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Friday, October 21, 2016

With America At A Crossroads, Obama Maps The Path Forward

With America At A Crossroads, Obama Maps The Path Forward

President Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination on Thursday night with a powerful speech that plainly laid out the stark choice facing voters on November 6. With America at a crossroads, Obama delivered a roadmap for how, together as one nation, we can travel forward.

His speech hinged on the same basic principle that has guided his entire campaign: Voters must see the 2012 election not as a referendum on Obama’s first term, but as “a choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future.”

Obama went on to vividly paint the contrast between his and Romney’s visions. While Republicans call for trillions of dollars in tax breaks for the wealthy, Obama called for a return to Clinton-era tax rates for those who make over $250,000 a year. “I refuse to go along with that,” Obama said of the GOP tax plan. “And as long as I’m president, I never will.”

While Republicans lobby for massive oil subsidies and openly mock climate change, Obama called for investment in clean energy and warned that “climate change is not a hoax” but “a threat to our children’s future.”

While Republicans call for “voucherizing” Medicare, Obama declared that “no American should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies.”

“Yes, we will reform and strenghten Medicare for the long haul,” Obama said, ” but we’ll do it by reducing health care costs — not by asking seniors to pay thousands of dollars more.”

He laid out a particularly sharp contrast on foreign policy. “My opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy, but from all that we’ve seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost America so dearly,” he said. “After all, you don’t call Russia our number one enemy – and not al Qaeda – unless you’re still stuck in a Cold War time warp. You might not be ready for diplomacy with Beijing if you can’t visit the Olympics without insulting our closest ally.”

The joke reinforced what Wonkblog’s Ezra Klein has called the “policy gap:” Throughout the campaign, Romney’s proposals have plainly lacked the seriousness expected from a presidential candidate.

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  • The excellent speech delivered by President Obama, the emotional one delivered by Vice President Biden, the incredible speech delivered by former President Clinton the previous night, and the outstanding oratory offered throughout this convention highlighted a lot more than intellectual depth. In contrast with the cold and impersonal message offered by the GOP, which relied on doom and gloom – with special emphasis on the alleged decline of the United States – and focused almost entirely on the need to support the enrichment of the wealthy and the deployment of austerity programs for the remainder 98% of our population to save us from our own follies; the DNC offered a vision of hope and confidence in a better future, a focus on the middle class, the need to work hard and pursue our dreams – without forgetting those who need a helping hand – and praise and support for our troops. The latter was, probably, the most poignant difference between the two conferences. The former ignored it completely, the latter honored it and promised to do everything in our power to give our military the tools they need to win, and provide our returning veterans the care, support and training they will need when they return home.
    Foreign policy was almost an inconvenient theme during the RNC, focused almost completely on criticism rather than substance. It was, in effect, a reflection of how unprepared Messrs. Romney and Ryan are to handle national security and global matters…other than finding tax shelters, opening numbered accounts in Switzerland, and pursuing tax free investments abroad. President Obama reiterated his determination to get us out of Afghanistan by 2014, and his commitment to peaceful coexistence while leaving no doubt that attacks on our country would not go unpunished.
    The biggest difference was on domestic policy. One party continues to support trickledown economics, more tax breaks for the wealthy, and is determined to privatize Social Security, replace MEDICARE with a voucher system, gut MEDICAID (which would deny tens of thousands of poor seniors the ability to pay for nursing home care) to balance the budget. To make matters worse, they see public education as a threat and an expensive endeavor that must be eliminated and replaced with home schooling and religious teachings. The other party believes the middle class is the engine that drives our economy, supports the preservation of our social programs while admitting that changes must be made to keep them solvent for generations to come, believes that part of the solution to balance our budget and reduce our national debt involves changing the tax rate for our highest earners back to Clinton era levels, reducing spending in an orderly manner, and investing in infrastructure, modernization, R&D and education.
    The choice in November is between the candidates of a party that believes the key to success depends on the accumulation of wealth by those who already hold most of our financial wealth, and austerity for the remaining 98% of our population to offset the revenue losses involved in allowing the top 2% to pay little or nothing in taxes; and a party that believes the best approach is to give tax breaks to middle class and small businesses, reward companies that invest and create jobs in the USA, invest in infrastructure and programs that benefit Americans, ensure our children get the education they need to succeed in the 21st century, and give our veterans the retraining they need to qualify for the job vacancies that do exist and remain unfilled when they come home. The choice, in a nutshell, is between an elitist plutocracy and democracy, between a party that has egotism, greed, and hatred as the centerpiece of its platform, and one that believes compassion, tolerance, and hard work are virtues to behold…and the choice, if based strictly on logic, values, and merit could not be simpler.

