopholes and Cayman islands tax shelters. Poor little rich boy.

  • ridiculous comments, com mentors. Worry about our country being run into the ground by someone who is trying to bring Kenya up to our standards by lowering ours to theirs

  • papa Joe

    Where the hell are you getting your numbers from….Chris Matthews

  • I see where another loon has unleashed a false report on the Presidential race. Please, if you don’t get too intoxicated on the Obama KooL Aid, present some sort of rational explanation of your polling. When even some of the most liberal polls show a very close race, your group has “found” evidence that the tide is turning for the great “ONE”. You are one disallusioned person, who will need serious psychiatric treatment on Nov. 7th. In the old days, you could get away with this kind of statement while the folks wait for a backup in the local newspaper. Not today, you flaming libtard. Your candidate is “cooked” and he and his inner circle knows it. The only things that will keep them with some sort of hope is to continue to lie and hope for some sore of calamity. Romney came off as presidential, with specific goals and a partner that understands what it takes to make bring America back to prosperity.

  • Aquastar

    Another prediction that has gone south.

    Madame Ruby the Palm Reader could do better than this.

  • Jack Clark

    Yes, the two major party think differently about Big Government:
    Democrats are in favor of Big Government when it comes to programs they like–like health care, public welfare, and gun control.
    Republicans are in favor of Big Government when it comes to programs they like–like bigger military, anti-abortion, and marriage control.
    And that’s the Big Government difference between the two.

    • dondehoff

      Jack, you really mean, the Democrats want a small handful of fanatics to control the people and the Republicans want “the people” to control that small gorup of fanatics. That can be reduced to; Democrats have a socialist, communist, fascist “bent”, the Republicans, like their namesake, believe in a Constitutional Republic, run by their elected representatives. That can be further reduced to: Obama vs. Romney.

      • HotMedusa

        How can one be labeled as Socialist, Communist, and Fascist at the same time when they are all fundamentally different? Obviously when people throw those terms out there to describe Democrats, it’s truly amazing and sad how misinformed they are. Can you clearly define what each of those terms mean? If you could then you would immediately identify the Republican party as Fascist. And if you truly believe that the GOP has “We the People” in mind, think again. That is the party who are trying their damnedest to strip all of us in the 99% of our rights. IJS 🙂

        • dondehoff

          Hot….., I did not say Democrats were socialists, communists or fascists. I said The President and his close followers have a “bent” (inclination), toward those groups. Like the Republicans and Independents, about 80% of the Democrats are very good people—they are our neighbors, friends, fellow-workers, business associates, fellow church/club members, and on occasion one’s spouse or siblings. I think you will have to agree that many of the avenues the Administration is exploring, rise well above the traditional “party” level. I believe this is so obvious that many Democrats will not approve some of his extreme ideas. I also believe the Republican “stand” on the matter of “We the People” is just a strong as that of the Democrats. Both parties have serious detractors, and the bottom line, in my opinion, is that our setting President has socialist goals , with a serious Muslim/Islamic “bent—–which later could be an internal Muslim issue equal to their eons old, on-going “sect” battles. When the Muslims are not fighting we infidels they are fighting among themselves. An equally pressing problem is our President is running “amuck” with his Executive Orders, new departments beyond the control of Congress, appointing Muslims to sensitive important new jobs under his immediate control and reducing the size of the military to a level not seen since pre-WWII. He has also directed his Secretary of State to enter into discussions of world-wide gun control that is in clear violation of our Constitution. He has also directed the SOS to negotiate the transfer of our 7 Pribilof Islands to Russia, with no mention of what we are receiving in return. Those islands, while perhaps insignificant in themselves, have valuable mineral rights (spelled OIL), and several hundred square-miles of very valuable fishing waters. Also, if the “warming trend” continues, there soon may be an open “shipping lane” above North America. If that happens, those islands will take on very significant commercial and strategic aspects; so significant that Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and perhaps other countries should be invited into the decision making process. It is obvious we need immediate legislation that prohibits any elected or appointed officials from entering into any understanding, agreement or treaty that would be in conflict with our Constitution or existing Federal Law. The only exception would be if a PRIOR 2/3 Senate approval was granted before starting of such talks. It also would give the citizens greater peace of mind if martial law could not be declared for a period greater than 48 hours without approval of a 2/3 majority vote of the Senate. In today’s world of missiles and WMD, we need for the Senate (and perhaps both houses) to be in constant contact with Washington. This will require updating both their communication system and operating procedures, including the right to vote via a secure communications system. Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Why Romney’s Poll Numbers Are Falling Fast

  • Hmmm what planet are you on?

  • This is wishful thinking on Obama’s part…. Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

  • His poll numbers are falling fast because he reminds everyone of Bush especially after his speech last night, threatenning war with Russia and Iran. Russia and Iran are allies.

    • dondehoff

      John, you are either uniformed or perhaps you are “one of them”. Your post was not clear as to whom your referenced “allies” are, ours or just those two with each other. Neither of those countries are or ever have been our “allies”—at best, Russia “tolerates” us— the U.S. and President Reagan were deeply involved in the breakup of the old USSR—remember, “tear down this wall!”. As for Iran, the days of the “Shaw” are long gone and now, being predominently of the Islamic Faith, Iranians as a people, are prohibited by their Qur’an from being even “friends” of Christians, Jews and infidels in general. Also, Iran is not developing nuclear weapons for the 4th of July!. And it is the Muslims that almost daily state they are going to takeover this country and the rest of the World, and their efforts are quite obvious in Europe and the Middle East. Wake up, the Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming!—no, that is incorrect, they are already here, in some of our highest sensitive governmental offices.

  • I just want to say that it is so fitting that Obama and the Dem’s kick off their Convention on Labor Day. think about for a sec. I think thier new logo should be a hammer and sickle.

  • millig

    No one is telling TRSB what she cant do to her body, we are telling her what to do about saving a babies life. A baby which through no fault of his / her own didnt ask to be aborted. Why should the baby suffer because of someones casual goal for 30 minutes of pleasure result in his her death? Who speaks for the baby? Does that bay have any rights?

  • millig

    And TRSB, make the decision for yourself by all means.. not the unborn

  • millig

    The unborn is not her body

  • They forgot to mention the fact that Romney lies so casually and so frequently and people are not stupid, despite what republicans may believe.

    • better go get some more of your drug enhanced Kool Aid, your stupidity is showing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pearl87

    What the heck is ” his own party’s message of ‘Let him die!’”, supposed to mean? In the tank for Obama much. This article is a disgrace to honesty, journalism, and decency in general.

  • sydneyc1928

    Can’t you guys do simple arithmetic, or are you simply lying.
    Last Authentic poll I saw showed Romney ahead by 4 points!!!

    • well if you notice this article is from August 11th, we are in September now…look at the dates before you start complaining

  • chilitom

    The reason? Because people with no integrity are releasing the results of these alleged polls, polls whose very existence most reasonable people doubt.

  • chilitom

    What a bizarre segue! If you are against abortion, good for you, and I won’t debate whose body abortion maims, but why bring that up here? It is the incumbent who wants the discussion to be about his opponent’s faith, or abortion or gun control or any number of oddball issues. The discussion must stay about debt, jobs, defense and meds.

  • cissy969

    POLLS are just that .they ask 1000 people their opinion……The polls are done with Independents not Rep or Dem………..I went to a class for polling and that is exactly what they said

  • Americaorbust

    The independent voters, and the Tea Party and the silent senior majority will vote for Romeny.
    The gays and lesbians and anti Americans or liberals who want their own way will tried to suade the real Americans to vote the other way. But as for me, I dig Conservatism, I love my country and I love the days when men were men and women did not marry women. What indency what out and out animals have we turned into when woman marry one another. Egad, its really about morals and values, and when we turn our back on deceny we have hit an Obama new low.
    He is for abortion at any term in life of an infant or fetus. Obama is for killing not life.
    As to woman’s choice, most women you know would choose life for their unborn, it they has a future and jobs and could afford to raise them. Poverty is the killer just ask the poor what forces them to kill their unborn. Oh and ask Obama if he approves of this message!

    • HotMedusa

      This is the dumbest, most misinformed, absolutely ridiculous, fear-mongering comment I’ve read in here so far. Who the Hell are you to define who is a “real American?” You are the anti-American! People like you are scary and are what’s wrong with America today. You can take your hate, your fear, and your ignorance and get out of the greatest country in the world!!! Oh and before you go, why don’t you show us your indignation for Bush, who is responsible for killing many of our young men and women, by sending them over to Iraq to search for the elusive WMDs…don’t let the doorknob hit you in the a$$ on the way out!

  • i have to read this article a few sentences at a time? bye.

  • emblemcs

    look at the date (August 11th) … they can’t post current numbers … it wouldn’t support Obama

  • kryptosabcs

    Perception is reality to some, at least until the election.

  • goodbyeobama2012

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Do you think the American people are complete idiots?
    Yes, I guess you do. We are not buying this………. Nope, nope, nope.

  • goodbyeobama2012

    The problem is, it is not your just your body anymore.

  • goodbyeobama2012

    When it comes to abortion, it is not just your body anymore. Someone who would
    deny the life of a child after it is aborted, is not the person I will vote for.

  • Only poll that counts will be held November 6th. This is one very poorly written pos.

  • myriammag

    It would be fair to update this report, since new national polls are showing Gov. Mitt Romney on the lead…. with the momentum favoring the Governor! So ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Please report the facts going forward.

  • It’s Obama’s poll numbers that are falling fast

  • Cattruck

    Typical Dumbocrats that are feeling the noose tighten around there necks and getting desperate so here come more lies and deceptions. OMG has a new meaning OBAMA MUST GO

  • AZWarrior

    Today, two Democrat Convention delegates from California arrived at their hotel. One passed out and the other got into a fight with hotel personnel. Both were drunk. Here comes the freak show folks. This ought to be fun (and at times embarrassing) to watch.

    • Sounds like the Romney Republicans, swimming nude in the Sea of Galilee. I wonder if it’ll get in as many papers!

  • I am sorry to disappoint you but Governor Romneys’ numbers are rising.

  • Typical media tactic.

    • June9245

      With The Obummer in charge, We all know this country’s a disaster. We all know this economy’s a disaster. We all know it’s not Bush’s fault. We all know that Obama hasn’t the slightest clue what he’s doing. None of that matters to the Socialist Media. Keeping Republicans out of power is all that matters to them. No matter what else happens, that’s all that matters. The Socialist News Media are oriented toward two things: advancing the Democrat/Socialist Party and whoever runs it — in this case, Barack Obama — and, at the same time, defeating, embarrassing and humiliating the Republicans and conservatives. Those are the two things that are the daily objectives of the media in this country. The media today is simply the implementation arm of the Democrat/Socialist Party. They are simply executing a political agenda, pure and simple, and nothing more. How long will the citizens of America support a media that does not represent their values, morals, ideals or even their tastes?

  • Eagles_Fan

    Why is it that the liberal media is so comcerned about how Romney earned his money while they pay so little attention to how Obama wastefully spends ours?

    • CJACK2047


      • He said he would fix it and did nadda………..and he had a democratic congress……….so who blocked him????? He doubled the national deficit…….he doubled what took over 200 years to accumulate!!!!! You are delusional and should stop regurgitation shit that people like Chris Matthews from PMSNBC say…………………ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THAN YOU WERE 4 YEARS AGO???????

      • Eagles_Fan

        CJACK2047, I concur wholeheartedly with your sentiment about ignorant people opening their mouths and speaking. So, with that thought in mind, please allow me to thank you for typing your words, instead of speaking them; it truly was less annoying to read them than it would have been to hear them.

        Let’s start with the obvious:

        First, the House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats for President Obama’s first two years in office, hence the Republicans could not block anything.

        Second, to this day, Obama has yet to have even one of his budgets passed – in fact, even his first two attempts were voted down 99-0 by the aforementioned Democractic-controlled Senate.

        Third, during the past two years the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has authored and approved numerous budgetary and job bills that have then been sent to the Senate for approval whereupon they languished due to Senator Harry Reid’s use of the ocket veto, never being permitted to come to the floor for discussion and a vote.

        And lastly, the newly elected House, Senate, and President should mandate that no person in this country ever be permitted to vote unless they can one, pass a current events test; two, prove that they have paid federal taxes, and; three, can show definitive proof of their U.S. citizenship.

        My guess is that you’d fail miserably on the former. And, I’d be willing to bet that you’d fail the second test, as well. However, I would guess that you would pass the third test.

        So, I’d sggest that you better study up and work harder over the next four years that you can subsequently do your “fair share.”

      • Four more years of Americans being lead by the Chicago community activist, whose favourite subject in college was the study of communism, whose mentor growing up was a member of the Communist Party of America, should make America look like another Venuzuela. Congratulations in advance all you Obama supporters, for the socialing of a once proud successful country. Yes, who needs an extremely successful person like Mitt Romney running your country, a man who has succeded in every thing he’s done, when you can have the jr. Senator from Ill. applying his Keynesian economics that has done such a spledid job of putting those 23million unemployeds back to work.

      • freethinkinglibertarian

        Never believe anything from anyone who writes in all capital letters.

    • William Deutschlander

      Eagles Fan – you have been sadly miss-led

      You seem to be in support of the SPEND and DO NOT TAX Republican Party.

      Our National Debt approaches 16 Trillion Dollars, 85% of that National Debt was created by REAGAN, H W Bush and G W Bush all three Republicans and all three presided over economic recessions, 1982, 1989 & 2008.

      The Obama Administration has done a stellar job at reducing the yearly government debt, with no assistance what so ever from the Republicans in Congress.

      Google the FACTS and do yourself a favor.

      Yes the Eagles are a good football team.

      • HotMedusa

        I applaud your effort in trying to educate these truly misguided people. But I’m sure you know that FACTS to these people is like garlic to a vampire, or like the silver-bullet to a werewolf…I’m just being facetious lol 🙂

        • I find them entertaining. Sad but I entertain myself nonetheless. Come to think of it: they’re good research material – to know how this type of people can be made to believe on something false by just telling them over and over again that it is true? Interesting eh!

  • We need people to exercise their right to vote–please no matter what your party affiliation just get out and vote on November 6th.

  • Are we on the same planet? Russia is backing Syria and helping Iran to build a nuclear weapon. I don’t think they are on our side.

  • First of all tithing was instituted for the building of the temple (the hebrew nation) but in the new testament we are required to be joyful givers. His giving of 6 or 7 percent of his income makes him a hilari0us giver. It is his money and he made it and can do with it what he wishes.

  • You are lying communists. You have a purpose……………. Destroy America. Destroy the Constitution. We no longer heed your bull. Romney will defeat this marxist dictator in the biggest landslide since Reagan/Carter.

  • annemarie1234

    Dems just make up facts out of thin air, knowing their base are either too stupid or too brain-washed to challenge the “facts.” Just have to have faith the majority of the voting public are too smart to be taken in and the GOP is sucessful in keeping the dead and family pets from voting.

    • HotMedusa

      You people are still hard-pressed to come up with an original thought. All you teabaggers do is regurgitate the same BS that your puppetmasters brainwash you with. Critical thinking is something that is impossible for you to do for yourselves. But that’s fine with me. You keep following your fearless leaders: Rush, Sean, and Ann, and see where you mindless Stepford Wives end-up. Now I’ll sit back and wait for the slew of hateful comments that you all are so “good” at delving-out to those of us who have a different point of view…

  • wuerffel

    What a laughable article..most these “events” happened months ago and are trumped up by a largely liberal mention of Biden’s many more gaffes…and you mention Republicans health care position as “let them die” for health care…please what a wicked distortion of the truth.

  • Snookyjack50


  • Obama is a very intelligent guy who deliberates policy decisions carefully and makes generally wise decisions in the best interest of all Americans. He will be re-elected by a substantial margin, as he should be. Obama is interested in the country. The current crop of republican extremists are interested only in themselves. Obama’s reason for running is to improve the lives of all of the American people. Romney is running to enhance his resume.
    Just like George W. Bush. You really think people have forgotten the C student who caused this continuing mess? Even a squirrel knows enough to store a few acorns away in the good times when winter is coming. The entire country knew the demographics of the baby boom generation approaching retirement and Medicare age, but instead of nurturing and growing a budget surplus that was handed to him and could have been stored away for the obvious needs of the American people, he not only gave it all away to Iraq to feed his own “mission accomplished” silver-spooned ego, but he cut taxes and ran huge deficits during good economic times! Exactly the opposite of what anyone with even the intelligence of a squirrel would do. Which spiked the economy to unsustainable bubble levels and lead to the extremely low down cycle collapse that he handed off to Obama. Obama had two choices. Let the financial and major manufacturing sectors completely collapse and take the whole country down to depression levels and hope for the best. Or try to stave off the collapse with short term government support which would create fiscal deficits. Something that is quite ordinary in economic downturns, except George W. got a C in economics and he had already ramped up the deficits to record levels during the good times!
    So Obama’s decision was even harder, but he chose the 2nd option and he did what he had to do. Now the government is getting paid back and the economy is slowly recovering in spite of the Republicans doing everything in their power to thwart the recovery. As the recovery progresses, Obama will gradually over time reduce the deficit, as he must to sustain the recovery now and deal with the demograhics that a C student couldn’t understand later. Meanwhile, Romney’s plan is to cut expenses and revenues deeply and quickly, which will throw the country back into the depression that we avoided. Are we really supposed to forget all this and vote for Romney? I don’t think so. Obama will be re- elected, as well he deserves to be. And the country will prosper for it

    • Great post “Al Johnson”! Factual and overlooked by so many gullibles, who continue to fall for the lies and twisted propaganda, and vote AGAINST themselves and their own families, because they don’t bother to pay attention. It must just be “easier” to fall for the propaganda, concocted in someone else’s brain, than to take the time to do any research and use their OWN brains!

      The Republican Party is also still masquerading under the title of “PRO-LIFE” party, which even many greedy CHURCHES are falling for, and pushing, from their pulpits. Obviously, the people who will starve to death from having their food programs ended, or dying from poor or NO proper medical care, which are both in the new Republican budget, don’t count! Also, the thousands of innocent babies, children, pregnant women, and other civilians, besides all the soldiers, who are killed or maimed from Republican war profiteering, in their unprovoked wars for profit, are lives that don’t count either. And. don’t forget capital punishment, a favorite in Republican states! Republicans are FAR from living up to that false claim! I’d say they’re more like a “party of death”, ending all humanitarian programs for the needy, and instead, giving that money to the multi-millionaires and billionaires, in ONE of the Republican “WELFARE” programs (of which there are MANY, besides only the outrageous tax deductions and subsidies!) And, guess what?? They don’t have to do a LICK of work to get ANY of that money for nothing, or “living on the dole!” They get no stigma at all either, and many BRAG about their great “hauls” they ripped off!

      Many of these people also PRETEND to be “Christians”! Is this REALLY what “CHRIST” taught us?? The ONLY deaths some worry about are the ones made by EACH individual woman, herself , NOT by any party, to kill her own baby. Christ gave EACH of us a conscience, and a free will. NONE of us makes that decision for any other woman. She makes it for herself, usually because she believes she cannot afford to FEED another life, which problem will become WORSE under the Romney-Ryan plan, rebuked by Catholic Bishops, and there would be MORE aborted babies! Mothers don’t like to WATCH their baby starve, and if she is starving herself, she can’t even NURSE her baby! This private, individual “conscience” decision is VERY OPPOSITE a political party making killing decisions, blindly, for large groups of people!

      Is the Republican Party REALLY a PRO-LIFE party, promoted by “Christians”?? Yes, by Christians who are non-thinking, or with DEAD consciences!

    • Al, it’s good to see the people at the mental institution that you are a resident at, allow you access to the internet. It must be empowering to sit behind your keyboard and make up all these dellusional statements. I support your hospitals plan 100%. Someday they will let you out on day passes!

      • William Deutschlander

        WOW, you certainly have no rational relevance to this universe.

        I hope you will get the mental help you need very soon.

      • Susi49

        What really frustrates and scares me is that there are millions of voters who think like you! The facts are out there. Maybe watching and reading unbiased reporting might help

        • Susi49 I agree with you. There are so many folk out there who have set the cross-hairsand are out to destroy everything the President has done and tryed to do. If he would have received support on some of the stuff he attempted to fix we would not be having this debate.

      • bryan535

        The right always views the truth as delusional…they forget there are things like fact-check out there that rational folks use to seek out the truth and vote accordingly. It’s the uninformed ditto-heads like you that are really scary.

      • Johnnycanuck72

        How appropriate you posted with the name “Yahoo”… 😉

      • Dear yahoo-24ZF6HMJG3AOH7TMHYRX5AWDLM (nice)
        Del(l)usional you say? Nothing like your monumental ditto dose of Fox news ingested daily to confirm to you what a rational deep thinker you must be.

      • Matthew Grzywa

        rebuttal? no just call him names and attack him personally. because that is what republicans do when they don’t have anything of substance to back them up.. prove me wrong you just did it…

    • William Deutschlander

      And in our daily prayers we all should remember to thank Obama and his Administration for saving our country from a cataclismic economic collapse, brought about by the REPUBLICAN GREAT RECESSION of 2008.

      VOTE for DEMOCRACY in 2012, Vote DEMOCRAT

      • muggsmcginnis

        The Democrats are no good!

        • Matthew Grzywa

          care to give a well reasoned argument like Mr. Johnson or do you just prefer make assertions that cannot be based in fact or reality


          • Sorry buddy you are the AH just like Romney the empty suite and Ryen the scum.

          • mcdonald_al

            Yet another well thought out rebuttal to an informative editorial.
            Is that what U.S. politics have become, schoolboy insults as a reponse to intelligent opinions?
            Clearly the Republican demographic seems to be no smarter than thier last president.

          • d2lv

            Do you not remember that GWB had a better GPA the John Kerry from the same school.

          • mcdonald_al

            Also there is no “Q” in “A”.
            Insulting another while misspelling a one letter word, hmmmm.

          • sawmann

            AMEN BROTHER!!!! that’s what I was thinking!!!

          • JMitchellMiller


          • Robert Paul Lash Sr.

            would you care to elaborate… or should you check with Sean Hannity first? Name calling is the last bastion of the ignorant.

          • real!

            yea, overtaxed! i think you’re the moron, and when you say union, i think you mean working man, which apparently you aren’t, i know the campaign slogan for you guys is “attrition is our mission” and “are you better off than 4 yrs ago” when bush was in office, lol

          • Charles Parker

            When I hear UNION I think of lazy man reading a newspaper at work with his feet up on a desk. I think of the man that arrives on time and leaves on time – only because it is the only one thing that will get him in trouble. I have seen it in person – a new young eager worker comes into the scene he works hard only to hear his peers tell him “No matter how hard you work and how long you work here – you will never make more than me” and to see that same worker a year later – giving into to the attitude of who cares I cant get ahead no matter how hard I work… Yes it is those UNIONS we are referring to… I am not saying all UNION workers are lazy only that the system is setup to reward those there the longest and not the most deserving or the most qualified. My observation has been about 30% do 90% of the work and the next 40% to 10% of the work and the remaining 30% do nothing but consume O2.

          • real!

            no disrespect intended, but that is a very wide brush you’re using. why worry about the guy next to you and his pay rate when you’ve got a rich candidate banking his money in other countries making money for them instead of you.
            Curtis E. Jones SR.

          • d2lv

            Good comment. I have never gotten a union person to name an industry that unions dominate that is successful.

          • Dan McCall

            Overtaxed! Please educate yourself PLEASE! Google phil gramm, and derivatives. The GOP led Ponzi scheme allowed investment bankers to become depository banks. The DEREGULATION of banks in 1999 and derivatives in 2000 gave wall street the biggest Ponzi schem in history. Over $645 TILLION dollars traded between 2000 and June 2008. Where do you think the sub-prime money came from? Please do NOT be stupid in your reply. I.E Actually try to learn why Greece, Spain Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, etc and the USA are in a financial crisis?

          • d2lv

            Did you hear about the housing bubble? That caused the big problems and guess who was responsible for that. If you check you will find out it was Bill Clinton, Reno, Dodd, Frank and all the dems at the head of Freddy and Fanny.

          • PBrenda

            You are truly drinking too much kool-aid…..the housing sub prime crisis came about by the Democrats (ie Bawney Fwank and Biden and others) who kept telling the Republicans in 2004-2006 that it was fine, no problem….did not need to be looked into…..they knew what they were “building” ….have you ever heard of the Cloward-Piven strategy? look it up….Piven is a visitor and friend of the WH…..we have never had such a radical president and those that surround him… Van Jones, Holdren, Muslim Brotherhood…….why is he no longer saying the words “under God” or anything God related in the Pledge or Constitution yet he can have Muslim prayers said at events and celebrate ramadan? How about the first president to ever be brought under contempt of court by a judge due to Obummer not obeying a judges order that the gulf moratorium was unconstitutional and they were to continue with the drilling? Then Obummer gave 2 BILLION of our dollars to the Petrobras in Brazil for drilling 3 X deeper than Deep water horizon? I could go on and on, but why waste my time? You will not quit drinking that koolaid or educate yourself anyway……have fun in lala land

          • Tsk tsk tsk

            You trolls are not even trying anymore.

          • The answer is both. The sad fact is that about 44% of American voters think the same as he does.

          • Orrrrr he is another American with his own opinion.. you know.. that thing Americans are supposed to be about? Hypocrites. Any ways Clinton actually initiated it when he decided to overhaul the banking laws. I agree that Obama is a smart man. But I and others can disagree with some of the changes he is making. If you have troubles with that, then look in the mirror and slap yourself because you are just a hypocrite for hating others having their own opinions. Vote for whoever you like, but at least know what your voting about. We are not in grade school . Voting for someone because your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues do is an absurd reason. Vote for yourself, for what you want and what you feel.Enough with telling others not too. Class dismissed.

          • d2lv

            Where do you get Obama is a smart man. Has anyone seen his grades. He is an affirmative action president. He has been given everything he ever got and it not has been through hard work.

          • Are you of the opinion that Romney is a smart man? I would prefer Obama to Romney any day.

          • d2lv

            Romney’s grades are out there. Obama’s are not. Why is this. Is embarrassed by his grades and how he got into the schools he did. Romney was fifth in his class as he was working on two degrees at the same time, one was an MBA and the other was a law degree. What has Obama done? Romney did more in getting the Olympics turned around. Obama only accomplishment was in getting people that could not afford home loans homes that they lost. I believe it involved about 185 African Americans and only 15 of them are still in their houses. Romney, at Bain Capital had a great record. 80% of the business he was involved in are still in existence, and many of the one that did not make were closed after he left and the top dog at Bain was one of the anointed one biggest supporters.

          • Romney turned the Olympics around? All by himself, huh?

            He registered himself as a lobbyist, the only presidential candidate to ever be a registered lobbyist btw, and asked the Fed Gov’t for BILLIONS of dollars to save the Salt Lake City games.

            The Fed Gov’t gave him the money and the games went on. Without the several billion dollars in government money those games would not have gone on.

            The Salt Lake City games received 10x the amount of funding the Atlanta games did. Atlanta was holding a Summer Olympics too, which is much more costly.

          • d2lv

            The Salt Lake City games turned a profit. I do not believe Atlanta turned a profit.

          • Yes its all about affirmative action.

            The Harvard Law School just gives out dimplomas to black people. They also let black people edit the Harvard Law Review. It’s just something they do. Thats why every black person has a Law Degree from Harvard.

          • d2lv

            The Law Review is a popularity contest. Have you seen anything that Obama wrote or his grades or how he got into Occidental in California. I did not think so.

          • JMitchellMiller

            If what you say is true, Will…why have Obama’s grades NOT been released? Obama admits in his own autobiography to spending the last two years of high school cutting class and smoking marijuana (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that! LOL) so how did he manage to turn around his act so quickly and gain admittance to a top tiered law school like Harvard? Better yet if he was President of the Harvard Law Review why did he NEVER publish a single paper? Oh yeah, I smell racism all over this ‘cept it ain’t white hating black racism it’s the soft racism of insulting black people (who ARE just as smart as anyone else) by claiming to lower admittance standards to address previous “perceived” racial injustice. Ayn Rand was SO right when she called racism the most DEGENERATE form of collectivism on the planet! But you go ahead Will and live in your make believe world of liberal hatred and illiteracy. Odumba will NOT win re-election and you, my Kool-Aid swigging friend, can take THAT to the bank!!! Love ya even if you’re an absolute dimwit!!

          • you have got to be really stupid to think that the president was given everything he has. Sounds like another racist who assumes that only a white person can be smart

          • d2lv

            Typical leftist, if you do not agree with them you must be a racist. If he is so smart why is all his “academic” records sealed? Who paid for his education? Look at his record. He is more of a racist than anyone because look at the employment rate among blacks and especially young blacks. If a white man had his record, there would have been riots in the streets all this summer. By you picture, I assume you are a marine and have good feelings about our country. Have you seen Obama’s crotch salute, his decimating of the military, as Carter and Clinton did. I was in the AF during those two disasters for the military and can remember the amount and quality of people we were getting in. Anyone that can add $5,000,000,000,000 to the national debt is not good for the USA. TARP was a bust, cash for clunkers was a bust, 46,000 per car for the American tax payer, the auto bail out was also a bust. GM stock needs to be about $55 a share to bail us out and it is around $20. Biden says they saved 100,000 jobs in the auto industry, when there are not that many in the industry. He did a good job of getting the Olympics to come to Chicago.

          • He has been given nothing……Mitt Rob me….now he has taken from the backs of workers……laying off employees and gaining 20 grand a pop……….so don’t even try it….you are a racist…..just say you are…..or a sheep….follow Rom hole right off the cliff..NO RESPECT for the President that WE THE PEOPLE VOTED sorry about your luck..Can’t wait til November….VOTE STRAIGHT BLUE and take out the rest of the TRASH in Washington.

          • d2lv

            Do you people get tired of using the old canard about anyone that does not agree with you is a racist.

          • Throwing peanuts at a black camerawoman at the RNC isn’t the kind of behavior you see at ANY Democratic event. Actions speak pretty loudly, asshat.

          • d2lv

            92% of the blacks voting for a black man is RACIST. Have you heard the Howard Stern interview with the men on the street?

          • You assume that because he is black that he had everything handed to him? What are u saying, that Blacks don’t generally work hard? That makes u a racist. Romney thinks that everyone should just run out & start a business & make money, thats the only way he judges success. Most of us don’t cling to the dollar to prove our self worth.

          • d2lv

            I am saying that if he did not have anything to hide, he would release his records. That is a paraphrase of his. I guess I am a racist because I do not go along with your thinking. He has sealed, college records, and travel records. Was he in college as a overseas student. Why is he and Michelle not licensed to practice law in Ill. He was elected without vetting. Anyone that was vetted with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, etc. would never had a chance.

          • travellinglight

            Are you stammering and slobbering while emptying the rubbish you mistook for insight? Just curious.

          • dancinmom

            He doesn’t sound like a moron to me. He sounds quite intelligent. And unions took away child labor and fought for workers’ rights which we are seeing stripped away continuously. Of course, there were the bad apples as in anything that gave unions a bad name. But my history books also show great and proud moments about the union movement. I wonder what America would look like if they had not persevered. We would be having a very different discussion if the discussion was even allowed. Thank you and if you could refrain from calling people names, that would be appreciated.

          • CTConservatives47

            Johnson is a complete moron. He thinks the economy is getting back on track as unemployment rises and economic growth falls to 1.7% in the latest quarter. A perfect fool for Obama.

          • Growth was ONLY 1.7% last quarter huh? What was the growth like the last few quarters of Bush’s presidency?

            Oh, the economy was actually shrinking? It shrunk 9% during Bush’s last year in office? Wow, we def need to go back to those policies. They really work.

          • why do you and all liberal people like you keep reffering back to Bush? Why has the president not given up on the race card, the lies, the rhettoric, the scummy chicago way, the vacations, BIDEN’s mouth, and severall other lies he has told his own party. Most of you won’t listen to the truth, because you seriously can’t handle the truth. The only thing Bush and Obama have in common besides having sat in the Numero Uno spot, is Skull and Bones. Another thing 23 m illion people here are unemployed. He just gave amnesty to 13 million criminals who came across our borders illegally.. Keep the heart wrenching parts to yourself cuz I know them and do not care it is a rule of law and unlike liberals and democrats we the people cannot just pick and choose which ones we follow. Now the entire illegal immigrant population CAN. SO Fu#K U ALL Your all retarded and literally if I had time to run the numbers like lets see Obama has spend what Bush did in 8 years in 3.5 O wait he spent more. Most have failed. and on top of it all he signed the NDAA bill instead of vetoing it. STOP BLAMING BUSH, STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUR SPINLESS PRES. AND STOP TWISTING THE TRUTH.

          • rushthis

            Because history existed prior to Obama becoming President, tool. Why do conservatives hate America?

          • dezire

            It’s the liberals who hate Amerca. You have blinders on. When Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 7%.. now we are at 8 %. Do the math.

          • Geez Jason. Take a breath. Then
            face reality. Bush is still to blame. He will always be the one who gave us this recession. He has bankrupted everything he every laid his hands on. Facts are facts. If those facts lead back to Bush and company, well that is just the way it is. I know some people just don’t and can’t accept responsibility and I have not heard Bush accept any of it.

          • I don’t recall Gary Johnson claiming the economy is getting back on track. He is the opposite of Obama & Romney. As guv of NM, employment rose 11.6%, he inherited a deficit, cut taxes 14 times & left billion dollar surplus.

          • I love it when they can’t attack the argument so attack the person. We can certainly see your intelligence shining through OVER TAXED.

          • FishermanFriend

            Unless your job is to write injury causing death or safety warning signs, anyone who feels the need to reply in caps is the moron. As the wise old saying says, The nail that sticks out should be hammered in.

          • xmascat

            He is a taker….

          • With this reply from “Overtaxed,” I think we can ALL agree who the MORON is, right? Stop making all of us Americans looked stupid over here in Europe, with your brainwashed jargon; lapping up everything Romney and Damien (oops! I mean Paul Ryan) spits out of their lyin’ mouths. It’s absolutely embarrassing for members of the Armed Services and American citizens living abroad. Are you people really so naive and so racist, that you’d allow this obvious Tea-Party led, Republican trailer to break through the walls of our great society, without any fight at all? Open your eyes to what’s going on around you. Wake up, before these idiots destroy our beautiful country! What are you…traitors, or just plain stupid?!

          • This is a reply I sent on a CBS site, to a “over-taxed,” who obviously doesn’t understand why he’s over-taxed is because the rich continue to take the taxable money we need to run our country, out of the system. This leaves the tax burden on us. But, he/she can’t see past the lense of racism, which is detering his/her view from the truth. I guess years of conditioning was never meant to simply make minorities accempt an inferior position in society, but to condition conservative whites into feeling such a feeling of entitlement, that any threat to that position (such as having to share), would trigger an almost self-preserving protective response.

          • You haven’t done your homework david——I think you don’t understand the real agenda of Barack Obama. i think most democrats would be quite surprised to find their president is nothing better than a Chicago politician (not considered to be a good thing) His agenda is not to help the poor if you understand anything about him at all. I think you need to know something about him if you are for him!

          • Bubba McGreger

            Amen to that OVER TAXED. The liberal is by nature the ultimate hypocrite and all-around delusional fool. In the past few months, I’ve had the displeasure of conversing with several of the pilled-out racists (liberals) and for every FACT I placed on the table for debate, I received the same two nuggets in return:

            1.) What about Mitt’s tax returns?
            2.) I can’t believe you’re a racist too.

            To that, I just have to say this…. If the bottom-dwelling, forked-tongue, scumbag SLOWbama is given four more years to finish out his detail, enjoy it you hate-breeding insolents. Enjoy the country you have aided in destroying. Enjoy your forced community service, your 60%-70% income tax rate. Enjoy walking everywhere you go, unless you’re one who’s fortunate enough or crooked enough to have the resources to afford the tiny car that SLOWbama has allowed you to overpay for. Enjoy being owned by this man you call your President. Enjoy being fool enough to not see through his lies 3 years ago. Enjoy your streets filled with creatures, the gender of which is not obvious. Enjoy being the slave that taking the path of least resistance, that taking the easy way, got you…. When it starts to crumble, I wish I could see the look on your face and sense your fear as you realize you’ve been had, lied to BY A SIMPLETON. Maybe I’ll see you when that days comes, but you won’t see me….Take care.

          • JMitchellMiller


          • Why is he a “complete moron”. What do you disagree with? Why do you feel the need to type in all caps?

            It’s easy to type in capital letters and call people names like a five year old. It’s much more difficult to make a substantive case as to why you disagree with someone.

          • JN_America

            Yeah?? & you must be one of those Idiot “Tea Baggers”. You know the kind. The ones that can’t conceive the Idea of why people who make more should “PAY” more. The ones that are so far removed from reality they couldn’t find their ass with both hands. Anyone who has “earned”, a living knows the simple facts of life in America. You work longer hours, & bring in more money, they take out more taxes. You work overtime gross more on your paycheck, you will pay more taxes. Why is it some people aren’t familiar with that concept??? Could it be they’ve been cheating for so long they forgot the rules. Or because they live by a different set of rules they made just for themselves??
            I started to work & pay taxes at the age of 16. I’m very familiar with the concept. But now that I’m gettin to the age where I’m supposed to start reaping the profits of all those years of tax paying, & I find there may not be enough left in the kitty cause of those “Tea Toater” types. They’ve been careless, & spent too much. So now they want to tell me since they wasted the monies I’ve paid out for my future, my “Twilight Years”, there is nothing left for me to live on!!!! & since they’ve expired that option they have to actually start to live off their own money, & are thoroughly repulsed by that thought. & they don’t owe me anything for using up my money so they could be comfortable & save theirs!!! Is that why you feel so “Over Taxed”???? This country was built on the sweat of “Union Men & Women” the only thing I can relate any “TEA” to in “American History” is when they dumped it all in Boston harbor, which in my opinion is a very good place for it, & any party members that endorse that philosophy.
            Catch my Drift there mister “Taxed” or are you??????

          • or both and on food stamps LOL

          • mahatmacoatmabag

            BOTH !

          • Daniel Solomon

            Clinton had all Republicans(Gingrich) passing all the bills that he had to negotiate to get the “Surplus” and then the Democrats made it all go away under Bush so they could have a Democrat re-elected See who was passing the bills not just who signed them. It is funny how Democrats never ever remember that and how Obama had the House and Senate for 2 full years and did nothing about the budget. Talk about a can kicker and now he is still quoting numbers from old Ryan budget plans, what a fool.

          • Samethan

            Although Mr. Johnson may be a Union Man, he definitely is an intelligent and informed citizen who has a great grasp of the current situation. If the rest of the population was equally enlightened then it would be a landslide election win of epic proportions for Obama and no amount of billionaire hedgefund or oil exec donations for misleading commercials would matter. Unfortunately, the general population is not so enlightened and we will have a much tighter race than it should be.

          • Gary Johnson would not cause a big win for Obama. Gary Johnson says we should use Constitution. Obama & Romney seem to prefer anything goes, as far as rights of govt. They don’t seem to care about what used to be our rights. Please see garyjohnson2012 dot com

          • Michael Pettit

            Great argument. I have always felt that flinging unsupported insults is the best way to win a discussion.

          • i thought he hit it Right on, OBAMA AGAIN

          • emadis41

            Taxes are at 15% GDP now, what ratedo you want?It is the lowest in all industerialized countries ever. Goggle tax rates by country and find out for yourself.

          • They say “It takes one to know one.” Um, I’m betting you’re not a Union Man.

          • Kandaras

            If you can’t tell who the mark is in the first 5 mins its you. In this case I feel your moron label applies equally well. Making an irrelevant either or argument that addresses nothing. In all CAPS NO LESS cause nothing drives home the case like all capital letters!

          • EducatedMotherof3plus1

            I am a little confused here…what is the bible thumper trying to articulate? Also..what does being a Union person have to do with being able to make a very clear & concise comment?
            Or do you have to be a very confused bible thumper, and an unemployed non-Union worker to live in your worlds?

          • Wally Westover

            On election we will find out who the Moron is Johnson or you…..I’m betting on you.

          • He’s not a moron, he’s very smart & cares about the 100% equally. He said what I don’t like about unions is they won’t let me fire my worst worker and they won’t let me give my best worker a bonus.

          • MORON: A person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgement. That would truly fit muggsmcginnis’ response. However, I would apply the psychological definition of MORON to your response: a person affected with mild mental retardation lacking effective communication and social skills. Moron!

          • over taxed you happen to be under-brained

          • Kay Bright

            OOPS! I take back my like. I meant to add a like to Matthew’s comment not Over Taxed!

          • Maerzie

            Johnson watched the facts, as they happened. You just listened to your daily dose of brainwashing. The reason Romney’s going down is because every THINKING persion saw the brainwashing and hate, as it occurred, too! Republicans should have tried a little honesty and a few principles! Their only “god” is MONEY! They have zero honesty or honor!

          • And you are a Fox News watching nutjob!

          • Wow, strong argument Over taxed! Why do people reply to a well stated point, with vitriolic remarks? Is it because there is a lack the emotional control, or are they too dim witted, to understand a simple argument. In you response, you have proven his argument to be true, a large group of the Americans respond emotionally to situation that they do not agree with, because they lack the foresight or unable to think thing through(conflict resolution 101). My suggestion to you, in the future if someone evokes an emotional response, in lieu of responding emotionally you should think and respond logically, by stating a counter argument, explaining you position. ( I am sure this comment will provide you with that opportunity).

          • that from someone who can’t find his caps lock key…

          • Is that the best you can do? Just insults but no rebut.?
            You sound just like today’s crazy Republicans.

          • …..poor looser you are. Can’t stand the fact and truth. Most of you don’t have any “believable bone” in your bodies.

          • Avinash Mistry

            to Over Taxed..
            its Progress taxation, having different tax brackets for different income earners, its present in every western country, Romney can quote Obama for Redistribution comment from 1998 but thats very much needed to give every one fair chance to success coz not every one are blessed to born in Rich household and start mile ahead in life already.
            Again, present some plausible comments and facts then just yell at ppl.

          • How long did it take you to come up with that retort Shakespeare?

          • Over taxed sounds like the moron!

          • Union men and women helped to build and will rebuild the greatest middle class in the world.

          • JasnaWI

            A well reasoned arguement? In what universe? Talk about assertions not based in fact or reality. Obviously he has not been paying attention to what is happening. When did the economy start having problems… when the Dems, including Obama, took control of congress. Bush was not a C student at Harvard and Yale (where did Mr. Johnson go?) Obama is so ashamed of his grades he won’t even release them… par for the course. Romney’s academic record is well known. The liberals are so used to calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them dumb – just keep doing it because that is all you can do.

            The question is easy – are we better off than we were 3 1/2 years ago… clear answer is no. We will sweep to power in a landslide. Obama, the Carter of our times!

          • Dan McCall

            Hey smart guy??? Ever hear of NIXON SHOCK? Do you know what that did to oil? Do you know what it did to gold? The GOP doesn’t EVER change! They create the mess and the Democrats end up trying to clean up the GOP mess. How about the GOP PONZI scheme of 1999 and 2000? Does $645 TRILLION mean anything to you? Oh wise one? Explain to the readers why the economy in the US and Europe are having a similar financial crisis. Explain why Bankia in Spain is in trouble. (Today’s news) Do you know what date the financial crisis HIT and WHY! Can you explain AIG’s role in the financial crisis? With your reasoned intelligence, you should give us an answer about Mitt. Is he a member of the Bohemian Club? You should know why I ask that question cause your smarter than DEM’s

          • Charles Parker

            Well I can provide such information rather that referring to squirrels as Mr Johnson (If that is his real name).
            1. Lets start of with Clinton – Economic Boom – why – technological revolution and the .com boom. Had nothing to do with Clinton, he just happened to be in the white house at the time.
            2. .com bust – that was a issue mainly caused by investors too wiling to buy up any stock they thought was tied to internet business – Most were junk and eventually were shown to be just that.
            3. In 2008 the issue was the housing bubble burst – why was that – Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac issued sub-prime loans to the masses of people that could not accord them. These loans (90%) had variable interest rated tied to them. When the rates went up so did the mortgage payments. So these people could not afford the houses and as a result were foreclosed upon. Who was it that backed and pushed all of this?? Chris Dodd was the major playter – Notice how he did not run for re-election in Connecticut? He pushed it through the Congress – Which is you care to look was in the Democrates hands not Republicans.

            So Obama has the Dems to thank for where he is today if he wants to blame someone – I guess he can blame Dodd, but not Bush.

            BY the way I hear you so called President in office today was not much of a student either – Probably glad to get a “C”. Most of his classmates never even heard or saw the guy…

          • Spewing the party line is not a sign of good reasoning.
            See if you can bring yourself to watch The Money Masters on YouTube…as I suggested to Al and William above.

          • xmascat

            Yes, read my argument I just posted. Mr. Johnson can’t reason worth a darn.

          • phoenix86

            The fact that you see Mr. Johnson’s “argument” as well reasoned shows how little intellectual capacity you have. Try reading more.

          • Luisa48

            Read my reply to Mr William Deutschlander. What does God think of the Obama administration?

          • bcroft68

            In 1984 The Bush administration tried to have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reformed. They actually got a bill through the senate banking and finance committtee only to have it filibustered by democrat senator Chris Dodd. If Fannie and Freddie had been reformed, the housing market would never have crashed and we would never have went into a recession.

          • “In 1984 The Bush administration ” … 1984??? Are you sure? I mean, 1984?

          • yes_party

            so here we have the poll: ~ 500 “likes” for the positive remarks of Obama vs. ~125 likes by the Mitt supporters – Obama will win by a landslide.
            I am surprised it is not a wider margin actually. Possibly most republicans are in denial that they could have voted for the worst possible world leader since… well WWII?
            Remember that “W” spent 3-4 trillion on Iraq, so much for fiscal responsibility, and Mitt has already pledged he will do what it takes to keep Iran from more of these weapons of mass destruction… same script: terrorists and reduce taxes, you would think they would have learned…

          • yes_party

            oh and one more thing, if you voted for “W” then you probably have deep inside a pang of guilt for the 100’000 to 160’000 dead people from the Iraq war – over oil- make no mistake about it. You possibly drove a Hummer or Yukon at the same time, not seeing the connection. I think deep down, subconsciously you must be loosing sleep and your mind – possibly the reason for the more radicalized right or tea party…
            It is all bout energy guys – oil kills and destroys, and Mitt’s energy plan is to drill into a dwindling reserve of this black stuff, runs faster towards the cliff…
            Meanwhile the rest of the planet including China is on a track of renewables – this one issue is more important than all the others; who will take the USA onto a sustainable path of energy? This is the single largest new industry and growth area for any nation, mitt will take you down the dark end alley, and Obama on a path with a future.

          • Bill Clinton deregulated the banking industry in ’99 by re[ealing the Glass Steagall Act and instituting CRA reforms and Barney Frank, a gay, pandering pedophile oversaw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapse as Republicans warned him of the risk and he denied it, leading to the mortgage meltdown and the housing crisis. which has crippled the economy. Furthermore, 9/11 wouldnt havehappenned and we would havehad to go into Afghanistan at all had Clinton not allowed the Taliban to permit Al Qaeda to arm and train 10,000 terrorist soldiers under his watch or had he the intelligence to accept Bin Laden the 32 times the udan offerred him to us. Also the Dems took over both houses of COngress in mid 2007 and ramped up a lot of wasteful spending as they did the frist 2 years of Obama’s tenure. Most economic experts believe STIM was a total failure. Thats just a few facts but like most Dems, you’ll deny it, sidestep it and blame it on Bush.

          • My point exactly!

          • Brian LaFever

            If you don’t know who George Soros is, who Saul Alinsky was, what Agenda 21 is and what Cloward – Piven means, you shouldn’t vote, you should educate yourself.

          • Vuil

            The Affordable Housing Act that was the root cause of the housing debacle was introduced by Democrats.

            Or is that too complicated for you to understand?

        • “Muggs” appears to be an unintentionally self-named pseudonym-perhaps a coverall term for the entire agglomeration of TeaBaggers?

        • Drshok

          Ha ha ha ha ha……. gosh, I’m sorry…. I just couldn’t help myself. You need to watch less Fox news…pull your head out of the sand and pay more attention.

        • Dan McCall

          Hey Muggs! Google Bohemian Club where all your GOP leaders come from. May the Lord God of Truth have mercy on your sole (not soul because you may not have one after following the Bohemian Club) Did you know that Every single GOP president since Calvin Coolidge has been a member. NO DEMOCRAT’s allowed Muggs! Also see my reply to OVETAXED. Why are all YOU PEOPLE so ignorant? Maybe the GOP education cuts are working? DUH you think!

        • What are you talking about? Do you have one fact to back up anything you just said? Please remove your head from that elephant’s butt.

        • Maybe we should take up a collection and move all the Dem’s to an Island out in the Pacific were they cant harm us anymore. put gun boats around them so they cant get off the Island.

          • Attention: Tea Party Freaks:
            First, get out a history book and read what the real (and orignal) Tea Party was about! It certainly had nothing to do with not paying taxes to the government of the very place they were residing in! It had to do with not wanting to send taxes back to England!!!!
            Now, gather yourselves and those who are kowtowing to you (including Romney and Ryan) and move to Alabama or Texas where you will find like minded anarchists, then secede from the Union. Bye-bye!!!

        • Sorry to say the Lord God of Truth has been too distant to weigh in on what matters day to day in the lives or ordinary men, women,and children.

        • JN_America

          What are you Smokin Muggs????? If you think about what your sayin, (which obviously you didn’t do before sayin it.) it’s simple math (1st grade or lower). Obama wasn’t inaugurated until “January of 2009”. The economic collapse of which you speak started way before that. By 2009 the economy was like the “Tsunami” the damage was already created, the deadly wave was on it’s way in, and there was no way to stop it. And those responsible for that “tsunami” were packed up & cleaned out, havin a party with our hard earned money in some foreign land. Leaving us all there to fend for ourselves. & Justice, there is no justice. If there were Bush & Cheney & all their partners in crime would be behind bars. & the upper 2% of the population would be paying there fair share of taxes, prorated for the last 75 years. & the Politicians would have to be living by the the same laws, & rules, & medical, & retirement plans that we do. Then you would see how fast congress would straighten everything out.
          What we really need Muggs, is :” The 28th Amendment.” actually 1 step even better “The Congressional Reform Act,of 2012”.
          Ever hear of it?? That’s the thing the “Lord God of Truth, Life & Goodness” Would see as “Liberty & Justice” for all. It would strip the lawless politicians & give the power back to the people.
          Amen to that!!!!!!!

        • It was the God fearing Republicans that got us into this mess, and prompted a world wide economic collapse. That is the power of your ritcheous Republican leadership.

        • moron !!!

        • Luisa48

          Amen brother!

        • craigorie

          Republicans create the collapses and financial disasters and Democrats clean them up. Herbert Hoover (Republican): Depression; Roosevelt (Democrat): cleaned it up. Reagan & GHW Bush: deregulation… Clinton: cleaned it up. GW Bush: catastrophic war & tax cuts for wealthy & now Obama is cleaning it up & we are now better off than we were 3 yrs & 8 mos ago. Also, a side note, only two Presidents in history have balanced the budget & they were both Democrats: Truman & Clinton.

        • nancysnead25

          if ur meaning is rommney for president u must not b listening to all of mittens bold face lies

        • nancysnead25

          god will when obama is reelected not some evil bold face lier who wants to kill off the poor and middle class so his rich cronies crooked that is can take the usa over

        • muggs,I can’t believe a normal person with an average brain,could seriously state this stupid comment.I am only ashame that your last name is so close to mine.Thank goodness is the only likeness we have.

        • I’m sorry to tell you, but it was the Reblican Party. In 1935, a Democratic President, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent anything like the Great Depression from happening again. In 1999, this law was repealed which resulted in Wall Street and the Banking industry to do more together than they should be allowed to do…resulting in the housing bubble which led to the Great Recession. As a Christian I am sickened by the actions of the Republican Party. The countless lives that they have hurt so the rich can become richer, and using God’s name to get the votes! I won’t be fooled again!

        • We are in year 2012 and some are still with the words of Lords and Gods, that mentally belongs to two thousand years in the past, let’s be realistic religion is a mental block for humanity

        • Kay Bright

          I do hope people will open their eyes and see through this type of garbage you’re passing on. The decline started with the repugnicants when Reagan got in, then the Bushes continued it. The repugnicant party platforms are not interested in being progressive. Therefore, everytime they get in, they take this country backward by setting out to UNDO all the good policies and laws enacted during Democratic terms! The repugnicants and their UNINFORMED supporters should not even be allowed to vote as they are disengaged or too uninformed to make an intelligent decision on the issues. Just listen to the studies they are taking right now. There are too many UNINFORMED repugnicant supporters out there protesting or holding signs about issues that they are not sure about or don’t know why they are doing it. They are just going on a small piece of information they got from someone else. When you ask them about why they are protesting, they say they don’t really know but they are jumping on the bandwagon anyway! AND THEY ARE VOTING!!!!!!!!

        • Maerzie

          Nope! That was just part of their brainwashing, and YOU bought it! You should be smart enough to NOT admit it because it proves your gullibility!

        • lol How do you Figure that??

        • Maerzie

          Obviously “muggsmcginnis” isn’t old enough to vote or is senile, because he completely MISSED the whole era of the Bush de-regulation of the entire financial industry, AND his war for revenge, besides his ignoring of the imminent threat that he got at least 5 times in his briefings, so we have the ANOTHER expensive war! None of the wars ever got us any oil either! The “PRO-LIFE? ” party just KILLED THOUSANDS of innocent people, but their killings don’t matter? cuz they weren’t THE RICH kids’ lives!? It must be a terrible feeling to know you have MISSED or FORGOTTEN years of your life! Poor thing!

        • You don’t think George W Bush and his band of banker bandits had anything to do with the economic collapse. Yes, God was in charge in those days.

        • Maybe muggs could actually provide the math that allows Romneys plan to raise defense spending by several hundred billion… cut taxes on the middle class by 20% and eliminate the deficit at the same time.

          This accounting miracle I really wish to see…

        • so soon people have amnesia how can anyone forget the 8 years of George bush bush and guys like mitt is the cause off jobs leaving and he was the pioneer of outsourcing

        • Steve Shiery

          Posted in error.