    • carsrus

      u r NUTS! Go and live in commie cuba, u un-American commie shiil

      • awakenaustin

        What depth! Can I interest you in a nice conspiracy theory. It only costs a dollar.
        So is everyone a commie if you don’t agree with them?
        Why is it you guys alwasys want to send people places?
        Are your loved ones aware that you have access to the computer again?

      • Jack Hettinger

        Somebody woke up gwumpy today.

        • He’s Just Mad That RNC=FAILED The Only Thing Worth Talking About After That Lie-Fest Was An Empty Chair!!! LOL

      • trucker581

        Did you forget to take your medication this morning?

      • perplejado

        What an insightful risposte! After listening to the president last night I was convinced that he deserves another four years for staunching the economic bleeding, saving GM, hunting down and killing our number one enemy, as well as restoring the credibility of this great nation. Yet, your fact filled rebuttal with its resounding logic and the nanoseconds that you took to formulate it have convinced me that ….. well, you are either a fool or just plain intellectually lazy. President Obama deserves four more years. Perhaps you can move to Mexico or some other country with weak state and federal governmental control, it should work out well for you as long as you can afford your own police protection, private schooling, etc.

        • I agree in all particulars with your post, but for future reference, it’s “stanch,” not staunch. (Hey, I only ever offer tidbits of advice to writers whose ideas I like.)

      • Man! Doesn’t your intelligence show. I bet you graduated from Harvard summa cum laud. You were probably valedictorian of your high school class.

        • carsrus

          Columbia, and yes top of class

          • old_blu

            You are a tea bagger so you are a liar.

      • I was born in Brooklyn, New York City, but I spent 30 years living, studying and working overseas. I have isited many countries, including many Caribbean islands, but never had the opportunity to visit Cuba.
        Regarding communism, I believe an ideology that has mediocrity as its centerpiece is doomed to fail and, not surprisingly, it has.

        • old_blu

          @Dominick– I am just very glad you are on the same side as I am, I sure wouldn’t want someone as sharp as you on the other side.


        Just like a true Republican, cannnot make an intelligent comment. Always having to use name calling and lies to show their stupidity!!!

      • And u r a MORON

    • BDD1951

      Well said!!

    • Dominick Vila, you are an excellent writer and you have captured the true essence of this campaign. I hope you don’t mind (with credit to you) if I place what you said on my facebook page.

      • Thanks! I am glad you agree with my modest contribution to the point of wanting to share it with others.

        • LVSUNSHINE

          I too would like to put on my facebook and website.

    • howa4x

      Good job

    • Obama Approval Rating When Up 7 Points And 96.000 New Jobs Added!!! Very Well Said As Always Dominick!!! Very Well Said!!!

      • Fern: RETARDS that can not come up with an original idea (and I don’t mean “Romney = BAD” and “Obama = GOOD”), say “well said !!” and “very well said !”
        BDD and you are PRIME examples, …. intellectual retards both …

        • And legitimate intellectuals don’t use the term “retard” to describe a broad category of people and behaviors with which they disagree or of which they disapprove, nor do they misuse very basic punctuation like ellipses, or rely overmuch on entire words in capital letters to convey meaning that their diction and syntax couldn’t. So you made a good case, but not the one you wanted to, about whom you wanted to make it.