        • Goodness.. who doesnt know the republicans brought the economic collapse of America? Jezuz!

        • flubalubaful

          May you attain enlightenment and see your misguided comments as a path of learning and encourage you to search for the truth and the glorious path of entitlement that your so blatantly misguided attitude cannot seem to discern form the true revelations that await you in the one true party , the one true nation leading party, the party of enlightenment and freedom and change for all that is good, for the idea of self-preservation at the cost of others be glorious in its unveiling to you as a misguided attempt at thiefdom and seperation and lack of love for thy neighbour.

          VOTE Dem 1012 and follow the true goal of modern man to live a better life and encourage others to live a true life of peace and harmony.

          Thank you one and all for showing me the true path to god , the true path to Christianity, the true path to living the best life I can.

        • Michel François

          no Bill Clinton left the US in surplus and it is GW bush that wrecked the coffers… get your facts straight

      • This is not a democracy, dolt.

      • 12 years of the same keynsian big bank, big government, elitist policies have brought us to the brink. Bush/Obamma has been a disater.
        Obamma inherited less of a mess than the mess cater left reagon with.
        Remember those years; high inflation, in interest rates, bank failures, a crisis in the middle east, record unemployment.’
        Took Reagon 2 1/2 years to turn it around.

        But look at where the Presdent came from.
        What does he know about paying bills.
        He grew up in rich, white, upperclass Honolulu.
        Grandparents paid for everything, from his mothers phone calls to friends in Seattle, to a young Barry’s schooling through college, including living expenses.

        • Dan McCall

          Casey! You state Obama inherited less of a mess than the mess Carter left reaGON with. I would like to ask you if it was bigger than$645 TRILLION? Also, do you know anything about NIXON SHOCK? Do you know what that did to oil? Do you know what Nixon did to gold. Do you think that had anything to do with bank failures? Carter inherited OPEC from Nixon. We had as shortage of gas! (After fighting a war in Vietnam for 9 years.) (I guess we didn’t need much gas during the war to send troops all over Asia). Also, did you know who was the Fed Chairman during Carter’s WH? Who kept raising interest rates because of gas prices? BTW! RayGON had the high unemployment, if you really check. RayGON just put people out of work and the inflation was killed. NO jobs , no demand, no inflation! Obama has inherited NOT ONLY a bush /cheney tax break to the rich , a financial crisis, a non-funded invasion but the biggest GOP Ponzi scheme in the history of the world. Over $645 TRILLION dollars in derivatives traded between 2000 and June 2008 becasue of GOP DEREGULATION. GOOGLE phil gramm and derivatives. Bernie Madoff said, as he was going to jail ” the government is running the biggest PONZI scheme EVER! He meant the GOP and DEREGULATION.

      • VOTE for Marxism in 2012, Vote DEMOCRAT

      • ajrant

        deluded beyond all reason!

      • d2lv

        If you voted for our current president to prove you were not a racist, please next time vote for someone else to prove you are not an idiot.

      • up36dates

        I reall hate to inform you that George W Bush didn’r cause the
        Great Recession of 2008 – You must check you facts before making
        such a statement! If you look back to 2007 – You will find that Nancy P
        and Harry R were in charge if the House and Senate and Mr Franks and
        Mr Dobbs both were in charge of Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac – thus
        leaving George Bush completely out of the picture. Bush had no control
        over the programs this Gangster Goverment wre involved with.

        I am so sick & tired of the Democrats blaming Bush and not telling the
        American people the real TRUTH!!!

      • Your a Zombie you need to wake up before we loose our country to a communist leader. yes you think I’m full of shit” well get on your laptop and look up Obama’s mothers parents, they were communist and everyone connected to them were to.

      • xmascat

        You are ignorant

      • Luisa48

        Really? Do you really think God approves of abortion, same sex marriage, anti-Christianity, anti-Israel . . .

      • The good days of the Democrats are during Pres. John F. Kennedy’s time. Democrats now are very unAmerican.

      • picotaffy9

        Definitely Obama is a master of recessions. Black unemployment under Obama has doubled. The number of black households with a single parent has jumped from 40% to 60%. The number of people incarcerated by race has increased to 75% black. Obama is doing a great job in helping his own race. Obama has refused to study the great education examples such as Union Prep Charter Academy that sends 100% of its graduating seniors to accredited 4 year universities and this fantastic school is in Obama’s back yard in Chicago and is all black. Where I send a $5000 check every year, Obama snubs it.

      • Our daily prayers? It’s the Democrats who chose to remove “GOD” from their platform. Oh ya and then smoothly insert it back in, before there was complete backlash from the 80% of Americans who believe in “GOD”

      • Another brain washed fool, please do the world a favor a put a bullet in your head.

      • jcstras

        Right, and the moon is made from blue cheese..

      • Please educate yourself before commenting.

      • Obama has made that recession a depression…..

      • Peace Through Strength

        Nonsense. The fiscal nightmare is a direct result of decades of Democratic malfeasance like Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act. Look all the way back to Wilson and the anti-liberty notions of government knows best. This statist propaganda has crippled generations and will sentence many more unless we get back to self-sufficient first principles and turn back the radicalism extant in the modern Democratic party.

      • A Republican just happened to be in the WH when the music stopped. Low taxes, small government and a business first attitude created the most vibrant economy in the history of man on earth. The left chipping away at it by saddling it with a cradle to grave welfare state and most egregiously mandating that banks give mortgages to people who shouldn’t even have a credit card collapsed the financial system. It wan’t the Republicans who gave us the recession, it was too much Democrat policy. The took control of Congress in 2006 and that is where the purse strings are held. Obama got elected and doubled down on everything that put us here and the results speak for themselves.

      • Silvermarlin

        Good grief, don’t be so gullible. You and others like you make it too easy for the lying Democrats and their lapdogs in the mainstream press. Obama is the worst president in history; he’s only along for the ride. He doesn’t understand any of his leadership responsibilities, but he sure likes sucking up the bennies of the Presidency. He must be shown to the curb in November, and you’ll see that many of the polls are FOS…

    • sisterH

      It is not what one says it is what one does. Look at how they live. People are down and out but they live like royalty. M’s vacations and wardrobe….she may buy a few things at target for PR purposes but it’s all smoke and mirrors. She’s owns the most expensive labels she can fit into. If they really cared about anybody besides themselves they would have been giving back to the community over the past decade. They are takers. They are out for themselves and the people who vote for this man are being used. Like in third world countries where candy is handed out to win votes. How stupid can the base be? They have to brain washed with symbols and slogans….handouts and false promises.
      dependence equals control

      • HotMedusa


        What the hell is your point? Oh let me guess, you have NONE!!!

        Please tell me what the heck Michelle’s wardrobe has to do with the cost of tea in China? You delusional nutcases bring nothing new or of substance to the table…it’s ALWAYS the same baseless, empty drivel that you always try to use as real talking points. Her wardrobe? Really? Now you tell me what First Lady has ever dressed in anything less than the best. Ridiculous!

      • Robert Paul Lash Sr.

        I can only assume you refer to the Romneys.

      • …and you got 18 Likes?

        Oh God Please Save America!

    • Eagles_Fan

      I encourage any of you who are planning or even considering on voting for Obama and Biden on November 6th, 2012 to search YouTube and use the terms “Geitner,” “Ryan,” and “sustainable.” Once there, watch the 4:53 vidceo clip and view and try to comprehend the graph depicted at the 2:21 mark.

      As Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geitner points out to Congressman Paul Ryan, “We dont have a definitive solution, we just don’t like yours.”

      According to Joint Chiefs of Staff Cairman, Mike Mullins, the biggest threat to our nation is our debt.

      In uder four years’ time President Obama has charged up nearly 44% of the debt that had been accumulated during the preceding 232 years of our nation’s history. That, my freinds, is not sustainable.

      If you’re concerned about a woma’s right to have an aborttion, I can assure you that if the Chinese have their way with our nation based on them controlling our debt, women could be mandated to abort female fetuses. Which option do you prefer?

    • sass1183

      Has EVERYONE forgotten about 911? Bush didn’t throw America in wars just for the “fun of it”, he had to go after the ones that KILLED over 3000 innocent Americans which most of those who died were probably Democrats since it happened in NY which usually leans Democratic. Remember, going to war costs money. Obama has weakened America so much during his term with his pathetic foreign policy and I use that term very loosely. We are the laughing stock of the world. If he had been in the WH during 911 he would have probably told the world “thank you” Americans deserved that.

      My feeling is that if you don’t like Capitalism and love Communism why don’t you and your family just move to another county that IS ALREADY communist. If you like the government telling you what to do and where to go (like puppets) then GO. Get out of here!! Leave America and let the one’s of us that believe in FREEDOM and Capitalism stay here in peace. That’s seems to be the easiest solution to me. I’m sick and tired of the the Dem’s playing the “emotional” game they play. Most of them don’t even understand what the Democratic Party even stands for. They are not “thinkers”. Most Dem’s I’ve met over the years and spoken to are lead around by the nose by persons in the Democratic Party. They don’t know anything about our Government or how it was designed to work by our fore-fathers. Most Dem’s don’t even know what a “fore-father” is. How pathetic is that???

      Like I said. All you Hollywood actors move out of here and go live in Russia or China and see how far your careers go!! LOL…… Mr Johnson maybe you could lead the way out of here. Nobody would miss you that’s for sure!!

      Someone with an Education….. Happy Labor Day Everyone!

      • HotMedusa

        “Has EVERYONE forgotten about 911? Bush didn’t throw America in wars just for the “fun of it”, he had to go after the ones that KILLED over 3000 innocent Americans which most of those who died were probably Democrats since it happened in NY which usually leans Democratic. ”

        Okay since you went there…

        **Newsflash**: Bush sent our troops to the wrong country! Hello, Iraq! Non-existent WMDs, blah, blah, blah…I bought the BS too at first as I wanted America to kick the a$$ of the terrorists who brought us to our knees on that fateful day; and I don’t believe that there is an American breathing who didn’t feel that way after 9/11…

        As for the rest of your comments, I just don’t have the energy to debate right now; at least not at this moment…

        But I must mention that you say that you are educated (which I am sure that you are); I just wanted to let you know that it isn’t “Dem’s,” it’s Dems. Yes, we all make such little errors; and yes, I am nitpicking because I’m agitated, irritated, and frustrated by the neverending ignorance and disrespect that I see and hear day-in and day-out. Plus I haven’t had my cup of coffee yet.

        And finally, I also love your “them” versus “us” mentality; and you have the audacity of bringing our forefathers into your twisted logic? I know that they would absolutely hate what has happened to this great country today; but don’t think that they would love your sentiment for one minute. Who are you to dictate who should leave and who should stay here? You and people who think like you who believe that this country belongs to the solely are part of the problem in America today…if that’s how you feel, then maybe you and your ilk are the ones who need to ship-out of here!!!

      • Dan McCall

        sass! Do you know who took the great pictures of the planes hitting the WTC? What about building 6? Why did the Saudi’s get to fly when EVERY other plane in the US was grounded? Didn’t the majority of those terrorists come from Saudi? (something like 13 out of 15? ) Did you know the US (Ronnie) and the Saudi’s gave $500 million each to Bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afgan? Do you think he used any of that money to pay for the US trained Saudi pilots? I’m a DEM and I went to Vietnam with many other DEMS. How about your hero’s BUSH the warrior and Dick the gladiator? I sure would’ve like to seen them in the RING. Also, I read Mitt went to Paris and I understand it was for religious beliefs. I also know a great man went to prison for his beliefs. NOT sure he was a DEM but a man named ALI put his faith to the test. Romney took a more convenient and easy road to show his faith. I understand the DEM party is against GOP PONZI scheme’s like the one in 1999 and 2000. Are you aware of the DEREGULATION of banks and derivatives. Capitaliasm at its finest! $645 TRILLION and counting! If you own a home and or have lost a home. Thank the GOP!

    • muggsmcginnis

      Democrat President Clinton, 1993 to1995; Democrat Senate and Democrat House = a Mess! That’s why the Republicans won the Senate and the House in the 1994 Mid-Term Elections.

      Democrat President Clinton, 1995 to 2001; Republican Senate and Republican House = Prosperity and Growth. Balance Budget and Surplus!

      Republican President George W. Bush, 2001 to 2007; Republican Senate and Republican House = Continued Prosperity and Growth. Continued Fiscal Responsibility despite 911 and Iraq and Afghanistan Wars!

      Republican President George W. Bush, 2007 to 2009; Democrat Senate and Democrat House = a bigger mess than ever with the beginning of Democrat Congressional Fiscal Irresponsibility and the Deep and Prolong Recession!

      Democrat President Barack Obama, 2009 to 2011; Democrat Senate and Democrat House = a bigger mess than ever with the Continue Democrat Congressional Fiscal Irresponsibility and the Deep and Prolong Recession made longer and worse!!

      Democrat President Barack Obama, 2011 to 2013; Democrat Senate and Republican House = the fiscal bleeding of irresponsible spending of the Democrats and Obama is slowed down by the Fiscally Responsible House Republicans. The Irresponsible Democrat Senate and Obama have yet to pass a budget and nobody can tell you where the $Trillions that was borrowed and spent, and the money robbed from Medicare have gone! High unemployment and high inflation with a deflated Dollar is being experienced from the Democrats tax, borrow, print money and spend recklessness!

      Republican President Mitt Romney, 2013 to 2021; Republican Senate and Republican House = the dysfunction activity of Obama and the Democrats will stop! Prosperity and Growth! Balance Budget and Surplus will lift all Americans up again! The United States will Use its Money and Opportunity for American Citizens for uplifted Quality of Life instead of paying crushing interest on the $Trillions borrowed from China and other foreign countries!

      • Steve Linder

        This is the best post by far- Thx Muggs. Everyone knows the president’s hands are tied with the other party in control. Democrats just don’t understand that throwing money at problems doesn’t solve them, and government programs are the most inefficient thing that ever lived.

      • Finally someone who’s breath doesn’t stink.

    • jimmystory

      Al, there are some fundamental problems with your argument(s). While we know about Bush’s academic record (and Romney’s), we don’t know about Obama’s. I’m guessing there’s something worse than C’s to keep them sealed.
      I don’t think Romney’s resume needs enhancing, does it? At his age and income, does it make sense that he’s the one running to advance himself, vs. Obama?
      The issue of expanding entitlements and “structural” deficits has been argued without action for far longer than Bush (or Obama), and it will soon pass a tipping point of no return. The last time I remember any serious discussion about the debt was in the ’80s, and nothing has worked for any length of time. I agree we had too much deficit in the last administration, but you can’t seriously remember the tax cuts as stupid or wasteful, after 9-11? Bush didn’t get such a great starting point, either.
      The government is not getting paid back…the debt continues to accelerate, because spending continues to accelerate. There is not likely to be substantial margins in this election, and I fear your prediction is far too rosy if Obama prevails. He had many more choices than the two you outlined, and there have been too many missed opportunities for another 4 year try. I’m glad he got a try…let’s try someone else.

    • smjhunt

      Obama’s biggest problem is his ability to get the average American to understand how much more sane,forward thinking and inclusive his policy decisions are than the current crop of Republicans. People like me and the author of this post already understand this but we’re not enough to get him re-elected. Clearly part of this is not his fault but due to a systematic campaign of disinformation aimed at encouraging people to make decisions based on emotions rather than evidence. However he and his staff also needs to bear some responsibility for this. I was reading where a woman died from lack of health insurance and afterwards it was determined she was eligible for a high risk pool which is part of the ACA. In some ways it seems that the Republicans underestimate the intelligence of the average American and Obama overestimates it.

    • Rex

      don’t forget: fast & the furious, Solendra,moving money from Medicare to Obamacare,Michelles vacation trips, Baracks endless golfing,requiring ID for the convention but not for voting, endless Czars, endless executive orders, Senior scam involving the 3 days before the election, the similus bill (how many actual non-union jobs were created), cash for clunkers,wheels and deals with wall street, job killing programs. A mixture of Carter, Nixon, Grant & a bit of Harding. Good thing he noticed that Romney was in New Orleans, otherwise he would have just kept on campaigning instead of seeing how things were going there. Obama is the most corrupt, despotic, and idiotic president yet. He needs his telepromter so he doesn’t say something stupid, 57 states, Austrians speaking Austrian ( not German lol),misspelling of Ohio ( shades of Dan Quayle). In fact, the only reason this election is a contest at all is become the media has become lap dogs for Obama.

      • HotMedusa

        Right Rex??? So we are to believe that Bush NEVER took himself and his family on vacation? Unbelievable!

      • Dan McCall

        REX Google phil gramm (R) TX and derivaitves. The GOP PONZI scheme has trumped all your BS. $645 TRILLION between 2000 and June 2008. How stupid are YOU?

    • Mark_in_TX

      You must be smoking medical marijuana, Leftie….it’s Romney by a landslide. Obama’s divisive, racist, class warfare, Marxist yet elitist ways and his amateurish bumbling of our economy and foreign policy has been his undoing. Plus, he plays too much golf while the nation suffers. Kind of like a Nero fiddling while Rome burns thing…

      • Paul Duca

        Yes, that’s what Fox News said…tell me what life is like as a millionaire college professor

    • I have a cousin named Al Johnson. I sincerely hope that you are not this much of a lunatic.

    • Change your flavor of KOOL-ADE AL. At least we know what George Bush’s grades were ! They are not being conceiled, makes me wonder why the are, Could it be B.O. is a foreign exchange student ? We know he was a dope smoking CHOOMER !!
      God help us if B.O. gets reelected

    • Al, With all due respect you live in a dream world.

    • alc1755pave

      There is no way anyone can say this country is better off. Yes Obama might have took on a debt this country was in, but he darn sure added a lot lot lot more to it. He only wants to help people that want hand outs and don’t want to work. We american people that want to work and have to work or helping people who don’t by paying too much tax money to help these people function. I do want to retire one day and I’m sure many other people feel the same way. Besides if all people no matter who they represent ,would work together instead of fight about who does what and love one another, this world would have never ended up in such a turmoil to start with. If we would put the one who put us here in the first place, our Lord Jesus Christ, first, we would never have to worry about anything. Love makes the world go around . May God bless this upcoming election. And God Bless America.


    • trotts2319

      Well put! It is refreshing to read something based on facts and and reason!

    • pipcrusher

      you dont know the difference between a can of crap and a can of car wax… are a total moron, cut back on those 64 ounce kool-aids……way to much sugar…..its shortin out that so called……..thinking cap your wearing. GOD BLESS AMERICA !……AND PRAY FOR THIS CLOWN BLOGGER

    • Janice Gallagher

      Oh please, he is a leftist radical communist that hates America and what it stands for.
      You Demos better read between the lines instead of having tunnel vision.
      What has Obama done for you during his term? Please name me one thing.

    • I’ll buy some of whatever you’re smoking Dude

    • You keep harping about “C” students. Perhaps you could tell us what kind of grades Obama made in college? Speaking of college students, didn’t Romney get degrees in law and business AND graduated cumlaude? How do I know this? Romney released his transcripts.
      “Even a squirrel knows enough to store a few acorns away in the good times when winter is coming” really? What is your squirrel doing now, taking all the other squirrel’s nuts so he can distribute it to the squirrels that didn’t do a good job of gathering, storing or properly managing their supply of nuts?

    • im with u OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    • SmallBusman

      this election could not be more clear. If you believe in government providing all your needs,…then vote for Obama. If you believe that the private sector creates jobs and funds our government,….then vote for Romney. Obama decided that passing Obamacare with his all Democrat congress was what was best for the country at the time. As a small business owner,…this created even more uncertianty,…and prevented us to hire more people as we didn’t know (and still don’t know) exactly what this will mean to our business. If the Republicans can win the Senate and the presidential race, while holding the House,….you will see the job growth that we’ve been searching for the past 3+ years.

    • Have another glass, a large glass of your grape Kool-Aid and say your 10 hail Oblamas.

      Now don’t you feel better? After you totally inept, false diatribe against your king-messiah’s predecessor, you must need more liquid nourishment to keep up your cult mentality.

    • what are you smoking because you are delusional. The Obama administration has caused more issues than they have solved. You do realize Obama is a socialist if you look back at his past comments and opinions that will show as much. Do you your research on him its not a pretty thing.

    • rvmitch1

      If that is the case why is the unemplyment at 17% and the debt at 17 trillion – so you think Obama is doing a good job.

      All I have ever listen to, is Gerry Hussien Obama inheiriting a 5 Trillion debt – So I guess, Romney will be inheiriting 17 Trillion.

      Four years later – the Dems – are still blaming Bush – they have to run on that issue – they can’t run on what Gerry has done for the economy.

      I only have one question – Why does Obama not talk about putting America back to work -“WHY”

      This election is not about how popular Obama is – IT IS ABOUT FIXING THINGS HE FAILED TO FIX IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS.

      O’ I forgot – he can always print more money.

      It will take many more U.S. Election, before the mess is ever cleaned up – celebrities just don’t cut it,,. there are all kinds of those types that are backing Obama.

      The Main – Stream Media,. you know, the ones that only want you to believe what they want you to believe – are also the ones that paint everything Rosie for Obama.

      When was the last time you seen a setting President of the world’s biggest econmy – Working with out a presented budget.

      Every house hold in the United States Of America – work on some kind of a budget, because of how the Government want’s to run the country – But Mr. Obama does not think his Goverment should need any such thing – amazing to say the least.

      So now you think – the American people should want more of the same – and re – elect a President – that has absolutely no respect for The American People.

      Just one more question -Why is it – If you do not agree with Obama or his cronies on the Demo side,. you are a racist, or your stupid, or you will be personaly attacked.

      You have got to agree with the Democratic System – or you are dead meat.

      I have been an Independent for some sixty years, and I find The Obama Government a total disgrace to Leadership.

      The American people deserve much more, than what has been put on their plates.(Literally)

      In closing – I just want to say to all the “Service Personnel” – THANK YOU VERY MUCH “AMERICA” FOR MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

    • There’s more at stake here than just the dollar in your pocket. I can deal with the economics, I can’t deal with loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • You are a complete idiot

    • Lanebo13

      Al did you write that all by yourself C student comments and all? Recovery? 16 Trillion yes a ver big number for you to think about but catastrofic for all of us Americans. His thoughtful giving to UAW, Solyndra, etc. has really helped us all. Its amazing how GWB is being blamed while Obama was in the Senate campaigning and voting present…that sure was in our best interest! Two years with control of the House and Senate and nothing on immigration. I’ll bet you think the Healthcare Bill will be beneficial or does the lemming know that raiding 500 Billion from Medicare to fund this monstrosity will destroy Medicare. Big Al me thinks you is workin for the obummer campaign, come on admit it!

    • seahawk10

      Your facts are false sir. How do you call adding 6 trillion to our debt, nationalizing GM and Chyrsler, having a 8.3% (The actual number is 10%) unemployment rate and a loss of 4 million jobs in Obama’s first term a sucess? Your reasoning that Obama is some lofty intellectual baffles me what evidence do you have of that. A party that focuses on homosexual marriage and abortion on demand is misguided and lost. Most Americans care about the economy not abortion and homosexual’s rights. And every time the marginal tax rate has been cut from JFK to Reagen to Bush the coffers doubled in tax revenue. Your Dems under Clinton repealed the Glass Spiegel act of 1934, which prevented speculation in the real estate or stock markets. This in turn created a false bubble inflating the price of real estate which eventually fell, creating a deep recession. To further cause financial woes, Maxine the “mouth” Waters, Barney Frank, Dodd, and Schumer all Democrats forced Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to give out loans to unqualified people leading to numerous foreclosures. Your simplistic, childish essay riddled with your facts are out right lies it just shows how delusional and desparate you Dems are. The banks should have failed, Bush was wrong in bailing them out, and the community organizer further exascerbated the problem by throwing more good money after bad. Also moron WARS ARE EXPENSIVE, after those Muslim bastards flew those 757’s into the twin towers and the Pentagon we were at war. I did not agree with going into Iraq and staying, yet your man an ardent opponent of the war in Iraq has escalated the war in Afghanastan and even gives the Taliban a pull out date. And Al your community organizer is way over his head with what to do with our economy. You state that he needs more time to apply his tax and spend Kenshyian economic policies which will only add to the debt and devalue the dollar and create higher inflation. In 1940 after all the New Deal govt. programs were implemented we still had a 15% unemployment rate. World War II pulled us out of the Depression of the 1930s not trillions tossed into inefficient govt. programs. By implementing draconian regulations, and subsidizing so called “green” jobs and spending like a drunken sailor on liberty with his shovel ready programs all of this will and has to the recession being prolonged further. His four years are up and I am tired of hearing, the whining, narcissitic Obama blame the economy on a former president. The Dems have controlled both houses since 2007 and these clowns have spent more than all other administrations combined. This charlatan needs to be sent packing back to corrupt Chicago where he learned his ideoligies from Bill Ayers and other radical leftists. I will take a pragmatic businessman such as Romney over a leftist, arrogant Marxist who apologizes to to every third world country and Europe for our greatness and wealth that we have accumulated as the greatest country on God’s green earth.

    • So you are blaming Bush for the fiscal crisis that we endured in 2008. Tell me, what exactly did Bush ‘do’ to cause the securitization of subprime mortgages. And if you think that he is simply in cahoots with Wall Street (you appear to be intelligent enough not to take an unverifiable position), then what exactly did Barack Obama do to prevent this from ever happening again?

    • up36dates

      You must have been let out of a mental hospital!

      If you THINK that Obams really cares about anybody but himself,
      boy have you GOT IT WRONG!!

      If Obama is re-elected we all can say GOOD-BY to America!!!

      If you THINK the Obama’s spent a lot of taxpayers money in the first
      four years – YOU haven’t seen anyhting YET!!!

      There will be more Golf Games – Michelle taking more expensive
      vacations than the $10 million she spent in the forst four years!

      So – All I can say is may GOD have mercy on your soul!!!

    • If you want bto live under a communist leadership, go live in North korea Obama needs to go he’s a commi bastard.

    • Johnson” why dont you just move to Russia if you think Socialism is good then go”

    • I am no great fan of Romney but…I do love a good comedy routine!
      Al, you, Henry and William (below) should team up and take your act on the road.
      If we are allowed to have a fair election (which is definitely not a given) Barry will go down in flames.
      All of you (and everyone else, really) need to go to YouTube and watch the very dry documentary titled “The Money Masters”.
      Unfortunately, you probably wont. You will likely have the same response as a co-worker of mine who said (before I could even tell him a little about it), “It’s not worth my time!”
      Really??? How does he know that???
      I wonder why it is that so many who claim to be intellectual, open minded and tolerant are so afraid of even considering something that may cause them to question their own conclusions.

    • With this reply from “Overtaxed,” I think we can ALL agree who the MORON is, right? Stop making all of us Americans looked stupid over here in Europe, with your brainwashed jargon; lapping up everything Romney and Damien (oops! I mean Paul Ryan) spits out of their lyin’ mouths. It’s absolutely embarrassing for members of the Armed Services and American citizens living abroad. Are you people really so naive and so racist, that you’d allow this obvious Tea-Party led, Republican trailer to break through the walls of our great society, without any fight at all? Open your eyes to what’s going on around you. Wake up, before these idiots destroy our beautiful country! What are you…traitors, or just plain stupid?!

      This is a reply I sent on a CBS site, to a “over-taxed,” who obviously doesn’t understand why he’s over-taxed is because the rich continue to take the taxable money we need to run our country, out of the system. This leaves the tax burden on us. But, he/she can’t see past the lense of racism, which is detering his/her view from the truth. I guess years of conditioning was never meant to simply make minorities accempt an inferior position in society, but to condition conservative whites into feeling such a feeling of entitlement, that any threat to that position (such as having to share), would trigger an almost self-preserving protective response.

    • Bubba McGreger

      Although it was long-winded and moronic, your post paints a nice likeness of the type of person who supports SLOWbama. Typical of a liberal….pass the buck as far down the line as you can. Lie with every breath. Sell out whenever possible. Roll over with pleasure. Everyone gets a trophy, right?

    • JN_America

      I’m glad to hear that the real Americans don’t have any short or long term memory problems. I hope the masses don’t forget the down hill slide this Country took the minute the Bushes, got questionably elected into office. Though Mister Bush( & I use that term very loosely ) lost the popular vote. ( let’s not forget that little bit of Hokus Pokus by the G.O.P.) what is it the “Electoral College” does for the other 3 years 364 days between elections??? There’s a good start to the “Budget Cut”. Then we can move on to “Haliburton, & Black water & the rest of Bushes sidekicks, (not to mention his worthy Vice Pres. a real crook) at least get them to pay the taxes on all of their blood money, that would help the economy immensely.
      Thanks Mr, Johnson, just in case there is anyone out there that needs reminding.

    • cbsmith82

      What does Romney need to pad his resume for? He has made his wealth, served in politics, and is at retirement age.What evidence do yo have that this is his motive besides just making that up? Its comments like this that make me wonder how much people are really voting with their heads.

    • flyboyB4

      Mr Johnson, you are obviously astute, well tuned to the political spectrum of our America, and I salute you. God help this country if the GOP wins. I think with the Dem’s win, the mid term elections in 2014 will be a stunner for the likes of the Tea Partiers and the GOP. The Tea Party will be relegated to an afterthought. The Dems will then have a majority in the House and Senate, and this country will once again be on the road to greatness, that has eluded us from Bushy and Cheney. (And don’t forget that wonderful man, Rummy!)

    • Man you not only drink the koolaid you ask for refills. Prosper? Well, we have not had any prosperity for the past 4 years.

    • yasmarell

      How do we know the president is an intelligent guy – his grade transcripts are as mysterious as his birth certificate. He dithers rather than deliberates, and his decisions are what is best for him personally, not all americans – witness the paltry percentage of charitable contributions given by his administration. Your talk of deficit spending is 180 degrees out of phase – the current deficit has ballooned out of control to benefit public unions and Solyndra type cronyism. The unsustainable part of our economy is that less than half the people are producers, and the rest are takers – how long can that economoc model last? Stop running against Bush – your guy says to look forward and all you do is look back at W.

    • how much do you get from the government every month?

    • If Obama is interested in the United States it is in the sense that any rapist is interested in his victims. Please don’t insult people’s intelligence by trying to say any different. Sure, he wants to give everything to everyone, but then, so does the local crack dealer, at first. What’s the cost later on? Oh, nobody ever wants to think about that.
      You really believe this mess was caused by George W. Bush? This mess goes back to the ’70’s and the Carter administration, another failed Democrat Presidency. The economy is in it’s death throes now because of all the insensate loans forced upon the banks starting back in Carter’s era when he was attempting to help the inner city minorities to rebuild and refurbish their communities.
      Nobody’s against a good universal health care program for a country that has the economy to support it, but sadly we don’t have that economy just now. Neither will we ever be able to achieve it again unless we begin to exploit some of our natural resources and get ourselves to a state of near, if not total, energy independence.
      We need to get rid of all the government entitlements and force people to stoop looking to the government to do their jobs for them. The jobs I speak of are things like providing for and raising their children, saving for the things they want in their lives and retirements and looking toward their own needs in health care.
      You want someone to blame for the rising health care costs in our country? Blame the insurance companies. Blame the government for meddling with health care in the first place, but please, if you want universal healthcare, make it that and only that. Don’t try to include every aspect of our social and private lives as well.
      Romney knows business. What does Obama know? How to run for office and that’s about it.

    • phoenix86

      Really Al? All those words just to show how naive you are?

    • Luisa48


    • If Obama gets his second term USA will be gone for good. Obama is a liar and manipulative president. He has done nothing good for the Americans and he will lose the election that’s for sure.

    • Douglas Sheehan

      Well put Mr. J.. You could replace the name of the politicians or their affiliated parties with any name and still be right on with your common sense discussion of economics.. I don’t read these blogs often and never hate but every once in awhile, you find one that is outstanding such as yours.. As a member of the silent majority, thanks for speaking out for me. I’ll let me teenager read this!

    • ZonaZona

      This is the worst economy and unemployment rate in thirty years. It is getting worse. Billions of stimulus money was doled out to companies and they went bankrupt. The money was also outsourced out of the country. That really helped the unemployed in America didn’t it??? That wasn’t the Republicans.
      Obama did take on some rough times and I will give him the first year to blame Bush but the next three is all his and the Democratic party. Obama hasn’t done anything but put us further in debt, keep our soldiers in harms way and talk a good game. He said he would be a one term President if he didn’t do what he said he would do. He didn’t do it and I believe in a person keeping their word.
      He is putting over two million Dreamer’s on the employment market with one of the worst unemployment numbers since the depression. My daughter can’t find a job but he is bringing in two million people to flood the job market. Do you really believe that the Dreamer’s families are going to go back to Mexico. More workers on the market. I bet there are Dreamer’s from all over the world here but Obama doesn’t want their vote so he didn’t ask them to sign up for work permits!! I don’t have anything against Dreamer’s because I know their side of the story and I think every one should be taken on a case by case basis. Obama threw them under his re-election bus by doing it now. If Obama really cared for the Dreamers, in my opionion, he would have done this three years ago. In this economy it is causing resentment from unemployed Americans and I can’t really blame them. It’s not against the Dreamer’s, it’s against a government that, in my opinion, doesn’t care as long as it get’s them elected.
      I believe in the American dream and I don’t believe in the “spread the wealth” if you haven’t earned it. This country has become lazy and greedy. Give me what he has so that I don’t have to work so hard. 30% of America is on some kind of Gov’t assistance. Doesn’t that scare the hell out of you?? It does me.
      It’s time for a change. Romney is that change right now. If he doesn’t do what he says he will, we change again until we can get it right!! Democrat, Republican, Independant, I don’t care as long as they get us out of the hole we have dug for ourselves and on to being America again. No Socialism, no communism and no hand outs!!

    • VERY GOOD you know what’s been going on and what still needs to be done. OBAMA AGAIN

    • aye008

      I like Romney very much.
      He will cut “the already low” tax rate for the wealth and broader tax base which means the poor will have to pay more taxes. This is very good idea.
      I, as a fairly poor conservative, am ready to pay more taxes to let the rich like Mr. Romney to pay less taxes. This will help US economy as he said, just do not know why and how ?
      Long Live Mr. Romney….Long Live The rich.

    • aghast1000

      Romney is going down. Big-time, as one of his closest admirers would put it. He can’t gloss over the fact that he is a pompous ass, just like about 95% of CEOs. It’s part of the job, unfortunately, and he fits it to a tee. He couldn’t not care less about the men and women risking their lives in Afghanistan, but of course loves “the military”, another big organization for him to “manage”.

      His wife is no better, a prissified princess who thinks that reporters should only ask her questions that *she* wants them to ask. I wish an interviewer would call her on the carpet for that BS. Anyway, I’m looking forward to another 4 years of an intelligent, measured, thoughtful, and if we can get the Republicans out of the way, productive Presidency.

    • If Bush is a C student what is big O hiding by sealing all of his school records? Maybe he is a “D”

    • crocobull

      Good heavens man you are like most of the ones on the democratic plantation .Here we have reached 16 trillion in debt and growing…When the annointed one took over l was paying 1.85 for gas and now with his policies against buisness has caused ta great loss of jobs and the price of diesel has food prices soaring Anyway you look at obama his administration is an enemy of democracy.There were so many lies told by them at the convention and yet the ignorant population believed every word of their lieing mouths..But you plants on the payroll of the government are whats wrong with our country…Probably more than fifty million on welfare and growing and you and your ilk have the nerve to expount trash talk and can not back any of it up except with more lies.

    • picotaffy9

      Johnson conveniently forgets 9/11 and the need to reply massively to the attack on the country. Obama as Carter did ignored the political implications of installing and fostering a true pro western democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama like Carter and LBJ is trying to manipulate the war in Afghanistan instead of trying to win it. Carpet bomb the area, put in a pro western powerful government and support it. As you probably guessed he is clueless how to do it.

    • Hyperbole by a Democrat. Don’t believe a word of it.

    • If you want a Socialistic-type government running your life and giving you free benefits, then why don’t you move to Europe? What we live in is a Capitalistic society, where those who work hard and are motivated are rewarded, and those who choose to be lazy and uneducated are left behind because of the choices they make in life. Period!

    • Funny Obama won’t release his college transcripts. As he was doing all kinds of drugs, as he stated in his book, I’m sure his college grades were stellar! Not!

    • George W. Bush went for the war with bi-partisan support, both Democrats and Republicans voted for it after the 9/11. We were attacked right after Clinton left the white house. Who is responsible for not securing this nation???

      The strict rules this Country made after the great depression regarding financing a loan to buy houses were repealed by Mr. Clinton in order to temporarily boost the economy during his term. This is what lead to the housing collapse!!!

      This country was established based on capitalism NOT socialism, and democrats are working to move this country back in to socialism which has actually failed all over the globe!!

    • Obama is elected again and it will be civil war. Romney elected race riots. Race riots I can handle. Civil war I can handle but it wouldn’t be an issue if Obama used his education for the right reasons instead of divide n conquoer which is exactly what he has done. He has divided the caste systems in America He has divided the races, he has also created enmity within the religions. He has done a great job of paving the way for a dictatorship

    • LOL!!! Only a liberal can sugar coat shit and call it a candy bar, you’re an idiot.

    • Mike Hammer

      Mr. Johnson, you are living a fairy tale. Our economic collapse resulted from the democratic policies of Clinton. Suggest you do you homework and read something besides comic books.

    • jcstras

      You either have got to be kidding or are so taken in by that MORON that you can tell S(*T from Shinola! You say that Romney will throw us into a depression..what do you think we are in the middle of right now, schmuck, a Utopia?

    • Billn49

      There are far to many inaccuracies in your summation. Number one; what decisions of Obama have actually been in Americas best interests? Higher fuel costs which has resulted in an overall increase in the cost of all goods. Trying to shut down all fossil fuel programs, which we will have to rely on until technology catches up to our ability to replace them. Appointing a huge cadre of socialist indoctrinated czars to administer our many different departments. Czars who have only succeded in mismanaging those self same departments and caused huge waste of taxpayer money. And second, why continue to blame G. Bush for everything from the economy to hemeroids. Have you forgotten that spending is controled only by the congress? Bush’s only failure was to be so occupied with the war on terror that he did not see what was going on behind his back in the Democratic dominated congress. And to blame the economic collapse on the war in Iraq is absurd. The collapse was caused by the houseing bubble burst and the subsequint banking collapse. The houseing bubble was a result of the actions of Franks and Dodd’s legislation which made it easier for people with modest incomes to obtain houseing whith a much higher pricetag than they could normally pay for. And unless I’m wrong those two congressmen were Democrates. You need to quit drinking the koolaid and do a little research before you make ignorant statements. Especially if your going to use your real name.

    • Jcramer

      Obama’s only interest is in himself and apologizing for America instead of being a true leader and standing up for America. Consider what has happened this past week. By the way where is Obama’s grades and the years we don’t know of his past. We have a community organizer who doesn’t know how to organize and who wasted and spent more money than any president in history. The bubble you refer to was caused by the democrats who forced banks to loan money to those who couldn’t afford it. Gas is nearly $4.00 a gallon, unemployment is much higher than the 8+% the government calculates. If we have 4 more years of this we will experience inflation and government programs wont be sustainable. Those with limited funds wont be able to afford there basic needs of food, and shelter. Most who presently support him will then realize the mistake they made. Hopefully we will get a true leader and and someone who is dedicated to serve the people rather than his own personal interest (like golf and vacations) of our present president.

    • Thank you so much Mr. Johnson! I agree 100%. We are seeing signs of recovery (albeit slow) where we live. The real estate market is getting better. My better half (a software engineer) just landed a wonderful job. Obama 2012!

    • TrueAmerican54

      and Mr Johnson, what was the deficit, and price of gas when GW bush left vs now? do you know the numbers, or are you repeating the rhetoric you are hearing from the O campaign? do you know what he has done to the oil and coal permits? and do you know why he is slowly destroying our infrastructure and how? where do YOU get YOUR information? WHO (what party) was in CONTROL the last 4 years of GW Bush PRESIDENCY?

    • chase77

      1. Facts: We are 16 Trillion Dollars in debt, we do not have a budget, our embassey was completely blown up, Ambassodor and four others killed, 21 countries burning our flag, troops being trained to not offend our islamic partners and yet they are being shot in their own areas of what is suppose to be safe ground, Syria totally distroying their country and literally killing 70 to 100 people a day and our president has time to be on David Leterman, go to Vegas for a politiacl conference the day after our Ambassodor was killed, go to Ohio and Colorado Last week. Not one address to the nation of any substance about these events other than apologizing for a film and no stance whatsoever about the relationship with Isreal. One of the most humble heroes of our nation was laid to rest and he did not even mention let alone attend the memorial of Neil Armstrong. What is he President of?? Instead we are hearing about why we should elect him over Romney, right now anyone would be a choice over him in my books, I have yet to see anything but change come from him and it is to destroy our definition of what a President looks like. Romney is right, 47% are not paying our taxes and now they want more from the ones who are! You know what give us a budget first and then we will look at who else might need to pay more! As for me I am tired of being taxed on the money I make, the things I buy, the money I save and the money I give away!

    • Brian Pastore

      Al, you can’t be serious. I don’t really care for either Republicans or Democrats, as I would prefer to have the best option rather than an outdated political philosophy running the country, however Obama has not been good for the country.

      How is it good if 47% of the country doesn’t pay any taxes at all? How is that fair? Because they don’t make enough? Not my problem, how about you go get an education and earn your money!!!

      I don’t blame Obama for a lot of this mess, but I do blame him for bailing out the banks and auto industry. He should have let them fail. The country and it’s useless citizens don’t deserve the free handouts the government gives away every day. But nobody will complain because they can make more money on welfare than taking a menial job. There is a huge problem with that. Furthermore, congress as a whole is disgusting. Originally they were ‘servants’ of the country. Somewhere a long time ago that message was confused. Congressional people should not be paid a dime, they should have the same healthcare options we citizens have and they should have limits on how long they can serve. They should not be allowed to spend more than we ‘make’. If I called my credit card company and said I need to raise my debt limit they would laugh at me.

      Tax the rich more or don’t I don’t really care, but the problem is even if you take away the tax breaks for those making more than $200,000 (which isn’t a lot of money in NYC where I live) it only helps the country for approximately 11 days. The total amount of money the country would get on that tax is only approximately 80 billion. The problem is that everyone over that $200 or $250k mark is taxed the same as people make 7 or even 8 figures. There needs to be a whole revision to the entire tax code.

      So until real change happens at the congressional level where they give up their outrageous salaries, unlimited tenures and healthcare privileges this country is going to suffer no matter who is in office Republican or Democrat. For my two cents though I would NEVER vote for Obama or anyone that continues to promote the welfare state we live in without addressing the massive and rampant fraud that exists. Start drug testing before a check is handed out and maybe I will change my mind but all Obama wants to do is make everyone equal with no incentive to actually work hard for anything and that is just not right!!!

    • The truly sad thing, Al, is that the opposition party will knock you cause they dont really understand a damn thing about how the economy works, except for what they hear on Fox News, and from Conservative radio haters, i mean commentators. They bid their troops to label as Liberal anything that is beyond their ability to understand. Excellent post.

    • MACV

      It is a well known and established fact that the American population, on-average, taken as a whole, Reads, Writes, and Comprehends at an 8th Grade Level! The U.S., mentally, consist of a bunch of 14 year olds and the Republicans know it!

      Republicans not only have a problem with their memory, they love to re-write history and change facts. Bill Black, a former Bank Regulator and the man that exposed the Reagan Savings & Loan fiasco, the crisis that happened on another “Republican” watch, noted that during the G.W. Bush Jr. Administration, the largest incidence of bank perpetrated white collar crime in the history of the world was publicly reported as an “epidemic” by the FBI in 2004 and in 2008 these same criminals “ran the table” on the American economy (500 white collar crime investigating FBI agents were pulled off the case by the Bush Administration). YET THE DEMOCRATS MISMANAGED THE ECONOMY AND OBAMA WAS GIVEN A PASS.?

      Let’s not forget Ronald Reagan arrived at the White House in 1981 touting three major agenda items. Two of these were just like George Bush’s 20 years later: greatly increase defense spending and slash taxes on the wealthy (remember its called “Voodoo Economics). He did both. The national debt nearly tripled on Reagan’s watch, from $993 Billion to $2.6 Trillion.

      Let’s be honest you Haters, you sat on your hands while Rove,Cheney & Bush stole the election, sneaked into the White House, looted the American Treasury, started two unfunded wars and broke the China on their way out the back door while making enemies all over the world! It was alright with you Haters when Billions of Dollars simply disappeared at the Baghdad Airport and NO-BID CONTRACTS were awarded to Dick Cheney’s old company (a company that he continued to receive bribes, er, I mean paychecks from while Vice-President) – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?

    • larsen.95

      If Mr. Obama wins re-election, and his budget projections prove accurate, the National Debt will top $20 trillion in 2016, the final year of his second term. That would mean the Debt increased by 87 percent, or $9.34 trillion, during his two terms…. great!

    • How deep is the tank that you’re in with Hussein?

    • How will he reduce the deficit? ObamaCare is about to add another few billion plus to it. As an independent I do not see how he can cut spending over the next 4 years.

    • Unlike Al Johnson, I never considered Obama as an intellect.

      Like Bush, Obama is a “C” student with a con man, snake oil salesman tongue!

      Look to Bill Clinton as an intellect as he’s a guy who can anaylize a situation without a teleprompter or Bush’s ear plug and provide an answer.

      Clinton even found there were TWO ways to use a cigar, smoke it or Monica it!

    • Mwango
    • Candyman238

      Al Johnson: I don’t if you are “high”, from another planet, or both, but you have certainly been brainwashed.
      As far as Bush being a “c” student, at least he was honest enough to allow his school transcripts to be public knowledge. That’s way more than you can say for your clown in the White House Obama.
      I wasn’t a Bush fan either, but thank God Bush was a christian and an American citizen, once again more that you can say for Obama.
      Last but not least, Obama is a socialist who’s agenda and intention is to turn the United States into a socialist country just like Russia and China.
      Sir, the only thing this country will prosper from is Obama being defeated on Nov. 6th and deported after his last day in the White House.

  • antimoronobama

    Keep lying about the numbers, that way lazy, government tit sucking democrats won’t bother to vote. Love it!

    • If this”anti” mentality guy ever paid attention or BOTHERED to do any research, he MIGHT know that the REAL Republicans (the ones with all the millions) have many more “government tit sucking” programs than any needy people EVER had. Do I have to point them out for you? Sorry, I won’t! Use your own brain for once, so you know what you’re bitching about. You sound like one of the “r”epublicans anyway (the ones WITHOUT the BIG money who votes AGAINST himself and his own family because he’s too lazy to USE his own brain and pay attention or do any research!). Only ignorant people, or people whose votes are suppressed, do not vote! But, hey! REAL Republicans already know that, don’t they?

  • Per above article by Henry Decker”: “Romney, though, hammered the president in Ohio, saying at a competing campaign stop that Obama has failed on the jobs front. ‘One of the promises that he (Obama) made was that he was going to create more jobs and today 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed,’ Romney told a cheering crowd in Cincinnati. ”
    Is Romney really THAT out of touch that he doesn’t even know his own Republican Majority House in Congress refused to pass President Obama’s JOBS BILL that he submitted last year?? They claimed it was “too expensive!” The true reason is that Speaker John Boehner, supposedly a “Christian?” needed to prevent any chance for successful legislation that might put a “feather” in President Obama’s “hat”! Boehner’s Republican mission, OVER and ABOVE any jobs for the unemployed, was to make Obama a one term president! (Partisan games against America, on OUR tax dollar! breaking their oaths of office!) Then Congress turned around and gave $4-5 BILLION dollars of REPUBLICAN “WELFARE” to the oil companies, which were already making a million dollars a minute AND exporting OUR OWN “record production” of oil to other countries, while continuing to rip US off at the pumps!

  • The Paul delegates don’t matter. you don’t matter I don’t matter, the polls don’t matter. Rings out like only I matter, sounds an awful lot like 0bama

    • HotMedusa

      **Chirping of crickets**

  • It’s finally over! Thank God! Mr. Obama, is the clear choice! When you hate your own people, it’s kinda hard to ask for their vote! Fighting to take away peoples rights was never a good idea, no matter how many billions, the Koch and Trump family gives you. You should of just told them to put it in the American budget for health care. Those 100 million would of added another 20 years for Medicare and Medicaid. Thanks Mitt for wasting billions on a campaign that everyone but you and Paul , could see as clear as day that you are a loser! And the KKK Racist Republican party are almost over too! We need people that are caring, not greedy and evil spreading, and hate everything that is good. Take care and good by!

    • HotMedusa

      Amen Gerard. The GOP is on its way of becoming nothing more than a paragraph (maybe a page) mentioned in school history books. Good riddance to them!

  • Very sick convention! Republicans are so desperate, they had to mention and cut down our President every other sentence because they already KNOW that their anti-women, anti-Medicare, anti Obamacare, anti-poor, anti-elderly, pro-war profiteering killings, and pro starvation plans would not make for very uplifting teleprompter speeches. Obviously Obama is a BIG threat to their devices, or they would have been smart enough to not even BOTHER mentioning his name. When voter suppression tactics, and multi-billionaire corporation “people” don’t instill enough confidence in KNOWING you can BUY your elections, THEN, and ONLY then, would such devisive party operatives resort to still trying to cut down Obama! When almost 4 years of Republican devisiveness and Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ tactics still leave you THAT insecure, you are obviously predicting your own loss, by your telling behaviors and speeches. The debates should be hilarious. Maybe you guys should ask Sarah Palin to help you?

    Thank you for your admission. YOU read MUCH better than ANY poll! Statistics lie! Behaviors don’t!

  • Falling fast? LOL! Romney is ahead in the polls!
    This left wing extremist drivel just keeps cracking me up. The libtards are SOOOO desperate they have to resort to lies.

  • CJACK2047


  • Yeshuratnam

    Poll numbers shown in the media may not be correct. The cunning strategy of Team Obama is to divert the attention of the voters by giving false account of poll numbers to camouflage the dangers that America is facing today in the spheres of economic (recession and unemployment) and foreign relations( Obama’s incompetence in handling Syrian crisis, Putin’s plan to revive the Soviet Union taking advantage of Obama’s weakness and Obama’s hypocritical stand in dealings with Iran). Romney should ignore Team Obama’s tax criticism and raise burning issues such as economic and foreign policy that are choking the country.
    Obama deserves tougher scrutiny than he has been getting, especially of his undergraduate years, his start in Chicago and his relationship with Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko, who was convicted of influence-peddling in Chicago. Obama has also appointed Muslim Brotherhood men in key and sensitive posts. His lavish loan of billions of dollars to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood when America itself is reeling under the heavy burden of loans is a matter for scrutiny. In a fiery speech Morsi said before an enthusiastic crowd that the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood is “The Koran is our constitution. The Prophet Muhammad is our leader. Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.” Obama’s lack of political foresight will soon make Morsi another Khomeini and Egypt another Iran.

  • wuerffel

    What a laughable article..most these “events” happened months ago and are trumped up by a largely liberal mention of Biden’s many more gaffes…and you mention Republicans health care position as “let them die” for health care…please what a wicked distortion of the truth.

  • Can’t be that intelligent, letting Bill Clinton speak at the DNC. is Obama carrying his bags in.

  • sisterH

    Obama isn’t concerned about the people he just wants their votes. Like abused dogs who still love their owners. Smell the dog food we will all be eating it if this character gets elected again.

  • Al Johnson your speech here paints an exact picture of Obozo and his liberals. Obozo has done nothing for America! He hates America and why wouldn’t he? Because he’s a muslim in disguise. Remember Adolf Hitler fooled his people once and look what happen!! Spending more money than any American President in history has shown that Obozo doesn’t have a clue on how to fix the economy! Remember he’s the one that said Bush was spending too much! Instead of the demorats worrying about Romney’s taxes why don’t you and the liberals worry about Obozo showing his college transcripts, a real birth certificate, and explain why he has a social security number from Connecticut and what was Barry Soetoro doing in Pakistan in 1981 when America wasn’t allowed! Did you ever think it might be because he’s not an American?!! Did you ever think why our forefathers had that in our constitution? It was for the very reason that we are facing now, an illegal schmoozing his way to undermine our constitution and this great country to take it down!! That my friend is reason enough to have Obama tried for treason. He has done nothing for this country and he continually uses our constitution for toilet paper. Illegal czars just for starters!! He’s not American and you know it Al Johnson and Mary L Grabski!! Another four years of Obama and we won’t have a constitution but we will have a dictator with Sharia law!!

  • To Eagles_Fan. You are right on. And if the liberals want to check that out they would see that it is fact!! Being in control for the first two years they couldn’t pass a budget because they were too busy killing jobs shoving Obamacare down our throats!! Obozo has got to go!!

  • You can take some of the monkies out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of some of the monkies..

  • Republicans are in denial: first of all, they are trying to pin everything on President Barack Obama in terms of the economy. Pres. Bush made a joke out of this country for 8 years. Created world of enemies for America and created war based on false information. He gave big breaks to the rich while the American economy was taking a “nose dive south”.

    Yes, we were all happy (including most Republicans) to vote Barack Obama for a change and have the 8 year damage be repaired in 100 days. At the period of One Hundred days, Republicans started acting up or probably fair to say in less than 100 days. They started to notice the complexion of the new president, realizing that he also happened to be intelligent. They have to plot strategies against him by refusing to work with he, killing his bi-partisan intents then turn around and accuse him of divisiveness.

    Whatever happened to Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh? I thought this is the season for their gobbledygook. Why so silent, are they not in support of their choice of candidate?

    Mitt Romney hasn’t even become a president yet but he has already taken it upon himself to cut a slack off taxes on his multi millions. Imagine what is going to happened to us the working class when he becomes a president. All the taxes would be equally distributed on the middle-income working class and “the working poor” while the rich are getting big breaks on theirs.

    We all need to think carefully with our voting and the choices we are making today because tomorrow our children, grand-children and great-grand-children will pay for it.

    The Republicans are causing us pain and making our lives more unbearable. President Obama is not the cause of the country’s failure, it’s the Republicans who refuse to help rebuilding this country. This is to the Republicans: Be careful when you are digging a hole and making an ass of your self at the same time. You might be the one falling in that hole.