          • You should probably shy away from the word “retard” from now on, Eduardo.

          • to chiron 8839 sweet

        • Go Fuck Yourself Tea Bagging Bitch!! And Now You Ass Is Gone!!

        • You Be The First One They Ship Back On The Bananas Boat From Which You Came Here On!!LOL

    • Ron

      This is a wonderful summary of the DNC campaign and the vues of its leaders. Thank you for your valuable insight

    • Don

      Yes, if Romney and his crew get in they will take as much as they can from the poor and middle class and give all of it to the Koch brothers and others. I really can’t see why this man wants to be the President with all of his wealth over seas and not wanting to help people that are below him in wealth. He will get a paycheck and send that overseas as well and so will Paul Ryan.

  • old_blu

    Romney and Ryan think it is okay for us all to spend more, because they can, they want more tax cuts, but we will still pay.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    • carsrus

      W H A T pure blatther

      • awakenaustin

        One ‘t’ in blather.

        • Jack Hettinger

          For that matter, Mr. Carsrus misspelt “shill” as “shiil” in his first delirious remark. And he didn’t capitalize Cuba. That sound you hear is his first-grade teacher Mrs. Long-Suffrin gnashing her teeth.

          • awakenaustin

            Thanks for the smile. Very humorous. J

          • Jack Hettinger

            I have never been more serious about anything in my whole entire life, awaken, if I may address you familiarly. If the GOP succeeds in making the US an English-only nation, Mr. Carsrus will be the first guy they deport ~ and we wouldn’t want THAT to happen. Would we?

          • old_blu

            Hahaha you are funny, thanks for the morning smile. Are you going to be here all week? : ))

          • Maybe He Should Ask For A Refund From Columbia!!LOL

        • Columbia Top Of The Class My Ass!!LOL

      • Jack Hettinger

        If you’re trying to make friends, you are going about it the wrong way.

        • trucker581

          I don’t know of anyone that would want to be friends with that Psycho.

      • Can you feel the Republican ship sinking?

      • And, your qualifications for your pontifications are?

    • PaulWells52

      Just keep repeating the same old party crap they teach you in dummycrat camp. Don’t have an independent thought of your own, or they might toss you out! The poser in chief’s excuses have grown worn. He doesn’t deserve another 4 years to lead us down the wrong path!

      • Another brilliant Republican who only uses proven facts from reliable sources in his discourses.


        I do have an independent thought, and that thought is Obama/Biden for the next four years. If Romney/Ryan had an independent thought they might be dangerous. Oh sorry! They are dangerous!!!!

  • SaneJane

    Wow!! Just wow!!! A terrific lineup of speakers made it a terrific convention. The GOP message of doom and gloom will keep them in the shadows while the Democratic vision of the present and the future will continue to shine it’s light across America.

  • carsrus

    MY ASS! He maps the country into oblivian, and a commie state! LIES, more lies and pure BS< HEY Barry and your fetid minions, where was the RAIN last night? Darkness, gloom and doom were INSIDE your marxist-maoist fete, the SUN WAS SHINING on the OUTDOOR stadium that u cound'T FILL! Same old LIES from the LIAR in chief! Get used to PRESIDENT ROMNEY and VICE PRESIDENT RYAN!
    ps How'd u like the new job creation? far lower, and when revised from the birth/death FAUX formula, it will be even WORSE

    • johninPCFL

      Yeah, those 750k job losses per month from GWB have really hurt.

    • awakenaustin

      I bet if you look again you will find your medication in the bathroom cabinet where you usually keep it.

    • BDD1951

      You missed the part about raining? Reporters were wet and had to shed their jackets. If it weren’t for innocent American People, that people should vote for R/R just so you could see what would happen to America. More of Bush BS

    • crsus, you must have been up 24 hours straight to come up with all these brilliant facts. I am sure happy you aren’t one of those nuts who resort to name-calling instead of researching facts.

  • riobob111

    OUR GREAT PRESIDENT OBAMA told it like it is, we have begun to come back and there is so much more to be done, as a NATION of Americans working together side by side, We will recover. OBAMA has my full support

  • Dietzamerk

    All I heard from the Amateur-in-Chief was “hold tight, its still going to suck for a long time”….this idiot has done NOTHING for 3-1/2 years, he has instigated racial and class divide, he has provided stimulus for failed companies and other countries (Billions for offshore drilling in Brazil anyone? Fiskars? )and he has instilled regulations that have strangled growth. This guy in an incompetent novice. Foreign policy? He had no experience when he came in and he’ll have the same when he walks out.

    Any person that follows this jerk and his minions – Wasserman-Shultz, Biden, Reid, Warren and the lemmings in the media like Mathews and Madow – are complete morons and should pack up their tents in whatever park their squanting at and go try to get a job in the economy this guy has made no impact on except to take it further in the hole

    • johninPCFL

      Other than the same things Reagan did for seven years in his recession? Reagan took $400B national debt to $4T in eight years, and the major difference was buying $1200 toilet seats by the TON, instead of roads and bridges.

    • Dietz, you can always tell the right wingers who post on this board. They have such insight and never post anything without facts. They never, ever resort to childish name-calling and can prove everything they way with reliable facts. In fact, they follow C-span religously so they won’t be just spouting rhetoric. Keep up the good work.


      OH MY!!! Another Republican showing his stupidity. Is this the only thing Republicans and Tea Party followers can do, lie and name calling. I know these are the kind of people I want to be associated with—-NOT!!!!

    • neece00

      What rock did you just crawl out from under, this president has done plenty.

    • Dietz,
      This is why it’s hard to take people who just spout off like you did seriously. First, the economy was losing 600,000 + jobs a month. Our auto industry, one our truly last bastions of manufacturing left in this country was ready to collapse, and nobody, including banks and other lenders, had any confidence in the short term or long term future of our economy. This is just a very brief review of the complete perfect economic storm Obama was left to deal with. Of course this was not all Bush’s doing. But he and his top people would have been more than happy to have scurried out of Wasington leaving Obama to tell the nation what kind of steaming barn full of manure 8 years of complete negligence had allowed to accumulate. Nobody can argue the high level of complete economic crisis Obama started his presidency with, absolutely none of it his doing. Now if you want to argue he did an imperfect job, many progressives like me would agree. We wish he had included people like Paul Krugman and Robert Reich on his economic team, been tougher in bringing Wall Street under control, pushed for a higher stimulus of actual spending which would have given the economy a stronger boost, and push for a public health care option in the health care bill. All of that being said, there is no doubt that their is a vastly improved sense of confidence in the economy by the people who count; retailers, manufacturers, lenders. Nobody would argue that the recovery is complete, or that the housing market or unemployment rate are where we want them to be. Everything is heading in the right direction, even if it’s not as fast as we would like. You can deny this, but not if you honestly compare the numbers and trends today with those of Jan09. Oh, one more thing, I would have liked to have seen Obama take more explicit and immediate action to protect and reclaim our manufacturing jobs. But again, nobody can credibly or honestly deny that he has been tougher with China than anyone else over the last 30 years. And yes, I know China still makes uniforms and boots and God knows what else for our military, but he didn’t start it, he just hasnt ended it.
      On foreign policy, it’s not even close. After 8 years of a frat boy running around talking tough and landing on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit like he just got back from a bombing run, we got an intelligent adult who said he was going to go after the bad guys and stop wasting money and lives fighting the wrong people. And he did just that. He has badly damaged al Queada and killed Bin laden, or should I say others have done so because of the policies and priorities Obama instituted. And don’t give me the baloney about it hAppening under any other president. Bush and Cheney made it clear they had given up on Bin Laden. Romney made it clear getting him wouldn’t be a top priority, and that he would have asked Pakistans permission first.(Jeeze Luise!) Obama has led the fight for the toughest sanctions ever against Iran, and by all accounts they are starting to work. Of course, Romney’s position of just obeying Israel on any foreign policy issue may make some happy. But Obama’s assessment of and reactions to the Iranian threat are in lockstep with the Israeli defense minister, whom I trust just a bit more than Romney.