    • anAmericanMom


  • What partisan hype, Obama is a disaster as a President and while the election may be close due to enough of the electorate being blinded by Obama’s after-glow, I believe Romney/Ryan will beat that loser pulling away.

  • Romney’s numbers are not falling at all. Once again it depends on who is doing the polling and what is asked and to who it is asked. They twist the questions to make the only answer you can give negitive one way or the other.

  • We must continue to inform the Republican base that they are losing even now. They will follow the winners because they have been terrorized by the Supremacist Republican party to believe that they are in danger. Keep reminding them that the real winners this fall are the Democrats and American Democracy. Communication/ Cooperation/ Peace, Skip West

  • jerryhulick

    Oh the wonderful delusion of the liberal mind. You guys have to getting your talking points straight from the White House. Cause no one could talk with a straight face and believe the bamster is great. After reading the below mgs. they need the tag line, I’m obama and I approve of this msg.

  • rother battle

    When will the Democrats take the blinders of and finally see what Obama has done to this country not unite but divide. Is it so hard to say no to the man he is not a god he is just a man who has done great harm to this country and the American working class look deep inside of yourself and tell yourself if he should have four more years. Just lesson to his speech on Thursday and you will see the same old speech as before watch and compare all the other speeches he has given you will be surprised same old news nothing new and he will not talk about his record which is nothing.

  • anAmericanMom

    Fact Check much? Obviously this is titled incorrectly.

    A brief unscientific dissemination of posts, blogs and comments on a variety of websites offering visitors to participate and offer comments.

    All have one thing in common.
    The majority are against Obama , his policies and his re-election.

    Hundreds.AGAINST Obama

    Supporters of Obama average ONLY in the mid teens.

  • omop

    If Mr. Romney keeps on stating that “he will create 12 million jobs if elected” one must conclude that they will ALL be Government employees.

    Cause if his claim is made as a go getter businessman why is it that he has not already created million of jobs in Bain and other enterprises?

    The proof is in the eating of the pudding. Its the Republican administration of GWB that initiated the US’s $ 4 trillion wars [and presently daily million dollar expenditures] in Iraq, and Afghanistan

    One has yet to hear what Mr. Romney plans are in regards those expenditures in lives and money.

  • Not words but deeds count – Who was and is Mitt Romney?

    Quote from tv14 No.11 19th May to 1 June 2012 –

    “Mitt Romney is the Republican U.S. president candidate in the 2012th
    During his time as president of the investment firm Bain Capital he was considered
    as a unscrupulous job killer. His unscrupulous tour lasts for exactly 15 years and calls countless victims. As president, the president of the investment firm Bain Capital, he is responsible for thousands of unemployed, bankrupt companies and
    extinct towns.

    At the same time his personal fortune is due to the financial transactions to 250 million U.S. dollar increased. Responded to his call as a job-killer, replied the 65-year-old with a smile: “I like it when I can fire people I had to serve.”

    No compassion, charismatic, obsessed with power – how many people in
    Leadership positions, even this business on a variety of psychopathic symptoms.
    His name is Mitt Romney, U.S. president candidate in 2012, the Republicans.

    That’s why psychopaths to rise in companies manipulate colleagues
    and apply at some point as ideal candidates for senior positions. Precisely where they do the most damage. Psychopaths are ticking time bombs:

    How had Mitt Romney acted in Poland, UK, Israel and Palestine?
    All insulted except Israel – Jerusalem known as the capital of Israel – and Palestinians had to do what is said by Israel and the U.S. – correct?

    How many wars are to come?

  • MamaRae

    Interesting…..You, we, are not sure as to what kind of student Obama was yet you praise his intellect, Obama has spent more money in his 3.5 years then Bush did in 8 yet you believe he offers wise decisions on the economy, Obama has stolen from Medicare to support Obama care(another tax) yet you believe he offers help, Obama claims to want to help the poor yet there is more welfare under his term as President then many others, (most would like to get away from welfare), Obama claims NOT to support WARS yet he has continued in Afghanistan, by the way Republicans were not the only ones to support the IRAQ war but all of the country(dems & rep) made that decision except Obama which was not able to vote as a Senator but claims to have been against it, another example of leading from behind. Along with all his other votes once a Senator voting as ” present “.
    You need to at least open your eyes to other possible answer to your questions and concerns and actually see Obama for what he really is…….
    Lets also not forget that this great country is base on Capitalism, for the last 236 years, yet the Liberals are ready to throw it overboard so we can look like Greece???

    • Sorry, MamaRae, but that’s a LIE that you just fell for. MUCH of the debt being blamed on Obama was MADE by Bush, and it just passed on to Obama, like the rest of Bush’s devastation! Bush charged the majority of his bills for his outrageous tax cuts for REAL Republicans (with the big money), and the bills for his unprovoked wars, onto OUR credit cards, leaving his debts to be blamed onto Obama. Pay ATTENTION! Then you would know this, and you wouldn’t be susceptible to FALLING for their lies! In fact, Bush’s tax cuts to the multi-millionaires and billionaires cost so much, that even when Romney/Ryan discontinue the food and healthcare program to babies, children, the poor, and the elderly, they STILL won’t gain enough money to cover the amount of their tax cuts. But WE, (YES, even YOU, whether you DO or DID vote for them, or not!) get to pay THEIR fair share of our taxes FOR the multi-milliojaires and billionaires! So, get another job and start saving, so you can start plugging away at paying THEIR share too!~~~Maerzie

    • If you are questioning Obama’s intellect, you haven’t tried too very hard to do any research, and also succumbed to the lies and propaganda about THAT one! You show all the evidence of being a gullible. Only the kool-ade drinkers don’t bother to do any research and just “BELIEVE” the lies written specifically to DUPE that type.

      Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School (the second highest honor available) in 1991. He also was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, a very prestigious honor. NOBODY graduates Magna cum Laude from ANY large school, ESPECIALLY Harvard, unless he is VERY intelligent and studious. Being elected as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review is an EXCEPTIONAL honor.


      • NJ_River_Rat


        Let me preface this by saying I am not a “birther”, “bigot” or whatever term you might come up with…

        But, other than a single fluff piece written by a student for the Harvard College paper (the Crimson), THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT MR. OBAMA GRADUATED CUM LAUDE FROM HARVARD! IT IS AN URBAN LEGEND!

    • Have YOU or any of YOUR kids graduated “Magna cum Laude” (with GREAT praise) from any college or post graduate school, MamaRae??

  • Are you serious, Obama could care less about the American people. He is trying to destroy America and people like you blindly follow him to the detrement of The United States of America. Stop blaming Bush. Obama is the one the grew our deficit up. The economy is not growing back we have more debt than ever before are you really better off than 4 years ago? most people I know are not and we are watching our retirement get pushed back years and our retirement funds deplete. More people than ever look to the government for their lively hood, how is this better. Ever heard of the one, give the man and fish and he eats for a day, teach the man to fish and he eats a lifetime. If occupy wall street would get of their communist thinking buts and get a job they might have a home of their own. (as quoted from one occupier” we don’t want all their money we need housing” Now they want us to buy them houses, no one bought my house for me we built it ourselves, buy working! obama is not a good guy he has evil intent and bad ideas. He wants you to be beholding to him and his big government. He hates capitalism on which this great country distinqishes itself apart from all European countries. If those countries that have dictate rule are so great than why do so many people want to leave it and come to America! I want the old days when America was great and our president didn’t bow to other leaders and apologize for us being the greatest country in the World. With obama reelected there will be no stopping his executive orders and crushing our Constitution to oblivion, spending more money we don’t have borrowing from the Chinese who now have GM in their mits thanks to your obama. Whats going to happen when china wants their money back! The whole world waiting for Obama to take us down and he will take us down. This is not a good guy. He’s his fathers son thats for sure.

    • Obviously, this is a Republican sponsored site because they still haven’t published my response to Rose Annabelli. It contained educational information for Rose and absolutely nothing litigious.

      I guess the mission is just to keep as many in the dark as needed, in case their multi-millions and their voter suppression tactics don’t work. The question is: What would Joseph Goebbels do?? because they don’t even THINK UP their own tricks. They have to copy from Hitler’s Chief propagandist. I guess the good news is that THEY finally couldn’t stand their OWN guilt and implication from their vile filth, so they committed suicide!


  • timco1

    First time reader and know I will not read you skewed views again….. It’s media speculation like this that supposedly keeps the polls close??? Hogwash!!

  • Are things better off today than 4 years ago? Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. Romney promises to help you and your family. Its ok to vote for Romney / Ryan.

  • Having a running mate like “lyin-Ryan” can’t help.

  • victor winston Grana

    The more Exposure he gets, the more folk come to see what an Idiot he is. Trying make the issue of non Taxpaying go away, just makes it smell even worse.

    • Danceroflife


  • michael

    Typical lying libturds. May al lah not have mercy on their souls!

    • Danceroflife

      “…lying libturds. May al lah have mercy on their souls!”

      That’s very Christian of you.

      • TxGrayWolf

        Another whineyass libtard, typical.

  • I am really tired of the Democrats half-truths, lies and complete negativity. Tell me something, anything positive about this administration that is based on the truth, complete truth and the whole truth. I’ve got nothing….

    • Danceroflife

      Another blind and bigoted sheep. Where to “you people” spawn?!?!?

    • I’m still waiting for my comment, already written, TWICE, to be published. All the other blogs published it, so why the cowardice? Or is it partisanism?? Every anti-Obama comment has been published! I guess I’ll have to Google WHICH Republicans are paying for this site.



  • Where do you start praying for blind, deaf and ignorant as well as those who have believed the constant lies coming from the mouth of this Islam believer in the Koran–his holy bible? Satan himself was a pretty good deciever in the garden appearing as a snake tempting Eve w/ the fruit, but lookie at how the smooth mouthed orator reading from his teleprompter has deluded so many– taking jobs away and cursing our only Ally in the middle east who will prevail over their enemies with their Gods help! Huh?…. Read the end of the story, the holy bible!

    • Danceroflife

      Sometimes, all I can do is shake my head at the hatred spewed by so-called Christians. I will take this opportunity to point out to you and others like you, who pretend to follow the teachings of the Bible.

      For example:

      James 4:11, Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the (Christian) law and judges it. When you judge the (Christian) law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it.

      And then, there is:

      Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

      Lester Peoples, as a so-called Christian, you are conveniently ignoring:

      Luke 6:41 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

      And the extreme right-wing Republicans who loudly profess their Christianity, obviously fail to see the hypocrisy in their actions by repeatedly violating :

      Romans 14:13: Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.

      Yes indeed, the Devil certainly wears camouflage and all while pretending to be a Christian.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed that about Romney too. Thanks for bringing their diabolical background to the forefront! The new Teapublican Party has NONE of the principles or honor of the old G.O.P.. Some of their members, INCLUDING Romney and Ryan fill the description of the predicted anti-Christ. They have spewed so many proven lies and twists, and their platform is full of death and destruction for the poor and middle class. They tout “PRO-Life” as their party slogan, yet their planned budget intends to CUT all the programs for the food and healthcare of the poor, the babies and children, and the elderly, just to fund their outrageous tax cuts for the multi-millionaires and billionaires (which is actually ONE of the many REPUBLICAN WELFARE programs)! They also intend to cut Medicare and Obamacare, turning them into voucher programs, never even caring whaat happens to people when their vouchers run out while they’re severely ill or when they are feeble and 89 years old. I guess the middle class and poor are dispensable, their other forms of “abortion of babies, children, middle-aged, and elderly”. Romney is also chomping at the bit to start a NEW profiterring war in Iran. That way, lots of the wealthy will make great investment profits on this lucrative cow, while lots of poor and middle-class kids get to be killed. Abortions and other killings must be more FUN and sadistic for Republican war-mongers when the babies are older children, and have made them some money for their war portfolios! Romney-Ryan’s ending of the food and medical care programs for the needy will also furnish them with more deaths of the peons, so they have more money for their OWN welfare programs, hidden under “cuter” names. like subsidies, grants for foolishness, bailouts, BESIDES their lavish tax deductions. All, while WE pay their actual balance, from their “FAIR SHARE” of taxes for them.

    • Honest Voter

      Honestly, Romney seems like the picture of the Anti-Christ. Considered handsome. Good speaker. Able to tell any of his followers anything. Cultish religion (not Christianity) and yes, Obama is a Christian. If you actually took off your color and cultural blinders and compared the two, Romney is much scarier. He is very wealthy republican who is big business and speak of mark of the beast? Wake up if you’re going to make an argument like that and consider your own candidate. I know I will.

      • TxGrayWolf

        You race card is denied for being overdrawn.

        • Honest Voter

          race? who said anything about race? gtfoh

          • Honest Voter, your reference of “color and cultural blinders”.

    • shermanist

      Stupid dolt! How can anyone take you serious when you mention talking snakes as an example? Why should we believe your inbred @ss? Just because your parents (i.e., brother and sister) decided to use the Eve and Cain example as a way to raise a family doesn’t mean it’s actually a good idea. Hell, they produced you and that’s all the evidence we need.

      Some other points for you:

      1. Every politician uses a teleprompter you numbnuts

      2. All politicians are “smoothed mouthed”. Most politicians wouldn’t have a chance in hell of being elected if they spoke how you write

      3. The executive office doesn’t take jobs away. You elect a Congress that makes it easier and financially prosperous to send jobs overseas. Hey, you people wanted a market system which means you only invest in profitable products and services. Hey, guess what? American companies, through their actions, have essentially said that you’re not worth hiring. That’s right old man, most Americans are long on complaints and confidence, but short on any viable working characteristics.

      4. Israel is not our only ally in the Middle East (capitalized since it’s a proper noun numbnuts). You couldn’t locate Israel on a map even if I pointed out where it was. The territory of Israel was founded on terroristic organizations under concept of Zionism and now they are reaping what they sowed. Their day is coming and it will be fun to watch the impending doom as the years go by. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      5. I can’t wait for the end times as written by some goat [email protected] from 2000 years ago. That’s when we’ll be rid of you people. Also, when your supposed devil does come, he won’t be half as bad as you people.

  • ALF2020

    Sigh. How can we have a discussion when we can’t even agree on facts. The GOP version of events is so outside of the facts that can be researched and verified that it is like a different language. Why on earth is America celebrating stupidity? So many Republicans, particularly tea party members, seem to swallow whole anything FOX news and Rush Limbaugh spews and if it isn’t sensational enough, they just make stupid stuff up. Ryan has a particularly difficult time speaking the truth and is managing to confuse himself. The fact checkers’ heads have got to be spinning by now.

    Careful research indicated that Obama has had a difficult path, but his policies have made a difference. Are we better off that we were when little Georgie left office? Oh yes. The DOW is back up, the auto industries are thriving, the housing market is starting to recover in some areas, jobs are coming back and the economy is on the mend. Pretty good job after little Georgie just about run us off of a cliff. Yes, we have more to do and I think I would rather give Obama a chance to finish what he has started instead of allowing Romney/Ryan to knock us back into the dark ages.

    BTW, I remember Regan as president and none of us were very happy with “tickle-down economics”! What makes you think it would work any better now?

  • Its amazing new like this.

    All of the polls have Romny up 3-4 point over Obamma now.
    A bunch of states are moving over to the Romney side.
    The presidents campaign is in a defensive mode.
    Yet Romney’s campaign is somehow cooling.

    Who made the kool-aide this writer is drinking.

    I think people are realizing that 12 years of the same elitist, keynsian economic policy is not working.

    As far as Obamma is concerned, I think more people are realizing he grew up in rich white upper class america in his grandparents home in Honolulu.
    But with his grandmother a business exec, you think he would have learned more in their home than just the grandparents socialist ideals. (they were not well liked in Mercer Island, Wa because of those views. Obammas grandparents attended the unitarian church in Bellevue and attended weekly socialist meetings there.

    At least Romney worked his way to the top. Donated his entire inheritance from his parents. At one point in his life Romney did have to worry about paying bills. We should all be as successful as him.

    Obamma (Barry to his family) grew up in wealth, had college paid for, and has never had to worry about paying a bill in his life. He grew up wealthy white and upperclass (1%’ers).
    And now he feels the pain of the middle class and minorities.

    On a final note on the president, if he cares so much for the rights and causes of women,
    one question.
    Why did he take the name of the man (if you can call him that) who abandoned the presidents mother the moment he found out she was pregnant, instead of keeping the name he grew up with and attended college as; Barry.

    • shermanist

      Absolutely ridiculous! I’ve tried to respond to comments like yours witha rational and informed mind, but I feel like there’s no use conversating to the uneducated populace of our nation (you included). This whole “koo-aide” crap, purposefully misspelling the president’s name, and regurgitating uncorroborated information is juvenile.

      You people, and yes, I mean you people, have no remainder of hope and as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t hire your ignorant @sses if the federal government gave provided a subsidy for stupid. We squandered millions of taxpayer dollars for an education you never seemed able to put into application. Thus, I say, what the hell, let’s all vote for Romney. Here’s the deal for my vote…

      Eliminate the Affordable Care Act, social security, medicare, medicaid, subsidies, federal funding, all government departments, return the military to local militias, eliminate schools (you people don’t use them anyway), and privatize the crap out of everything. Remove all remnants of socialism and implement a purely capitalist market-based system.

      Then, when you, or a family member of friend, get sick, you realize you can’t possibly afford it and the hell if I’m going to help pay for a stupid citizen that asked for the system they have. My response; just die and be done with it. When you become disabled on the job or reach retirement age, you don’t get crap from Uncle Sam. Besides, the money you were previously paying into it wasn’t yours anyway since it was an entitlement program. Once again, try begging your other backwards family members or strangers to help. It’s not going to happen so just break your hip and die. When energy costs skyrocket and you can’t afford to keep your house (or mobile trailer) warm in winter or cool in the summer, just thank yourself for the lack of innovative energy subsidies for the fact that you will eventually just die of hypothermia or heat exhaustion. When the hated Mexicans (your people’s words, not mine) decide to come in waves from the south and take your property (you know, this horrible inevitable dream you people always have) you can defend it yourself. Don’t try to call the armed forces because that’s socialism. Maybe you can hold them off with your bible and guns, but eventually you’ll lose. After you die, someone can easily turn a profit on your property. And, when your children (public service announcement: please DO NOT BREED!), are drooling out of the same corner of the mouth as you, books will be better used by you and your family as an energy source to keep you warm.

      The conservative movement derides any aspect of socialism, a word and concept they know nothing about, without understanding that our entire existence, as spelled out in the Constitution, is partially founded on socialist principles. Morons, the whole lot of you!

      Last, but not least, bulldoze all remaining religious institutions within American territories (the Israelis are really good with bulldozers). Churches are nothing but socialist spewing institutions that help poor people who should be dying anyway, right? Jesus was a socialist. Thank god he’s not running or you’d people would chase after him with 2 wooden boards and a bag of nails.

  • TxGrayWolf

    Good thing I’m wearing boots with all the buIIshit here in this article.

    • You simply have to research the facts, “TxGrayWolf”, unless you PREFER to just “BELIEVE”. Some people have never done a shred of research about anything political, They just “BELIEVE” whichever lie sounds the best! I did that too, when I was only a beginning voter to Presidential elections, when I was just 24. But, THEN I learned how to really weigh all the evidence I collected, and THINK.

      Some voters have NEVER done that! They simply use whoever’s brain happens to concoct any lie that serves their purpose! Their OWN brains are RARELY ever used. It’s called: Being gullible! They are the ones that millions of dollars of emotional political ads are written for! It’s the science developed specifically to conquest the unused brains of lazy people, who take our Democratic Republic for granted.

  • fredlave

    What BS! Get a grip, man!

  • southerntraditionalist

    They aren’t! He just pulled even with the democratic candidate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do EVERYONE’s comments get stolen by the moderator, and not published?? Or only the comments that might tend to educate someone too much??

  • Obama is a dangerous man because he’s been told he’s intelligent…However, EVERYTHING he thinks he knows is wrong….Misinformation and indoctrination From Comrade Frank Marshall Davis to William Ayers and the rest of the Wacky Alinsky Left…..

    Lets correct this mistake in November

  • 2chestnuts

    Since you removed the mention of God from the DNC party platform, I guess you only have B H O to look up to. Good luck with that!

  • National debt drastically increased, unemployment at record highs esp if you count all the people who have exhausted their benefits and are no longer counted, thousands more pages of regulations added, food stamps passed out in record numbers, illegals continue to flood into the US, Obama surrounded by people who have never owned or managed a business, radical Muslims taking over Egypt and Libya, American taxpayers hold bag for hundreds of millions in GM stock that is 50% below rate necessary to break even, thousands of individual dealership employees lose jobs when franchises terminated by GM while UAW gets bonuses. Price of food, clothing, energy, etc. up drastically over 4 years ago. Home values still drastically off highs. Michelle Obama spends more on vacations then last 4 1st ladies combined. Obama still will not release college application records, college transcripts, passport applications. Need I go on? Probably not because I seriously doubt any of you here have ever voted for a Republican in your lives. Bet you even voted for John Kerry. And you call Romney an out-of-touch rich guy? Sorry but it is time to put country 1st and elect a new leader.

    • Samuel Hodge

      You guys are still going on about this birtch certificate thing.Your presidential candidate hasnt paid taxes for a decade and has no goodwill among foreign powers.

  • Im with Al n yes im in a union n they treat me very well thank u ,n y is he a moron Obama is the best choice period

  • rvmitch1

    Why don’t you guys print it like the poll show – not the way you want it to be.
    Romney will drag Gerry Hussien through the mud – trust me .

  • bluestormrising

    P..he has NO record of creditability to stand on….Obama’s reckless spending and fiscal policies have added more to the national debt than most U.S. Presidents combined — roughly $6 trillion in his first term in office (making the total debt nearly $16 trillion and, by White House projections alone, $21.3 trillion by the end of fiscal 2017, $25 trillion in 2021 and $25.9 trillion in 2022). His administration’s out-of-control spending has led America to the economic brink and destroyed our country’s credit rating.
    BTW….our gas prices could be lowered almost immediately if we could drill for oil right here in the USA.
    Don you like that unemployment at 8.1% is not good enough for you, 23 MILLION people out of work. Gas prices up 136% since Oblamer took office. House market still in shambles after almost 4 years. National defect is now 1.5 Trillion dollars. More people on well fare than ever before in our history. All of Obama’s million dollar companies now BANKRUPT (almost all contributors to Obama)
    Solyndra, Ener 1, Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Spectra Energy all gone all bankrupt and you are left holding the bag for Billions of Dollars. I could go on and on….but apparently I’m supposed to be more worried about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Obama is doing with MY money.

  • it would be nice if the liberals would tell the truth. i use to be a liberal and i am so glad to be a independent i will vote for romney


    With Obama giving himself an incomplete…I rather get a passing grade than an incomplete LOL & seriously…w/ the question to the american people, are you better off now than you were 4 years ago…I would say NOPE! and neither is our economy…4 years in office…and he still has NOT made any improvements in our economy…instead he points fingers & switches up the subject towards education and family and whatever else…he needs to stick to the subject at hand, stop pointing fingers, and do something about the deficit instead of making a bigger hole.

  • rvmitch1

    Charlie Parker – This is coming from an old Chief Stuart – I AGREE WITH YOU 110%
    If this Union Crap is not cleaned up in the United States,. Soonest !
    All the folks that ever put a uniform on – WILL BE FOR NOT, TRUST ME.
    “It is the fault of the boy’s at the top”

  • Wow. Just got done reading 2 articles by this rag and I can say I wont read anymore. Both are written without facts and might as well been written by Chris Matthews.

  • The conundrum that is the U S, affirms & re-affirms itself even when the chips are down. Perhaps especially when the chips are down.
    From Pilgrim days to now, steely-eyed financial excess unmasked by smiles, and the disembodiment of the marginalized have continued their St. Vitus like partnership, conjoined by mutual fear and loathing; for one, the terror of being overrun and for the other the unrelenting disregard of humaneness.

    If “How the West Was Won” was an epic testament Hollywood proffered to the world, then Soldier Blue was its fitting answer. If Geronimo was yet another instance, then the Alamo would probably stand up to it. And if the Battle Hymn of the Republic represents the strength of American self-righteous rhetoric, then the Grapes of Wrath and Guthrie and Sea Biscuit and Harper Lee and Faulkner and Ragtime and Brooks and Baldwin and Dickinson and Dylan and thousands of other writers, musicians, actors, engineers, artists and firemen and rescue specialists represent all that is holy and sacred; redeeming the greatness of freedom and a “churchless Christianity” in this paradoxical land of hate and love.

    A recent item of news carried the text of an opinion made by a Republican Party ideologue – that “McCain won …mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country….(and) Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements …living off various forms of government welfare..” If this is how good and bad are rated to the world at large, in spite of the now unending exposure of the fallibilities of greed, laid bare for all to see; then perhaps the time has come for the Democratic Party to ensure that voters understand the difference – between respect for life and respect for the abusive exclusivity of well-being.

  • There’s more at stake here than just the dollar in your pocket. I can deal with the economics, I can’t deal with loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • When you encroach on one persons happiness to make another happy, you lose liberty.

      Forcing people to hand over their hard earned money to pay for the needs of the less fortunate robs people of their freedom. You are less free to spend your money the way you see fit.

      Soaking the rich to pay for the poor is called stealing. In today’s society, Robin Hood would get sent to jail for theft, regardless of his intentions.

      “When you have equality, you lose freedom. When you have freedom, you lose equality.”

  • oh good grief, that scenario has nothing to do with unions. that happens in every workplace, union or not.

  • What was the political point of attacking the British Olympic spirit?

  • Well everyone can argue and call names all they want but just ask yourself one question. Why did the American people vote the Republicans back in office all over the country?

    • Johnman

      Creek, see my response above.

  • One would hope that if Bush’s administration, that contributed towards the economic crisis, lasted two terms, that Obama’s, who is having to clean up the mess, would as well.

    • Johnman

      Bush got re-elected because with a Republican congress was a success in his first term. At this point in his first term unemployment, even after 9/11, was 5.4%. By Nov. 06, it was 4.5%. Inexplicably, the voters put the Democrats in complete control of Congress at that time, and the rest as they say, is history.

  • denis renaud

    Poll numbers for Romney are rising. What dream world are you living in? Even among women, whom he is trying to cater to, he is falling with his kill your child for the future of America platform.

  • UniTasker

    Invest in America Mitt!

    Not the Cayman Islands. Not Aruba. Not Seychelles. Not Panama. Not Switzerland.

    Bring it home, where it’s needed Mitt!

  • Sanity_Pleas

    Saw the speech, did not drink the coolaid. Therefore failed to see the vision of St. Obama appear before my eyes. Sentimental drivel is no substitute for a lack lustre record. You can not build a vision for a country that looks back and says George did it.
    Get accountable.

    By the way I do not support the republican wing nuts. Nor do I support incompetence and the weakest resume ever brought to the office of President.

    The humble roots speeches are tiring. Most disturbing is watching the class warfare approach that has divided Thai, Peruvian, and Venezuelan governments being implemented in America. Promise the poor more entitlements on the back of productive Americans. I am appalled at the lengths the dems and Axlerod will go to to get this ideologue and socialist elected.