  • Dietzamerk

    Old_blu up your meds you moron…Romney/Ryan want to you to spend more? Get your head out of your ass and wake up…its your Idiot-in-chief that wants to spend and continue to spend until your grandkids grandkids (that is if youve figured out how to procreate) are still paying for what he is doing now. SIXTEEN TRILLION! AND HE IS NOT DONE!

    I have to get off this site…its too aggravating reading what blinded hypocritical morons are out there

    • johninPCFL

      Yep, the teabaggers have continued the spending spree.

    • old_blu

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • BDD1951

      Good Riddance

    • You are so smart, I am in total awe.


      Thank you!!! I was really tired of having to read comments by an idiot!!!! Did you notice that you seem to standing out there all by yourself???

    • neece00

      Please leave, it will make our day much brighter. You can’t get your head out of the sand long enough to see what is really facing Americans every day and how Romney will “fix” it. I hate to disillusion you but you are not the only person in this wonderful country.

  • montanabill

    “Look folks, I know I screwed you over by pretending to know everything about everything when you elected me in 2008, but now I’ve had four years experience, and since making mistakes is the best teacher, maybe I’ve learned something. Basically, that ‘something’ is that I won’t make anymore promises to fix anything, but set some goals. It is always far easier to blame others if goals aren’t met than to pretend I didn’t make actual promises. Now that the convention celebrating failure is over and you’ve heard all the wonderful but not quite accurate statistics, and all of the stories about poor, pathetic people who survived only with government help are told, I hope will forget that you are unemployed and remember that you are getting food stamps, and vote for me.”
    -President O

    P.S. All that stuff about you being responsible for where we are today, I hope you don’t think I was blaming you for the country’s sad state. George Bush deserves some of the blame too.”

  • tokoloshi27

    Some of these lines are incredible; “While Republicans lobby for massive oil subsidies and openly mock climate change, Obama called for investment in clean energy and warned that “climate change is not a hoax” but “a threat to our children’s future.”” Openly mocking climate change is not how I, or other neutrals on the subject, read the concern over ‘man-made global warming’s’ scientific data.

    How about, ,” the president mocked. “Have a surplus? Try a tax cut.”” What is unsound about that statement? Is Government required to spend in excess of it’s means – who exactly is the punchline here? Why not, when we have a ‘surplus’ of moneys taken from your employers can’t you return it to them? This to me is a mark of a government that wants to be seen as honest, not thieves.

    • MJRinPA

      “How about, ,” the president mocked. “Have a surplus? Try a tax cut.”” What is unsound about that statement?”
      Well, how about you quote the rest of the statement? Basically, Have a high deficit, have another tax cut. The President was commenting on the GOP theory that no matter what is wrong, a tax cut for the uber-wealthy will cure it. You’ve taken one sentence out of context, then tried to show how it’s wrong. You have to take that sentence along with the others in the same paragraph. It’s part of the listening comprehension you should have learned in grade school.

      • tokoloshi27

        Sorry but it still makes sense, not nonsense. Not as an overall policy, but letting the people keep more of their pay generates more taxes as a part of the growth of industry (as long as the industry being promoted is domestic – which at least most of retail is). (Surplus we can take as a given, logically) So when you have a high deficit you reduce spending and work out a tax cut. Makes sense to me.

        So He thought he was mocking capitalism; it plays to his base but it turns off working Americans – whats new? Sorry but the joke’s on him.

        • johninPCFL

          I’m sure Mitt’s Swiss account will grow under a tax cut. But he won’t change his spending habits, will he? If $250 million is not enough to start a business (which presumably grows employment), what IS enough?

          Add $20 to your paycheck and you probably spend it (that’s the average payroll increase from the GWB tax cuts). Add $250k to Mitt’s paycheck (from the Ryan tax cut plan), does he spend it? No, he puts it in his Cayman Islands accout.

        • tobewan

          No! The jokes still on your misunderstanding – When Republican’s primary intention is cut taxes for the top 2%. Surely you don’t think they would want to give the lower 98% any of any surplus, but then – WHEN was the last they had a surplus? No. They have helped create deficits – the 8 years of W.Bush for example, leaving the MESS that Obama is still trying to CLEAN-UP, and hewill finish the job, given the privilege.

  • I have watched all the speeches from both conventions. After all, I am a real American and don’t vote party. I am impressed with the speeches at the Democrat Conventions. No lying or name-calling, just facts. President Obama’s speech was excellent.

    We really have gotten better. I know it is not fact enough because there needs to be cooperation in Congress to move forward. With 83 members of the House dragging their feet it slows the momentum.

    During the former administration, huge tax breaks were given to the wealthiest citing that they were the “trickle down” “job creators.” If that works we have had a healthy economy since they were initiated in 2001. The proof of the pudding…

    We were losing 750 thousand jobs a month. Even though the economy is still not good, at least the leak was plugged up. Now, it shows we are creating private sector job, albeit not fat enough. Will more jobs be created under Romney? He plans on more tax cuts for the “job creators.”

    It is true many countries still do not trust us after the unprecidented attack on Iraq. It will take a long time to rebuild that trust.

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead. We still have Medicare and Social Security. 72% of Medicaid goes to pay for seniors in nursing homes. When your loved one goes to a nursing home, can you afford $7,000/month for their care or will you seek to make euthanasia legal?

    The so-called donut hole in senior drug plans has been closed. Health care is no longer a status symbol for the rich. It should not be more important that Lindsay Lohan can afford cosmetic surgery while a child, with leukemia, can’t afford a bone marrow transplant. Health care and educations should not be status symbol.

  • Elsa

    Yea President Obama, Yea to all the hard working people helping him, Yea to Dominich Vila for his great comparison of the two Parties. So good to be a Democrat. Just make sure you all vote and everyone you know does as well.

  • johncutler

    Powerful speeches indeed….. What happened with all the powerful speeches that were made in 2008? I believed them, trusted them, and voted for the Dems in that election — and the powerful words largely evaporated over the next 4 years; in many cases, they reversed course. What could possibly convince me that the Dems “really mean it” this time? No matter how powerful it sounds, I find it nearly impossible to trust a word they say or to consider voting for them again…

    • johninPCFL

      You mean other than the obstructionist Congress, whose leadership stated from the beginning that they would stop every bill and make the president a one-termer?

      The Dems had the House, Senate, and WH for two years, you say? Well, in the Senate they have a maneuver called the “filibuster” that requires 60 votes to break. If all of the Dems and all of the Inds voted together to invoke cloture, because of illnesses and deaths there was a four month long period where they could do it.

      So what you really have is a four month period during the last four years when the people’s business could have been conducted, but only if them Dems and Inds behaved like the GOP lemmings.

      Instead what has happened is that Congress has continued to borrow and spend. The teabaggers (Bagger-Americans?) have continued to add $1.5T to the debt every year, and Paul Ryan himself killed the Simpson-Bowles debt reduction plan. (Google “Bloomberg Ryan opposed Bowles” from Bloomberg Business News 8/14/2012 to get the story, links don’t work here)

      The Romney/Ryan plan with the teabaggers appears to be to continue spending until a fiscal crash is forced on middle-America, SS and Medicare can be eliminated, Medicaid can be cancelled, ad we as a society can revert back to the early 1930s.