  • As I am writing this comment, the tables are turning and the author (Decker), apparently an Obama “fool”, should write a similar article titled: “Why Obama’s Poll Numbers are Falling Fast.” because that’s exactly what’s been happening. Now Romney is virtually tied with the President-in-training. If Americans love America, then Obama HAS TO GO!

  • Which nations most mirror the ideas and moves of Obama? Which nations most mirror the ideas and economic systems of Romney? Look at the results of these two different nations and you will see which ideas seem to be the most successful in producing economic stabliity.

  • Randall Marlowe

    After all the shouting and hype is done the obvious is still obvious. Neither of the GOP’s Candidates for P./V.P. are the men for the job. The fact is that the GOP is fresh out of Candidates that can light a fire with the American People. Let’s hope we can survive 4 more years of Obama. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

  • Carmel Teuma Vella

    NO… is his disdain for Ron Paul that’s causing that dip.

  • Democrats are the scums of America. America has already begun to fall apart within Obamas first term, you would have to be a idiot to believe he could “change” America’s economic crisis, to believe the BS that Michelle let out of her mouth . Romney’s experienced hard times as well, it hasnt just been goody-goody two shoes for him. You scummy democrats will put only MORE people out of jobs, raise MORE taxes for middle class families, and make obamacare only WORSE for seniors.

    The only way America is to recover is if they have a real politician in office. Someone who actually has a backbone, someone who can really say “NO”, admit it Democrats, Obama has done more bad than good for this country. Made it worse than how Bush left it. If you waant less foreclosures, if you want less taxes for you and your family, if you want whats best for seniors, vote Romney because with Obama, it isn’t going to happen, stop daydreaming, it ISN’T going to happen.

    We are pretty much under Operation Obamanation.

  • CentralLondoner1

    As long we can find some suckers to finance another $6 trillion of government deficits, I think another 4 years of Obama will be great. I don’t have kids, so I’ll be long-gone by the time the sh**t hits the fan. Party while the music lasts is my motto.

  • elsa123

    Romney 48 Obama 44

  • electioninterest

    Noone will prosper except special interest groups- Taxing the rich will not work-
    Lets gert rid of the loopholes and create a better tax system. Everyone gets healthcare- thats great! Who is paying for it? nothing is free. the people working are paying for the people not working. Employers pay more for health care and pass the cost to their employees- Wages are not growing.
    What has been done with unemplyment in the last 4 years? Where has the economy gone in the last 4 years? there are leass jobs today. Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago? Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome- Obama wants equal opportunity and equal out come for all- He is not saving Medicare- he is bankrupting it.

  • I agree with most of what you are saying Dan, however I live in Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland must share the blame.
    and the

  • CTConservatives47

    The recession of 2008 was caused by leftists, like Obama and Barney Frank, who thought it would be good idea to get everyone into a house regardless of down payment or credit worthiness. Obama was in the thick of the effort to intimidate banks in Chicago into lending to those who should not have been granted loans. You want a house? Save up a down payment and establish a good credit history.

    The morons on the left who can’t see beyond presidential administrations, and assign blame based on them, don’t want to acknowledge that it was their ideological goal to push home ownership regardless of the consequenes. As an economic illiterate, Obama did as much as anyone to cause the housing crisis and resulting recession he now hypocritically blames on George W. Bush. We do know that Bush’s grades were higher than those of Al Gore and John Kerry, as was his IQ. As for Obama’s grades, we really don’t know since he hasn’t released any of his academic records. This is probably because he was a poor student with equally poor grades, just like Gore and Kerry. We do know however, that he learned his Marxist lessons from his real daddy, Frank Marshall Davis, card-carrying member of the communist party and pornographer, before being passed on for “graduate studies” in black liberationist theology with Jeremiah Wright. .

  • Paul Ryan is a typical right wing nutcase. After his father’s death he couldn’t wait to pocket his dad’s ssi checks from the evil government and later as a freshmen congressman help steer evil government contracts to his familys construction business making them wewlthy HYPOCRITE

  • B.S. Obama a circus clown.

  • Kosh94

    Except Romney is even with Owe-bama as of now according to Real Clear Politics, which looks at MANY polls, not just a democrat screw-up like polling 20% more Democrats for faulty results.

  • The Republi-cannot bait and switch plan: they’ll lower taxes,only to harm Medicare and Obama-cares such that people end up paying more in insurance “taxes” than in real taxes!Theirs is that road to serfdom of Spencer-Randism- Herbert Spencer and Ayn Rand!
    Sen ‘Ayn” Rand Paul.

  • Americans are under-taxed but for the moment, that’s the middle-class stimulus, the job-enablers’ necessity that will have to change later.

  • LarrysGTX

    Obama is the biggest and most costly mistake in world history.

  • LarrysGTX

    Obama is the biggest and most costly mistake in world history. America will be lucky to reverse course to save itself.

  • xmascat

    Take 5 minutes to read the founding doctrine of our country. Then ask yourself if Obama believes in it. He is not trying to improve the lives of ALL Americans; he is about class warfare. He is all about spending tax dollars…look at our national debt! The highest it has ever been! Look at all he has spent in his term. Look around at the empty shopping strips, the number of college students moving back home or going to grad school because they can’t find jobs, the number of Americans unemployed! Look at the increase in gas prices since he has been in office. Our country’s credit rating dropped during his term. We aren’t the powerful world leader economically anymore. I don’t care who you blame. But you know what, Obama hasn’t done a thing to improve our economy in the past 4 years. He is more worried about Gay rights, global warming, immigration rights, healthcare, and all the piddly silly stuff that really doesn’t matter in the big picture of our country.

    We need someone to lead our country out of this recession, stop the unnecessary gov’t spending of our tax dollars, and get more jobs to the American people! Common sense shows that Romney can do that. Look at his track record! He is a businessman, a successful one! He can run our gov’t like a business, putting the right people in place, relieving the gov’t restrictions on businesses so that they can hire the Americans who lost jobs during Obama’s term and who are just graduating from college. And the wealthy investors who are holding onto their money because of the uncertainty that Obama has created in our economy, will likely regain their confidence and reinvest in America again!

    Duh! Wake up people! Take ownership of your life rather than letting the government own you!!!

    • you said one thing i agree with the investors are holding back. they don’t want the unemployed number to fall.why they want all that rommey can give them,to hell with what happens to this country.

  • Obama was groomed by the Mob in Chicago were do you think he made his money before he made office, Romney is a Businessman and that’s what we need to pull out of this mess.

  • Obama will probably win, Israel will fall and there will be worldwide Nuclear war, the devil will be happy to say good job Obama’

  • Calgarycentre

    Shitty mitty is a flip flopping idiot that you dont know where he stands and he is the poster hild for corperate greed and shitty mitty has said that corperations are people to, he likes firing people and he wants to destroy amtrak, all things i cant support. also he is a mormon who cant be trusted if i was going to live under mormon rule I move to Utah and where the magic underpants. we dont know where shitty mitty stands he panders and flip flops and shape shifts like a snake oil salesman.

    • moparfan54

      If you would put the crack pipe down for a while and do some reading, you would find out that you are full of S#$#!!

  • Reagan poll numbers were way down at this time in the election process and we know how that turned out…

  • moparfan54

    Henry Decker needs to pull hi head out of Awbammas ass, and do some more research.
    PS: The Europeans do not vote in American elections….yet!

  • Guest

    Looking at who the featured columnists are at this website, and my first post here yesterday being a comment that they won’t approve, since they don’t like certain facts being posted when it reflects badly on there hero Obama, I decided that I won’t post here! It is a waste of time. Good day!

  • MissA01

    Maybe if the republicans would actually consider the presidency as something to be taken seriously instead of the crap and nonsense. I still cannot believe America elected Regan the 1st time, but then to do it again a second really told me Americans for the most part, most are just stupid and will fall for whatever the media tells them. This explains why some women can’t drive, why some men won’t raise their kids, why we have no jobs, why the economy will never regain itself…stupid people. Then they get caught in the rhectoric, why? Cause its easy and the lazy way to be and I say its the ‘slave owner syndrome’ that prevents people from taking initiative in educating themselves on making better choices.

  • I just read the PRESIDENTIAL DAILY TRACKING POLL and Romney is NOT falling.
    Therefore, this must be PROPAGANDA for the God hating Jerusalem in NOT the capital of
    Israel DEMOCRATIC party of demons.

  • the evil news media is moving the polls…people will not be fooled again by this imposter who hates America…lets elect a man who loves America and appreciates his heritage.

  • JN_America

    I like that!!! That’s what it’s all about Mr. Martin.I salute you. I back you as a Vietnam Era drafted vet. who’s been stripped of his “Free Medical for Life” thru the V.A. , “after” I fulfilled my part of the deal. Thanks to another Republican named “Ronald Reagen” I’m sure you know that name. You know which puppet I’m speaking of. The one that got all his political training from “Bonzo” or “Gonzo” or whatever that Teabaggers name was.!! Yeah that’s the guy. It happened during his “Rein of Terror” if I’m not mistaken.

  • Romney must release his tax returns. Nobody cares how much or how little he paid, but we do want to know that he filed taxes every year that he was required to do so. If he refuses to release these to the public or to a judge who can provide a third party independent certification that Romney paid the taxes he is required by law to pay, then he is hiding something very important. The leader of a country that runs on taxpayer money, must be able to provide proof positive that he pays his share, according to the law.

  • Dietzamerk

    Im with you aquaroyal and 17_tparty…I chime into sites like this with my hip wadders knowing im wadding into a cess pool of the confused and brainwashed…I like to get a handle as to just how f.d up the other side is and its scary. Look at the numbers lemmings! Remove your blinders! Your party is going down! Your Amateur-in-Chief’s incompetence has woken up a previously silent group like my own middle aged, politically indifferant, 401k suffering self and Im sick and tired of the BS and hypocrisy I see everyday….you have turned an indifferant person into an activist…and I look forward to meeting any one of you on the other side of a protest…done and done

    • you need a better adviser for your 401 .i have taken money out for retirement for the last 3 year and still regained 50% of what i lost under bush.

  • Dietzamerk

    One more thing…Romneys poll numbers rock, and if it makes you and your slimy ilk feel better to say they’re not, great, but your guy, the most.worthless.president.ever dropped 12 points with the woman vote in the last week! I know, I know…relax….its going to hurt when your guy goes down and your big government society disintegrates.

    We will head into what Greece is now if this worthless socialists gets in again…and when he loses, teat suckers like you will then need to find Cindy Sheehan and all the Guantanamo protestors that have been silent over the last 3-1/2 years and start your parade back up…you people are jokes

  • Ho Luong

    within more than three years what Obama have done for this country? Economy is still in the dark, employment is stay at same point.Cost of living are increasing . Why doesn’t him give up and let some one else smarter to take over, I mean anyone beside his current opponent. And just forget about the parties, let unite together for the sake of our lovely land and its citizen.

  • Robert Paul Lash Sr.

    why does it take 3 days to approve a comment?

  • Michael King

    Add one more … the continued bold face lies of Romney / Ryan, after the Welfare/Work and $716 Billion Medicare Ads been called lies by all fact-checkers. I’m not a Liberal or Tea Party fan, but electing a man who will continue to knowingly lie for personal gain is not a man I can tolerate socially, in business or as a President.

    All the rest is opinion, but the continuing lies are a fact. To continue them is evil.

  • Whydoyouask2dogs

    Romney will be elected by a large margin because the ‘overly intelligent’, ‘overly arrogant’ Obama and his happy band of liberals do not make good decisions, but do make great promises..which, of course they don’t keep and when all is said and done and Obama loses, will they play the race card…you bet they will.

  • yasmarell

    Obama’s path is harder, but leads to a better place? Harder for us maybe, and a better place for him – oval office or golf course certainly better than the unemployment line or back to Chicago as community disorganizer…

  • I’m afraid things won’t get better for the GOP ticket. (1) The extremism of Romney 2012 – compounded by the choice of running mate – will take an increasing toll. I’d have voted for the Romney who was Governor of Massachusetts, but that incarnation seems to have vanished. (2) Romney’s chief personal asset was his seeming executive ability: to analyze a problem, select from alternatives, and articulate the choice persuasively and intelligently. Put bluntly, he’s said some painfully stupid (and totally unnecessary) things lately. Insulting the Brits on the eve of the Olympics? Aargh! So simple to have said, “I know how difficult it is to plan and carry out an Olympic Games. I congratulate you on your efforts.” (Oh, and for gosh sakes do not add, “my Anglo-Saxon brethren.” That was another howler.)

    • Really? An innocuous statement by Romney is the deal killer for you?

      How about “you didn’t build that! someone else did that!”… Now THAT is a comment to be concerned about!!!
      I don’t believe that you are stupid Peter…. & I don’t believe for a second that you would have ever voted for Romney! So give the “gosh sakes” junk a rest.

  • i am not even american and people approach me for my opinion and seek desperate help.all i can tell them is to choose intelligence over greed and hunger for dominance.
    yes let the Obama team meaning his family finish what they started.maybe even eventually bring some of the crooks responsible for the global financial disaster to justice.and bless the effort to look after the vets and improve there lives with what they earned risking and paying with there lives for our freedom.
    i never felt so sorry for a president ever before taking on so much crap for his first term.try to remember that and cheer for the accomplishments of such an almost impossible task.
    good luck Mr.Obama.

  • mahatmacoatmabag

    Awake America, you Liberty & Future is under attack from Hussein Obama, Marxist Stooge of KGB Master Spy George Soros, time to elect a Genuine American as President – Vote Romney !

  • mmandy933

    To Henry Decker-Please advise which polls you are looking at because they are not the same ones the rest of us are looking at!!Stop lying to the American people and stop covering for Obama. What are you going to say a few years from now when your idealistic president wrecks your country beyond repair from anyone, you should be ashamed.

  • It’s the magic underpants got your radar all funny.

  • It actually made me have hope for this country to read the well reasoned argument presented by Mr. Johnson. Sadly, didn’t take long to get to a less thoughtful and more typical comment shortly after.

    We need to stop fighting the party lines and begin to examine facts and truths vs. lies and specualtions.

    Thanks Mr Johnson!

  • What does this prove..??
    That everybody is doing pretty much the same….
    ´Not having any “power” like Sarah and more
    I´ll wait till November and go with the masses or
    just go back into hibernation for another 4 years…..
    I have no choice…. Donah..//

  • allndav

    Has anyone ever expressed the hypothesis that Romney only wants to be president because it is on his bucket list, because it is certainly not because he cares about the American people

  • mitt-ology to only repeat twist bluster spew non-sense babble should come with explicit instruction only open if you need a lie !!

  • I think this website is pro-Obama.

  • Samethan

    Last year I made $250K, putting me in the top 5% of all American income and my total government bite to my income was over 27%. We could debate all day long on whether that is too high or too low, but the real question is why do the richest Americans, ones making tens of millions a year, pay about half the rate that many hard working Americans are paying. Why should I pay twice as much tax for every dollar that I earn than what Mitt Romney pays for every dollar he earns? His tax rate of 13.7% is half of what I paid. Why should his types of income be subjected to a smaller tax bite and why should we offer special tax breaks that only the wealthy can enjoy?

    The myth that the wealthiest deserve these incentives because they are “job creators” has long been dismissed. Perhaps 50 to 100 years ago that was true when fortunes were made in manufacturing and the US was the dominate player on the international export stage, then we all benefitted from the efforts of our wealthiest citizens, but today when most of the richest among us are making fortunes in finance and managing money and CEOs are incentivized to offshore labor and downsize management the wealthiest are now actually job destroyers and making the American Dream a distance posibility the majority. It is high time we wake up and realize that the world has changed and our views and policies need to change accordingly.

    • edgabr

      The difference between you with your $250 thou, is that you spend it all on yourself and your family, while those that earm millions, re-invest it in many job-creating enterprises, or stocks and bonds that the banks then lend to smaller or new companies. That is job creating, not your 5% group, which doesn’t take big-risk undertakings. Yes you spend also on food, car, home, children, travel, etc., but not nearly as much as the big earners.

      • Samethan

        Clearly you are not paying attention to the national debate on this subject because the majority of the top income earners including hedge fund managers, private equity chiefs, and other “money” managers are actually investing with other peoples’ monies, so they really have minimal risk.

        Secondly, investments in the stock market are not the same as gambling at a casino. A well managed, board based portfolio, invested for the long haul is not a risk, but a sure thing. Furthermore, the wealthiest among us have access to information and knowledge (and I am not referring to insider trading) along with different types of investments that provide them additional advantage over the ordinary investor.

        These investors are motivated by profits and not creating jobs. They know the best way to maximize their investment would be to select companies that are known for “leaning” out their processes and organizations which typically means more jobs sent to cheap off shore labor markets and “downsizing” of white collar staff asking the remaining employees to pick up the extra workload. So far from creating jobs the actions of the wealthiest often result in fewer jobs for the rest of the country.

        Finally, the spending that the 99.9% of us do is exactly what creates the jobs and this drives the economy. We are the ones at risk. Incentivizing people who have excess capital to invest their money so they can grow their wealth further runs counter with history since higher tax rates and higher capital gains rates of the past did little to deter investment.

  • The Republican Convention turned out to be a bunch of picknicers who met to hear Romney accept the nomination. Otherwise there is no message from the platform by the speakers about their program except hate delivery. In fact the way Romney’s comments about Obama smacks of racism. In contrast we saw a dignified delivery of program contents with statistics by the various speakers on Democratic Convention platform which are way class above ordinary and make them sound real and Republicans phony. I think the people will see through this while deciding to vote particularily the UNDECIDED as we have to choosive a progressive agenda for the long run of prosperity.

    • AlCashier

      obama– the worst national socialist atrocity to come to American shores to foul OUR soil.

  • I think one more should be added to this list. The increasing documentation of chronic lies by Romney and Ryan are really disgusting a lot or people.

  • jr_06498

    1. Problem of Romney is that his Vice President candidate Ryan are good in telling a lie, so if they will going to win what will happen to our country we are a bunch of liar in the face of world.
    2. They keep of telling promises for something they cannot elaborate or explain how they will going to implement.

  • davidcoleman01

    Reagan inherited a much worse economic situation than Obama, and ran for re-election on the theme, “It’s morning in America.” Obama’s theme for re-election is, “I need more time.” When you’re heading in the wrong direction, more time only makes things worse.

    • Hermagoras

      Reagan inherited a worse economic situation than Obama? I don’t think so.

      • When Reagan took over from Carter, inflation was in the double digits. For Obama, it’s a non-issue. Interest rates were close to 20% when Reagan took office, making home and car purchases beyond the reach of many people. Again, interest rates for Obama are historically low. Unemployment peaked at 10.8% before Reagan’s program took effect and knocked it back down to somewhere around 5% before he left office. Under Obama it peaked at just under 10% (I believe) and has not come down nearly as fast as it did under Reagan. Plus, when you count the people who have left the labor force, actual unemployment under Obama is about 11%. Reagan’s inherited situation was worse, and he turned it around. Completely different atmosphere in America when he asked for re-election. Obama? A failure.

  • craigorie

    You know, Romney will probably lose the election anyway, so he might as well show the taxes.

  • AlCashier

    BS, pure obama communist propaganda, pure communist left polls too. Romney is showing solid support by AMERICANS. we were never polled and no one we know across 50 states will vote for obama and put a gun to our child’s head for that godless rabid-animal dictator-wannbe obama.

  • mtmountainman

    Leftist toilet paper!

  • dave_young

    August 11 is old news. Romney clearly has the lead and will win./ watch and see.

    • picotaffy9

      Obama is a master at avoiding questions. I have yet to see from Obama any plan to get the economy back on its feet and be the engine to create more jobs, more tax income and reduce the deficit. The stupidest thing that Obama has done is to kill bin Laden who should have been taken prisoner and squeezed of all the information he had. You always try to capture the high ranking enemy alive to get information.

  • ; Obama promise jobs lower gas prices bring our troops home we got nothing but food stamps
    same sex marriage mr obama has bought shame to our home usa. i need a job
    i live in Florida i cant find a job. all of obama illegals got jobs
    obama needs bill Clinton to speak for him sad save us obamma save us. yes we cant. help
    i went to collage 4 years and i cant find job. obama wants to put lien on my mommy house eastwood is right just empty words
    what has obama done for christian ? brought shame to our country
    The Middle Class Is Broke: Pew Study Reveals Real Problem With Economy

  • What’s Romney hiding? What is it he don’t want revealed, Romney needs to show his taxes transparency does matters.

    • picotaffy9

      What is Obama hiding that he will not release his education records and his work record during and after his high school? He got a scholarship to a private school. How did he do that? What is he ashamed of or trying to hide?

  • 82ndAirborneVet

    While it is easy to blame President Bush for everything try to remember this: Seventeen documented times the Bush administration went to Congress and testified before committee that the unregulated financial markets were putting the economy in danger. Dowd, and especially, Franklin pooh-poohed that notion and stated that federal guarantors of mortgages were fine and had done a good job.

  • blu4u


    In the years since the repeal of the priesthood ban, a number of official steps have been taken to correct prejudice within the Church. The Church published a new edition of the Book of Mormon in 1981, replacing a promise that the righteous would become “white” with a promise that they would be made “pure” (2 Nephi 30:6), but leaving intact a handful of other Book of Mormon scriptures correlating dark skin with spiritual accursedness. In 1990, Helvecio Martins, an Afro-Brazilian Mormon, became the first man of African descent to be ordained as one of the Church’s General Authorities.

    • picotaffy9

      Can you explain the following Jesse Jackson statement?: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” While you are contemplating an answer to that question, here are four more questions. Why does the prison population consist of 75% black criminals. Why hasn’t Obama investigated Union Prep Charter Academy that sends every sing one of its all black graduating senior class to certified 4 year colleges? Why has black unemployment doubled under Obama? Why has black single families increased from 40% to 60%? And here is a freebie, why is Obama’s uncle, an illegal alien still in the U.S. after four years?

  • tinglott

    GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney told “Meet the Press” Sunday he will keep key parts of Obamacare, including provisions that insurance companies must accept those with pre-existing conditions and that parents can cover children up to age 26. Romney had previously promised to fully “repeal Obamacare.” Critics of the Obamacare provisions now backed by Romney say they have caused insurance premiums to soar. Some say Mitt is a flip flopper but he is a person who just makes rash decision. He will look at the good the bad and the ugly before he really makes his mind. Sure there are parts of Obama care worth keeping especially if it means help those uninsured get seen. I think Mitt is a realist and will follow his heart for good..

  • I have just published the perfect bumper sticker for the nation. I will be printing these and
    making then available to the public. On t-shirts and Bumper stickers–The bumper sticker simply says:

    ” R E P U B L I C A N ‘ T ”

    —–(c)-2010-MFB III productions-A.Y.S.Studios

    **no truer single word has ever been spoken since George W. took Office….and it applies so much more so today.

  • I stood among the ruins, of ancient Rome where sorrow lies, between shattered columns, bent and stretched, in broken fingers to the sky. Where the senate long has been adjourned and a Caesar is but a salad…While beneath lie the teeth of the cata-combs, full of bones, stained brown and pallid. The statues of former heads of state lie headless, anonymous torsos, Relegated to oblivion, highlighting their loss even more so. An empire left in a pile of rubble, forsaken by their gods A monument to man’s follies, calling to mind more recent odds Perhaps a century from now, New York, Cleveland and Paris will also lie in disquieted ruins…..marking what we once cherished.The Eiffel tower a rusted mass of twisted metal groaning And the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, turned into rocks no longer rolling.The Statue of Liberty headless like the queen of Ozymandias, Each shadowing the remnants, where obscurity has damned them.We stand on the brink of such a fate, as our infrastructure’s soften, With issues of vital importance postponed by our senate adjourned to often.Vote with your head and not with your heart, ignore any bias your ancestry imparts, don’t just vote because you think they’re good looking or smart even snakes have a skin that’s as lovely as art.Listen close to the lies that they polish each day,Listen harder to proven facts they have to say,Note the lobbyist’s most greedy fists on displayUsing candidate’s like puppets for the money they pay. We all have a voice and an arsenal of lead, let’s target the ballots where our pencils are wed,apathy can bring bring credence to the words of this song and we’ll wind up like ancient Rome, stripped to the bones. I toss my Roman coin purchased in a shop of antiquities, into the dry bed of a fountain left bone dry by history, and then make a wish that my children’s grandchildren,will find ways to end the decay of man’s legacy and share lasting bounties in each splendid city,that has learned to survive among nature’s glory.

    (c)-2012-Art~Whimsically Yours studio
    MFB III productions. Thanks for listening.

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    Are you saying that Michelle Obama is a liar? Wasn’t President Obama raised by a single mother?
    Or..are you confusing yourself? Mitt Romney was given pretty much everything, he has signed illegal documents (HE admitted this, no one said this) he is afraid to show his tax returns because we might actually see the truth of what he has paid in, AND his own political party has recommended that he not speak in public because he slips and says what he really thinks. (The Olympics..remember that?) Also, I wonder if anyone knows how many Mexican-Americans, African-Americans or any other nationality besides the white bread, priveliged party is in his Country Club? Does anyone know this number? I just wonder….since now they like Mexican-Americans….

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    Sooo, Romney turned the Olympics around? Really? All by his lonesome? Do you mean to tell us that he didn’t receive any financial help? Or that nobody else contributed? WOW! Amazing man! Does he fly also? Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Write an opinion with correct English language usage, and punctuation, oh yes! and complete sentences?

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    Have you? When and where?
    So you say that Harvard Law School let him in because of affirmative action? That the Law Review is a popularity contest? Really? Well, you had better let them know this right away! Also, let every minority know it too so they can be let in, write for the Review so they can be popular also, and “let” them graduate.

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    You are a sad little minded person who really loves rhetoric.
    At least President Obama worked for a living, sounds like Mr. Romney had people work for him. Somehow I feel there is a difference in work ethic there, or am I mis-led?

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    I don’t know what God thinks of the Obama administration, do you Luisa48? If you believe you know, please enlighten the rest of us sinners because obviously You are a “Saint”. Does he also tell you how to vote, or how to dress, or when to pick your butt?!
    Get your head out of the clouds and down here on earth Luisa48. When you ask a stupid question, expect a stupid answer!

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    Luisa48, I need to ask you a question…Are you just a bible-thumping moron or are you a Republican bible-thumping moron?
    Get over this delusion that YOU have a clue what a God would think! WHO do you think you are that you would be the one person in this entire world that a God would tell his thoughts and feelings with?!!!!!!
    Do You know what God thinks of people like you?!
    I think I do….”Let those that are free from sin be the first to cast a stone” Sound familiar???

  • Romney/Ryan will best Obama/Biden by double digits in November. Watch and see.

  • EducatedMotherof3plus1

    To Susi49 and Jeffrey H, I agree with both of you. This person yahoo-24ZF-whatever-the-heck-the-rest-of-his-username-is (do you REALLY think THAT stupid name makes you look intelligent?) is so blinded by his own self-worth and ignorance and bias that he doesn’t know the reality of the world we live in! It sounds to me like this yahoo-blah-blah-blah believes his own blather!! And you both are right, in my opinion, that people like him/her are the most dangerous ones out there! It’s people like him/her and the bible-thumper that are delusional and are a danger to the rest of society because I can bet that they have reproduced and are teaching their children the same hypocrytical, racist, biased, closed-minded, delusional, bible-thumping ideology that is their reality.
    I feel sorry for their children.
    Really sorry for their children.
    Unless, their children have intelligence. Not inherited from them. At all.

  • You liberal useful idiots are fixated on Romneys tax returns, as if they matter. But you ignore the absence of Obumtards grades at Occidental and Harvard, that there are NO records of him having anything published while President of the Harvard Law Review, nor has he been forthcoming on how his financial assistance (provided to only foreign national students) was obtained or exactly what passport (Indonesian) did he use to travel to Pakistan in the early 1980’s? It’s going to be hilarious watching you liberals witness your ideology fail, then having your affirmitave action candidate fired this November.

  • Obama worked for a living? Really? Where was that? Other than being a community agitator – please identify where Zero had an actual job – other than riding the tide of white guilt or extortion or obtained one through dirty politics?

  • Gary Johnson is smart, fair, honest, kind. He’s for the 100% equally, will try to get our rights back, lower taxes.

  • Jimmie Mathews

    Where’s Reids Tax returns and what is he hiding by digging on a fellow Mormon?

  • Ok lets get this straight JN_America the reason there telling you, that you may not be able to draw your social security has nothing to with the tea baggers (NO IM NOT ONE) here is the reason. Me and you have worked all these years putting into our social security funds. Well then you have people who have never worked a day in their lives who draw these checks also were does this money come from? This is the problem the system is having and its becoming an overload. People will make up disabilities to get on the system. I have met husband and wives who refuse to work that have a child that is disabled that live off of this child’s disability. There is people out there that truly need help!! And then there is an overload of people abusing the system. I have a disability I have seizures if the majority of people in the world had it they would get a check…I WORK!! I believe in helping the needy not the GREEDY…..

  • elizabethmedeiros

    i believe that if romney ryan were to win they would be the team of big oil superpacks and the wealthy. If president obama should win it will be because he remembers who he is where he came from and who voted him in office. he will become once again the peoples president. Romney can have his billions from his rich backers but he will lose bacause the american people know the president is o n the side of the middle class and the poor. God bless president Clinton for reminding us of that fact.

  • hjredpath67

    Subject: Fwd: President Obama of U.S.A.

    I have always felt we need to give people the benefit of the doubt…but this is not one of those cases – if WE as Americans do not “get this” then we are lost…I never thought I would live to see the day.

    Looking back thru the past 4 years, many “Whens” pop up. Read them all to better understand where we are going as a country.

    WHEN – he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – his voting record in the Illinois Senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he surrounded himself in the White House with advisors who were pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he said he favors sex education in kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco – a man of questionable character and who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home – people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he started appointing White House Czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist /Communists, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he stood before the Nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this Nation” into something else, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed cabinet members and several advisers who were tax cheats and socialists, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed a Science Czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar who believes in “Explicit Consent,” harvesting human organs without family consent and allowing animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual and organizer of a group called Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network as Safe School Czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed Mark Lloyd as Diversity Czar who believes in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth, who supports Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – Valerie Jarrett, an avowed Socialist, was selected as Obama’s Senior White House Advisor, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed Carol Browner, a well known socialist as Global Warming Czar working on Cap and Trade as the nation’s largest tax, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as Green Energy Czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services Secretary could not be confirmed because he was a tax cheat, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – as President of the United States , he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, people said it didn’t matter..

    WHEN – he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – his actions concerning the Middle East seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel, our long time ally, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that got him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc., people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he claimed he was a Christian during the election and tapes were later made public that showed Obama speaking to a Muslim group and ‘stating’ that he was raised a Muslim, was educated as a Muslim, and is still a Muslim, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN – he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State , people woke up— but it was too late. Add these up one by one and you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist society. All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place. All can be documented very easily. Before you disavow this do an Internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You and I will write that paragraph.

    Will it read as above or will it be a more happy ending for most of America ?

    Don’t just belittle the opposition. Search for the truth. We all need to pull together or watch the demise of a free democratic society. Pray for Americans to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE. Our biggest enemy is not China, Russia, North Korea or Iran. Our biggest enemy is a contingent of politicians in Washington, DC . The government will not help, so we need to do it ourselves.

    Question….will you delete this, or pass it on to others who don’t know about Obama’s actions and plans for the USA , so that they may know how to vote in November, 2012 and the ensuing years?

    It’s your decision. I believe it does matter. How about you?

    WHEN – November 2012 comes, it will matter who you vote for!

    • Hmmm… I don’t follow. I suppose we should elect George Bush 2.0 so we can increase our deficit, and invade another country wasting trillions? No thank you.

  • LET ROBME POLLS FALL-He is unfit an unqualified

  • Each week that goes by without seeing an additional one or 2 years worth of Romney’s tax returns, is just pounding another nail in this guys political coffin…It shows his lack of integrity towards the American people and is a reflection of the lack of transparency which is a major part of the problem in Washington, DC…The voters simply will not elect somebody who has double standards.

    • I do not understsnd why the demand for 10 years of tax returns. What is suspected by the public complainers?

      That the other 8 will show he cheated on every one, and the IRS missed it 8 times?


      If he has to supply that many, so should Obama!! See how Obama survived without a big job!

  • then god help us all.

    • god is imaginary, and Romney wants nothing more than to take everyone’s money and put it into the accounts of the very, very wealthy. Its incredible that anyone with an asset base of less than $16 million dollars would even consider voting for him, as he doesnt care about anyone with less money than that, and those that do have it, well he’d certainly do all he could to slant their money his way.

  • RomneysTaxReturns

    Romney is losing for a whole host of reasons…
    * He continues to hide every intention he has regarding running this country. He can’t even spell out one , SINGLE, SOLITARY Loophole he would eliminate.. not ONE !!! yet he assures us the rich are are really gonna ‘FEEL IT” when those mystical magical loopholes are closed …
    * he also can’t stop lying through his teeth… he keeps saying that Obama got rid of Work requirements when Obama actually told those republican Governors that they has to Increase the work requirement by 20 % !! and the Republican Governors said.. Thank YOU! .. and Romney thinks we don’t know how to read or that we won’t find this out … You See, everyone expects a politician to stretch the truth.. but we draw the line at blatent, in your face, Lying ….
    * Romney still hasn’t even produced TWO years of Tax Returns for the AMERICAN PEOPLE to See…. why would he so Easily and Effortlessly Supply JOHN McCain With TWENTY FOUR YEARS of Tax returns to be a VICE PRESIDENT, but only ONE YEAR to beccome the leader of the Free World …. What is this man hiding ?????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I could go on but why bother.. he’s toast and will not be the next president… mainly because I’m not sure the people will simply let him ‘PURCHASE” his way in …

  • onjeffriv

    Obama is a complete failure. Every decision he has made has hurt America. If there is going to be a landslide it will be against this fraud in chief. I drive a truck. In ’08 there was nothing but obama stickers and signs. The stores were full of obamamania junk. I drive all day and most days do not see an obama sign but the yards are covered with Romney/Ryan signs. Public education and the media has not dumbed down America enough to elect this fool again.

    • Romney will take all your money and deposit it into his swiss bank account and those of his least, whatever money you have left. He’s been doing that for years, and will continue to send jobs to China, pay no tax, and take wealth out of the hands of the middle class and send it directly to the very, very rich. Voting for him is like literally sending him your entire bank account and assets and going into debt to pay him more.

  • Don’t believe the poll numbers, liberal press controls most of what is said and printed. Almost every news agency, newspaper, news magazine is in the bag for BO so you do the numbers.

  • LindaWSB

    Ask Harry Reid and Pres. Obama if they want more disclosure of past tax records from Romney: What makes Pres. Obama’s past records that are “sealed” exempt from being seen by the people who he represents and elected him? Sure seems like he certainly has plenty to hide! Also…..keep in mind, Mr. Romney may have “money” that he earned; there are several past presidents who had much more money and inherited or married into money….it certainly wasn’t an issue to the voters then. Why is it such an issue now? Without a “cap” on spending for elected positions in government (state or national elections) certainly lower income citizens could never afford to run for any elected office!

  • Let not your heart be troubled: Believe in God, believe also in “””Me”””
    This is where willard has the MOST problem. The Me in the aforesaid statement we believe does NOT refer to joe smith. If Mitt corrects that in his life? Mitt will be a much better man.
    By the way! mitt is building a mansion with vehicle elevators. FELLOWS? Do not worry ’bout it. In the text, the Messiah continued: “In My Father’s house, there are many mansions: If it were not so, I would have told you…….
    God bless America!

  • Developer Test

    I think it just proves you cannot have an empty suit, and cannot be just the other guy, tthat may work in state elections, who knows maybe for congress or senate, but not for POTUS

  • megamimi

    Any one think that the polls “weight” the different subgroups being polled to reflect a sometimes skewed perspective? Polls, like all statistical analyses of human events can always be manipulated to reflect whatever the authors might wish them to show.

  • jcstras

    WHere are Obama’s College records, his Medical records and all his scholastic records? EVERY president before him has provided these before running for president. WHy does Obama spend millions making sure they remain SEALED? Looks to me like he has something to hide!! Not to mention that Obama has a Social Security number from the state of Connecticut where he never has lived! If I were Romney I would be saying , You reveal your records, and I will reveal my tax records!

  • dezire

    I have always said that Obama reminds me of some one in History. You know who I mean. He also fired up the country against the rich. The word “Millionair” has become a dirty word. People snear at it, as they run to buy a lottery ticket. Obama uses that kind of envy for his personal gain. He has devided this country more then it has ever been. He pitches not only poor against rick, but he also loves to stir up black against white. Why? for his own political gain. He wants more power and he will destroy America Just like Hitler did. Try living in Germany for a few years. Pay the taxes they have. They tax everything. You want to listen to a radio, you pay a tax. You want to watch TV, you pay a tax. And healthcare, don’t get me started on that. If you are sick and the goverment thinks you have been sick to long, you will see a goverment doctor to determine if you really have cancer. If its too expensive, then you will no lonter be sick. And having surgery when you are of a certain age, forget it. The same with meds. Well, you will have to die sometimes. so no, you can not have the good meds, you are too old. Its too expensive.
    I come from that country and I see us sliding in the same direction. Do you really think the rich will sit here and pay higher taxes? Think again. In France you pay 75 % Tax. So. do you really think that everything ig free with that kind of a tax?
    Think again. We are Free… lets stay that way.

    • JAG

      I live in Sweden and we pay FAR more in taxes than in France… they DO NOT pay 75% tax…..
      It takes a special kind of STUPID to think that is true….

      what the NEW President has suggested is that there would be a PROGRESSIVE tax… 75% only on anything OVER 1 million EUROS…..

      So… the FIRST million Euros is NOT taxed at 75%…. it is taxes at the progressive rate of 30% up to 70 thousand Euros…. and 41% one the income ABOVE that 70thousand….

      Now…. here in Sweden… WE are in the TOP tax bracket of 55%….. Take that!!!!

      and guess what… WE DON’T MIND!!!! we have top notch health care…..
      LESS crime than most of the USA…..

      and people here have a HIGHER standard of living…..

      Quite frankly, YOU comparing the Wealthy being persecuted for not wanting to pay their fair share…. to Jews who were truly persecuted by NAZIS and MURDERED by your FAMILY members is more offensive than YOU can even EVER have a CLUE……

      by the way… Dezire… is that your HOOKER name..????

  • dezire

    I have always said that Obama reminds me of some one in History. You know who I mean. He also fired up the country against the rich. The word “Millionaire” has become a dirty word. People sneer at it as they run to buy a lottery ticket. Obama uses that kind of envy for his personal gain. He has divided this country more then it has ever been. He pitches not only poor against rich, but he also loves to stir up black against white. Why? for his own political gain. He wants more power and he will destroy America Just like Hitler did.

    Try living in Germany for a few years. Pay the taxes they have. They tax everything. You want to listen to a radio, you pay a tax. You want to watch TV, you pay a tax. And healthcare, don’t get me started on that. If you are sick and the government thinks you have been sick too long, you will see a government doctor to determine if you really have cancer. If its too expensive, then you will no longer be sick. And having surgery when you are of a certain age, forget it. The same with meds. Well, you will have to die sometimes.
    I come from that country and I see us sliding in the same direction. Do you really think the rich will sit here and pay higher taxes? Think again. In France you pay 75 % Tax. So. do you really think that everything ig free with that kind of a tax? The rich from France have apartments in New York. I can’t blame them.
    Think again. We are Free… lets stay that way.

  • who_dat

    I want to know if Obama applied to college as a foreign student and it’s ramifications. Real easy to debunk. Why won’t he?

    In addition, it’s clear, even to Ray Charles, that the top 5% wage earners in the US pay the vast majority of taxes in this country whereas 50% pay no federal income taxes at all. You liberals think that is “fair”? Shouldn’t EVERY citizen pay something? No free-loaders!

    If Obamacare is so great, why all the exemptions to unions and other special interest groups?

  • dezire

    Stalin and Russia has always said they do not have to attack America to change it to state run society….it will happen from within…..Obama is making that happen now.

  • jjauregui

    Pew and Rassmussen are proven to be the most accurate polling organizations. Their polling does not show Romney’s polling numbers falling. Therefore we can conclude that this article is simply liberal propaganda like their CIA inspired Anthropogenic Global Warming “information operations” of yester-year.

  • Could you guys be any more bias? Why don’t you just run a picture of Obama on the front page with a big endorsement instead of writting the lies. Wait until this president that you love so much turns around and bites you like the snake that he is.

  • God the Republicans here are just flat out desperate to change the channel on their awful campaign, Face it no one likes your awful nominee and your crazy whacked out lunatic party.

    • JAG

      EXACTLY…. a bunch of lying scum these right wing whack jobs…..

      There are actually NO words for how VILE these Right wing whack jobs are…..

  • radiantlaughter

    Said the slick tongued Obama; Empower government–Empower Government–Empower Government! We will give you what you need when we think you need it. If you don’t comply we will punish you by making you pay a penalty fee on your tax return! You will pay for my wife’s vacations, you will send my girls on extravagant Spring Breaks! You will purchase insurance weather you like it or not, and any other idea I come up with because I am going to think for you! You don’t need a job. You don’t need self reliance. Because government is going to keep you chained to food stamps, and any other government assistance we can think of, so we can keep you vulnerable, weak, and under our reign! I don’t need a birth certificate because Im not a US citizen! I thought you knew that with my foreign student loan, and my grandmothers testimony! I’ll turn my attention away from myself and point the finger at the man who has shown MORE of his financial records than even required by law to run for president. Vote for me because I have a talent for endearing people, after all, that is how I CONTROL them!

  • lee1953

    I don’t care how much Rommey paid in taxes, at least he paid taxes unlike a lot of dead beats that want to live off the rest of us working people and live on welfare and food stamps. Some are in the second and third generation of this. What we need is a flat tax of about 10% for everyone no matter what you make. That will give the working class more to spend therefore it will create more jobs to make products, then with more people working that means more income taxes, less on unemployment, welfare, food stamps. I know of companies right now wanting workers, but the ones on unemployment won’t take a job because they can make almost as much sitting at home on there lazy a##. People have no pride any more. I’m 60 yrs old and I have always had a job since I was 13 yrs old. If we had the flat tax that would elimate the need for all the IRS workers, who wouldn’t have to be replaced when they retire, the only need there would be to collect the money and disburse it, not go after people for not paying and taking their hard earned property. Have you ever seen the list of government employees including IRS agents who owe back taxes. Check it out.

    • JAG

      well Einstein… Flat tax is regressive and is NEVER a good idea…. it is ONLY good for the rich….. that is a fact…. Of course what do you care…..

      YOU are about to be one of those lazy people sucking off the government YOU dumb fuck…..

  • I absolutely think Romney should show his tax resturns when Obama shows his college records!

  • Corporate power is the biggest threat to America and is the reason for our decline in the last 20 years. Corporations ONLY care about money over people. Don’t think so? Try and speak to your “elected” ones about campaign finance reform, higher taxes for investment income, Wall Street reform, term limits tighter controls on lobbyists. Big banks tanked us in 2008 with private profit and public risk. How much was your bailout? Oh…the one that really has to go is the Federal Reserve Board which is a private company running our “money”. Do you like carrying around “notes” which are debt instruments? Paper money is fiat, do you know what that means?

  • Fred20122012

    Totally biased garbage. Thanks for being consistent with your “journalism”. And Al, I’m reading your junk below…. It’s the Dems that stole my social security savings and gave it to others. It was Dems that undermine our educational systems with their politically correct, pro-women, pro-gay, pro-anything against the core values that made America great. It was Dems that got us into Vietnam. It was Dems that got the Cubans slaughtered. It took Reagan to save us from Democratic hand-wringing before. I hope we can find someone to do it again – and Obama is not the one. He’s just an anti-American, Muslim at heart, socialist, and socialism never works to the benefit of anyone!
    Bush was asleep at the wheel, but not driven to get God out of our lives and capitalism out of our business!
    The Dems fought Bush on every move too, yet Bush stayed within the Constitution to fight back. Obama is bypassing the Constitution openly and people like you don’t care.
    Dems over-regulate our businesses and lives and Obama has put the accelerator to the floor. Only government jobs are increasing.
    Our economy is not recovering. The taxpayers will never get all their money back from bailing out GM and Chrysler. Obama did it all to get union votes – welfare to get minority votes – support any liberal cause to get liberal votes – say whatever will get votes – etc. The economy is getting worse, especially for young people coming into the work force that actually want a job. Obama is making sure it gets worse by spending more on special interests to buy their votes and by robbing workers – especially successful ones.

  • First of all Romney numbers are not falling fast or slow. So this article is nothing more than the usual liberal DNC propaganda. The real numbers indicate a virtual tie. And another thing to note. When people are asked “if the election were held today, who would you vote for?” Many them will say Obama because they do not want to be tagged racist or biased. In the secrecy of the polling booth that will evaporate. I think if the election were held today Romney would win by a large margin. People can see and feel the economic mess and they are not going to accept the alibi Ike Obama speech. He asked for the job, he got the job and he is responsible for all done and undone since he took the oath. Even with all the Hollywood BS and DNC lies the people will vote their wallets.

    • JAG

      hahahaha… KEEP dreaming…..

  • Obama does not make intelligent decisions! He will not be re-elected, and he is NOT
    interested in America! All he wants to do is gut America! He won the 2008 election with
    ACORN and other illegal votes. Remember the school buses in Chicago, etc in 2008!

  • Romney is dropping in the polls because the only thing the right has to offer are the policies that have failed us repeatedly. He’s a dyed in the wool supply sider and the only thing his economic plan will do, is what all con plans do, run up debt and deficits because any growth it produces is debt financed.

  • ballnshine

    Because a lot of libertarians just won’t vote for him.

  • Mrforceforgood

    If Romney is to release more tax returns, Obama should release an offical birth certificate and college records.

    • raulcampos

      Let me see your birth certificate and grades too

    • JAG

      you have just crossed over into crazy….. DUMB ASS!!!!!

  • Maerzie

    WHY are Romney’s poll numbers falling fast?? He’s running an anti-Obama campaign of hate and empty words. Their convention was a total flop and the only cheers from their audience trained in their HATE was when they shot another barb at Obama. It’s a very juvenile, SICK party with absolutely ZERO honor! And they have nobody in the wings who is any cleaner! When the G.O.P. ended, the Republican honor ended. Get rid of the hate instigator! We all know who THAT is, don’t we?? The college flunkout!

  • rconaway

    Incredible. Liar, thy name is Democrat. How about showing all the insider deals that Harry Reid did to become rich after he got in office. How about the fact that Obama would rather play golf than spend time in either Intel meetings, job counsel meetings, or simply spend time with his children and family. Let’s not count the fact that his budgets are so bad, his own party won’t vote for them. This is the incompetent narcissist you want to keep in office. This man only cares about the power and self-congratulations at the expense of everyone else, including his own country. How you people cannot see the signs of gas prices out of this world, our military about to be gutted, our standing in the world destroyed, our allies scared to death that we won’t back them, our national debt out of control, our 23 million people out of work, and so on is beyond me. Follow him to the point that we are all out of work and our country becomes second to China and Russia while Iran and the Muslim fanatics wipe out Israel. I just don’t get how you people can be so blind to all of this so Obama gets to ride around in a big plane and go to private golf courses. To vote and support Obama is to be ignorant of history, socialism, and the destruction of societies that followed those ideals. You don’t deserve Democracy, you deserve dictators who will give you your pieces of eight in exchange for your soul.

  • It was the expected convention bump. His numbers are already going back down. Christian Democrats are starting to find out that Obama wants to abort viable babies that are due to be born in a matter of days and not provide medical care to babies born alive and breathing. Jews are starting to see how he is blowing off the Israeli Prime minister and not strongly supporting our allies. Women are starting to see that Romney has appointed many women to high positions in his governing and the people the Dem party is holding up as pro-Obama have abused and misused women…I.e. Bill Clinton. Patriots see that our military is being disrespected and put in more danger with policy changes, paying more money when we had promised them free healthcare. Seniors are starting to see that Romney will not change anything for them and we younger generation know that those systems were pyramid schemes that were never going to last long enough for us. There is just not enough money, even if you took all money from the rich. Finally, it is clear that the national debt has increased, not decreased. If Obama was going to reduce the debt, he would have done so by now…as he had promised. It is time to hire a new president and give him a chance to do what Obama was unable to do.

  • I am apalled that Romney has used the recent attacks against our country to further his political agenda against our CURRENT CIC. For him to use this as a platform to try and make this a campaign issue shows a distinct lack of responsibility. This man does NOT deserve to be our President nor does he have the credentials or intelligence to even be considered as such. This is why his poll numbers are falling, he is an idiot and the American people are beginning to see him for what he is..a multi-millionaire who now craves power because he has more money than he can spend and there are no more “challenges” for him…

    • Peace Through Strength

      I am proud that the US is about to get an adult for President, as opposed to the inept and incompetent lad in there at the moment. To show weakness at this ( or any ) time when dealing with our enemies is asking for more trouble.

  • Obama’s getting creamed. Learn to live with it.

  • Your polls are full of phony skewed numbers

  • xbj

    And now, add to all of these, Romney’s opportunistic jingoistic kneejerk bs response to the state CRISIS in Libya which could quickly turn into the eternal war he and is so desperately crave. Romney doesn’t have the strategic smarts to be a garbage collector.

    • Peace Through Strength

      Unlike you and Obama, Romney understands appeasement encourages the bully. We are in for a hell of a time with these Islamists and you need a commander in chief, not an apologiser in chief.

      • xbj

        Matthew 5:9
        King James Version (KJV)
        9 “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”


        Kindly keep your Orwellian BS between you and your “god”:

        “War is Peace
        Freedom is Slavery
        Ignorance is Strength”

        I’m sticking with Christ, thanks very much.

        • Peace Through Strength

          It was you who actively misplaced Orwell’s intent. I was just pointing it out.

          I am an atheist and the use of religion to justify bad policy isn’t a good idea for liberals misinterpreting what Jesus might have thought ( I credit Judeo/Christian values for democracy’s progress ) and it certainly hasn’t worked out for us regarding the pretty bad slant Islamists have given Islam….Like the part where you’re dead.

          A peacemaker is always a highly trained armed service person dispatching an enemy trying to impose their totalitarian will. Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Jesus all had a wonderful idea. Look what it got them. It simply is not how the world works. In fact, it is aid and comfort to our enemies to offer an olive branch that is not backed up by a dire threat. I don’t know how many times this has to be proved for you to believe it but we must not allow appeasers to make the world’s lot a hellhole. Kind of what’s going on now as the Bamster has lost Libya and Egypt.

          As I said, I credit Christianity for much of the world’s progress but know that the more pacifistic of his followers will do more harm than good in a righteous fight.

          • xbj

            There is no such thing as righteous violence.

            In CLOSING, enjoy Hell.

            Or follow the REAL Christ out when your time comes. Makes no difference to me, I didn’t create you.

          • Peace Through Strength

            Come to my house and threaten my children. I will show you righteous violence. The US embassies are your house. It makes a difference to me if you are threatened for your beliefs and your freedom. Christ would approve.

          • xbj

            Christ REBUKED Peter when he cut off the soldiers’ ear, and THEN HE HEALED THE VICTIM. You either get it or you don’t. Since you don’t, REMEMBER MY WORDS IN HELL AND FOLLOW CHRIST OUT.

            Or not. Like I said, makes no difference to me whatsoever. Although I love my warmongering enemies, it’s a TOUGH LOVE. And all traces of the losts’ existence will be wiped away anyway.

            I’d be smart and hedge my bets and join the human race. But that’s me. I’m not an animal.

          • Peace Through Strength

            I’ll leave you to your imaginary friend but I suggest breaking the Prozac in half.

          • xbj

            Never had one. Remember what I said.

          • JAG

            YOU are such an IDIOT!!!!

      • JAG

        and many abusive fathers used to say…. ” Fear breeds respect… ”

        That is utter BS…

        It was NOT countries that attacked the embassies….
        it was a small minority….

        Foreign Relations is NOT thumping your chest…..

  • I have never seen such liberal slant on anything called news

  • Normando782

    The more I find out Obama I have to conclude that he is more interested in himself and power than in the American people. The fact that the African American business people that originally supported him have for the most part abandoned him because of lack of faith in his policies. It is not that he has not had good advisors who have also abandoned him because he continually leans toward the radical advice he gets from his left wing advisors.

  • It is always to blame Repubicans. Tell us about all of the out of work individuals. The media pushed for Obama and still continues to do so. He has demoralized our troops and put them in harms way with telling about withdrawals. I do not care if the person is Republican or Democrat, just someone who cares about our country and not try to tear it up from the inside out. The stock numbers are inflated based on money thrown in from our government. God is a bad word in our nation which is unbelievable. As an American loving his country what has he done to help our country in true numbers. Obama talks a good game but working with others is not what he does. If Clinton could do it, why could he not. There is hate in congress and he had 2 years to get what he wanted and could not get it done with a majority. He is killing small business and destroying the middle class. Pelossi and Reid are the serpants in this whols war of words. Show me what they have done for the middle classs.

  • Dave8927

    Our President used few but choice words for Romney:

    He shoots before he aims.

    Move over Sarah Palin because Romney/Ryan = Dumb and Dumber, LMAO!

  • minime111

    Either you are an African American or by Obama winning, you get to keep your job. No matter how bad the economy is, no matter how high the National Debt is (16T), no matter how bad Obama will get, you still want him. That is wrong.Romney will win the election in November and you along with him will go following the sun set.