    • John, it would be nice if every thing was as simple as passing a law. During the Bush years the stock market lost 8 trillion dollars and the housing market last 9.5 trillion dollars. With that sum of money taken out of the economy, a major collapse was impossible to prevent. There is no more taking the equity in your home to buy a car, sent a child to school, or go on a vacation. Giving tax breaks to the wealthy will not bring the economy back. Small businesses are not looking for tax breaks, they are looking for customers. This is going to take time not matter who is President

  • Edsanjuan

    “Reporter” Henry Decker: quoting from your piece: “… it was clear that the Democrats had won the battle of the conventions decisively. ”
    Don’t say !! DUH !! You are exactly like most of the “posters” on this field of manure: It is so, …. because I say so !!
    Pathetic …

    • old_blu

      Hey! Ed I see you’re back to sprew some more of your verbal vomit.

      • neece00

        Ed missed you old-blu

        • old_blu

          Well that explains why he keeps coming back. : )

  • You’re still a MORON…

  • onedonewong

    All the polls reflect he got 0 boost from the convention. The fact that they couldn’t fill a stadium with free tickets should have told them they were in trouble

  • old-blu & “NECIO”: Glad to know you both missed me. I was actually watching your Dems convention (yes, that’s true!) and found out about this “whammer”:
    Obama actually cut small business taxes 18 times in 44 months, an average of once every 2-1/2 months. Wow !!
    I can imagine a small business owner telling his wife: “Honey, Obama Reid and Pelosi just cut our taxes AGAIN!!”
    I will admit to you, after watching the spectacle, that Obama, if re-elected (BIG “if”), will definitely “fix” the economy in the next 120 months …
    P.S. – old-blu, since I really like you, let me tell you a joke:
    My “verbal vomit” does not stink as much as your “brain diarrhea”…

    • old_blu

      I doubt either one of our diseases smell very good to anyone but us Ed.



    The American Taliban Republicans want to run the country and they can’t even put on a decent convention.

    The part showing how senile Clint Eastwood has become was the highlight of the fairy tale. Just what RoMoney-Ryan needed was another rich old white guy extolling their merits.

    Wonder if they will allow the chair on his old folks home front porch. (This from a seventy year old white guy, so don’t get excited. At least I am not that senile, yet.)

  • tobewan

    In spite of the book that came out, it appears that Romney is the AMATEUR when it comes to doing the Presidential Job, and he can’t RUN the American economy like he did BAIN, although he’d try.
    “American” companies that move operations & jobs to other countries, ought to be Tried for Treason and Dissertion of Country. Just likethat Seal guy. Republicrats will destroy America if elected, and doubly so if not elected.
    It sure would be nice, again, if Obama gets4 more years, for both houses to be cooperative in getting America “healed” again, into Jobs again, back into their homes again, into a Balanced Budget again, and into prosperity again. Is that too much to hope for? How about putting us, the people, before the Republican PARTY, doing what’s best for ALL of us, and quit trying to sink the American ‘ship.’

  • Don

    Yes. I did like what Clinton and Barack Obama said and I will voter for our President. We hav been dunned greatly by the Republican party. I even found proof that in 2010 Paul Ryan applied for a grant from Obamacare for his State of Wisconsin, and he wanting to get rid of obamacare. Hoe confused is this an anyway?