  • VOTE STRAIGHT BLUE FOR OBAMA/BIDEN..the alternative is NOT an OPTION……I love the comments here from GOP supporters that are NEVER BASED ON FACTS..they just lie like their cohorts……President Obama came from nothing….I see a comment that he has had everything handed to him….U have bumped your head and are very confused that would be MITT ROB ME…who has benefited from Laying off employees at 20 grand a pop… did he make his money..surely not from his brains……he stole it….Why does he not release his Tax returns…..because of all his fake write offs..he got for hiding his money in Swiss Bank Accounts…Give me a break…ANYONE who puts a dog on the roof of their car..and drives for 600 miles is an IGNORANT arse!!!……..I am in my 50’s and have heard plenty of stories of animal abuse…but I must admit this is the first time I have ever heard an IDIOT doing something like this……He is a war monger….Just like BUSH….he will pay back all his rich buddies IF he were ever to get elected…Trust me I am doing all I can to ensure that NEVER happens………..Our system of government cannot go to places like Libya..and other countries where the government does nothing to help its people……MILLIONAIRES who used crooked and underhanded methods to get rich…….don’t have a clue about the middle class…they abuse the position of president to add wealth and status to their so called RICH position in life………His Stepford wife had 5 nannies and Never took care of her own children….she has a dancing horse that is worth millions…I am sorry,but MOST of us cannot relate to that type of lifestyle no more than ROM HOLE can relate to us…..VOTE STRAIGHT BLUE IN NOVEMBER SO WE CAN TAKE OUT THE REST OF THE TRASH that has held up job bills and spending cuts, Punishing cuts to our military,………Treason is what the GOP is guilty off..and they should be tried for it………..SHAME ON THEM and SHAME ON ALL OF YOU that SUPPORT this conservative MORMAN FREAK OF THE WEEK….and yet you claim to be conservative christians..and all you do is use judgement against people based on color and gender…and sexual orientation…You are a sad bunch and We the PEOPLE cannot have an AMERICA that would be run by the GOP………..VOTE BLUE

  • zucccchini

    Yes, and let’s not forget, Al, that the Democrats held a majority in the Congress from 2007-through 2010. And most of the banking regulations were largely not enforced as B. Frank (D) and Chris Dodd (D) threatened the loaning institutions to loan money to people with no credit. The banking industry had no choice but to look for a way out by bundling ‘unsecured’ mortgages (loans made to people that could not pay them back) into derivatives and sold them across the world. Eleven times it was brought up BY THE GHASTLY BUSH administration they needed to enforce the regulations and underwriters should be allowed to do their jobs. Nothing was done by the majority Democrats. The whole mess of assuming everyone MUST own a home and anyone and everyone should be able to take out a loan started with the Clinton (D) administration. And yes, Al, let us point out that nothing has been improved by Obama’s Presidency. No one knows who that man really is. Write a paragraph showing the improvements made to our lives during this man’s tenure as POTUS without using the words Bush, Romney, GOP, or Republicans.

  • It might have something to do with the WhiteHouse threatening polling firms with lawsuits and other acts of intimidation!

    • Maerzie

      Hilarious! That sounds like a “SPECIAL” right off FAUX fairy tales for the gullible! Where is your verification for this stretch of the imagination!? Obama would never even dream of threatening polling firms, especiallly since he is AHEAD, even in FAUX’s OWN poll. Obama is a mature adult, and has never used Republican childish 2nd grader tactics. However, anyone who “believes” polls never took statistics in college or they would KNOW that ALL statistics LIE! When I did MY polls or surveys, I always made sure they came out EXACTLY the way I intended, which is what every polling place does, to this day! They are intended as psychological “bait”, and anyone FOOL enough to believe them, would even believe all the verified Republican lies of the Etch-A -Sketch Mitt Romney, and his twin, Paul Ryan.

  • Obama accomplished the important things that I as a citizen of North America hoped for; he eliminated Osama and he assured that my daughter will be covered under our health insurance until she is 26. He worked his way up and understands our communities. His wife speaks her mind respectfully and is the kind of role model besides my wife that I would want for our daughter. The religious and untruthful rhetoric that I hear from both Romney and Ryan just solidifies my belief that Obama must get re-elected and finish what he started. I firmly stand behind my President.

  • Somehow I doubt Romney’s problems outlined in this article will have much of an effect on the undecided. Each of the candidates have offered diametrically opposed policies. To be undecided at this point suggests to me that many of the undecideds simply haven’t been paying attention. That being the case, how does one conclude that these undecided have suddenly taken an interest in the news coverage of the campaign?

    • john townsend

      Many Americans are simply too partisan and uninformed to look through all the details of what Romney is proposing to see he’s just lying. They are also too dumb to see the reason why nothing ever gets done in Congress- intransigent GDPers blocking even the most menial bills to deny Obama a win and to make him look too incompetent and partisan to be president.

  • justdon

    If you keep repeating the lies, blaming the past administration, scaring seniors and those who believe the false statements made about medicare, women’s rights and welfare entitlements Than yes there is a good chance Obama will win the election again. Planed Parenthood will continue to support the over 400,000 African American babies aborted each year so that they will not become a strain on those entitlements they so drastically need. The national debt will reach over 21 TRILLION dollars and our countries dollar will have no value to ever pay it back, Unemployment will rise, Social Security will go bankrupt and people will die because the new healthcare plan will keep people from finding doctors who will accept their insurance plan. This is not a popularity contest were running here people, it’s not American Idol, this is the election of the Man who will restore our country to greatness. The country that so many Americans died for over the past 230 some years. It’s time to get serious, get the real facts and replace the failing administration of the past 4 years. We can’t keep printing money and think that will fix the problem, Wake Up and replace OBAMA

    • john townsend

      Of course you must be kidding! Just go back to Sept. of 2008 to see that Obama & company have performed a veritable miracle; we are much better off today than we should have been able to expect we would be, when viewed from the bottom of that deep chasm 4 years ago.

  • *SUdan offerred Bin Laden to us 3 times, not 32, typo.

  • The real America will not be duped by this IslamicApologist, whose failed policies have hijacked thr future of this great nation. When the debates begin an literate, patriotic americann get the opportunity to see the contrasts between an untested community organizer and a true American success story. all the lies, the treachery and the bullshit will finally be exposed. Mr Johnson , you are a fool. thank God this country will be rescued in November

    • john townsend

      Romney has already lost the election. There is literally no electoral path for him to reach 270 at this point – he would literally have to win 7 out of 8 swing states, and that just isn’t going to happen.

  • Peace Through Strength

    I guess that settles that, then. If that’s a pic of you, at least you’re hot. JAG are also my initials. Perhaps it was meant to be. I prefer interaction to name-calling ( although I have stooped to it myself, from time to time ) so a point by point rebuttal would be suitable…….No?

  • jethromayham

    Mitt is fibbing when his eyes rock back and forth. He just can’t controlhimself when he knows he is not telling the truth. And when that happens, he makes his big mistakes and the media pounces on him and gives him a new nickname. example: Mr. etch-a-sketch for flip-flopping, Mr. Fixit for making sweeping statements on problems that have plagued Congress, Mr. Shoot first and Aim Later when mobs attack our embassies, and list goes on ….

    • john townsend

      One very disturbing Romney characteristic is his obsessive propensity to lie. He is a shameless bold-faced liar and it doesn´t bother him when he´s caught. He lies about himself, the president, gov´t policy and fiscal matters. His adolescent vanity is monstrous, his ambition unbridled. The truth in his hands is swiftly converted from what it is to what he would like it to be. He seeks to rewrite history to magnify his own achievements with dismaying nonchalence and cavalier indifference to facts.

  • Romney is too ignorant,he is rich because he committed fraud in all his entire life.No wonder he is hiding his LOOT from BAIN outside America,because it’s FEDS bailout money…Hiding taxes is another reason,he does not wnat us to see how he earned thiose millions,it is too ugly.Thsi animal offshore will go down..he’ll lose for the 5th times!How come he always LOSE?

  • What is Romney hiding?below is the answer…

  • Ferdinand Mitt and Imelda Ann Marcos Romney….self-aggrandizement couple!

  • The American people are wary and tired of the garbage against America from the right. The K.Roves, P. Robertson, Koch Bros, etc. could spend all their monies against Obama, and would still lose. Big monies is losing clout in elections. The American people are sick of being made fools of by the Right. Vote 100% Democrat. rat out the GOP, and allow a third intelligent party take over the GOP as a 2nd Party of America.
    The Right is wrong for America.

  • Romney lies like a woman caught in bed with another man.

    • Pickaxxo

      Lying in bed?

  • Let’s see: a successful businessman running against a closet socialist during the biggest economic downturn in a century. One has created businesses and jobs and the other has a history with private enterprise only in teaching people how to shake it down as a “community organizer.” One wants to get our fiscal house in order and the other has added more to the national debt in 3 years than his predecessor did in 8 and is poised to add more than all of his predecessors combined if he gets re-elected…effectively turning our kids and grandkids into serfs. One wants to tighten the border to stem a third world invasion collapsing budgets in our border states because Americans can’t let people starve or go without shelter. The other wants as many itinerant and illiterate foreigners in as possible as he dreams of naturalizing them into Democrat voters thus effectively creating a one party state in the USA. One sees America as the last best hope of freedom for human beings on this planet and the other sees our country as a colonialist victimizers of all mankind and the source of most of the world’s ills. Of course, as Romney said in his “secret tape,” with 47% of the public paying no taxes and a large chunk of that constituency living off the largess of others, it is almost impossible to prevail and he’s right. If ANY Republican can’t beat this guy, no Republican is electable now or in the foreseeable future. It’s over…at least until after the eventual collapse where we’ll probably end up with a dictatorship of either the proletariat or far right militarists. de Tocqueville was right. We are seeing his warnings from nearly two centuries ago come to fruition. I just can’t believe the polls. I feel like I went to sleep and woke up in the Twilight Zone.

  • Romney’s supporters want us to blame the recent riots around our embassies on President Obama, althojugh the pecipitating event was a film made privatgely, apparently with the intent of offending Moslems.

    What is hurting Romney, on the other hand, are things he’s done and things his campaiign has done.

  • Well, friends, it is only a matter of point of view,if you find america is not worse but you shall notice america is not better too, in fact, on the external front the view the world sees the United States as a weakening nation, we can see this in its overall foreign policy! The United States lost much of its importance and influence on foreign policy in the whole world over the last four years besides its internal economic crisis! How to recover it? The solution is in hand of the American society if they want to continue to see the american dream dropping internationally or not…unfortunately the image of an American space achievements and leadership was back there today we have a weak government in the forehead outside: not solved a problem created in the ’70s with iran by Democrats themselves(jimmy carter administration) now iran is close to get into the atomic club. The embattled USA is leaving Afghanistan soon! without a completed mission and the US still has to swallow the influence of anti American arch enemy cuba in latin american countries too!! since the era JF kennedy. For all this reason all American people needs a president right now!!

  • David Johnson

    Just your friendly, local Democrat controlled news website:) take this for what it is folks.

  • Debsboysall4

    I personally am ashamed to say that I am a Democrat. The things that made our country great were hard work, honesty, taking responsibiy for ones actions, working hard to get ahead in life. What has happened to these American attributes? We encourage people to stay home and not work because its easier and more fun than getting up and going to work every day. The government will take care of you. I am sorry but when you give another power over you you lose personal freedom. The ability to make choices for yourself. When you become complacent; you let another make decisions for you. I for one am proud to be an American. I will not vote for someone who does love this country nor someone who tells me to stay home and sacrifice, while he and his family vacation all over the world. He speaks with a forked tongue as an ancesters would say. Obama has charsima, but he does not love this country nor does promote American pride. He is not family oriented! Who in their right mind would send a child to a foreign country without a parent to vacation?????? Not somesone who truly values their child’s life. Sure there was national security (secret service men) to be the baby sitter. Well the news has shown what kind of values many of the secret service men have. I as a parent love my children and feel it is my responsibility to raise them, care form and watch over them. Romney may not be an elegant speaker, but I can tell you one thing he loves this country! HE IS AMERICAN BORN! Obama ‘s team keeps wanting Romney yo show his tax returns, why hasn’t our dear presidnet shown is birth certificate???? Romney made is fortune the old fashion way; he worked hard long hours and earned it. That is the American dream or have we as Democrats forgotten that????????

    • Pickaxxo

      Racist trolling . . .

  • markantoine7

    Whether you are republican or democrat, if you vote for are in complete denial that he is completely out of touch with the American people. God has a way of exposing who you really are when you are really not what you want to appear to be. I never had any doubt that Romney was or is out of touch, and after the release of the video, anybody with common sense would realize it too. Unless you are in denial or just plain ignorant. Republicans were at one time a little more moderate, but now they seem to have gone radically conservative. I think it is because Obama is African American and because he truly cares about all people and wants all people to have a equal opportunity, not just those who have paid their way to the top. Those who have had opportunities passed down to them by their rich counter parts move into authoritative positions and create monopolies and exclude others who qualify for positions or opportunities, in other words they just “keep it in the family” and don’t extend opportunities to others if they don’t fit in their circle because of their race or economic class. Obama is just balancing the books trying to create equal opportunity employment for everyone. Most people don’t want a handout, they may just need a helping hand. Most don’t want to depend on government, but may expect a little assistance when the government helps cause the problem they may have. In America, the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. As George W. Bush put, “the haves and the have mores”. Think about, it took 8-12 years to screw the economy up under George Bush, creating one worse recessions since the 1930’s. We were losing jobs like never before when Obama took office, people lost their jobs, businesses and homes. Now the republicans have the nerve to ask ” Are we better off now?” are they serious? The answer is OF COURSE WE ARE, AND THE COUNTRY IS GETTING BETTER. If it took 8 years to screw it up, don’t you think it would take more than 3.5 years to make it right again. AMERICANS ARE NOT STUPID AND WE ARE NOT VICTIMS AND WE DON’T WANT A HANDOUT, AND WE DO PAY TAXES DAMMIT!!

  • Noflimflam

    You should have also included “The media want Obama to win, they really really really do!”

    Foreign policy disaster
    No Fiscal Policy to Speak Of
    No Plan for worst recession since early 80’s
    Unemployment numbers, well up the WAZZU

    And what do we get from the media? poop…

    • MikaelOlsson

      Actually, you get the media pointing out that everything is being blocked in Congress.

      Unless all you listen to is Fox, of course.

      If you check the records of numbers of laws passed, you will notice the discrepancy. There is a HUGE bump in the fall of 2009 when the democrats had a filibuster-proof majority in congress. Other than that it’s pretty bleak.

  • From Godfather (Herman) Cain’s indiscretions, to Michele Bachmann’s flat out fabrications during her speeches, not to mention her husband’s questionable views regarding the ‘sinful nature’. From Rick Perry’s “something-head” ranch to Rick Santorum’s opposition of allowing married people contraceptives, (or to quote Santorum, “contraception (is a) license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”)

    Republicans: Less government regulation on big business, more government regulation in your bedroom.

    Next to these guys, President Obama starts to look like Mother Theresa, Superman, and Ghandi all rolled into one.

  • planman

    There is only one thing worse than paying more taxes. Paying none, unless you pay capital gains at reduced rates! LOL

  • David Wilson

    (CBS News) The National Debt has now increased more during President Obama’s four years in office than it did during 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency. The federal budget sent to Congress last month by Mr. Obama, projects the National Debt will continue to rise as far as the eye can see. The budget shows the Debt hitting $16.3 trillion in 2012, $17.5 trillion in 2013 and $25.9 trillion in 2022. If Mr. Obama wins re-election, and his budget projections prove accurate, the National Debt will top $20 trillion in 2016, the final year of his second term. That would mean the Debt increased by 87 percent, or $9.34 trillion, during his two terms.

    • DB1954

      Yes, Obama’s plan to destroy American capitalism by first making the U.S. into the greatest debtor nation in the history of mankind is working like a charm. After he has finished bankrupting America beyond all hope, and Americans are at the mercy of progressive, creditor nations like China then we, the Occupiers, will deliver the coup-de-grace by returning to our strategy of street riots, burning, and looting just like our brothers in Greece and Spain are doing now. No doubt the reactionaries will try to stop us, but by then we’ll even have the police on our side since we’ve been recruiting them to join us in the final battle against the capitalist pigs like Romney and his friends among the one percent.

  • People say why I like Mitt Romney down in the polls?
    Well he deserves these poll numbers. He opens his mouth to speak and he drops in the polls. This is not once or twice! It is evey time he speaks. So i say he is going to make his own bed he is going to sleep in it. Witch means Obama will win in Nov, by the help of the RNC trying to pick someone they do not believe in and someone that is real a Conservative Democrat.
    So all I have to say is that Mitt you should of run where your hart is Democrat!

  • LOL pure spin….

  • Yesterday I read a lot of comments from people who have shown their disdain for the president. However, the comments seemed to have very little to do with the economy, but more to do with the president as a person. Most of the comments seem to portray our president as a communist sympathizer, a lover of other countries more than America and a hater of everything moral. And the birthers are still ranting. I read so many comments that say the president is leading us down the path of destruction and that the world we once knew has changed for the worse under his administration. As if the change didn’t occur until he took office. Even worse is the number of people who think we need a civil uprising, or more familiar terms; a civil war. These fundamentalists say they are prepared for the upcoming economic collapse with bullets and rations. In addition, they’re saying the president’s actions border on treason, yet they’re ready to take up arms in retaliation. Such irony! I really appreciate their vigilance in watching over the events taking place today. Where was the vigilance when we got in this mess? Or did the whole world wake up and realize the day President Obama took office that the country had lost millions of jobs. I remember in 2008 talking to many people who had lost their entire savings. I’m pretty sure Obama wasn’t president yet. Did you forget about Bernie Madeoff. Where were the naysayers when this was happening? Donald Trump says, ”The way the president is running the country is stupid”. It appears to me things were stupid long before 2008. Where was the vigilance then? Where was Donald Trump then? I didn’t hear him say anything about the stupidity that caused the worst economic failure in this country since the great depression. Oh, that’s right he was firing people on TV! Probably didn’t have time to be vigilant. One thing that bothers me more than anything is that people are angry with President Obama for our slow economic recovery. No consideration that it took years to put our country in this predicament. Now is a good time for an economic reality check. As I remember the president wanted to implement shovel ready projects to improve the country’s infrastructure that would have had an immediate impact on our economy. Unfortunately, those who opposed this idea were the majority, and we still have unprecedented unemployment. There are cities that have begun implementing shovel ready projects, resulting in lower unemployment and improved hope for their community. If it works for one city, it will work for our country.

  • Mr. Romney has some serious problems with his campaign because he is asking voters to trust me on my tax returns. He will not release his tax returns, but wants voters to trust a letter from his accountants–the same accountants to whom he pays a lot of money for filing hundreds of pages of tax returns for a single year. His off-shore bank accounts are having people ask: Did you put your money in Switzerland in order for it to go skiing? Is your money in the Cayman Islands to get a sun tan? No–your money is in off-shore banks to avoid paying TAXES. Mr. Romney will cut many Federal programs, but he will not tell us which programs–JUST TRUST HIM. Mr. Romney will close some tax loop-holes, but he will not tell us which ones–JUST TRUST HIM. Mr. Romney and his campaign believe that they can win the election by focusing only on the negatives against President Obama. They are playing the RACE CARD, by calling the president an angry Black man who support lazy Welfare cheats. Remember, Mr. Romney’s line about the president and his angry Chicago politics. That is why Mr. Romney keeps on repeating the false lines about the president removing the work requirement from Welfare and Food Stamps. Then, there was the line about the president apologizing to terrorists who attacked US embassies.

  • Viet Tran

    There are people who will vote for the lesser person no matter how obvious it is. Either out of hatred for the other ideology or race or gender. These are the people who are traitors to America and who stand as obstacles to Her progress and Greatness. It doesn’t matter what Bush, Cheney, Romney, McCain do, there will always be ignorant folks who will blindly follow them into the ditch as we have seen happen during Bush’s 8 yrs. of folly. Those very same folks are now stomping their feet demanding the removal of Obama because he couldn’t clean up the 8 yr. mess in 4 yrs. Genius.

  • Why can’t you put this article on one page? I’m supposed to go to six different pages to read one article? Fuggedaboutit.

  • HiDest

    He’s got to convince the Independents..He’s got to convince Ohioans it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the Country’s problems find it’s way to your neck of the woods..I live in California…love my state…will never leave my state..but we are drowning in debt and most likely will fail..we are low on public education performance list..we are the SECOND WORST State in the Country for our roads and highways…..We are controlled by Dem State Assembly and Jerry Brown ….Don’t follow California’s path..Make That Change Now before it is too late…

    • MACV

      I live in California also. Where were you when “The Govenator” was in charge? Asleep?

      • HiDest

        He was about as worthless as well……But Brown is in charge now and nothing has change, just expounded how what Arnold did…BTW..The real control is in the State Assembly which has ALWAYS been in Dem control…

  • I am truly amazed by the amount of people out here who say they really understand the President. Clairvoyance perhaps.

  • Willard looks awfully despondent in that picture. Cheer up Willard, think of all that money in those off-shore accounts. Could be worst, you could be saddled with my tax rate, 18%.

  • Brian LaFever

    I’ll tell you why, because the media is loyal to Obama and manipulates the people into believing Romney is failing so they will give up and vote for Obama. When I clicked on this link to read the article a big ad popped up asking if I wanted to subscribe to an Obama newsletter! 🙁 NO! I DON’T WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO AN OBAMA NEWSLETTER AND I DON’T WANT OBAMA TO BE PRESIDENT! What were you people thinking when you voted for him in the first place? You knew absolutely NOTHING about him and we still don’t. He is destroying this country and you think it is wonderful? When I heard his first speech after being elected, I got chills, and they weren’t the good kind 🙁 “Fundamentally changing the United States?” YOU BET HE IS! If someone says to you, “We live in the greatest country in the world and in the same breath says, join me so we can change that,” WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE MEANS?!!

  • Why do you pretend to be putting out a news story? From the headline alone, everyone knows you’re in the tank for the Hussein!

  • How will he reduce the Deficit? I don’t see the plan. I see programs that are about to make it even larger than it already is. Also I don’t want to hear about Bush anymore that was almost 4 years ago. Get over it this is Obama’s problems now, how is he going to fix them?

  • tjritter79

    I for 1 would like to point out, that Bush’s deficit numbers ONLY went sky high after the Congressional mid-terms. By then the Iraq war was supposedly over and we were all but done in Afghanistan…but also, let’s place the blame squarely where it belongs…and that’s Congress! regardless who becomes president, they still have to deal with a seemingly deadlocked Congress! the incumbent’s currently in office seem to be the worst of the bunch! So lets do ourselves a favor! When we choose a President, regardless if its a Dem or Repub, lets ALSO elect NEW Senators and Representatives nation-wide, only then can the politicians know we mean business and we are not going to take it anymore!

  • Dave M

    Because the polls are ran by leftwing hacks. Now that the election is closer obum has lost his lead

  • Vuil

    I’ve suspected for a long time that a crowd of lefty dimwits read The National Memo.

    Tonight’s posts confirm that – phrases like “Obama is a very intelligent guy” – said more to prove lack of racism than to confirm any reality behind the statement are striking examples.

    Are you kidding. Tonight you saw a man incapable without a teleprompter. An empty suit created by the sycophantic media.

  • Dan

    @Al Johnson

    I’m afraid your remarks and analysis is far too advanced for the average Republican Voter. Mind you, if you had added that “god” had dictated your comments, you probably would have been able to convince them you’re right. Amazing what “fairy tales” like “god” can do to the otherwise analytic and scientific mind of some Americans…

  • lex

    Give Obama the second CHANCE to COMPLETE his MISSION to people of AMERICA

  • just sayin’

    I was disappointed that Obama did not ask Romney

    1) “How do you create 12,000,000 jobs by parking your capital in the Caymans and Switzerland?”, and

    2) “If you have so little faith in your own country and countrymen, how can you aspire to lead them?”


    Romney claimed that “about half” of the green energy investments whet bankrupt. In fact, it was only three out of about 90. How many of Bain Capital’s investments went bankrupt? Shall we compare percentages?

  • Middle class America can not relate to Mitt Romney, he only cares about the rich.

  • razu12

    mitt romney has no substance….his math doesnt add up nd his explanation is no way near to curve the problems…..he is a job shifter….bain has shifted job nd he made money out of every person who was cut from the job….he has loyalty only to his investors….he is a vulture capitalists….to me the biggest problem mitt has is his flipflops…since he started running for public offfices he has changed his positions to satisfied others..he changes to fit for that moment….he has no positions..from tax to healthcare to gay marriage to war to veteran benefit to school teachers to other social works he has a fundamental problem of seeing it thru a thick lence of corporate benefits……to him n his republican buddies capitalism is when rich makes money its their to keep but when they loss its ours…we need to help them…but then its not socialism…such a hipocrates them are…..i hope he loses big time…i hope people see that he has no face…Mitt u r only good for ur wealthy buddies ..just go to cayman n do ur monkey business there…just go away….

  • kwil314

    two parties one movement,

  • It’s falling because the guy is a self centered lying weasel tha panders to whomever he happens to be speaking to as a group.

    We’ve already heard what he thinks & will do. He’ll take us into more wars, revoke rights & priviledges we’ve fought decades for & make US poorer if that is possible.


    By Ralph Maxwell
    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
    You flip-flop here, you flip-flop there,
    You flip-flop almost ev’rywhere.
    You ballyhoo what you’re gonna do
    And then you pull a switcheroo;
    You now malign what you found fine;
    Seems like you’ve got a jellyfish spine.
    Obamacare, by you begun,
    Now you’d trash it on day one.
    Gun control you did extol,
    But now you’re preaching decontrol.

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
    We’ve got no clue what you will do
    Or what new view you’ll pander to.
    Time was you championed women’s choice,
    But you no longer heed their voice;
    On gay rights, too, guess you withdrew
    Support they once enjoyed from you.
    Global warming, EPA,
    Immigration, minimum pay,
    Roe V. Wade, also fair trade,
    All joined your flip-flop cavalcade.

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
    So many things that you were for
    You’ve turned against and slammed the door.
    Stimulus and cap and trade,
    Education, foreign aid,
    Campaign reform, tarp rescues, too,
    All victims of your switcheroo.
    You take your stand on shifting sand,
    We never know where you will land;
    You vacillate, and you fabricate,
    A wishy-washy candidate.

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?
    As gov’nor you let taxes rise,
    Now ev’ry tax you demonize.
    You say regardless of the facts
    You’d take an axe to the millionaire’s tax;
    You’d feed the greed of the richest few
    The poor and middle class you’d screw.
    Your tax returns you hide from view
    What evil lurks there we’ve no clue;
    If they’re not bad why hesitate?
    Is it that they incriminate?

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?
    At Bain you plundered with a flair
    And walked away a zillionaire.
    You shipped off-shore, good jobs galore
    To China, India, Singapore;
    A job creator you are not.
    And to boast you are is tommyrot.
    As a total fraud, Mitt’s got no peer;
    What we must do is crystal clear:
    Let’s give Obama four more years!
    Yes, it’s Obama – four more years!


  • Mechguy

    It doesn’t take a genius to see Obama has ruined the economy and is continuing to do so. $16 trillion reasons exist to push him out of office. You libs couldn’t see the truth if it stomped on your eyeballs with cleats. That bull about Bush leaving a trillion dollar deficit is wrong also, the Democrats never passed Bush’s budget and then continued to spend thru Obama’s first term. The only President ever to spend that high is OBAMA FOUR TIMES.

  • Mechguy

    Oh and Romney’s numbers are NOT falling. He will win the election. IN YOUR FACE LIB TALKERS !!!!

    • Dude, read both of your post, How could you write some crazy stuff like that. I guess you are a liar as well.

  • Just read an article that Obama and Romney are tied. Obama 47 – Romney 48. I think they got it wrong. The only thing Romney is tied with is the amount of lies he told at that last debate. Where are these people getting all of these polls. I just heard that 7 -11 had Obama at 60%. When did 7-11 get into the polling business? They are still having a problem just serving hot coffee. For the record, Romney is a Liar. His parents didn’t teach him very well.