  • ridemybroom

    what i found to be a sad fact that in the 4 years OB tried to do something, the people who had the power wouldnt let him do so…its time this country sent a message to the GOP….TIME TO VOTE YOU OUT !!…you called Obama every slang name in the book…such as monkey climber,vine clinger,spear chunker , and even nigger…you hate this man for the color of his skin and you have been racist towards him for as long as began to run…you also said you wouldnt give him any help becuase of the color of his skin…this is why we are in the shape we are in and why nothing has been done…since Bush decided to throw America under the bus in his last year and just let whatever happen happen….well you see where it all went….then Obama gets elected and because hes black maybe muslim even, the house along with the paul ryans and the john bohners, with the eric cantors and the likes doesnt want to do anything for 4 years…they make promises and try to destroy what little bit of confidence OB had to get this country back on track….THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO GO !!…these very same people want to take your ssi and your parents and throw them under the bus as bush did to all of us…not only to destroy and privitaize your medicare and medicaid….i have never seen so much bullying in my life as they did to Obama…any wonder why the kids of this country picked up on bullying so much….they saw what was going on with the whites bullying Obama….its a sad day in this country when men, adults cant work problems out becuase they let race get in the way…these hardliners must go people…they are the worlds worst people and they will destroy even you. if you got in the way….they’re out for themselves and no one else…they are inconsiderate and could care less for the country or for their own….this country cant go on like this…we will get no where…when the scott walkers and nikki haleys are defeated then will we have a better world…why these people exist in this world ill never know…and i guess we only seeing the brunt of whats coming…i have never seen so much evil from so many people…but i guess in the latter days it has to happen….God Help Us !…..When you see Damascus Syria turn to heap of rubble…your days are short…..

  • Dominick Vila, What a great post. I am sure our President and Bill Clinton would be proud to read this article you wrote. It should be published in all the papers posssible for ALL to read not just the ones signed up on the National Memo..

  • Dietzhead you are another idiot. If you had a brain Oh wait. You don’t. words cannot explain what you really are other then a brain dead fool.

  • blueclouds123

    It is Sept 9th/12. While in church today we were singing a hymm and a line in that hymm jumped out at me and I immediately thought of the repubs. The line was something like this evil is upon us and feels like it will overtake but God is the ruler. This is for repubs, you may think throwing money at Romney’s campaign will help you win but you are part of the evil as the people who are giving you the money are evil personified as their actions are not for good of everyone, but for their own evil purposes. The fact that Romney and Ryan are part of this game and in reality are not fit to run the country, have decided not to win fairly andwith the country’s future at heart, but to buy the seat of president and vice-president. If Romney really did not like what the repub states are doing by trying to stop people from voting , but stood up and told them to stop as it is an evil act to take a vote away from people who are supposed to be living in a Democratic society,not a corrupt society. I am sorry, but both of these people, Romney and Ryan, I am finding it very,very difficult to think of them as christian. All their lies, taking from money from corrupt people, and knowing that their fiscal plan will benefit these people and not the poor, or middle class it is becoming very difficult to think of them as having christian values.

  • Dominick.. you have said it ALL!!!!!!!!!

  • nancysnead25

    i support president OBAMA admire love him no other president for I dispise the republicans they dont care about me they want to take away my medicare social security i dont like it i will do anything i can speak to anyone that will listen and tell them even if they dont what obama will do and has been doing for them then explain what mittens is going to do destroy the poor middle class take away all of our rights take us back to the middle ages he makes me so mad i pray for obama everyday obama is not evil rommney is

  • carsrus

    To DV! A great place, Bk! I only wish you and all America know that Obama plans to turn US into his personal plantation, he as the ultimate “slavemaster” and we his slaves. His dictatorship would end the Great Constitutional Republic our founders gave US. He is the most dangerous man to ever be president, and while our founders thought, through the cheks and balances of 3 equal brances of government would insure US freedoms from tyrants, they did not take into account that an evil, marxist-maoist could ever circumvent the Constitution as has Obama, putting into play Czars and the most corrupt DOJ in history, to blatently diregard the equality and balance of powers! If the madman, a true meglomaniac, and as a psychologist I know he is pathological, was to be re-elected, WE, the PEOPLE have LOST America! All I can do is Pray God will help save US from this devious, wannabe dictator!